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Ancient nanostructures found in Ural mountains.


 In 1991, the appearance of extremely tiny, coil-shaped artifacts found near the banks of Russia’s Kozhim, Narada, and Balbanyu rivers brought about a debate that has continued to this day. These mysterious and minuscule structures suggest that there may have been a culture capable of developing nanotechnology 300,000 years ago.

These manufactured coils were initially discovered during geological research associated with the extraction of gold in the Ural mountains. These pieces include coils, spirals, shafts, and other unidentified components.

According to an analysis from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Syktyvkar, the largest pieces found are mostly copper, while the smallest are made of tungsten and molybdenum.

 While the largest of these objects measure 1.18 inches, the smallest are only 1/10,000th of an inch, and many exhibit Golden Mean proportions. Their shape suggests that they are manufactured and not naturally occurring metal fragments. In fact, they have been found to closely resemble the same miniature components of contemporary nanotechnology.

Though some have asserted that these tiny structures are merely debris left behind from test rockets being launched from nearby Plesetsk space station, a report from the Moscow Institute determined that they are far too old to have come from modern manufacturing.

In 1996, Dr. E.W. Matvejeva, from the Central Scientific Research Department of Geology and Exploitation of Precious Metals in Moscow, writes that, despite being thousands of years old, the components are of a technological origin.
The pieces were found at a depth between 10 and 40 feet, in a geological stratus between 20,000 and 318,000 years old.

ural mount

How were humans able to manufacture such tiny components in the distant past, and what were they used for? Some believe that the coils prove the human race enjoyed a sophisticated level of technology in the Pleistocene era, while others assert that the findings are the work of extraterrestrials.
The artifacts have been studied at four different facilities in Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. However, further research into these tiny structures seems to have ended in 1999 with the death of Dr. Johannes Fiebag, a principal researcher of the find.

CCTV camera captured Sphere of Energy in Kemerovo, Russia

sphere orb ufo aliens portals beings

A CCTV camera outside a storage building in Kemerovo, Russia recorded a strange sphere of energy on May 30, 2014. The chief of the storage building was amazed by what she saw on the screen.

The sphere of energy shows strange shapes and inside we can see some images, like landscapes, faces and beings. It is not for the first time we see some kind of images in a sphere.

These images could be signs that may come from a dimensional portal or it is just imagination or a reflection coming from the camera?

Secret Underground City of Ellora Caves In India?

ajantaellora shivtemple

The rock hewn temple of Kailasa in Ajanta Ellora cave area, India.

The Ajanta Ellora Caves  in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CE. The caves include paintings and sculptures described by the government Archaeological Survey of India as “the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting”,

We are at Ellora caves in India, and there is solid evidence about a secret underground area that is hidden under these caves.

ellora caves

There is a tunnel over 40 feet deep and then it takes a right angle turn to proceed underground. Nobody knows what’s inside after that because the tunnel becomes too narrow for human beings to get through it.

This is another hidden passage in Ellora caves that I tried to get through, but after 10 feet, it becomes so narrow that I can’t go any further. Where do these mysterious tunnels lead? Who could have used such narrow passages? The other important question is: how can you carve such narrow passages if human beings cannot even get through them? Was it carved by humans at all? Were these carved for extraterrestrials that are smaller than human beings?

Notice how this entrance is clearly going underground, in this cave temple. These are underground areas hiding in plain sight. The security guards told me that there are several underground tunnels in Ellora caves which gradually become too narrow for human beings to access them, and all of them are locked. From these old doors, we can assume that these tunnels have been closed from public access at least 30 to 40 years ago.

Also there is a small rectangular opening. This opening is only large enough for a 10 year old to go in? Since adult human beings can’t access it, was it designed for human beings at all?

And another hidden passage in Ellora caves becomes so narrow that you can’t go any further. Where do these mysterious tunnels lead? Who could have used such narrow passages?

The other important question is: how can you carve such narrow passages if human beings cannot even get through them? Was it carved by humans at all? Were these carved for extraterrestrials that are smaller than human beings?

Massive Fireballs burn up into the atmosphere over Brazil on Sep 1, 2014

fireballs meteorites meteors Brazil

Expect a very active month for bolides, fireballs and meteors!
According to lunarmeteoritehunters there are currently 5 known NEO Asteroids discovered that will pass within approximately 10LD or less, LD stands for “Lunar Distance”, in September; expect that 10 or more NEOs will be discovered before month end. Daily updated list of NEO’s at lunarmeteoritehunters.

The currently 5 known asteroids are five small “mountain-sized” asteroids that will safely pass, but.. close enough for comfort!

The footage below shows massive Fireballs streaking across the Brazilian Skies of Campinas, a city in the Brazilian state of São Paulo on September 1, 2014.

Stargazer Nation™

The Great Lie and The New Reality: UFOs, Aliens, Indigos, Star Seeds, and DNA Activation

Spiritual Meditation - Kundalini Awakening  humanity awakens

Published on Jan 2, 2014


This is a call to action for Indigo Children and Angelic Humans who are on a spiritual path of truth who wish to unplug their mind from malevolent programs in the matrix.

humanity will awaken

I detail in the video how invader races, whom you might call extraterrestrials, created a program that went against the benevolent and fundamental laws of the universe by creating cataclysmic events, massacres, and distortion of human history. This resulted in a mutation in the human DNA Template that shortened human life span, blocked Higher Sensory Perception, caused loss of Race Memory, and scrambled our original language. The result of the DNA tampering and chromosome breakage is that humanity has been locked in the loop of mortality and death. This Fall initiated the Fear Program.

I also detail how many humans are Star Seeds from other planets who came to Earth specifically to be a part of the Stellar Activation Cycle that is currently underway. Perhaps you are one of the Star Seeds.

The conclusion to the video is that we all hold the possibility to ending the Fear Program by consciously choosing to activate our Heart Chakra, which holds Unconditional, Divine Love.

Lightning hits top of Sun Pyramid in Bosnia (Video) – Aug 15, 2014

lightning sun pyramid bosnia

Published on Aug 12, 2014

The storm lasted several hours with an amazing intensity when suddenly the lightning hits the top of the Sun Pyramid in Visiko, Bosnia.

Since pyramids are gigantic ancient power plants we can imagine that the ancient technology built inside the pyramids have many ways to generate power.

Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians? .. REDPILL

david on reptile

A Must see VDO………. galactic Human

Published on June 12, 2014

There is a whole body of scientific literature that PROVES humans have reptilian biological influences in our bodies and brains. Does this confirm David’s theory…?

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MUST WATCH! Human Animal Hybrids Exist!

human hybrids

Human Animal Hybrids Exist! Animal human hybrids, secret lab experiments, future technology, ancient codes; it’s all here! Have you ever noticed the eye and the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill? Tom Horn presents evidence that these are “codes” and symbols of high-level Freemasons, and their purpose is to evoke and welcome the coming of the Anti-Christ.

Through our It’s Supernatural TV show, Messianic Vision radio show and ISN (the It’s Supernatural Network) we are committed to teaching you how you can do the same works Jesus did and even greater (John 14:12). Thanks to your support we are able to continue producing It’s Supernatural!, Messianic Vision and ISN to mentor you and other believers around the world.

Humanoid DUDE on Moon spotted again 600 km from its first location

Humanoid Dude on Moon seen again


In our article Odd Humanoid Figure Spotted on the Moon we wrote about an strange shaped object spotted on Google Moon.

There is much doubt whether this object is a camera glitch, a strange rock formation, a cast shadow of a natural standing object or even a humanoid figure.

But it is getting stranger, our contributor 葉小如 submitted us new coordinates showing the same humanoid figure about 600 km from its first location.

It seems impossible that the same object/humanoid figure is spotted again on Google Moon, but I have to admit, it’s there again.

Humanoid dude on Moon

Again a camera glitch or… there are identical rock formations and shadows on the moon?

Or… they are using the same layers /photos for Google Moon to cover the real lunar surface in an attempt to cover up all evidence of extraterrestrial activities on the Moon?

Here is the object what looks like a humanoid figure walking around on the Moon.

The coordinates: 27°34’26.35″N 19°36’4.75″W (First location)
The coordinates: 26°47’35.88″N 3°10’30.59″E (Second location)

Dropping in ‘door to hell’ Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Crater

door to hell

Just imagine this Thing actually exists in Turk, and has been burning since 1971!!.. WoW dont you think this actually exposes the BIG Oil & Gas Mafia Cartels of being Malafied Liars..  Myth busters of being lied to us abt the Oil and gas being depleted and scarce due to over use and in turn raising the prices just to frustrate us!!  many ideas about petroleum depletion and its  entire debate by essentially equating “peak oil” with “running out of oil is a Complete Lie Being told by  those Mafia Fucking niggers… Mother earth has so much oil,  Yes they say that we have another   200 years of oil supply locked underground and many more yet to be discovered………… ~ Galactic Human ~

The origin of Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – is disputed, but the theory most widely accepted involves a Soviet expedition to explore for gas.

A Turkmen geologist claims the borehole was set alight in 1971 after fears it was emitting poisonous gases. It has now been burning for 40 years.

door to hell1

The crater, which is 69 metres wide and 30 metres deep, is located in a natural gas field in Ahal Province in Turkmenistan, which has the sixth largest reserves in the world.

George Kourounis, a Canadian explorer, became the first person known to have ventured into the pit last year, though footage of his expedition first aired this week on National Geographic, which partly funded the expedition. The aim was to collect soil samples from the bottom of the pit, to try to establish whether life can exist in such a harsh environment.

Source: TheGuardian

Preserved Corpse Or Very Human-Like Mannequin? in A Mexican Bridal Shop


In the middle of Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a bridal shop that is quite famous. However, it’s not famous because of the dresses. It’s the store mannequins that keep them on the map.

That’s because, for the past 75 years, a startlingly lifelike mannequin stood in the window. That Mexican bridal shop mannequin puzzled locals. According to local legends, the mannequin is actually the preserved daughter of the shop’s former owner.

Disturbing, but is it true? No one knows for sure. Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself. The detail you’ll be able to see on this corpse bride is incredible.


The mannequin is nick named La Pascualita or Little Pascuala. The owner at the time La Pascualita came to the store was Pascuala Esparza, hence the nick name.


Not long after her debut, the locals began to suspect that La Pascualita was actually the body of the owner’s daughter.Pascuala’s daughter, whose name has been lost to history, died tragically from a Black Widow spider bite on her wedding day.Pascuala denied that the mannequin was her daughter.

But the rumor had already taken on a life of its own, and no one believed her.It’s said that at night La Pascualita will sometimes shift positions in the window, and her eyes will follow you around the store.Her dress changes very often, but only the owner and a few close employees are allowed to dress and undress her.Some locals and brides to be consider La Pascualita a saint. They pray to her or leave gifts for her with the shop workers.

Published on Feb 24, 2014

Source: http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/la-…

Origin: Urban Legend / Mexico
Music Used (In Order):
– “Crossroads” By Nyghtfall
– “Princess of the Shadow Realm” By Nyghtfall

Nyghtfall’s Channel:


dragon family

Published on Jul 25, 2014


Initially, Ron asked the Ambassador about projects the Dragon Family feels worthwhile to fund; however, continuing a private conversation they had previously, the Ambassador reiterated their respect for Gandhi’s approach to overthrowing the Cabal in India. Of course the Cabal managed to polarize the newly formed nation along religious lines, as they have always done, undermining people’s quest for freedom. The Ambassador, as he always does, called on the people to do the inner work and stop supporting the Cabal in their divide and conquer brainwashing. Always inspirational and containing hidden messages to be understood by those who know the language. Yes, the Cabal is called on, again, to surrender.


Scientist Fired After Found Soft Tissue On Dinosaur Fossil only thousands of years Old


Also Chk My Earlier post on the same

Dinosaur bones Carbon-14 … dated to less than 40,000 years NOT 65 million years as previously thought

Attorneys for a California State University, Northridge scientist who was terminated from his job after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil have filed a lawsuit against the university.
While at the Hell Creek Formation excavation site in Montana, researcher Mark Armitage discovered what he believed to be the largest triceratops horn ever unearthed at the site, according to attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute.
Upon examination of the horn under a high-powered microscope back at CSUN, Dacus says Armitage was “fascinated” to find soft tissue on the sample – a discovery Bacus said stunned members of the school’s biology department and even some students “because it indicates that dinosaurs roamed the earth only thousands of years in the past rather than going extinct 60 million years ago.”
Read the rest HERE

Odd Humanoid Figure Spotted on the Moon – July 21, 2014

humanoid moon aliens

Published on Jul 18, 2014

Remember the 1967 NASA image referred to as “The Shard”? A strange and very large tower type figure that appeared in one still image captured by Lunar Orbiter III (I think). Well, this thing spotted by Jasenko could be eerily similar.


An irregularly shaped dark spot he noticed on Google Moon looks like it could be a cast shadow from a massive standing object, or figure. At first I thought maybe it was something drawn into the picture but after going to G. Moon, whatever it is or isn’t.. uh, is there. You get the idea. Go check it out and of course decide for yourself. Debunk it, shred it, figure it out.

Thanks Jasenko!

27°34’26.35″N 19°36’4.75″W

Image credit – NASA and Google Earth (Moon)

What looks like a towering human figure striding the deserted plains of the Moon has been spotted on Google Earth and bears an uncanny resemblance to what the ancient statue, “The Colossus of Rhodes”, is thought to have looked like before it was felled into the harbor of the Greek island by a massive earthquake in 226 BC.


What is it?

In the video posted here, published to YouTube on July 18, the unusual, shadowy figure was found by an intrepid anomaly hunter named Jasenko poring over the millions of images published by Google Earth that make up the Google Moon landscape.

The quality of that image is nowhere near as fine and detailed as this one, but it caused serious speculation in its day, before NASA landed on the Moon, by those wondering what kind of object could have cast such a giant shadow.

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