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Elements of collaboration present.

Fronts of the Storm are visible.

Salacious elements are revoked.

The Lightning Illuminates all.



This amazing work by SerialBrain2 will continue to show us where the moves are being played behind the scenes…and why the DEMS are so upset. Remember as they say A Valid Plan takes Patience and Attention to Detail! A Good Plan is Not Rushed! So Enjoy the Show.WWG1WGA!

~Galactic Human~

1.The General Strategy.

Did you catch that the next day, Trump tweeted about Ben Stein saying this?


What was Trump’s secret goal behind this very rare midterm win he was able to pull off?

Let’s read Q2444.

We are informed the strategy was 1) to take full control of the Senate to ensure Supreme Court and Cabinet confirmations (the Kavanaugh episode and the future replacement of Sessions confirm the pertinence of this option), 2) to neutralize Congress with the DECLAS sword of Damocles hanging over the head of those in power there. For this very reason, we want their most compromised individuals to be in charge and chair the House Committees. This is why the Maestro tweeted

If these individuals are in control, they are FISA-neutralized.

If they are not, the Democratic party implodes. Zugzwang.

2.The Sub-strategies and Shiny Objects.

Let’s read Q2445.

As you can see, our excellent Gowdy and Goodlatte respectively chaired the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. They used these first 2 years to take the ball to the 10 yard line: they have reached an agreement with the DOJ to access the documents allowing the understanding of the decisions made by the DOJ in 2016 and 2017. When this was secured, they resigned. Why? Because they were in the know. Do you see this House>>>Senate? This is Q telling you the attack playbook led by Grassley is now taking over for touchdown. The first 2 years of Trump’s presidency were used by the Republican Congress to prepare all the documentation and agreements with the DOJ for a post midterm Senate takeover. The Senate would then have 2 years to score its touchdown whenever it chooses to. Check. Gowdy and Goodlatte knew the Senate would take over and that a post midterm Dem Congress would be powerless, useless and besieged by a renewed DOJ, a FISA sword of Damocles hanging and an informed Republican Senate. Their resignation is a stellar proof that controlling the Senate and transforming Congress into an empty shell was the strategy all along. Brilliant.

Do you now see the Mueller probe and subsequently Congress were the shiny objects? Do you see Trump can, should it pleases him, declassify FISA any time before January and Dems will never get to enjoy “their” Congress? They wrongly thought Mueller was Trump’s number one concern and he helped them tremendously holding to this fantasy by keeping Sessions and Rosenstein around. But then, when he was able to secure the Senate after a marathon campaign only he can physically sustain, he said this:

Amazing stuff. Trump says he could stop all this but he won’t. Even with a Dem Congress. Why? Because there is nothing there and putting Rosenstein on the bench while taking control of the Mueller probe was as easy as accepting Sessions’ resignation and appointing Whitaker as Acting AG. A date stamp here, a signature there. Done. Hahaha! The Dems did not see this coming. And this is why they are now going crazy. Buckle up.

3. The Sacrifices

Building the FISA case would not have been possible if Flynn did not take the bullet to draw enough attention for Congress to investigate:

Q1282 Lawmakers go hunting? What is the purpose of a laser pointer? You have more than you know. Comms understood? Q
Q1296 Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

When these investigations occurred and the case became clear for a post midterm fortified Senate takeover, Gowdy and Goodlatte could safely resign:

Q2451 Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Trey Gowdy! Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Bob Goodlatte! Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Q+

Then, when Dems thought they could take control of the Mueller probe through Rosenstein after winning the House, Trump accepted Sessions’ resignation and appointed Whitaker:

Q2452 Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr. Jeff Sessions! Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Q+

When the Dems realized how Trump played them, letting them spend billions of dollars to control Congress and end up with an empty shell, they asked for Whitaker’s recusal. Well… Nnnnnno:


Q2455 There will be no recusal. PANIC IN DC. Q

This Whitaker move is pure beauty. As long as Rosenstein was taking advantage of Sessions’ recusal overseeing the Russian probe, the line of communication between the DOJ and Congress was what Rosenstein wanted it to be. Dems knew this very well and this is why they needed him around, strongly voted him in and extensively pushed for him to remain in his position. Now that Whitaker is in charge, it’s a whole new ball game:

Q2459 Imagine if the new acting AG now releases all previously ‘blocked’ doc requests by the House (including the [RR] secondary CLAS scope doc).

Next step?

4. Checkmate

What happens when you are a lousy and emotional chess player, thought you would win the game and have been schooled? This happens:

Did you notice at 0:29 where the loser claimed the piece was in another position? These are the multiple recounts dems want in a desperate attempt to change the outcome of the midterms…

What you saw in this video, in political language, translates to the term “red line” in this tweet

which in turn translates to caravans, false flags like this,


indoor mobs like this and outdoor mobs like that.

Well, it appears Q’s Plan already knew their countermove after they realized they were defeated was to show their artistic skills and start drawing red lines on the floor. It’s right here:


Next move before checkmate? What Branch is in charge of ultimately verifying if the Law is interpreted correctly? Yes, the Judicial Branch. And who confirms the presidential appointments for the Judicial Branch? Yes, the Senate. You see? We went full circle. It now seems to be the perfect time for Q to remind us of the conditions under which martial law can be applied:

Q2460 “..or in response to chaos associated with protests and mob action,” Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” Q

Voter Fraud ..The tiny tip of a HUGE iceberg?!  We all know that there is voter fraud out there!! No way did the DEM rats win on their own…Time for the hammer. You can’t prove fraud until the election is certified. Just because the change is not reported on in the media, does’nt mean its not happening. Haven’t you wondered why an ongoing Syria and North Korea problem, spanning several decades, disappeared in a fairly short time?
Q still has my interest captured so will stick around and watch the show. Just waiting now for the show to drop , In the meantime I will leave tickets here for anyone who wishes to join me. 
::: Check ::::
~Galactic Human~
This is big. Q reiterating that the senate control will end being 53-47. I think we are about to see explosive MOABs this week

We’ve had it all wrong. The Q drops everyone has been assuming were senate votes are not. Check this out.

53-47 = 6 (October 2nd – Tuesday)   6 (weeks)

53-47 = 6 (November 13 – Tuesday)  6 (weeks)

[53-47 = 6 (December 25 – Tuesay)] NOEL – Merry Christmas

… countdown calendar timer to Christmas in 6 week increments

Anon post: In Arizona, district 28 almost 20k more people voted than the total of registered voters!!STOP THE STEAL!!!! This is so maddening!!!
Q is the #2 most attacked entity by FakeNews after  potus who is number 1 most attacked person by FN, swamp, and R & D. Q says this is as of 3:02 today qanon is second most attacked. The biggest media cos attack q because of the effectiveness of anons #QAnon The #FakeNewsMedia giving false optics on differences in midterm voter enthusiasm despite huge crowd size differences of  realDonaldTrump vs Hussein, Oprah, etc. No Voter Irregularities, nothing to see here. Observing with our eyes is “Conspiracy Theory”
Q reiterates media attacking qanon become of effectiveness of anons and patriots spreading truth. We are an end around the media. As of 3:02 PM EST today, #QAnon is now the #2 most attacked entity attacked by the #FakeNewsMedia within the US (behind only @POTUS). We are now the second biggest threat to the establishment. Under [R+D coordinated blitz attack]Congratulations, Anons! BADGE OF HONOR!This movement is now comprised of tens of millions of us. Something big about to drop
3:02PM Deadline Q Proof…Added Q, FULL CONTROL, caps.
machine Recount Completed
Why do personalities on the “right” such as  SebGorka  ohncardillo  JackPosobiec among others continue to attack anons and #qanon with vitriol? Why don’t they simply ask  potus. Just ask  realDonaldTrump “who is Q”? Why not? We can wait for an answer gentlemen
Alright patriots you have to realize Q is all over this election fraud and the deep state Dems are not going to get away with it. Look at Arizona. Q pointing out that senate loss is illogical for repubs when comparing vote numbers of Repub govenor.
It’s all circling back to what Q told us back in February when Q posted this section from this internal DHS report. I posted this earlier today. The final report was provided to  potus in March. The final report from DHS recommended a “countrywide investigation should begin”
This means that DHS implemented a national investigation into millions of illegals committing voter fraud as well as an investigation into destruction of valid ballots. This is what Q is saying is taking place right now! All the voting irregularities and fraud are being documented and recorded for purpose of exposing and rectifying on a national level in next couple of weeks. Once the fraud is exposed, the senate balance of power will be 53-47. National voter id will be enacted. Corrupt officials will be arrested.
The way FakeNews works: they push blue wave before election to give optics that majority of people support Dems. Had Dems narrowly pulled off a legit defeat of repubs, FakeNews would’ve claimed blue wave and majority of public rejects  potus. Dems lost so now
Dark to Light, That moment is RIGHT NOW!TODAY IS THE DAY!

GOOD over EVIL, LIGHT over DARK…Trump participates in the White House Diwali ceremony….President Trump speaks at a Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya in the Roosevelt Room at the White House.

So, is Q drop 2478 (L) pointing us back to Q drop 1927? Great questions, graphic updated based on L=50 as a Roman Numeral…Yes, this formula 315+50=365, (Dec 31, 2018) = time remaining/expired….Next day, 01 Jan, 2019 Effective date of Amendment referencing Court Martial

Santa at Wilkes-Barre Rally   August 2, 2018….From Aug. 2 to Nov. 21st = 111 Days…..Reminder: Nov. 21 (11-21), The 21st MIRROR would be 12……[L] is the 12th letter of the alphabet. The MIRROR of 12 is 21.

[L] is our marker used in DEC[L]AS or DECASS. NO “L” or NO-EL/NOEL, as previously discussed. It is the 111 Day Wind the Clock that is being added to the Qproof here.BIG Indeed!

Top Senate Democrat demands hearing with Whitaker, Sessions


“Boom: Record high business optimism, need for employees at 45-year high”

The record level of economic optimism among small businesses is continuing, and those firms trying to fill jobs is at a 45-year high, according to a new industry report.


Very interesting Q proof by The President him self. USSS ‘stay’ alerts prevent travel. ‘stay’

Another Tweet decode, ts cemetery. A to E.Arizona Elections.

Why did realDonaldTrump repost??? I don’t see anything different besides times. HMMMM

Why do [OPTICS] matter so much?So annoyed with these dems… My head is going to explode over all this corruption What did Q say? The elections are safe. do your part and we will do ours. Well we did our part now let them do theirs, if they are allowed to steal our voices we will have to take back our Country on our own. Read our Declaration Of Independence

Latest Qanon Posts 11-13-18 : Perceived Actions By Whitaker? A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ 

Latest Qanon Posts 11-13-18 Pt2 : We Are The #2 Threat To The Establishment!

Q shows is the quite unbelievable numbers from Arizona voting just before McSally Conceded to Sinema. Unbelievable to me how we can swing 350k votes in the Dems direcrion. Also showing more taunts toward the DS

Something Big Is About To Drop!3:02 PM refers to FBI 302s BRILLIANT. God bless.

There Time is up-Now here comes Pain, It looks like FINALLY , we are going to get the declassified FISA docs!! I have been waiting for this  for a very long time! It’s time to expose these evil & treasonous people,technically in numerology it’s 11/11/11 & if u add 2018 2+0+1+8= 11 so it is 11-11-11… 11’s don’t reduce further as they represent a Master vibration , 11.11.18 CONFIRMED = Declassifications / Indictments – time to “RUN” – every one “will know”, where can you “Hide”, Everyone Knows what “You have done” Arrest Begins….

Read Q post #1744. I think that post is telling us the Declas is coming before Christmas. Before elected Dems get into office. I was called ignorant by several people, because I still believed in Q  i would tell them Rather be ignorant then Faithless! And to many Q followers to Hang-in-there & Trust the plan. Remember “Be with a friend when he is right. Stay with him when he is still right, but leave him when he is wrong.”  Time to Red pill Ur Near & dear Ones….Wake-em-Up

~Galactic Human ~

Despite President Emmanuel Macron personally asking Trump & Putin not to meet so they don’t upstage him. Putin on 11.11 said he agreed to France’s request not to “organize any meetings here,” but did end up chatting w our US President.


The “Start – 11.11 included Air Force One’s planned diversion around Boston on the way home from Paris. Anon’s note it diverts to fly over site of JFK Jr’s 1999 plane crash.

Q setting this week up for major disclosures including FISA declass, indictments being unsealed, voter fraud evidence disclosed. Looks like Q telling military, NDA, Assange and other key assets to be ready to drop their disclosures. I believe q referring to term “placeholder” in context of where Info will be stored on certain disclosures. Sealed and unsealed Indictments amd info pertaining thereto will be uploaded Likely under those categories on 8chan. It’ll be an easy way to access the evidence

So basically Whitaker as the placeholder would be responsible for drafting up articles of impeachment for Hussein and Biden

Q about to disclose evidence that democrat party worked with election officials as well as voter fraud commission to A. Fill out thousands of blank ballots, B. Destroy legal ballots, C. Organized non citizen voting campaigns. Think signing up felons to vote (nick cruz)

The whole purpose  Potus has allowed this is to record and expose the Dems for their illegal voting activities all these years…he’s got them dead in the water, and not it’s time for the pain…Many will be arrested for this…what will the ultimate result be? Voter ID Law

Q is gathering real time live evidence of election theft on a national scale as it happens…he’s prepared for these elections for 2 years…I’m furious at what the Dims are doing, but I trust @Potus plan…remember this post from Q on Feb 16, 2018? This is a DHS the voter fraud on a national level. Folks, do you see the significance of this internal DHS report?

Are the FISA redactions legal? Hat tip @PohligT

Q posted in response an anon’s 8/16/18 interchange with his reminding that “timelines change” re original plans for 11.11 US military parade.

Cancellation of POTUS 11.10 visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery was due to USSS ‘stay’ from credible security threat.

Enemy @ front door seems to be related to the stay alerts set up by Secret Service. Big week coming up.  POTUS movements will be protected by USSS this week. This is the case re: cancellation of @realDonaldTrump’s visit to Aisne-Marne American Cemetery. USSS ‘stay’ alert (due to credible threat) prevented him fm attending.


Q citing to nbc news article saying that Gowdy being considered for AG. I posted about this earlier. I think we know that the next AG will be Trey Gowdy. Think about all the knowledge he has now of the deep state crimes.

The most important image/video of the last two years….We could not catch the thumbs up in the still image, watch 3:10-3:30. The #deepstate’s biggest fear coming true. Compare to the simple pleasantries

Q cites a number of newsworthy Broward County individuals, the area having had news of election fraud, mass shooters, mail bomb hoaxes, terrorists, and corruption, Why is it so many prominent terrorists link back to Broward? Because Broward is a deep state / cia stronghold.


This girl is a hero for being brave enough to come forward and expose the Broward election office. She needs to be placed in protective custody as her life is now at risk.

It turns out that if one holds the cursor over the [L] (qanon dot pub) a message appears. Source? Also, of interest with cursor held over the “AS”, as above.. What do u see??

How appropriate. AP twitter background shows a massive amount of sheep surrounding a vehicle. Q states “sheep no more”. Semper Fi Marine. Thankful for our Marines!!

QAnon – Let the Unsealing Begin, Let the Declas Begin! WWG1WGA!

QAnon – A Peek Inside the OIG FISA ABUSE Report Coming Soon to a Theater Near YOU!As much as I want the FISA to come out, I am sickened by the rampant,obvious voter fraud! When will they be busted? 

WHY? = “We knew then. We know now.”Q is contradicting the MSM narrative with The Truth!!! Go Q, Go Trump, Go Patriots!!!

What if the above could be proven?DIrected Energy Weapons started fires in California! LA MARZULLI’s home was destroyed by fire!!!  POTUS protected, safely back in the castle. “We have it all”. This voter fraud is even bigger than we knew! And for how long?! People with high positions in our country need to be put before military tribunal, and ultimate judgment carried out! And foreign enemies banned forever. That includes those who would try to force their way in illegally. WHO do the county officials think they are to refuse to turn over the ballots and roles?!

Q goes over the voting fraud and how back in 2016 there was a sworn statement proving such, did Q team set up the Dems to shoot themselves in the foot after demanding a recount? Can you say national voter ID Laws?

Q shows us all about the possibilities of therr being voter fraud in Broward county. Also discussed is who may fill the next Attorney general. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliff were discussed. Ending off with a weird coded string. Cant wait to see what the next couple weeks holds.

This is a perfect analogy from SB2. It is so true! Our patience has been running thin but we have all persevered and kept on target and trusted the plan. We will see it happen in God’s time. Faith and patience will get us there. ..Another hit from SB2…just amazing how he is able to decode something so random, yet shows us what is really behind it all.

~ Galactic human ~

Those who are familiar with my writings know there are many ways to decode Q. Numbers and codes are just one of them. The beauty of the Q board comes from the well positioned horizontal and vertical layers the messages come with. In accordance to his or her intellectual sensitivity, the Q reader can use any suitable door to decipher Q’s multilayered messages. To illustrate this, I have made several Q related publications recruiting different intellectual profiles in the following 3 lanes: Spiritual/Occult – Investigative Research – Decoding/Cryptography/Riddles. Here are some of them, categorized to prove the point.

And here are a few Q drops validating the pertinence of the explored lanes:

Today, my challenge is to try to decode Q2417, seamlessly traveling through these 3 lanes and reveal the hidden message in a way that is easily digestible for all intellectual profiles. For the musicians out there, I am basically trying to play a “decoding style chord” 🙂


Q2417 is a picture,

with an interesting filename made of 13 letters and 2 numbers. The 2 numbers, 4 and 6, also appear in the image where we see 3 movie titles:

Movie 4: Guardians of the Pedophiles.
Movie 5: Panic in DC – They never thought she would lose.
Movie 6: Fisagate.

Do you see the progression?

Why are we here? We are here to Save the Children. Politics is a way through which we achieve this. Let’s not forget this. We are here to Save the Children. Our Movement is not only political. It’s more than that. Politics is a part of it. Our Movement is about saving mankind. The US Military, through politics and other means, is leading the charge:

Q114 US Military = savior of mankind.

This drop shows mankind is under attack as a species. The attack is therefore directly targeting our children. Pedophilia is more than you are told. It’s not just a perversion, it’s a set of actions rooted in ancient beliefs and a strong and dark desire for power. Those who are at the top of the pedophilia pyramid are not only driven by perversion, they coldly see their actions as rituals to achieve set metaphysical goals. Yes, pedophilia is ultimately a religion. A satanic religion.

Q3 Many in our govt worship Satan.

Now question: how do you take down pedophilia when you know it is ancient, spread all over the world and embraced by a network of powerful people who know how to hide behind layers of puppets and legal protections? Answer: you “Al Caponize” the problem. Everybody knew Al Capone was a murderer and a bootlegger but the system could not prove it. So? They got him through tax evasion

Do you see it? All this so called elite that has spent tremendous energies to ensure it would never get caught under pedophilia charges has to be neutralized through other means.

Now is a good time to go back and take a closer look at the 3 movie progression in Q2417. Through the 3 titles, Q is essentially saying: “they assume they are well-guarded against being arrested for pedophilia but because they thought she would never lose, they got sloppy and made the huge FISA mistake, and this is how we will get them”. Pedophilia and FISA are to them what murder and tax evasion were to Al Capone… In other words, Q2417 means that FISA is THE SECRET PATH through which the international pedophile network will be taken down. And this is why DC is in panic mode.


Now, let’s get deeper.

What have you understood of the following verses from the Bible:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:1-3

As you can see, the Old Testament gives us the first layer of information. We are informed the first thing God created was the heavens and the earth. If you ponder upon this verse and notice how the plural is used for one creation and the singular for the other, how the heavens are “above” and the earth ”below”, how the heavens are eternal and the earth ephemeral, this verse will take you to the deeper understanding that the first thing God created was Duality.

Then, The New Testament gives us more information and reveals the Word was the Tool through which the heavens and the earth were created. Since we have elevated them to the principle of duality, the Word is therefore more than expressed thoughts and becomes the Creator of duality. The Word is therefore the fundamental state of intellectual discourse.

Notice in this example how Divine Wisdom blesses us with Holy Books and how they particularize the information given as we progress in time. Amazing secret. Expand…

Why is this relevant?

Since the principle of duality predates Adam and Eve and the Word predates duality, the Word therefore predates human history. Which makes sense, otherwise God would have had to fetch from created objects in time to manifest His Gnosis and that would contradict His Eternal Omniscience and subsequently His Divinity. So? Holy Books are and are not history books. They are not in the sense that they are a collection of eternal archetypes from which the Universe draws to manifest events. When these events are created based on the blueprint of the eternal archetypes, the Holy Books are then confirmed and become history books for that particular confirmation. This explains why history is cyclical: it nourishes itself from the eternal archetypes and “serves” them as events in different colors as time progresses.


Let’s watch what happened when Trump and the First Lady hosted Halloween at the White House:


Did you catch it? He takes the serpent staff from the beautiful Egyptian princess and as he is waving it in the direction of the press, he says: “do you know what I am doing?” Amazing staff. Of course, he is referring to Moses and how he defeated Pharaoh’s magicians. For those who doubt history is cyclical, have you ever heard the story of Moses Trump? Here it is:

The priests looked into the stars

and warned Pharaoh about the possible birth of a child who would destroy his empire. Since Pharaoh’s religion was based on him incarnating Ra, he was God on earth and therefore a…globalist. Fearing the outcome of such a birth, he gave instructions to socially kill all children meeting the description using name calling, lies, censorship and the magic of the media. What is magic? The alteration of reality using covert means: CNN. The Globalist Pharaoh did not know when he accepted Moses Trump in his royal palace giving him all kinds of favors until his talents blossomed and he became a system-billionaire, that this child was the very child he was looking for. When Moses Trump reached maturity, he realized the premises on which the kingdom was created and ran were unjust. He started questioning everything: the rigged elections, the fake news magicians and the slavery Globalist Pharaoh imposed to his People. He went to the desert and the Armies of Light met him there to initiate him to the Truth for 61 days. Admiral Rogers gave him the staff with which he would defeat the magicians and his brother Aaron fortified his hand with 71 generals who were eager to free their people and get their revenge against Obama Haman the


As you can see, violence against our children is as ancient as Pharaoh. The Illuminati, through pedophilia and mind control techniques used in our schools and media, perpetuate this tradition. Nothing new under the sun. Did you know the 13 Illuminati bloodlines all point to Pharaoh?

Q133 Triangle has (3) sides. Eye of Providence. Follow the bloodlines.

We know from Holy books that Pharaoh and his army pursued Moses and the Children of Israel and drowned in the Red Sea. But what happened to his family? What happened to the wealth? This is what the school they control will never tell you. When they lost their “slaves”, they migrated and created new kingdoms, kings and queens within their bloodlines

Do you realize that if Pharaoh had not pursued Moses, he would have preserved his life and kingdom? He instead ran to his own death, subjugated by the power of this verse:

The LORD hardened the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt, so that he pursued the Israelites, who were marching out boldly. Exodus 14:8

Do you see it?

Had they not illegally spied on Trump, there would be no FISAGATE and they would have preserved themselves. But the Lord hardened their heart so that what has to happen happens.

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may flow back over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen.” Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and at daybreak the sea went back to its place. The Egyptians were fleeing toward it, and the LORD swept them into the sea. The water flowed back and covered the chariots and horsemen and—the entire army of Pharaoh that had followed the Israelites into the sea. Not one of them survived. Exodus 14:26-28

Do you see Trump standing on the shore of the Red Sea, with the staff in his hand? Let’s do our part. Let’s walk with him. He is taking us to the Promised Land.

Q2403 We Will Do Our Job to Protect the Vote. Will You Do Yours? Will You Answer the Call? WWG1WGA!!! Q


Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded.

Cosmic reunifications commence.

Star systems combine for the benefit of all.

Portals are presented to all.

Cosmic journeys commence.



Phase 2 begins now. Here’s a little treat for everyone. If anyone thinks this hasn’t been planned in advance you are Wrong… Remember Future proves the past…When you read this, and look at All that has taken place and what we have all been studying if we have done our homework in the Q drops.. .you can see this method playing out! A great reminder to Trust the Plan!

Remember What Q Said ” The Senate was the target.” FISA BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE. ( Hint : Who Won The Senate & Who the HOUSE!!)

How The Full Declassification Of This FISA Warrant Could Trigger The ‘Great Awakening’

The full-declassification-of-this-fisa-warrant

~ Galactic human ~

TRUMP is not messing around. New qanon post. I am amazed at how today’s events are tracking exactly as Q told us they would in November 2017. Q is warning the left that the Marines And National Guard will be used to put down any riots resulting from these protests anytime soon.

Posse Comitatus Act does not prevent potus from using the marines or national guard to quell riots.If you were thinking of putting on a mask and smashing windows, don’t. #HabeasCorpusI believe Q just suggested they may have to declare Martial Law if the Rosenstein firing tomorrow results in large protests. The crooks have sleeper crowds of zombies ready to smash windows and overturn cars. Fear not, we are safe. Just keep your head on a swivel. Habeas Corpus is suspended during situations involving rebellion or invasion so when martial law implemented, the protestors won’t be able to avail themselves of the courts and contend unlawful detention. 

Q is basically telling us Mueler is finished…Muehler investigation has been the Dims red line…I wonder what this document discloses…??…!! hmmm…fun times ahead…

Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Assist. Nat Sec Advisor; Q posted about him before. hawkish on Russia and China as relates to commercial espionage; worked for GenFlynn as an intel officer in the DIA; now works for the DOJ under the AG; Potus told Sessions to hire him.

Panic in DC! Schumer whining that Whitaker should recuse himself! HAAAA! Q says there will be no recusal!

8chan under attack again…Q says “do you understand why”…Shills are trying to shut it down…

Q+ just posted and thanked Goodlatte and Gowdy for their service to our country; Q+ (@potus) reposted the post from last ni ght “History is being made”…you are the saviors of mankind…nothing will stop what is coming”…interesting post from Q+


Q post. we understand why Q cannot telegraph his moves…we don’t want Q to telegraph his moves…disinfo is essential and I do want Q to continue to use disinfo as it keeps Deep State guessing. @Potus tweet said: “thank you for your service” compare to Q post

How do you remove installed blockade.. DECLAS-DECLAS-DECLAS How do you navigate around install corrupt[FBI][DOJ]? USE A STEALTH BOMBER. I seems M.Whitaker seems to be the STEALTH BOMBER


Now… ask yourself… why would Q want to bring down a Republican-controlled House, if all those guys are now on Trump’s side and helping him accomplish his agenda? Getting into the drop itself, Anon gives us a good line-by-line:

Another Anon expresses it further, and gives us a beautiful infographic (posted afterwards):

Declassification of FISA abuse, and the exposure of the attempt by Australia and the U.K. to sabotage Trump is near.. Pap has no choice now but to remain in the light. This is not a game.

Q Anon | Crossing The Red Line!potus has been playing with checker players hes a chess player and when hes finished with his genius plan hes gonna tell the msm and these cabal lovers CHECK MATE gonna be so sweeeeet

Q Anon | “Do you understand why?” Q told us all along this is part of the plan! Remember, future proves past! The Democrats just won the house? REMEMBER, DECLASS BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE!

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

With the Dems having the house & Pres.Trump having the Senate, the Dems can’t “impeach” him. His power is greater in Authority over the House, he can release FISA Docs & Declassify , put into place more Conservative Judges & those Indictments will be before Conservative judges & (Hopefully that will wake up some of our Asleep Aussies to our Corrupt Corporate Govt! (The FISA) With Sessions resigning, it means that he (Sessions) can be called upon to give evidence against the bad Actors- think Soros-voting machines , Antifa etc., & Deep State -Dem/Reps

Red October, Red Line & FISA Brings Down the HOUSE, Sessions FIRED



TRUMP is no longer a Movement .. It’s A REVOLUTION….No president in history has had this kind of following, Trump will go down as the greatest president in the last 150 yrs if not the best since Washington… Remember America “You Elected TRAITORS to govern urself,  You allowed EVIL to prey on to urself” Time to Fight Back & Take ack Whats rightfully Urs.. FREEDOM….May God’s will be done on here Earth, now, today, forever. Praying for a Red victory.Worlds & humanitys FREEDOM begins Shortly…

~Galactic Human ~

A Glorious day to be alive ! Beautiful day.. THAT looks like a Q-SUN Signature move, This is what we fight for…the future of our children and grandchildren. We stand at the precipice; do not fail; do not falter.  VoteRed 

The entire world is watching and patriots are praying for the USA Today. Q sums up how we feel. We see the abuse around us and we are sick to our stomachs. We are done. No more. Give me liberty or give me death! Traitors govern

evil preys on us and our children. This is about preserving our republic, restoring our strength, saving our land from these monsters, protecting our children. We must answer the call and we must fight! Awesome Q! Thank you for this Q and  POTUS ! Go VOTE Republican!

Sealed indictments are sometimes sealed to protect witnesses, and/or to buy time. So it may not be a secret to the accused. I suspect we will see some cases where the entire purpose is to prevent possible jury tampering by the MSM.Q confirmed that the PODESTA BROTHERS have sealed indictments! – Skippy didn’t commit suicide either. (Fake)

DS clowns watch the boards & know Q wants us to push memes that are less likely to be censored so now they want to crack down on Instagram & label memes as “hate speech & propaganda” (sounds like the MSM!).

Anon also made this helpful infographic compiling all the references for us in one convenient image:

While @POTUS is focused on the MAGA agenda, he knows a strong & proserous America is the catalyst to world peace. The beauty of this Great Awakening movement is that it is a WW movement. Merkel’s stepping down as CDU leader & will not seek reelection as Chancellor in 2021.

President @realDonaldTrump has been loyal to us & Q team has been arming us with the TRUTH. It’s OUR turn to show our loyalty to them, our country, & most importantly, our God by casting our vote for those who support @POTUS’ MAGA agenda. Vote & flood social media with memes!

Another Q…reminds us to vote and meme today!God Bless you ~Q~ and ((( Q+))) for what you all have done behind the scene… And those who give everyday to Protect out Nation…Our vulnerability’s have never been higher, Fighting for our Freedom…As you once said we are all in this together.~WWG1WGA~ 

Last night Q posted 31 Aug outline of FISA tgting of Manafort, Papadopoulos, Page, & FLYNN (noticed FLYNN was the only name capitalized). Q told us Manafort & Page were plants (“placed”) in Trump campaign & there were others & Flynn is safe. Was Papadopoulos one of the others?

The death threats and slander have begun. That can only mean one thing: declassification of FISA abuse, and the exposure of the attempt by Australia and the U.K. to sabotage Trump is near.

Now that he’s in the public it will be more difficult for the deep state to quietly assassinate him. GPap is correctly pointing…. The UK and Aus played a massive role in spying on potus. Exposure is near 

It is time, WE, THE PEOPLE, reclaim what is rightfully ours. Will you answer the call? Your Country needs you. Your VOTE matters!WE STAND TOGETHER. Q

Here is an excellent graphic to illustrate all of the references to 17 in Q post 2419. How many coincidences before it is mathematically impossible?

Remember what Q said? MOVIE 1 [Full]: The ‘START’ MOVIE 2 – Coming this FALL. MOVIE 3 – TBA…Looks like we just found out the title of “movies” two and three. Enjoy the show!

Anon made a nice infographic:What  does the passcode add up to? For Anons… Q

woman collapsed at President Trump’s rally in Missouri tonight, and shortly after the crowd broke into ‘Amazing Grace’. I guarantee you would not see this happen at a Hillary Clinton rally. There are miracles in play here, right now. God Bless the Patriots, and our President. And thank GOD in Heaven that Hillary Clinton is not in the White House, because it would have been “Hell on Earth”.

Rush Limbaugh, Lee Greenwood sings ‘God Bless the USA’ to introduce, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro at President Trump Massive Rally in Cape Girardeau in Missouri for Republicans in midterm election.

I never thought the citizens of America would ever be able to feel as we do now, proud, powerful, and we matter again. God Bless Trump!!!After he does q he does a 5:5. He points at someone and shows 5 then thumbs up then five again

Q reminds us of how America used to feel, and why we are standing up FOR our rights, there ow too much division coming from the left, most importantly get out and Red Tsunami them today

President Trump has gotten quite bold at the latest rallies, doing all he can do to point out the signs with the letter q, at one point he double points at a person holding me Q sign, and in another area he draws the letter Q in the air , President Trump is just tempting them to ask him the question about Q, we all need to get out and vote and do our part today you see anything suspect make sure you report it to the local authorities and, and good luck fellow Patriots

Q Anon | “Do you ‘Air Q’ ?” We are in movies 4, 5 and 6, does that mean there are five more movies?(5+6=11) or 11 more movies? (6+11=17)

“Eyes On, VIP Patriots! The World Is Watching.”Trump is getting huge crowd at the rallies👍More people waking up Q Army is Real! Q Army is Global! 


Stealth elements are valued.

Plastic life forms are exposed and dissolved.

Flames of Illumination envelope the masses.

Awakenings begin for all.


The democratic party is absolutely disgusting. There’s no honor among thieves & the Democratic Party is nothing but thieves! and the Q post has proved it… WE the People now its time for action.. TREASON.. VOTE…RED…..

And it seems the MSM is slowly getting onto the Q plan, they are realising whats happening behind the scenes.. check the Washington Article below on Huber report session.. How Session became the love for Demos and wins their TRUST and then Session uses the STEALTH BOMBER….BOOM


John Huber’s FBI-Justice Department probe shrouded in mystery

Fact Sheet: Government Funding Sources for Planned Parenthood

“Long and thorough meeting” expected between Trump, Putin at G20 on 11.11

Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election

~ Galactic human ~

Democratic 2018 Campaign strategy.

#qanon new posts. Democrats can’t raise funds so their politicians essentially launder money through orgs like planned parenthood. PP has been given 1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars over last 3 years and PO used up to 60 million to influence 2018 elections. Soros has used billions in tax payer subsidies sent to his “non profits” to topple governments, push the leftist/socialist agenda, and buying elections. #qanon has mentioned in prior posts that Soros’ wealth never depletes because he uses US taxpayer funds to accomplish his dirty work


PP Political Action Fund hides candidate support, PP endorsed Hillary Clinton..PP gave money to Hillary Clinton



“Because Planned Parenthood is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, it cannot endorse or donate to a candidate in its own right.”

Qanon posted months ago that this is how Soros funds antifa. This how the leftists find Red Cross, the Paris accord, foreign aid (think Pakistan and Palestinians), etc. us tax payer funds all these leftist slush funds.

Interestingly enough qanon brings up fact that potus meeting Putin on 11/11. This was supposed to be the day that potus set for the celebratory military parade but this parade was pushed back and will be set at an unknown date. The biggest card on the table will be Iran

This is extremely interesting timing for potus to meet Putin. Recall Qanon post of November 1 that potus will be safe aboard AF 1 and abroad when the storm goes down. I have a feeling this is what we are about to see take place immediately after Tuesday.

Q urging us to focus on midterms and use memes. He then goes into info he posted (not all is the same) the day before his 23 day break. potus already ordered DOJ to declass FISA. Rr tried to stall it by putting it through OIG internal review process but OIG works with Huber

Huber reports to Sessions. In times past a guy like RR would kill this type of disclosure contending the info is too sensitive and involves top secret classified intel that can’t be released to public. QAnon said [self destruction]. A good theory below……However, Huber not going to let DOJ get away with FISA classified on that

basis. Remember there is a lot of disinformation about RR to keep deep state guessing whose side he is on. potus ultimately told RR not to release fisa warrant until after mid term Election Day I’m accordance with potus plan. An enemy who feels safe and in control is who is overconfident, arrogant, and miscalculates his opponent. The democrats really believe the lies of the fake news. They really believe they are going to win the house based on prior historical outcome of political races in which the president is not on the ballot 


Rosenstein and muehler are defanged cobras. They’ve made a deal with potus to avoid jail and they’ve been playing the deep state all along. The Dems are about to get destroyed and potus knows it but he’s operating via principles of Sun Tzu and outwitting the deep state

One of my many pleasures I derive from qanon is watching q troll HRC. So much truth exposes darkness and lies of the left. Q posts video showing hypocrisy of HRC saying “they all look alike” when referring to Corey booker and Eric holder. She is a racist and her mentor was

“THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE”Fake News Cover Up > Prevent Black Americans from Seeing the TRUTH Another FREE PASS? Ignorance is BLISS.


Let’s see if POTUS gestures to Q patriots tonight ! Eyes on, VIP Patriot!

qanon post. No Q is not subject to hatch act nor is potus or vp or NSA as they are under military control. FakeNews trying to divide via race, politics, class, religion.maga is united around core principles! Memes communicate to the public via pictures …and can’t Be censored…yet. Our vote does matter. Look at all the attacks from the FakeNews in the last two weeks! We can’t be stopped!

Q posts meme explaining why Hatch Act not violated by Q. I addressed these issues quite a bit over the last week. Dems sent Letter to White House general counsel re q violating hatch act Because they are afraid of the effectiveness of Q posts and they know Q connected

Time made Q one of the most influential figures of the year back in June

Q Anon Exposes The Inside Story Of What’s To Come..Just thinking about the “keep your eyes on the ball” and President Trump meeting with Putin, remember the soccer ball that Putin gave Pres Trump….what if there was recorded evidence of Obama and Hillary that Putin gave to Pres Trump? Just a thought.

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’ Actually Hillary saying “they all look alike” was poking fun at the interviewer but can you imagine if ANY conservative let alone Trump had said that..they would cry “Crucify him! ” or “impeach”!!

I want to thank each of you for voting for President Trump. WWG1WGA!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and God bless you President Trump.

Maybe the 11/11 “parade” will be a whole bunch of these globalist criminals all chained together, led by the Clintons and Obamas, and ending with the Bush family and Soros, and surrounded by our military? Lol. Well, if you’re gonna dream, dream BIG right?

We The People will never shut up or back down!!! We Are Q!!!! Fake News MSM is irrelevant and they know it!! We love ALL people!

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