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Hillary Clinton knew they were all in deep shit. That’s why she said ” if TRUMP gets elected “If that fucking bastard gets in, we all hang from nooses!” The deepstate knew that they would be exposed. Time to do a little spring cleaning.Remember. + = Soros ++ = Saudi Arabia +++ = Rothschilds…April showers … bring May flowers Perhaps Trump’s actions will bloom in May? Is that the take-down date?

BDT= Bangladeshi NYC Terror Attack.
DEFON = Hawaii Missile Alert Warning

The window that blew out on Passenger plane today was in row 17 ~
17=Q on the southwest Airline and that flight was cancelled yesterday.

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Point of interest folks, Lift The Veil Live, are reporting from inside Syria that it’s looking like the gas-attack was a false flag as we all suspected! Let’s hope and pray that President Trump together with Putin were playing the warmongering French and British Governments like an Irish fiddle! Peace all!

If you know me, you know I don’t go in the “weeds” per say about double meanings, as they are never proved to be true. I am ok with others doing that, because I know people like to speculate. I only go with Q posts and am NOT trying to debunk anyone or any channel. I just want to show you what Q has said about this.

THIS COVERS ALL OF THE Q POSTS FOR 04-17-2018.this covers the potus tweets and also hinting at many big things are about to happen, information on a possible conspiracy and how false flags are going to be used to discredit what is about to happen. this covers everything ongoing from the news coverage of the anons, to the disturbing facts coming out on the the possible corruption on some elected officials. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan. this is a must watch if you haven’t had the chance to get caught up.

Are they trying to set up Q again? We know Q team is against terrorism and terrorists, first they deny Q exists, then try to discredit Q. Now they’ll say Q is real and a terrorist. Bs

4/17/2018 Q-Anon Update STRIKE PACKAGE – A FLOOD IS COMING – #TheGreatAwakening Spread the truth ZACH ON ALEX JONES SHOW Without too much ALEX JONES 4/14/2018 – DISINFORMATION IS NECESSARY… The Q Collective has taken down the AI ALOGRYTHM HASHTAGS SHOULD NOW WORK #TheGreatAwakening #Q-Anon



Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely.

Planetary surface is illuminated.

Escape pods are disabled, as humanity accepts.

Fortunes are returned.

Nova creations begin.



This was a Shocker When it came-out yestarday that Facebook finally admitted that it does track non-users too??, .. !!**Fucking Spyware-shit**!! .. Well Q exposed this on 9th April 2018 intel… Man this Q Team is ahead of all-of-us , just like how OSHO was….#GoPOTUS#GOMAGA#GO Q#GOANONs

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Facebook tracks non-users, they want to know why


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Money contaminates every thing it touches. You have to look into the red shoes, allegedly were made from human skin. Macaulay Culkin; “Hollywood Elites Murder Children……. Use Their Skin For Human Shoes!”

Made this graphic based on another anon’s catch. Good work

NOTE: The link to the Q CRUMBS can be found under EVERY video (about Q Crumbs) inside the DESCRIPTION… (see below.) #HeatherOrourke #SumerianTransportPad #MURDER #DEW

lynch Tarmac Deal, Intl. Money Manipulation, 5 EYES, Bio-Net Tracking, Rod Babe in Trouble (again), Syrian Invasion, Dredged from the Dark Web – The Heinous and unconfirmed Clinton-Abedin Alleged video. I have absolutely NO way to authenticate these reports. If at all, consider contents with extreme caution as to truth – and as to horrible content.

I’m glad to see the Q team took out all the pedovores in the USA to make our country safe for our children without letting one more die. Oh, wait… Q isn’t doing jack crap about that, but we are destroying Syria and we will destroy Iran before getting back to saving our country from evil. I see. It makes perfect sense to advance the NWO agenda and keep the deep state propped up here forever to win this 4D chess game. Sure. Makes perfect sense…FOLLOW THE PATRIOTS 24/7 SOAPBOX FOR 24 HOUR COVERAGE AND ANALYSIS OF THE LATEST Q ANON POSTS 


WoW… The Intel keeps Heating-up everyday… More on Obuzzer and Lynch Going down.. Q posted pic of  a Building its from China??.. Shenzen Stock Exchange!! and he also Tweeted regarding The devaluation of Currencies by Both Russia and china, are we heading for a Revaluation and Re-set but it seems to be the imminent harbinger of something big rising on horizon & Fuck  What’s does HRC Stands for??—  HUMAN RITUAL CANNIBALISM

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange

IQT Portfolio

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I MADE A HUGE DISCOVERY RE: THE ALLEGED #FRAZZLEDRIP RUMORS. Source for “Huma” stills actually secretive chef in DC area, but the plot thickens? I did a side-by-side comparison of both images, as well.

THIS covers all of the q posts for the weekend and 04-16-2018. this covers the potus tweets on the tarmac meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton. this covers everything ongoing from the news coverage of the anons, to the disturbing facts coming out on the the possible corruption on some elected officials. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective and to trust the plan.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – TARMAC DEAL….Obama and the Clinton’s murdered Justice Scalia to make way for the bought and sold criminal Loretta Lynch’s seat on the court. If America is EVER going to regain faith in the US Justice system then WE need to see some convictions for treason and the corresponding punishment…death.

A message to all viewers and subscribers alike, this video starts off slow but I truly believe we heat up quite a bit when talking of the current 666 5th avenue dig. -Buckle Up, The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Genius! Trump bombed Deep State Chem Facilities in syria…When the Light shines, darkness disappears… Let us see the LIGHT-NOW….

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THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/CjZGaGgH/qanon-p… Alex & Zack were both acting… remember Q said disinformation is vital …. Trust the plan. God put Trump here to carry out His ( God’s) agenda.

There are many references to Castle. And the OTHER references have ZERO, but ZERO references to the B1-b bomber used in recent operations in Syria. However, what we do see in intelligence circles the use of the term “castle” as a war room, or BETTER said an “operations” room. Think of a Castle as a bunker type or VERY secure war room, and that room has communications ability. So it kind of the “king of the hill” or better said a Castle that is a high security and HIGH protected room! – A fortress! With the above in mind, let’s look at the use of Castle in Q posts and put them in context with the above information:

QAnon Analysis April 15 2018 – Connection Between Deep State And HoneyPots #Qanon

It’s possible these strikes in Syria were against deep state, rogue CIA assets. When Trump telegraphed his troop withdrawal the “gas attack,” happened. Then Trump tells to Putin to get ready for our new missiles. It is possible that on the surface and in MSM the missile strike is meant to look like it’s against Assad, for now, when it was actually against the deep state actors in the area.

Every time Trump strikes Syria it feels like somebody has punched me in the stomach. There better be a DAMN good reason for this because it is exactly the opposite of what he promised his supporters. Given the fact that we have been betrayed for decades, he should understand that we are going to react badly to this apparent betrayal.

Q-Anon – IRAN NEXT 4/14/2018 The Syrian Missile Attack is prep for Iran – April Showers The Q Collective has taken down the AI ALOGRYTHM HASHTAGS SHOULD NOW WORK #TheGreatAwakening #Q-Anon

One thing about Easter that i forgot was the The Rabbit!! instead of a typical Easter bunny costume this time we had the Rabbit from Alice-in-Wonderland.. No-Doubt POTUS TRUMP is a genius, bless Q team and potus. “how many more coincidences until it’s statically impossible” Only the Awaken can see those hints.. if i remember this costume was also used once During Obuzzer Term.. But anyway The rabbit cracks me up. He’s trolling the shit out of the deep state and global crime syndicate Rothschilds and world bankers. A big f&$k you to all of them. And that Trump smile next to the rabbit says it all.

~ Galactic Human ~

Sparrow.. a little birdie that sings…. so Sparrow red.. Russian intelligence! “Intel is good” refers to Assad …? Just a thought? Red Sparrow, the novel about Russian spies. Russia- CIA. Sparrow red, CIA- Russia?

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Trust P0TUS.”Let us hope and pray that Q is right and god is on our site. Otherwise we would have a big big problem… if not even worse. Sparrow Red =AIM-7Sparrow Missile America uses in war NO GO AHEAD (Red)=NO WAR!! Missile only = small missiles used just for show Intel good = POTUS and Q know who did it and it was not Assad and Russia. What do you think?? *If Q meant Red Sparrow as a lot of 8chaners are apparently stating, Q would have written Red Sparrow NOT Sparrow Red.

New Q: Trust POTUS Strikes targeted regime bases and chemical weapon production facilities in Damascus and Homs The Strikes consisted of 3 waves of attacks and are now complete

Paul Ryan sold out the USA along with John Mccain. Trump got him to do a lot of things he needed done in exchange for the get out of jail card, Ryan is such a scum bag. Lynchings should happen in DC.

Russia news just told their people to prepare for nuclear war a hour ago. I guess the United States won’t get a warning? I guess I really don’t need one. I’m all good with Jesus. I do pray this is all bluster from the Russian media. Lastest ZACH intel SAD news

Amazing Find on Q board The Pentagon Ended Online Surveillance Project Lifelog and Same Day Facebook Was Founded.. That means Mark Suckthehamburger who is  DavidRockefellers grandson  Never Founded Facebook……..Later  Facebook Hired who? Google-Head Who was Ex-Darpa head Regina Dugan and why did she join facebook !!  they are developing Brainscanning Tech Now the SAD thing is you wont have NO PRIVACY. Not even in your own skull – if they succeed…Just go thru the VDO from alpha Channel @ end a Short VDO being explained  beautifully.. Now the connection with CHINA .. Facebook was banned in CHINA how did Zucker get access  he Traded something ?? What was it… “access to user data.” So facebook Earns how!!  since it does not have any product??? Man we are the Product.. Pls go thru this amazing website for Q Decode!! Neon-Revolt!!

And Below New Facebook-Symbol on ( Data-Leak)

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Neon Revolt

Facebook is cancelled Pentagon program Lifelog, cancelled same day Facebook created

White House is prepping an effort to undermine Rosenstein

All aboard the ‘Lolita Express’: Flight logs reveal the many trips Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with anonymous women

~ Galactic Human ~

QAnon Analysis April 12 2018 – The Hammer Is About To Drop On Zuckerberg Subcribe Us For More Videos: https://goo.gl/ZDmQY8 

Lets take a step forward and look @ snowden drop about CIA program. The fact about Q without the Q we would still be blind to the real depth of deep state. The sad point is that Zackerberg wasn’t even under oath. The way I see it is it was all for show.

Learn Basics on War with Deep State: https://youtu.be/Gdm93ApkI1Q

The #17 is in the date column. It’s hard to read but it looks like 2005. So that would mean November 17th, 2005, Dershowitz flew on this plane. It shows he flew from BED (Bedford Massachusetts) to CYUL (Montreal Trudeau Airport) in Quebec. I think Hanscom Airforce Base is in Bedford. So according to this log, he didn’t go to Little St James, where the pedo activity was taking place. He was on the plane for other business. Lifelog is the beta of Facebook. When Facebook was released lifelog project was no longer needed

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Misspellings matter.” Think China, think tariffs, think need for farmers to take a hit while playing the great Trade game, but POTUS will protect them in the longer term!

Zuckerberg- BUILDING 8 – the atrocity against your mind- we are in hell!


Elements of the Masters ingrain in all.

Thoughts are abandoned as Higher Mind is embraced.

Clevers continue the deconstructions.

Highers are finishing the job.



Mark Zucker-Sucker got destroyed during senate hearing .. These were some of  Zucker-Sucker notes from his recent Senate hearing. You weren’t meant to see these:Below.. Q’s Intel heating up

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Remarks by President Trump at Signing of H.R. 1865 FOSTA

The crisis in journalism that’s helping Trump

Clinton advises Pompeo to stop ‘purge’ at State Dept

Pompeo failed to disclose ownership of business connected to China

~ Galactic human ~

These were some of Zucker-Sucker notes from his recent Senate hearing. You weren’t meant to see these:

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) destroyed in 38 secs!!… Grilled for 5 hours in Senate

Grilled for 5 hours in Senate .. Zucker-Sucker was so transparent. This is both scary and hilarious.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – SYRlAN CONFLlCT, What if the seventeenth person (as you counted them) IS Q! It would make sense that he stands with the military but has on civilian clothes. Makes me smile to think so anyway. 17 = Q so 17th = Q. The last “strike” was staged and was NOT real. There is no evidence of a strike. Israel fell for it. But Russia and US are asking for evidence. Russia is even saying that it was fake.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “H0NEYP0TS.” Thank you Trump what a wonderful thing you did signing that for these girls , to many young girls need our help !!

Learn Basics on War with Deep State: https://youtu.be/Gdm93ApkI1Q Qanon Real-time Feed! https://qanon.pub 

24,554 indictments!!!😋😂 Time to clean the House!

New Q April 11: Welcome Snowden & Dershowitz; IT’S HAPPENING! huge revelation that Facebook was born the day the Pentagon retired LifeLog program that follows our every move. Also: House cleaning, HRC threatens Pompeo, Nunes gets the memo

WoW this is Awesome news.. Pedophile’s  beware TRUMP has just signed a Landmark Act Today 11th April 2018 .. Its Panic Time for all sex Traffickers and offenders online….Time to Pack ur Shit and go offline period….

President Trump at Signing of H.R. 1865, the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017

~ Galactic Human ~

This came out via a SGTReport video. Recall that the deep state operates with funding from drug sales and human trafficking, which also includes the sale of human body parts. But human trafficking is a huge challenge on this planet, and it apparently is being addressed directly by President Trump. If you really believe little is going on to counter the deep state, then you may wish to read this article.

Here are some quotes from a presidential briefing on March 13, 2018, posted on the official White House website, whitehouse.gov:

My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.

Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, affects people from all backgrounds at home and abroad, placing millions into a sickening form of exploitation. Per the International Labor Organization, there may be as many as 24.9 million victims of forced labor across the world, with millions going unidentified and unseen. Children are especially vulnerable to this evil practice, as they account for 25 percent of modern slaves.

The United States is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children – both United States citizens and foreign nationals – victimized by human trafficking… Annual illicit profits from human trafficking were estimated to be as high as $150 billion in 2014, demonstrating the substantial economic scale of this abhorrent criminal industry.

As defined by the Trafficking Victims Prevention Act (TVPA), it is the policy of the United States government to address human trafficking via ‘The Three P’s:
– Prosecution of Traffickers;
– Protection of Victims;
– Prevention of Human Trafficking’.

Finally President Trump signs H.R. 1865, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Trafficking Act of 2017 in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington DC. With a bi-partisan group on 11th April 2018

Chances are that you are reading this article, because like most of us inside the Q Research Community you cannot stop obsessing over the meanings of posts and the [map]. Below Q Also points out that John Bolton is cleaning house, and posts picture of Trump and Pence surrounded by The Generals. #Q draws attention to Admiral Rogers

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Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Message?” Admiral Rodgers hopefully will stay on board with President Trump , Maybe @Snowden has “the key” of “the bridge” or algoritms to prove FB shares and sales it’s customers data… “Future proves Past” Notice how Zuckerberg wasn’t sworn in under oath ? SCRIPTED. FAKE!!! Just remember, Mark Zuckerberg was not under oath. He knew what he was doing from the beginning. You think he cares about you and me? He only cares about how much money he is making.

Q-Anon Update 4/10/2018 Bolton Cleaning House – China opening up to Free Trade and the Rule of Law… The Great Awakening is going GLOBAL

These are just some smaller folders from the Q MEGA MEME DROP, that I thought had important information / verifications inside.

Doing a joint video of today’s Q drops with my brother Jay from the channel “Prison we live in” Q talks to Snowden? Whos a traitor?

Q Anon update early Wednesday morning April 11, 2018, Mattis is next to POTUS , and of course Admiral Mike Rogers next to Pence .“POTUS weekly address” “END” At the end of the weekly address Trump said “We will win and we will win soon.” Just a thought.

Another set of amazing INTEL from Q… Actions today [raid] will be met w/ swift action.
FBI burning midnight oil. FB Account or no Account you are spied-on 24/7… Can’t comment as more INTEL still coming-by will update-soon.. But Don’t forget ZUCKER-SUCKER sold more stock than any other insider of the past 3 months.
The money is needed to payoff house and senate panels.
It also allowed him to sell a small portion of his fortune at the top of the market. Traitor ZUCK is bribing the Lawmakers…

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ZUCKERBERG Sold More Facebook Stock

China’s Embrace of Foreign Cars

Fire at Trump Tower Kills One, Police Say



~ Galactic Human ~

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many). NSA a tracks and records all data transmitted electronically.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “FBl burning midnight oil.”Q is saying trust Horowitz and Huber is a silent head nod to Sessions Trump wont show his hand – if anything Trump will let them think he is weak and he is disorganized and divided Nothing could be further from the truth

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “RR problems.”A very nervous, desperate deep state. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the FBI missed it’s deadline to produce the unredacted FISA documents?

Q Anon~4/10/18 “YOU are being TRACKED” GZ = ground zero EITS = Eyes In The Sky = Drones and stuff like that. Notice the timing between Meadows’ warning and the chem attack in Syria? The dominoes effect… or the Storm (WW3) has begun..

As the title says, I will be discussing Q messages from #1081 through #1110. I am also changing schedule to posting every other day, depending how many posts are posted by Q. The sheer number of posts and the research associated with them, each, makes it impossible to deliver a quality, focused presentation, if things are rushed. I prefere quality over quantity. So, if there are not too many posts, I will post daily, most likely, but if there are too many, I will take my time to go through them and post accordingly.


McNoName says anything idiotic!! he is an insane old man he’s evil, He hits up Syria before chemical attacks and smiles with ISIS? Big-Buffon.. He now becomes McTRAITOR…Obuzzer supports ISIS as he created it with Crooked  Clintons…Time to hang them from nooses and send them to GITMO

::::: Check :::::

The Night That Obama and Hillary Founded ISIS

Report: Blackwater CEO Erik Prince was CIA asset

North Korea Ready to Discuss Denuclearization, U.S. Officials Say

SIG intercept.

~ Galactic Human ~

This covers all of the q posts for 04-08-2018. this covers everything ongoing from the news coverage of the anons, to the disturbing facts coming out on the images from no-name and known foreign actors. covering information relating to chemical attacks, and possible staged events from a once trusted individual from the government. we are all being encouraged to stay strong, as the plans in motion are being very effective. trust the plan. this is a must watch if you haven’t had the chance to get caught up.

In this video I inadvertently said COMEY met with LYNCH. Brain traf. Of course it was BOZO Bill Clinton.

A bunch of Q posts about john mcstain and syria, also I did during the live webcast on tnfm but did not during this broadcast, give credit to Qs angel for sending me the info about the Q live op on Chandlers instagram account

Q-Anon John McCain is a TRAITOR – BRING BACK THE GALLOWS – 4/8/2018 The Spider is caught in its own WEB of DECEIT

This is a comprehensive recap of many posts, and of new posts from April 8, 2018. Interesting Q revelations, his modus operandi, and more.

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “No name panic.”Traitor MCCain… did this more than likely. Trump never tells his moves a head of time. Hey Trump gave them enough rope to hang them. If Q knows this is a false flag to draw us into war, I think Trump knows as well. So it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen in the next couple of days.

How does Plane Crash??… Now exposed Search Serco patent fraud and you will see that Killery has the technology to take planes down, thus JFK Jr etc went down. The Serco case also mentions betting on false flag attack body counts. Potus under attack  Fire at Trump Tower today… Anon Fights Back…

::::: Check:::::

Serco Patient Remotely Controlling and Crashing Planes

TRUMP calls for Closing Border

Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election

2 soldiers killed in helicopter crash at Fort Campbell

~ Galactic human ~

Between military crashes, a fire at Trump Tower, and states warring against border security, it looks like evil is winning. But, according to Q and prophecy, evildoers will be stopped. Thanks for watching and praying!! Q mentions the fact that there’s a lot of resistance especially going mainstream now, and it’s all for a LARP, LARP for those who are not informed on it is a code for live action role player, or basically saying Q is fake, which we all know better don’t we? 

UPDATE: 2 person killed, 3 injured in the fire. Sorry for the inaccuracy

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – “Public interest shift.” The white helmets are funded by Soros, they are the propaganda arm of the “free Syrian army”, they work in conjunction with Al nusra, you can find all the video of them staging photos, they also game media embed with them that are working for western media outlets. Propaganda, pure and simple

Latest Q posts to 8chan boards. If you need to be told what these posts mean, please find an alternative channel (of which there are many).

“Q” wrote “Where is CC right now”, & “What does he hope to gain by going there?”. Who is “CC”? Chelsea Clinton?? Chris Christie (mentioned recently by Q) ??? Chelsea Clinton?? Chris Christie (mentioned recently by Q) ???

Ray Chandler is Rachel lol. Also: CNN Fake news is trying to obfuscate. Joseph Shmitz would have been investigating pizzagate on the dark web. Q infers that it was related to the backpage scandal. WTH would HRC’s emails be doing on the dark web?

Q-Anon – Eric Holder Relevant SOON – 4/7/2018 Eric Holder, California. Has spent years covering for who? Refuses to hand over any documents needed for investigations. What is he hiding?

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