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Centers are stabilized for future developments.

Elterns have illuminated the Path.

Gaia novenas come to the fore.

Elements transmute.




I still dont get this intel TRIP-CODE… The clock activated thing was posted earlier by Q on 18th Feb …Was he referring to that code…. And Red castle and green castle is also a reference to a chess game, some time you have to have a red castle bad move to end up with more green moves which are winning the game..OR it may be something else!!  Man am confused….It’s the 5th stage of the 5 stage plan Trump has to bring the Deep State down.

~ Galactic Human ~

Obama and Hillary need to hang for treason. What they had planned for America and all of us is beyond evil.Red Castle is Army Corps of Engineers, Green Castle is location of HQ, Spending bill has 82 billion in funds for Army Corp of Engineers, Wall will be built by them ASAP

Q changes trip code and perhaps signals stage # 5 of 5 ? Maybe, Army’s logo is a red castle and they are in green something, Check out American Intelligent Media. They had more information about the SES and other information about the 500 hundred and Guccifer 2.0.. Its Hillarys TURN!!

BREAKING Qanon post update: Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill and we get a BORDER WALL hidden inside! Stage_5:5[y] – stage has been set for the HRC takedown, time to release the video.

RED Castle – graphic of Army Corps of Engineers (they build big stuff) GREEN Castle – location of Army Corps of Engineers..Trump is playing possum again. He even stuck the Democrats again on not supporting the Dreamers.

Q-Anon GREEN CASTLE – Great News for MAGA Great news For Trump – Bad News for the DEEP STATE – DON’T FORGET #INTERNETBILLOFRIGHTS

Welcome to the Channel Fellow Patriots!!! Website coming soon and currently in the works. We also set up a PayPal Pool Go fund for the Patriot Hour New Computer/cams/Mics/etc. General new updated Equipment needs software etc. Needed to grow larger to expand the channel and bring more truth and fact.

The following was leaked to us by a source wishing to remain anonymous.

This individual claims to have been appointed to “run his home state” when the proverbial shit hits the fan. This individual is a former body guard of President Donald Trump and is working closely with the white hat “Alliance” we have spoken about at length on this website. For more information on the Alliance, please see our article or video entitled Calm Before the Storm: the Alliance Versus the Deep State.

Dauntless Dialogue does not necessary vouch for every, but we are sharing it in its entirety for public scrutiny.

Our source within the Alliance, who we have been calling Arthur, recently briefed us on Michael Horowitz’ investigation into Deep State elements including Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email to handle classified information, recent assassination attempts on President Trump, the Military taking control of the CIA, Obama’s bloodline ties to the Rockefeller’s, Net Neutrality, the assassination of General Patton, solar flares and EMP attacks, political correctness, and a potential of mass casualties in the event of an extended grid down scenario.

ranscript and sources: http://www.dauntlessdialogue.com Merchandise: https://teespring.com/dauntless-dialo…

The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’ statements and now the TX bombings. Coordinated to end comms here. Q anon conspiracy theory ? how come all of facts are right.??? They are handing out the red pill for us.. Chq -Q- Links below.. Q enters mainstream on Comedy Central. They’re mocking Q starting at 9:15 but look at 11:23…

::::: INTEL:::::

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

FBI Investigating “BOOM” Comments of QAnon for Texas Bombings


~ Galactic human ~

Q AN0N: Latest New Posts – Expect a lot more.Full force of the UNITED STATES MARINES,

This boom thing is to spin the narrative to make us all seem like kooks!”They” chose Austin TX for a reason. To discredit Q, AJ, and us! The truth movement. “They” need to be caught!They are trying to pin the bombings on Q. Absolutely ridiculous strategy, almost as ridiculous as the “Russian collusion” junk. Those 3 letter corruption rings gotta go!

Q anon update Wednesday morning 3-21-18 In this video I review postings from Q anon posted late on Tuesday 3-20-18. Did FBI actually open a file on Q? Is the deep state truly panicking? Did Q predict the mail package bombings in Texas?

Q cannot be stopped, anymore than a Storm as great as a hurricane can be stopped. Expect great things for the people..YOU are Big…and THEY are small. Your voices will and are being heard.. #TheGreatAwakening #IBOR God bless America. God bless you all that wage the truth w@®. You are not alone. UNITY 👥👥🌐🎭

Q posts about the FBI looking into their boom sttatements with the bombings going on in Texas. They also mention big meetings with bad actors…

Three letter agencies taking attention Q laarp. Not so much laarp if they are acting on it. Boom !

TX bomber dead blew himself up. First thing from news even fox “We have to scrub his social media to see what he was talking about, what he was interested in…..” They are setting this up to tie it right back to the storm

Paedophilia is in every nation, race and religion, specially the Elites… Pedophilia is intimately connected with Secret Societies; power-hungry vampires exploit the weak & feed off their innocence…Pedophilia destroys a child’s trust in the world, severely affecting their mental, emotional and sexual development. Sadly, those in power are re-writing the laws to legalize pedophilia, re-branding pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons”.these bastards are  worst nightmare… EXPOSE these sick perverts for what they are !!

~ Galactic Human ~

Recent revelations regarding pedophile rings run by and for the rich and powerful show that these are not isolated incidents and part of a systemic, global problem targeting defenseless children.

Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem. As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics. The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful people.

Pizzagate: The New Slave Trade — Order 3-DVD Disc Set Today Order Electronic Email Copy Here: http://bit.ly/2s0T7Rz Order Hard Copy Here: http://bit.ly/2qu8lgt


Glasses come to the fullness with Light.

Dark remainders are handled.

Channels for the new Gaia bearers are opened.

Masters they are.



Following POTUS Trump’s Sunday tweet clarifying his previous comments on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election election, Kim Dotcom inserted his views into the “meddling” debate, reminding all involved that no hack ever took place, but instead leaked to the public.

This is a red-pill for those willing to listen. Nothing most of us awake don’t already know but for those just beginning to wake up? It behooves us to know THE TRUTH no matter how unbelievably ugly it is. ***** Sign the WH petition to get rid of SES! ***** https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/peti…


QANON posts: https://qanonposts.com/

Q Anon (and deep state) for Dummies: https://youtu.be/QmODQZx1Ry0

Obama’s Secret Army FOUND! (SES): https://youtu.be/xlRIxkVTyeA


US Marine Corp Activated .. Let the Games Begin… Boom-Kaboom.. Go #Trump #MAGA #QAnon

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Nice. Q highlights how bad the corruption was/is and tells us the Marines have been activated. Yess

Q’s posts are helping bring truth to the rest of the USA McCabe is only the first to fall, but his problems have just started (he is the weak link) the domino’s will soon fall. I BELIEVE A GRAND JURY is ALL READY in place let them ALL HANG

Q AN0N: New Latest Posts – “Enjoy the show.”

Keystone is the center piece of a mason arch. I think the keystone is referring to the Temple of Baal. The next line on Q’s post refers to satan, which ties in the temple of Baal. There is my 2 cents worth.

Who knows where the bodies are burried? Trump told HRC during one of the debates that HRC didn’t want Trump to get elected because, “He (Trump) knows where the bodies are burried.”

Q has posted to the Great Awakening board on 8chan. FBI #1 Mueller, #1 Comey, #2 McCabe +29 lower-level, (16 idk yet). DoJ #1 Holder, #1 Lynch, #2 Yates, +18 lower-level. State Dept, #1 Hillary, #1 Kerry, +41 lower-level.

The Great Public Awakening is Very Near! TRAITORS EVERYWHERE Biden sold us out to China – They Think You are STUPID! – IG report coming soon! USMC ACTIVATED Don’t forget the Internet Bill of Rights

Hmm this VDO seems 🔴⚪🔴REDPILLING🔴⚪🔴 experience, also watch the second vdo from Anti NWO Music Video  Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud – End Of Days… Awesome-Awakening…Can’t stop listening Brilliant Lyrics!!!  Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

~ Galactic Human ~

On this video we use the communist island of Cuba and an ex-KGB agent to describe the effects of socialism / communism. This is an eye opener to for the generations of American who have been injected with disinformation throughout the many years schooling in a pro social environment. Please share this video with all friends and family. I truly believe all Americans need to watch this. Please subscribe to my second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCea9…

[Anti NWO Music Video] Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud – End Of Days

Man.. if Only could Alex stop interrupting Zach  every now and then 🙂

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Latest Intel From Zach @ INF0WARS, MS-13 members should be executed on sight. These people are actively at war with all members of our constitutional republic. Alex Jones talks with longtime listener, military intel officer and Infowars source Zach about the globalist endgame.

Iran Next!! Iran  is actually outside the kill box. Just like NK was outside the kill box. Some hints on CIA-Breakup

::::: Check :::::


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Hostage release, we have the sub? March madness. Public will know soon. Yesss

Internet Bill of Rights | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government, JFK is the one who said he was going to “break the CIA up into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” The CIA did not like that. Remember just because trump fires someone, doesn’t necessarily mean he don’t get along with them, trump is known to hire certain people for certain missions, once the missions complete, they move on. Most of them know this prior.

Backup Channel HooliganShadow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7J…

Many keep saying that Pompeo is a “CIA” man and shouldn’t have been given SOS position.He is not a CIA man. He was put in there by Trump to find out what has been going on. He would know more about HRC and Obama’s activities now and will be feeding that to Trump…BOOM!

NEW Q-Anon 3/15/2018 MARCH MADNESS Trust Kansas!!! Internet Bill of Rights (IMPORTANT) NEW COOL TOOL

New Q Drops 3/15/18 Bring the rain, trust the plan, TRUST KANSAS Plus today’s headlines on the bridge collapse in Miami, the school walkouts, radical Islam, Jeff Sessions’ big mistake (or was it) and more. Thanks for watching and praying!

I did post a Vdo on POTUS pointing the Q Sign, and i say again Its Rather STUPID for anyone to Say POTUS does not Know Q?… The fact of the matter is He-is-Q and part of the Team Q-Anon.. Without him nothing will work… He is the Engine on Which Q Runs… Don’t Forget Q came onto the scene only after TRUMP got Elected….Watch below -Q- signature move VDO

~ Galactic Human ~

TRUMP Showing his Q-Signature Move

Wow !! President Trump so awesome 😎. No need to waiver as to who Q just might be. I, .. once again, stand in amazement of our great president. 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA

President Trump = 17 = Q, He’s not showing us that He’s Q, more like he’s Validating Q… You still can say he’s Q in one sense though…we all are! “Where we go one, we go all.”

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO OPENING STATEMENT – on President Donald J. Trump holds a rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, PA. Watch our all day live stream coverage beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern time. 3/10/2018

MASS ARRESTS started quietly on SATURDAY NIGHT at 10 o’clock. The ARRESTS are going to be GOING ON from 72 to 96 hours.

PROBLEMS brewing between the PLEAIDIANS and the REPTILIANS. They are looking to drop the STOCK MARKET about 40 % today. The Galactics were attacking the Royal ISLANDS of PERU over there because that is a REPTILIAN stronghold. That went very well, they cracked open the mountain and they have the FRESH WATER that was a watering the REPTILIANS, now coming to the top of the ground and the people of PERU are now getting FRESH WATER out of the MOUNTAIN, instead of the REPTILIANS. Earthquakes in NEW ZEALAND, they do have underwater bases over between AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, NEW ZEALAND is absolutely FULL of MI6 Dark water underground BASES.

Q Post from March 11 says “We went too deep.” We’ll look at possible reasons why and explore the Red Cross, the Clinton charities, Australia, and Antifa.

This is a war, not a civil war with each other, although that is happening too, It’s a world wide war and Truth-seekers from every part of the world are joining together and working to end the Satanic control over this planet. King Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived, said there is nothing new under the sun. Thanks for watching, commenting, and praying! Hillary, Gillard, Bishop https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/qed/2…

Trump referred to DDos – and a lot of ppl noticed they were unable to watch the speech b/c it kept being interrupted every 1-2 secs – Distributed DoS attack.

Also, the word außerehelich translates to extra-marital meaning that Hitler’s grandmother gave birth to Hitler’s father Alois Schicklgruber as an illegitimate child as well. Later, Alois Schicklgruber (Hitler’s father) changed his name to “Hitler” and little is known for sure as to why. In the Q post three names are mentioned Anna, Maria and Alois. Anna Maria Schicklgruber was Adolf Hitler’s father’s mother (two names Anna Maria). Hitler’s father (also an extra marital child) Alois Schiklgruber then gave birth to another “illegitimate” child named Alois Hitler Jr AND Angela Hitler (Adolf’s half sister). Seems to be a trail of illegitimacy dating back to Hitler’s grandmother.

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