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Organics are fully enabled on the planetary surface.

Intrusive anharmonics are exposed, and dissolved.

Fragrances of Healing embrace the planet.

The Light abides.




America earned its independence and standing in the world. American President TRUMP do not bow to foreign rulers… Not even The Queen! Gone are the days of BOW and HOW…WoW the LION Roars….Cue the liberal outrage, but real Americans don’t care. Trump was right to just shake the Queen’s hand. 

~ Galactic human ~

I get emails from Trump haters constantly. They tell me that our President is just the flip side of the same globalist coin we would have gotten with Hillary Clinton. But I don’t buy it. And I wonder, is it not even acceptable to highlight and report about the good things President Trump has done? We have been lied to and betrayed for so long that I wonder, are many Americans suffering from some hybrid version of Stockholm syndrome? I take my case to the President himself. Here’s my SGTreport BITCHUTE channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/sgt-

From now on i will be Calling POTUS as “Q-TRUMP”… as no-doubt he is the -Q- card, who’s holding the LIGHT and exposing the DARK….As the Corrupt MSM continues lying with more Fake-news… POTUS with his TRUMP card “Q” is decimating the Evil Cabal down to its very core…I guess the Whole CABAL has finally meet-its-Match … Q-ANON is No-More-a-ANON its Q-TRUMP…We are now in the Middle of something HISTORIC.. This VDO from serialbrain2 has outdone himself with a master decode of the Apple picture inside of the Air Force One once again proving POTUS is with Q team +Nay+ he is Q-TRUMP and a couple of extra digs on to the Deep state within this coded message

~ Galactic Human ~

Q1675. Controversial post. I gave you in my previous post the solution to the riddle. I have seen many other attempts which I respect because I have found some of the ideas to be very interesting and clever but I must defend the truth: I have not seen any other solution addressing all the following issues at the same time in one condensed, meaningful and backed with known open source facts (not conjectures) explanation:

Why Air Force One, why a reflection, why Apple, why Saudi Arabia (Q1681), why the truth is behind you, why Independence Day, why a mug holder.

The solution I presented addressed all these issues at once. And today, for the purpose of sharing how the reasoning is hierarchized, I will address the “Twitter phone” component: it is a piece of the puzzle elegantly joining the others because Prince Al Waleed is a major Tweeter shareholder. Do you see it? Just the information Tweeter+Apple could have been triangulated and lead to Prince Al Waleed and resolve Saudi Arabia in Q1681 but it would have been a weaker link than getting to him through the mug. Why? Because the probability of one being a shareholder in Apple and Tweeter (including just one dollar) is higher than a triple random emphasis on “mug”: Q, Prince Al Waleed and Al Jazeera. Using the couple Tweeter phone – Apple logo was a hint to activate our intuition but not to use it in the reasoning because the mug clue would have then lost its relevance. Look how Q subtly dismisses the Tweeter phone in the reasoning:

Q1677 Who would have thought the ‘Twitter’ phone could be so useful.

This is pure delectation for the mind…

The mug route was therefore the route Q preferred, otherwise, he would have limited the riddle to the triangulation of Apple and Tweeter to get to the Prince. Which he did not. The reason is the mug brings the idea of the detention, makes the riddle self sufficient and does not require us to conjecture that Q wanted us to include it in our reasoning. This detention component is crucial because if it is removed, we don’t get to the DC politicians being freed and therefore don’t get to Q1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

I would like to also give some help to those who struggle with me taking the musical note direction to understand 123.47. I said it in the comment section but will also share it here: using musical frequencies for ciphered messages is actually an old, robust, tested and common practice. It is still used today and the subject of current advanced academic and industrial research.

Here are some links for those who would like to go further:

Can you find the cryptic message hidden in this Beethoven sonata?

Magic numbers: composers and their clandestine codes

With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies

Tone code: A novel method for covert communications based on musical components

A Novel Method of Hiding Message Using Musical Notes


Q1226 Learn our comms. Q

I am walking you through all these details so you know the thought process Q is expecting from us and how I discipline and constrain myself when solving his riddles. These are the tools through which you assess the quality of a solution. You first need to verify all the claims are backed with verifiable information, then you need to verify all the clues are used in a flawless manner to render the hidden message.

Now, I would like to show you something else. It’s fascinating.

Notice I have posted my solution of the riddle on Thursday July 5th at 15:18 Eastern. At 18:00 Eastern, Trump hosted the MAGA rally at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Montana.

Donald Trump – President’s Public Schedule

Reporting about the rally, Mockingbird media mocks Trump and claims that in the middle of his speech, he suddenly went “nonsensical” talking about musical instruments, Elton John etc…:

Check the VDO below :

Here is the transcript of what Trump said:

Then, the next day, this happens and makes all the headlines:

Pause. Do you see it? Do you realize what just happened?

I will show you. When you activate the option “show images”, here is a screenshot of my previous post, with the solution of the riddle:

Now let’s put Trump’s “nonsensical” speech next to the screenshot and analyze. This is what we get:

What do you think? Mockingbird media is actually right, this part of Trump’s speech is “nonsensical” but only for those who are not part of the conversation. Do you see he is talking to us?! Trump is having a Covefefe moment and is talking to us live on national TV! You tell me, what are the odds a few hours after a post by a guy named SerialBrain2 talking about Trump, musical notes (B2), pictures of a keyboard and guitar scale, Trump randomly picks each of these items in the same minute and, at the end, repeats “brain”… serially? Coincidence? If you think it is, then what is your explanation? How can it make sense?

You know, when I saw this. I said to myself: I can’t write about this. I’ll just keep it to myself, just like I kept to myself some other things… Then, I remembered this:

Q920 How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here. Q

It dawned on me there would be actually a day when things will be disclosed clearly. So? The stage has to be set. Progressively. Q linked to our sub: it meant he was reading us. He may be in the comment section sometimes, who knows? We were all happy and surprised. What if that was just a first step? If we are to get to Q920, other things need to be happening in between and we should not be surprised Trump talks to us, directly like he did at that rally.

When I got here, I said to myself: ok let’s give it 24 hours, if Q does not react, I will post about all this.

Then, the next day, Trump doubled down! With the Elton John CD he asked Pompeo to give to Kim Jong Un! 4 He was bringing North Korea to the musical note equation, just like I linked the North Korean ICBM test that occurred the day of the B2 glitch. It was like he was saying to us: hey guys I spoke about the musical notes, the guitar, the organ and the brain at the rally, now I give you North Korea.


Now, you know I always have the icing for the cake. Do you want it? Here: why do you think Trump said organ instead of piano? When you look at the picture in my post, even though they are both keyboards and are similar, the first instrument that naturally comes to mind when you see a keyboard would be piano and not organ right? Well, here is the reason: according to this The Guardian article, the most iconic and greatest of all organs is the Hammond. And guess what: they have a model called the B2! link.

Here’s wishing All My American Friends Happy Birthday America! Celebrating ur independence, celebrating ur freedom!Freedom, Liberty, Unity. Enjoy your Day of Freedom!

~ Galactic Human ~

Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

Trolling, United, Who do you see, and more! Happy Forth Patriots!

#Qanon said the #AwanScandal involves matters of National Security. That means evidence has to be presented so as not to compromise sensitive information, sources or methods. Q posted a link to a DOJ page describing how classified information must be handled in such cases. 

This tweet initially upset many anons because it looked like Imran Awan had negotiated some kind of plea deal. Q came in to reassure us that his case will not be handled in the typical fashion.Of course, Imran sang like bird in the meantime, so his whole testimony is now on the record.But no, this will be handled at a much higher court…Like a Military Tribunal court, with him as a foreign enemy combatant.This article by The Goldwater is just unbelievable, and a must read, but I’ll try to pull some highlights below because this article is just massive in and of itself.

Imran Awan Cuts Deal with DOJ: The Chess Theory?

If you’re interested in learning how classified information is handled in court, this is a good read.

2054. Synopsis Of Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA)

I have to wonder if that name will be popping up again in the future. At the very least, let’s hope Weinsheimer is one of Trump’s guys. In response, #Qanon posted this image… which led to a heated discussion on the board.  Airforce 1. Q is showing us the inside of AF1.

An anon posted this. (GEOTUS = God Emperor of the United States) WHO do you see? WHO? UN? Look at kinder logo. Kindergarten next to Bath house, both operate 24×7?. Only signs in English?


SFALO. Soccer and Art suppliers? 24 hour school next to bath house with “WHO” logo? Children soccer team in caves trapped? SFALO? YOUTH SOCCER PROMOTIONS? Child shipping? Price Edward connection?

#Qanon posted this pic.  (There has been no confirmation on the board yet about its relevance.) #Qanon posted this and asked, “Who do you see?” Anon lined up some dates for us:And yes, it looks like it was taken at the first class lounge in SFO:

#NewQ 7/4/2018 Photo with the mystery person is not too far away from the photo from #Qdrop #869. Added arrows to show camera direction, Kowloon area of Hong Kong. Is it possible Snowden is going bald or in disguise?

#Qanon posted this. It’s part of a drop from November 9, 2017, and serves as a reminder that on occasion, disinformation is necessary.  Disinformation is used to confuse, distract and yes, irritate the enemies of Q and POTUS.

#NewQ 7/4/2018 Western Pacific Kindergarten is in the district Snowden was holed up in – Sham Sui Po.#NewQ 7/4/2018 Confirmed Location match. 

Q ANON: A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Q.PEACE and Much Love to POTUS and Q, American Heros. Much Love to all the Patriots fighting the good Fight. 

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/CjZGaGgH/qanon-p…

Q ANON: Pictures Prove #QANON w/ President Trump.Of course Trump uses the tweets to troll the left. He acts like he believes their disinformation and is the victim of their machinations to keep them thinking they are winning. 

Q talks about the Awan case and tells us they would not disclose server details in a bank fraud case, also pics from inside AF1, as well as another top DOJ lawyer resignations.

Q posts 1676 – 1681 The mysterious Apple logo Review of SA and why it matters Disinformation is necessary! Finishing up with a prayer of thanksgiving for Patriot sacrifices.

WOO HOOO! THEY GOT THE SERVER!! They’re screwed now….Q promised several times… “NO DEALS!”Keep 0bama & Killary in GITMO until ALL Treasonous Crimes are Ready for the Firing Squad.

~Galactic Human ~

This thread is intended to spur discussion & research into the legal matters that #Qanon has brought up.

After all, a major part of Q’s mission is to drop hints (crumbs) to encourage average people like you and me to do our own research and uncover the truth.

Chuck Schumer Fail: 62% of Americans Want New Supreme Court Justice Before Midterms

#Q quotes Breitbart article.


The Four Horsemen! Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan! That’s a great nickname, Schifty! I’m stealin’ it!

Under President Soetoro, How Often Did Foreign Governments Let The U.S. Government Access Information Collected From U.S. Citizens Who Weren’t Suspected Of Any Crime? Article From June 25, 2013.

#Qanon asked us to go back to his previous posts and look for his mention of something “sealed.”

That takes us to this post by #Qanon from November 2017.  I’ve provided my answers to some of the questions. Read this and think about how it relates to current events.

[4am]What will tomorrow be?Coordinated.What happened to Stormy?Fake news! Q

Remember this?FBI raided Cohen looking for Stormy Daniels payment info, but what other documents were collected?How do you introduce evidence into an investigation legally? Who has everything?Cohen has everything & they took the bait.

Rosenstein’s deadline is Thursday. And how is that for a #Boom? “We have the server.”

Who is “Q”? Ask Sara Sanders.

WhoIsQ #WhoisQAnon #WeThePeople DARE YOU!Come-on Ask the PRESIDENT who’s Q

SerialBrain2 decodes Q: So you want to know what really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK? I will tell you. Buckle up. We all heard about it, we all heard the official version. Let’s learn the truth from Q.

Q ANON: “We have the server.”They don’t hate President Trump. The are in panic that Trump has shaken things up uncovering their lawlessness! They don’t want us to find out the deep and many crimes they have committed all these years against “we the people”. Everything else is just a smoke screen. Their crimes are deep and have affected every aspect of our world!!!! Big picture!!!!

This video includes the latest Q drops and other relevant intel/articles that MAY confirm or counter those drops. If you want to be told what this intel means you are on the wrong channel. No-one can say exactly what the cryptic messages mean….and I don’t try to do so.

Truth and Art TV Patriot news and Q Anon updates. Recorded Monday evening July 2, 2018 I personally can’t wait to see Hillary, Obama, and the rest go down in flames. This week would be great.


Crescendos of Light enrich Gaia’s fields.

Light elements have coalesced to induce the next Leaps in consciousness.

Chaotic forces are tamed.



Whats the One Organisation Left that is Not Corrupt!!! well u guessed it right…..MILITARY… The hammer Goes Down from the JUDGE to the MILITARY…Arrest Comes…Get in the habit of feeling peaceful,the light on will shine soon. We need to stay awake and for many it will take time for them to see the truth. Hopefully we can help the ones who are asleep. We will need to keep the evil from ever getting embedded again and keep the pedo’s locked up. Great awakening forever for me, From Darkness to light

::::: Check :::::

Sealed Cases in Federal Courts


Stunning revelation buried deep in IG report blows hole in Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting narrative

America really did have a Manchurian Candidate in the White House Named OBAMA

~ Galactic Human ~

Antifa, Abolish Ice? Delete what you no longer need and more! Let’s Go! Q Posts the Antifaschistiche Aktion Flag From Germany 1933 and the one used today for the Communist Party. 

#QAlert 1652 “ICE executes its mission through the enforcement of more than 400 federal statutes, and focuses on smart immigration enforcement, preventing terrorism and combating the illegal movement of people and trade.”ice.govAbolish ICE? #GoodbyeDemocrats Q Get rid of ICE? Are you crazy? Here are some headlines on Ice.

#QAlert 7/1/2018 Post 1653   What a coincidence.  Anon “But but but but you just said It will not be Gowdy” #Q responds: Being on the list does not equate to receiving the nomination. Q

@TGowdySC will have a special role. Let’s take look at past #QPosts with Gowdy.

#POTUS is rallying the troops . He went on twitter to do a victory lap before focusing on the work ahead…

#QAlert 7/1/2018 Post 1654 Anon asks about NSA DELETED 685 MILLION CALL RECORDS.

Q responds: You delete what you no longer need. You save what you do need.

NSA deleting more than 685 million call records due to ‘technical irregularities’

June Update to #SealedIndictments 40,483 entered 10/30/17 thru 6/30/18 Avg: 5,060 per month
Check out @AvonSalez and @lonegreyhat for stats on how many have been unsealed. Back-up files: tinyurl.com/yd5vn9ou  What’s normal? 1,077 per 2009.

Ask yourself – does Huber have the ability to file across all 50 states? Is any of this normal? Think sealed indictments. Think resignations of CEOs. Think resignations of Senators. Think resignations of Congress. Think termination of senior FBI…. Think termination of senior DOJ…. Media BLACKOUT. Midterms punt. All or nothing?

Ask yourself – who is filing the indictments? It would take a very large team to work this quickly.
Who has that kind of manpower? 470 Q


#QAlert 7/1/18 Post 1664 There will be no civil war. Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative. NK is NOT advancing their weapons program. Coordinated MSM hysteria designed to instill fear – change narrative. FAKE NEWS! Q

If you can’t see the full graphic, here’s the full size: Thank you, Ben. We rather enjoyed this one. WWG1WGA! Q Ben’s been on the Q-train for a pretty long time now, but recently verified it in plain sight:

Q ANON: “We rather enjoyed this one.”There’s much buried in the IG Report that few are talking about. I still think Page 294 where it says…”Hillary Clinton and Foundation—-Crimes against Children”…..This is a bombshell that no one wants to talk about…No one asked Horowitz to elaborate on it….IMPORTANT…

The indictments: a lot of them were gathered over the years and are being vetted and added to pile.Sessions Unleashed- Team Of 470 Returns 40,483 Sealed Indictments!!

Q Anon 7.2.18 There Will Be No Civil War [FAKE NEWS]

7/2/2018 Q-ANON Update – A House Divided – The Bomb at the Tarmac Meeting

“Ask yourself – who is filing the indictments?”

Q is rated in top 25 most popular internet people in Time Magazine along with President Donald J. Trump and hip-hop artist Kanye West. But i Still believe, Q is No 1.. as he is placed on the 19, but am sure He should be would be 1 soon…Go Patriots! Go Trump! Go Q! Go USA!

::::: Check:::::

Ex-Dem IT aide Imran Awan poised for plea deal, after months of mysterious delays

Facebook Investors Consider Coup of CEO Mark Zuckerberg

~ Galactic Human ~

Donald Trump’s presidency has returned power to the people. We finally have a man in the White House who hears us. That Trump would dare to take power from the elites in the media, in academia, in Hollywood, and in DC and give to us must surely irritate them. #Qanon

Time Magazine did just that, naming #Qanon one of the top 25 most influential people on the Internet. For Q, it’s only the beginning.Power to the people.


WWG1WGA! Where did the Storm derive from? Some things leave lasting impressions. Listen carefully.
The President first made a statement about the storm on October 5th, 2017, while in the presence of military leaders and their families.
#Qanon first began posting about the storm and the #GreatAwakening on October 28th, 1017.  This post from October 31st reveals a lot about #Qanon’s mission.
#Qanon closed his post with “Fireworks.” What kind of fireworks should we expect?
#Qanon posted a link to an article about an investigation into Netflix and a film they’ve streamed that some say contains child pornography. It’s no secret that the left has been trying to normalize pedophilia. 
Who just joined the Board of Netflix? Who pushed? What is coming? Q
Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations? Openly giving interviews or in background shots? Symbolism will be their downfall. Q

Are you awake yet? What do they fear most? Public Awakening. Are you awake??? ARE YOU AWAKE???

We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question. What are they waiting for? They can end this at any time simply by asking POTUS, right? We may have to ‘force’ this one. Q

Q-ANON Update – WHO IS Qanon? – Why Don’t They Ask The POTUS?

There is a message in the video that is a reading from a cabal article written in Amerika. The anon listed the link just prior to Q’s response. I was simply reading the article the anon posted. I had hoped people would understand the article as evidence the cabal is threatened. The last thing I ever want to do is cast doubt on Trump’s strategy. Please re-listen to the video (if you misunderstand the Amerika article to be my opinion) to hear I am reading the anons link. The reading is proof President Trump and the Q movement is over the target.

Latest Q posts plus links to the Capital Gazette shooting. What links the mass-shooters together? Why are they blaming Trump? Where do we fit in? QAnon- The Greatest Awakening


Q ANON: “Info shared highly sensitive.” PS 🇺🇸🇺🇸HAPPY 4th🇺🇸🇺🇸 Blessed to be alive to witness THE GREAT AWAKING🇺🇸🇺🇸

Q Is Everywhere … Spreading as we Awaken….Q is Spot-on when he says These people are wicked sick!! Nay i say they are EVIL & need Death.. EVIL-DEATH…harming Our Pure beautiful Children’s…It is time to bring back the gallows and publicly deal with all involved in the worst kind of evil. Send them ALL to hell

(JOIN us on Whats App from ur Mobile for Q Intel Discussion and FREEDOM)

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~ Galactic Human ~

The #QArmy was well represented at the wildly enthusiastic reception of President Trump at the North Dakota rally! Evidently,

#QAnon was there? #WWG1WGA “We see you. So many VIPs @ the rally. Q #Winning Patriots one & all! Q”

Meanwhile, #QAnon points out Hillary’s campaign official, Joel Davis, arrested yesterday after trying to sexually access children as young as 2 years old. Notice the mouse ears with rainbow colors. Nothing to see there…. #Qanon posted a link to a story about Joel Davis who was arrested on multiple pedophile related charges. 

#QAnon’s mention of Hillary’s official, Joel Davis, arrested for trying to have sex with a baby……🍕♨️



Anon states… need clues Q responds: Access to cockpit. Frame of shot. Expand your thinking.Q Shanghai Pudong International Airport

LETTER FROM JUSTICE KENNEDY TO POTUS    His choice?  Remember, Kennedy was the swing vote. No more. Locked & Loaded. RBG next.  Q



Q warns the DS: The game is over when the public knows Testimony by Peter S. Plus, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he is stepping down from the Supreme Court. Kennedy was appointed by President Reagan as a conservative, but in his later years he has leaned left on social issues like abortion and homosexual marriage. Will Trey Gowdy’s name be added to the list of possible replacements?

Democrats got toasted at the polls, JUSTICE will be served, meaning serving up a good fair SC Justice. Ex HRC staffer arrested on child rape.


22 year-old Joel Davis was arrested in New York on Tuesday for arranging the abuse of multiple children as young as two. Davis is the former chairman of a prominent children’s charity, who also campaigned for Hillary Clinton, worked with the UN in several countries, and on charity projects with actress Angelina Jolie, he had also been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at 19 years-old in 2015.

We Learn the truth…Join Us on Discord: https://discord.gg/uvnWvbs Please visit http://irc.qclearancearchive.net

An anon posted a tweet about the emergency response to a JetBlue incident at JFK airport last night.I guess another Was posted a month back Regarding Jetblue and Pizzagate… Wow, they are looking for someone. Or something? Was it a False Flag !! What do you think? Shit is hitting the fan

~ Galactic Human ~

This is the video I have been meaning to make for some time now. But a You Tuber named Joe Masepoes beat me to it. So for the first time ever, I share someone else’s work in its entirety on my You Tube channel. The PLAN is to reclaim the world from the cabal and return it to the people. And here’s how it will work…

New York emergency services rushed to JFK airport after a wrong code was used over the radio which mistakenly said a JetBlue plane was being hijacked.

Port Authority police showed up in great number as a JetBlue flight at JFK airport was thought to be taken over by terrorists and first responders did everything possible to stop the plane reaching the terminal.

#QAlert 6/26/18 Post 1588 #Q responds to an Anon speaking about a @JetBlue flight incident t at #JFK Cos have entered a #JetBlue Crew was apparently unresponsive to air traffic controllers. Why are we a threat to them? And when LEOs entered the plane, they told everyone to put their hands up:

Hopefully this disgusting child sex trafficking will stop soon. If we have pictures, soon it’ll be flight numbers, and then inmate numbers

#Qanon confirmed that some type of event had been attempted and averted—one intended to change the public narrative or to pre-empt the soon release of more texts & emails implicating the Obama administration.

Why are we a threat to them? Q…..Panic is good. Panic is right. July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH. Conspiracy no more. Time to FEED. Q

Anon asks for clues. #Q responds: Access to cockpit. Frame of shot. Expand your thinking. Q There’s more going on than we’ve been told about. Connecting jet blue plane to USSS and plane from last week is a signal that secret service found out about a plot to hijack plane or plot by pilot to crash plane into NUC or San Fran…#qanon  Forthcoming. 

Ok so get this timeline. Q posts photo of the jet blue plane on May 2nd. We think something to do with pizza or cargo initially back then. Deep state doesn’t realize the message either and thinks nothing of it. But now we know. (MORE)

Forthcoming. Think Fireworks.

Alot of talk about Julian Assange/Seth Rich/Comey blowing a deal which would have told who gave the info on the DNC servers. An escorted passenger? Secret service protected?

New Q posts on JetBlue “incident” RR and the documents: no way not to fail; Comey killing the immunity deal for Assange It has begun. Time to FEED the masses This video covers posts 1588 – 1599

Rising prices and the weakening of Iran’s currency caused traders in Tehran’s largest shopping area to close down on Monday. State security forces were sent to the Grand Bazaar to maintain order as the protests entered a new phase, spreading nationwide and turning into a massive anti-regime event. The Iranian regime received billions from Obama (exact figure is unknown; some say it’s as high as $150 billion) but has refused to “share the wealth” with its workers. This has prompted nation-wide strikes of teachers, steelworkers, hospital staff, railway employees, sugar-factory workers. Striking truck drivers are blocking access to gas stations and government buildings to protest low wages, road tolls, and cuts to their benefits. We’ll look at the current situation in Iran, that could mean regime change is coming, plus all of the pertinent Q posts relating to Iran.

Do you believe in Coincidence? Jet Blue, second post was from a previous post. Maybe the same plane tonight is the same plane from an earlier post.

Q ANON: “Attempt still made.”President Trump is going to be the standard for future presidents on what a good president is, and does for America and her people. So very proud of my President. Be proud fellow patriots. TRUMP 2020


Sheldan Nidle – June 26, 2018

Dratzo! Let us begin. Much is being readied for a significant coming event. This ever-changing orb upon which we gaze is a world where the dark pursues its diabolical schemes with little success. We cannot emphasize enough that the demise of the cabal is closer than most of you might believe. The recently formed Alliance, in company with our earth allies, is at the ready to spring a carefully-set trap that will lead to arrests of some of the cabal’s upper-echelon personnel. The arrest plan is designed to keep the public informed as a way to limit chaos. As we have mentioned before, their “tried and true” ways of keeping the citizens of Earth in bondage no longer work. Because the dark appears unable to alter their modus operandi, their tricks to obstruct the Divine Plan continue to expose them for the scoundrels they are. Meanwhile, the masses are awakening. Globally, citizens are beginning to rise up, demanding transparency and Truth.

At present, the dark is being forced to give up vast sums of its earthly wealth. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse and avoid arousing the panic and outrage that would ensue if this fact were made public. The true wealth of your global societies will appear only when a global reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is nearing a point where it is to be revealed to the public. Once these announcements are made, they will also reveal a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of these events to happen. The Alliance is now in a position of power and is doing whatever is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The epochal moment is soon to arrive for all of us to bestow upon this planet, and its surface population, a most miraculous gift.

As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. It is essential for your cousins, the Agarthans, to be properly introduced to you. They propose to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different from that which you have been taught. We also intend to display the various technologies we wish to share with you. This agenda is merely the first part of our initial interaction with you.

You are basking in the energies of the recent powerful Summer Solstice, which holds many keys to what is to unfold. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you! Heaven assures us that countless necessary changes are being prepared to manifest, to allow the Light to emerge Victorious! This will constitute the opening salvo in the move to establish the new energies that are to propel you to the very brink of full consciousness. Many Beings of a highly spiritual nature have joined together on your world to create the conditions for first contact and all that is to follow. We are using our technological advantage to accelerate the plan and ensure that this pivotal opening move succeeds according to Heaven’s wishes.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters. Last week, we welcomed the new frequencies from the Great Central Sun scheduled for the summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere of the planet. The energies that accompany June’s Solstice are bringing an upgrade to your human and Light systems. The seeds planted at the Spring Equinox will now bloom. These new frequencies are a potent catalyst for change. Offer gratitude as you witness changes in yourself, and the people around you, in government and the financial industry, and in the planet herself.

The energies enveloping Gaia also encompass our entire Milky Way galaxy. The atmosphere of Venus is cooling. That of Mars is also experiencing climate change and is beginning to terra-form: small ponds of water are springing up on her surface. The red spot for which Jupiter is known has disappeared. Saturn’s rings are proving to be a more elaborately interwoven web of consciousness. Changes to our galaxy such as these are caused by a rise in consciousness. Collectively, we are ascending the frequency spiral to the 5th dimension.

Clearly, much is unfolding to birth an entirely new world for you. We encourage you, dear ones, to participate in this process. Recent steps taken toward transformation have reached the point where you are obliged to come together to help one another. Each of you possesses knowledge of how you are to morph into galactic humans. Share this with each other. Create a safe environment in which you can discuss these subjects freely and openly. It is one thing to hear this information issuing from a television set, but quite another to hear it with the Love and caring that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for the personal touch. It is our intention that this blessed transition to full consciousness be filled with the magic of the Divine! This is a sacred task that began nearly 13 millennia ago. Now we are doing whatever is required to bring Heaven back to each one of you.

Today, we continued to inform you about what is manifesting around your globe. An age of prosperity and harmony is forming. This, therefore, is a time of transition. Be patient and ever ready to work for the triumph of this new series of realities and prepare for a new spiritual age. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Could this Q post have a double meaning? Q&A reschedule. Forthcoming.  Is this going to be a special July 4th? It could also mean , purely hypothetically -Q&A . Forthcoming . – “Q and Assange . 4th ( of July ) Coming” OR Maybe full disclosure on 4th of July? OR If i had to interpret the meaning of this,it would read..”on july 4th things are going to be revealed that will be very fourth coming”. We have been told POTUS has made a “Shift in tactics” Will the Liberty bell toll on this 4th of July? “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” only TIME will tell a tale…

~ Galactic Human ~

Question: Is “Forthcoming”.
4th coming? What happens on the Fourth of July? Fireworks?  #Booms?

Could the Q&A be something regarding @POTUS or something in the future?  Just thinking out loud. What do YOU think?  Drop your thoughts below! 👇🏻

Here is the #QClock for 7/4/18!  Question: Is “Forthcoming”.  4th coming? What happens on the Fourth of July? Fireworks?

July’s #TimeMagizine cover leaked?#DoitQ! And @POTUS! #WeThePeople Be Loud, be Proud. Be Heard!  Cover art by an amazing Patriot! @JodyICEMANJames

Also, Rep. Mark Meadows Tweeted the word forthcoming.


@LibertyLasting has come up with some great #Questions for #Q.  Thoughts and any additions?  Not sure if we can have five minutes for five minimum. We got to make sure they’re good!

This is from HelperAnon NOT Q. He has previously proven to be reliable.

“Hillary Clinton had Chris Stevens running guns in Benghazi
How did they move the move the guns from gaddafi to syria to arm ISIS
Think logically
Learn how to read UN Codes for munitions
Learn how to read IATA codes for airports
You have more than you know
Silkway Airlines Cargo, Where is it located??
Why would they be moving UN munitions in a Cargo/Diplomatic plane?
you have more than you know
Happy Hunting
Stay Strong
Trust The Plan”

Big clues here about the true business of Silk Way Airlines.

https://trud.bg/350-diplomatic-flights-c…errorists/ (Same link as above) This is a motherlode of information. War crimes all the way down.

Silkway Airlines Cargo Note that they give banking details. This is not normal.

Silk Way Airlines is a leader in scheduled and charter cargo flights, with a route network of more than 50 destinations worldwide.

We provide cost-effective solutions to your cargo transportation needs, and have extensive experience in areas not accessible by scheduled flights, in addition to regular flights on intercontinental routes that extend throughout Asia and Europe from our centrally located hub in Baku. We work with government and non-government organizations from all over the world to provide solutions to any request, no matter how complex.

VOIN: 9900067141
Account number: 3 381801 840 9 973183 212 (USD)
Bank “The International Bank of Azerbaijan Republic”
Corr bank: American Express BANK LTD, NEW YORK
Account USD: # 737080


Then we have this: He’s nearly got it all.

Anonymous 06/23/18 (Sat) 16:00:19 e32d74 (19) No.1874823 (HelperAnon)


All links have been collated here: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1874045.html#q1874895

Lots of digging to be done!

Truth and Art TV patriot news updates including latest Q anon drops- Recorded Friday evening June 22, 2018 Link to shocking video showing NY Governor Candidate Cynthia Nixon referring to Immigration & Customs Enforcement brave men and women as part of a “terrorist organization” http://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/0…

Q ANON: “They are sick.”Trump is the greatest at exposing the INSANITY on the left, THEY’VE BEEN FULLY EXPOSED AT HOW ANTI AMERICAN AND DESPERATE THEY REALLY ARE. this is pure desperation we’re seeing on the left folks, we’re so close to taking our COUNTRY BACK

Q ANON/Breaking News:”Oh Maxine” A trump Wave Is on its way 6.25.2018

FLOTUS knows what she’s doing. Attention to Pedo Land. This lady has class.They have attacked the First Ladys child. I would be PISSED TOO. Way to go Melania. God Bless America.

Mr. Q is Everywhere…. What a Week….Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking. Demo-Rats Fleeing ship… Guys i missed most of the action i was on travel-Mode…. Will be online again soon…Whats Immigration??, i have included a VDO below from MRCTV Brittany Hughes She exposes the Liberals Demo-Rats..Bottom Line: “The Children” only matter to the Democrats when in an election season. Its all Politics.. Period

::::: Check:::::


~ Galactic human ~

We Stand, We Fight Together. We left off on our last thread with the President at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota. Patriots who follow #Qanon were red-pilling the crowd. An anon noticed that POTUS pointed out a Q supporter in the crowd at the Duluth rally. Did the President confirm #Qanon?

#Qanon responded.  (Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.) @RepMattGaetz said if the House were serious they would begin impeachment of Rod Rosenstein if he doesn’t comply with their requests for documents. 

Rats fleeing a sinking ship, trying to save themselves, now that it’s clear their Obamessiah can do nothing for them! The writing is on the wall, and this is the smartest possible move they could make right now.As for what we’re leading up to: we are leading up to the release of the full IG report, the end of the “muh Russian collusion” witch hunt, the dovetailing with Huber’s investigation, going after the “13 Angry Democrats,” and the unsealing of 30,000+ indictments before Military Tribunals and GITMO!

Spelling error due to mobile. Q FF prevented. Next. Immigration / chikd separation. Narrative change critical. IDEN talking points. Distract IG report / hearings / Korea.

#Q reposts Anon’s pic of TX Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee “Have a peek at her ring. Just sick” Q reposts and says: Part of the club. Q

Here is a better pic.Part of the club. Q

Hate to say this is “old news,” but #Pizzagate researchers have known this for a looooong time. Still good to have #QAnon officially confirm it, though.#QAlert 6/20/18 A brilliant Anon breaks down #Q’s Post 1573 ((((They))))

LOL! Exciting times ahead! But I’m not going to leave you without a potential timeline:

MRCTV Brittany Hughes She exposes the Liberals Demo-Rats..After years of Obama not giving a rip who came into our country illegally, the Trump administration finally began enforcing our immigration law and suddenly, it’s all about the children.

Q has a lot instore for us as we shift into attack mode. Expect the attacks to be more nasty as they push to discredit QAnon. Kim Kardashian jumps aboard the Trump train along with Kanya West. Iran is about to explode into revolution. Democrats use children to attack POTUS. The same children that he is protecting from sex trafficking.

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/CjZGaGgH/qanon-p…

Once again Q tells us how Rod Rosenstein may be removed on Friday also one of the members Miss Jackson Lee may be a member of their society, also Q is verified by Donald Trump again as being pointed right to at his rally in Minnesota

#SPYGATE #TRUMP #Qanon #Teamtrump #MAGA Q ANON: Public Awakening / 6.21.2018 Top Q whisperer / The Real Inside Intel

Q posts from 6/19 and 6/20, #1558 – 1582 The immigration “crisis” and why the Truth No Longer Matters. Plus good news from Q, We serve at the pleasure of the President. We left the decision on timing to him. Today, at the rally, he made his decision. Shift in tactics. Attacks ^ Q

Q ANON: “Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking.”


THIS is why the whole #RussianCollusion BS was invented…to cover up the REAL crimes being committed at the HIGHEST levels in our government. MSM is going to want to change the news cycle FAST. Watch for False Flag attempts. They do NOT want you to see the UGLY TRUTH about the criminal activities of the Obama Admin and the Deep State still operating in DC. 

Wanting to post this so people aren’t confused to why Q quoted a “random” Google badge post. It was not random at all, it was Q without the tripcode confirmed by user ID.

:::: Check :::::

QAnon: Trump’s Executive Order Linked to Resignation of Google’s Eric Schmidt

Lisa Jackson’s ‘Windsor’ knot

Q Abbreviations

Bilderberg 2011 – Google Eric Schmidt & Jacob Wallenberg’s Walk and Talk

~ Galactic Human ~

Google probably prints thousands of these per week, so this isn’t a big deal, but Samuel Clay was happy about his badge and shared it on Twitter. The first time I had one of those badges, it was a cool feeling. But like I said, Google does so many of these, it is a bit insane.

Anyway, Samuel was getting a Google design review.

Missed Q drops. No Tripcode used but user ID confirms it was Q. Q posted a picture of a guest security badge at Google headquarters. Perhaps the non-use of a trip code was because they are using Google’s unsecured WiFi?

The meeting being 2.5 hours makes sense but if you look at the timestamp of the anon question, 2.5 hours from then would be exactly 8:00pm EST. So we shall see.
Have you IDEN other person? Search Hussein admin. No facial hair. Obtain name. Cross FBI sec clearance? No. Why? Origin? Q  I read his name was Sohale Siddiqi. (I also read Brennan was Muslim convert.)
Side by side #Q posts. Very well done Anon!
Wonderful Day to be reading Gmail dead-drop drafts.
Q ANON: “Adding up? Logical?” This whole thing is deep, layered, corrupt ……………… At the benefit for a select population. They are CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!
New Q Posts 1500-1519 Who is this man with Hussein? Plus, the access that will be the end of certain members of the cabal. Plus, who is the man with BHO?
BO/MB ties? yup, indictments? MSM assisting ? yup, enjoy Dr Steven’s very well done podcast regarding the IG report: Thursday June 14th Truthnotfictionmatters #3 IG report
Q Anon is providing a look at the behind the scenes of the Great Awakening. Google set up a secret server inside North Korea. Access kills over at the Google headquarters.

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