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Q actually just locked and hid the thread, you can view it here where Anons were posting on /greatawakening/ below

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PDJT calls AS “Liddle Adam Schiff” in Tweets – see Liddle Kids in the Gates Foundation logo. This ties them altogether in pedophilia. Evil and very, very sick ppl!

Q board great awakening has been hacked and all posts removed. They think they can stop this they cannot. We were warned and followed instructions to save offline. Done. Now going forward we need to lock in a solid way to get furthur intel https://8ch.net/greatawakening/index….

MESSAGE TO Q: (as if hed be watching me. Lol) Draft a message on my email account. I give you permission to access

In this post Q brings up the fact that things are being repeated and also the fact that Barack Obama handed Iran 1.7 billion dollars in cash as well as finishing up my previous video that got cut short

The school in Florida was named after a woman who wrote and fought against draining the swamp in Florida! What an odd coincidence?

Documenting the happenings on /greatawakening/ 2/18/18

Update: Q actually just locked and hid the thread, you can view it here where Anons were posting on /greatawakening/ 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/110.html



Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her recreation.

Efforts of elimination are completing.

Elements of truth abound.

Participations are warranted as Gaia Spirits guide.

Florescents are plentiful.

Love the show.



2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 the heavens have been very busy! Blood Moons on Jewish Holidays, July 4, 2015 The Star of Bethlehem appeared brightly! King Star with another star made a “bright” star. Solar Eclipse, 3 years a Jubilee! 2016, 2017, 2018! All Jewish years of Jubilee, the Jewish Calendar those years are called 5776, 5777, 5778. So you have to ask God: what’s going on! Cancellation of all debt!

Op mockingbird… Operation mockingbird.. Cia control of the media.. Look it up.. Also look up operation northwoods.. Project pelican Petro dollar . Clowns in America…. CIA. Apache.. Two meanings.. One referring to secure drop. Another referring to an energy company (APCO) THAT the rothchilds were invested in.. Now they are bailing out, as other companies investing heavily. The Roths also pulled out of home depot..

Q Anon Latest Posts Decoded by Dr. Corsi – 02/16/2018 – AM

Q anon Update: Have you noticed that school shootings didn’t start until AFTER Cell phone tech was available?? Qanon tells us to look back into project MKUltra, the research has gone operational. No longer called MKUltra because its so effective. SSRIs. Google and Apple phones made my the CHINESE. What could go wrong??

PROOF OF MKULTRA EXISTENCE: https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/s…

FIND THIS GUYS TESTIMONY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yqa5…

All School Shooters have Things in COMMON: https://www.cchrint.org/school-shooters/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic… https://duckduckgo.com/?q=columbine+s…

Three highly Cryptic military, references to shooting, Snowden and SecureDrop and finally meaning of “APACHE!” https://qcodefag.github.io/ NOTE: X used in place of brackets

Q references clintons not messaging about the shooting until after he said they had not in his earlier posts (in my other 2/14 monty/roy video) which they had not. Also seems to give a command. All ideas welcome below.


A very lengthy post from Q today. https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/s…


Qanon posts from the early morning hours of 2.15.18 regarding secure drop and the clowns, also the lack of tweets and that they are always watching. There is also some mention of the letters with white powder.


Pls go thru some Live stream-on with some great inputs new Q Intel Massive Intel Drops

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Thirty-six Defendants Indicted for Alleged Roles in Transnational Criminal Organization Responsible for More than $530 Million in Losses from Cybercrimes

New Q Drop – Russia Plane Crash

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Q-Anon references Russian Plane accident and Bangkok arrest signaling arrests in 7 countries, along with frustration for skepticism that people don’t believe there is movement. See Posts Below:

#32 on passenger list, Vyacheslav Ivanov, was Deputy Director General at Rosatom (Rusatom Overseas).. This appears to be a Clinton hit to prevent testifying in Uraniam1

You guys are missing reddit comments: rosatom CFO was on plane: Ivanov vyacheslay #32
#32 Ivanov, Vyacheslav was the CFO of Rusatom – Rusatom is U1
Christopher Steele and #15 passenger SERGOSHKO Alexander have the same birthday – June 24, 1964 Christoper Steele is an alias of Alexander Sergoshko info off REDDIT


Primary Light stations complete the process.

Favorites are eliminated.

Shadow violators are eliminated.

The Light Worker Alliance commences the new works.


“Next week is a huge week” How many times have we heard that before!!!Anyway “Q” got thousands if not millions of people Red pilled and they are now investigating his intel for themselves to find out the truth abt the Matrix. So many You-tubers have come back alive…More and more of these people are waking up others who are waking up others. This is a worldwide awakening isn’t it.. Who Q does not matter. Also Three New-websites Q posted within the intel is given below, the one from the CIA got me amazed, also the list of CEO resignation and Deaths that’s mother-lode of data

Live Video said Q is hunting the GOD’s To night means “moloch” its livestream check

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CIA Code-Decode


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Live INTEL NEW Q POSTS FROM LAST NIGHT. Dr. Corsi Joins Us. #WeThePeople PATRIOTS’ SOAPBOX 24/7 LiveStream.

Thank you Dopey. King to pawn. Eyes on. Q. Wizards and Warlocks and Seals oh my!! Who tried forcing the PEOC? LIGHT FREEDOM PEOPLE

This video includes the latest Q drops and other relevant intel/articles that MAY confirm or counter those drops.

Singapore airport is picture. is Dulles airport. Square brackets are kill box.

Q-Anon Drops on 8CHAN #696-714 Brace for Spectacular Weekend and Week in news. Tribute to JFK and Promise to Restore US. References to DOJ-FBI Secret Society and Crumbling thereof. Asian connection in Thailand. Possible threat to POTUS. Reasons Dopey released? Seals in action, Marines Featured. CIA, DOJ, FBI, Obama Admin and State Department bad guys in Crosshairs. If this is Psyop, we WILL know it soon, it is either Chicken or Feathers.

LadyDragon also ties previous post with the new information that was given tonit by Q Met to say VIETNAM not Thailand 🙂

Haha refers to https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/958554711640158209 david rothschild it also has an extra ha so Q gets the last laugh ?

The plane is leaving, note the plane in the background waiting it’s turn to take off. The two airport strip pics are not the same place.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftLayer owned by IBM and is their Cloud Services Division. Softlayer was described as the biggest privately held cloud infrastructure provider (IaaS) in the world. The IP address was used by Clintonemail.com Imran Awan was not too far away from here either: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/12/wow-imran-awan-run-car-dealership-fronting-overseas-money-laundering-operation/

“Q” post. Maybe suicide weekend is a message meaning speak to us, because we found out the Clintons (cia) have set you up to be “suicided”. I feel like we are all a part of a Sopranos episode combined with Ludlum!

In this post Q references next week something made her and something to do with the Rothschild also a plane or two at No Bai International Airport in Vietnam.

The description of the couple found ‘hanging from a railing on the edge of their indoor swimming pool’ made me think of the Podesta art of the children in the pool with ropes

Many ” deletes ” are disappearing as planned. Fake their death and move either to private island or underground paradise establishments, reports say. I’m uncertain about anything the MSM reports. Truth is a rare commodity. Vet and cross check everything. Don’t believe many.

WoW… i never knew who Real snowden was up-until the Q post last month?.. Seem’s CIA Pasty Snowden is a den for CIA stuff and above all he is cousin to Mark Zuckerberg, this theory has been in the news since 2013 ..The SNOWDEN movie kind-off made him a hero.. But the fact is he was a ZERO… And i have my doubts also on julian assange?.. But anyway My respect to John McCarthy the real Hero…..

~ Galactic Human ~

”Unlike Snowden I did not have a 200,000$ a year CIA job… in Hawaii… I lived there for 19 years… and was forced to leave the US in fear for my life and future… No country came to my rescue… And no media ever mentioned me… And Anarchadia has come out with more censored stories… than Wikileaks and Snowden combined… and not about shit your government wants you to hear either..

Snowden is an imitation of me… except he’s in CIA Russia with CIA Putin who is great buddies with Bush… and his puppet slave Obama… Snowden comes from Hawaii like me… he is Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin… he copied my entire story… except has docs from the CIA and NSA because he is CIA… He is a limited hangout to censor Anarchadia… The CIA never wants to hear about Anarchadia and Viral in the same sentence… When Anarchadia has beat these nazi capitalists at their own game… We are now in 10 countries… in only 3 years… after 3 years of the US military spending millions of dollars censoring us… Except I’m really an American exile risking his life… Snowden and ASSange… are secret service… “
– John McCarthy

When WIkileaks first came to light, I suspected it was B.S. immediately simply because it had “wiki” in the name and most know Wikipedia is a Mossad / CIA operation of selective disinformation…
Immediately, I was suspicious..

By LedaOhio9 | Beforeitsnews
“Trust those seeking truth, doubt those who claim to have found it.”

There are many examples of Wikipedia’s lies.  For a few examples of BIAS B.S. DisInfo, look up these.. Bolshevik Revolution or how they glorify The Rothschild Family omitting The Evil.. Wikipedia even added NEW TYPES of cloud formations to “explain” Chemtrail clouds. Here is even more evidence Wikipedia is Zionist Crap.

In 2010 Anarchadia became a non-profit, published journal*, with unspun news for free daily, and also became a big force against spin doctors who get paid millions of dollars to disinform the public with propaganda simulating real news. Before that they were a blog with over 20,000 people regularly visiting.

As soon as Anarchadia became a non-profit, the U.S Military started a *12$ million campaign* against them, thanks to the illegal traitors over at the ECHELON Empire and City of London corporation.

Ever since thousands of dollars in donations (that they know of) have been stolen by a jealous U.S Government, which boasts about efficiency, when Anarchadia is the fastest growing movement in the world, already in over 10 countries in only 3 years. Which is faster than any CIA funded movement like Al Qaeda.

What’s the real story behind the new Old  whistleblower Edward Snowden ?

The Edward Snowden (Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin) saga was an inspired imitation of the founder of Anarchadia, the founder of Anarchadia from Hawaii has been in exile in France for longer than Julian Assange and has had more content censored / more threats to safety than CIA / Mossad Wikileaks.

Snowden is also aided by CIA Putin a great buddy of CIA George Bush (who’s father helped kill Kennedy). Snowden is CIA!

The Vice President of CIA Facebook is Jeff Rothschild, and is a personal friend of Putin and the Chinese PM. Jeff Rothschild is currently fueling WW3, just like his grandparents funded WW2 for profit. The Rothschilds back all sides of war and genocide to make profit. Jeff Rothschild also made the mistake of taking such a public position. The only REAL enemies are those countries without a Vatican Knighted Rothschild’s Central Bank!

Now several CIA funded billionaires of Silicon Valley including Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all want the founder off Anarchadia buried. This is a crime against humanity, all Anarchadia wants to do is stop these rich bastards who starve to death 100 million people every 5 years for corporate profit increases and more slave labor produced. And who also try to detract organic movements like Anarchadia, while trying to pass off Versace wearing puppets like Sarah Palin as “grass-roots”.

Stefan Molyneux discusses the truth about Edward Snowden and breaks down the history, origin, legality, and the terrifying reality of warrantless wiretapping, data collection and government spying. They are watching you.



Good morning all you Awesome Galactarians!

We had a most amazing and eventful evening last night on planet earth! One in which we have all been waiting for!

Please send LOVE and GRATITUDE to all those who performed these amazing missions throughout the night and continue to put their lives on the line

for the greater good of The All.

Here are some of the events that occurred:

  • 27 arrested at The Pentagon for High Treason
  • 7 underground bases infiltrated with arrests included
  • military factions in Kuwait were taken down

I want to thank a specific branch of the military last night who performed these amazing feats.

As PC shared with me in my prior interview with Laura, he announced that we are in a CHECK MATE position.

Look at the definition of CHECK MATE:

A position in which a player’s king is directly attacked by an opponent’s piece or pawn and has no possible move to escape the check. The attacking player thus wins the game.
A final defeat or deadlock.
Defeat or frustrate totally.

Wanted to make you day as it has mine! Keep your eyes open for more good news!


Alexandra Silby Meadors and Laura Legere have an open chat about the topics of the day, including missions, Trump’s State of The Union, and more.

Have a great day!




QAnon is back! Fresh crumbs and analysis from the most interesting intelligence drop in recorded human history. What an amazing time to be alive!! It seems Q is not updating on the Old site, so herewith given below the New updates on the Following site…



~ Galactic human ~

Q anon Update: Is Rod Rosenstein the son of NA-ZI Himmler? Is it weird HIS SISTER works in vaccinations?

Big stories from the Qanon posts today:

1. Cancer cures been covered up, NAZIs run our Health Developments, we kill anyone who gets close to the cure

2. Building in Shanghai has residue from an explosion (HRC, BO, GS)

3. Snowden is dirty. RIP John Perry Barlow (was he dirty?).

q-anon, jerome corsi, President, Trump, UN General Assembly, DACA, JOE ARPAIO, FAKE NEWS MEDIA, MS, ESPN, Steve Bannon schiff, clinton, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr, Russia, travel ban, Russia, James Comey, Russia, Jared Kushner, Tucker Carlson, alex jones, White House Leaks, Comey, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, mueller,

President Trump, white knight patriots in the military and Q VS the deep state, Clinton-DNC-FBI-DOJ which have been exposed fortheir collusion and treachery. Which in turn has caused the media and the Traitors to double down on their crimes and the cover up. It has never been more clear that we ARE AT WAR with these monsters, and the revolution is NOW. Frank from the Quite Frankly podcast joins me to discuss.

Latest drops from Q, International Intrigue, POTUS closing in, DC scrambling and out of leverage, Shadow Govt in target. Postings here:

Conspiracy theorists (like myself) were right all along…but that doesn’t surprise us…it’s all coming to-light aint it.

~Galactic Human ~

America is going the way of the Roman Empire because of the actions and greed of a relatively small group of super corrupt people. MSM is bought and paid for and criminally involved also. America needs to wake up right now or it’s over.

The Rothschild, Soros, and so many more who really run the government need to be sent to Gitmo alongside Obama, all the Clintons clan, Podestas, upper echelon of the FBI, CIA, Mueller, so many more of the underlings who where playing gangsters and so many more who are trying to use us as test dummies or trying to kill us all with their vaccines. Too many to name, they’re all involved in the deep state one way or another.

Roundtable! Badass! Dustin, i bet 2 months ago you couldnt envision yourself having discourse with Peacey and Anti School! Awesome

Kissenger is deepest of deep states. I’m 62. He decreed that there be no more oil refineries built. And we have not had one in the US since the 1970s. Just before the gas crisis in 1979 fomented by jimmy carter and the ayatollah mess, henry Kissinger Gave opec the suggestion: Raise your prices

”The goal remains love All, heal All, and All will remedy All.” ~ brian baruch

”The evolution from human to divine consciousness involves healing duality and its legacy of karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels.” ~ Sol Luckman

”Only he who masters himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, only walks his path as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs.” ~ Abd-Ru-Shin

”Acknowledging our inner divinity as a step on the path to embodying it is not to be confused with narcissism or individualism, since we must further admit that everyone’s divine birthright is the same limitless creational potential of unconditional love.” ~ Sol Luckman

“If we are serious about dreaming our awakening into being and creating a peaceful, loving earth in which the heart, spirit and soul are the only true leaders, we must continue to keep our focus on thoughts of unity and all that truly brings us together.” ~ Diane Hall

“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more. ” ~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden

“When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.” ~ P.D. Ouspensky

I was inspired to make this video today while contemplating the many changes occurring in my own life and the lives of everyone else involved in this ascension process. I hope you will enjoy it and I wish everyone much love!

it seems the memo is released…..Time for the Lawyers from each side to enter Fray… The hype was Huge the Release din had any teeth… Only time will tell…. We need arrest…No more TALK…..

~ Galactic Human ~

Seconds after FISA memo is released Trump stuns the world with game-changing announcement. The FISA memo was officially released, despite protests from Democrats and the FBI. Seconds later, President Donald Trump stunned the world with a game-changing announcement.

The memo in question details crimes committed by the former Obama administration and the Clinton campaign in digging up fake dirt on President Donald Trump so that they could illegally obtain FISA warrants to spy on his presidential campaign.

Latest Q Breadcrumb drop all out war on the Cabal. Is Adam Schiff involved in murder or pedophilia or a closet gay? Maybe worse… What do the Executive Orders say about arresting Americans committing crimes involving Human Rights Abuses. Would this include certain crimes committed against the Haitian people or maybe the North Koreans. PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE: REVIEW OF Q-ANON POSTS Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/brucefigert

This update covers Q posts from January 29 through February 3rd, 2018. The theme of these posts is Freedom. My website: https://prayingmedic.com/

UPDATE on #QAnon‘s latest posts and what is happening since the memo was released. Report by: Dustin Nemo – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Gx…

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