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Published on Oct 20, 2016

You fucking suck balls.

The outspoken conservative, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars speaks for Americans everywhere with his epic slap down of the mainstream media. You’ll want to stand up and cheer after you watch this!

***Language warning***
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Donald J. Trump Is No Longer Going To Allow This To Happen

When Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign over a year ago, the media barely batted an eye. They all believed he was only trying to boost his business.

As time went on, he began to win debate after debate and state after state as he received the most votes in Republican primary history while battling sixteen other candidates. The liberal media and Clinton campaign quickly went from thinking he was a joke to fearing him.

As Trump began to take this country by storm, the media and Clintons tried everything in their power to destroy him. They tried desperately to accuse Donald Trump of inciting violence at his rallies.

Thanks to videos released by Project Veritas, we now have concrete proof that it was Hillary Clinton that paid operatives to storm Trump rallies and incite violence.

Hillary Clinton did not just pay mercenaries to assault Trump supporters, she also violated the law on several occasions.
Robert Creamer, a Clinton crony, was one of the organizers of the paid violence and has also visited Obama at the White House at least 230 times. He was forced to resign from his position immediately following the release of these videos.

Not only is he a top Hillary ally, but he kept her informed. She knew about these attacks and she ordered them to take place so that Donald Trump looked like he was inciting violence and fueling hate.

Trump was forced to cancel his rally in Chicago due to the extreme violence by operatives working for Hillary Clinton.

We are being told that Donald Trump is going to press charges on these people, including Hillary Clinton, under the Felony Mob Act.

In Illinois, Trump will be citing the Illinois criminal statute. The Mob action is a Class Four felony punishable by 3-6 years in prison and a $25,000 fine for each charge in Illinois. When Trump brings forward the paperwork, he very well could charge anyone associated with helping, planning, organizing, or paying anyone to commit acts of violence–which would include Hillary Clinton.
In Illinois, statute reads as follows:

A person commits mob action when he or she engages in any of the following:

  1. The knowing or reckless use of force or violence disturbing the public peace by 2 or more persons acting together and without authority of law;
  2. The knowing assembly of 2 or more persons with the intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony or misdemeanor; or
  3. The knowing assembly of 2 or more persons, without authority of law, for the purpose of doing violence to the person or property of anyone supposed to have been guilty of a violation of the law, or for the purpose of exercising correctional powers or regulative powers over any person by violence.

Donald Trump would win this case easily, but he is not stopping in Illinois. Trump and his team have indicated that he will also be suing for the brutal attacks that occurred in San Diego, California.

California’s penal code outlines the requirements for criminal conspiracy under the mob violence act.
If two or more persons conspire:
To commit any crime:

  1. Falsely and maliciously to indict another for any crime, or to procure another to be charged or arrested for any crime.
  2. To cheat and defraud any person of any property, by any means which are in themselves criminal, or to obtain money or property by false pretenses or by false promises with fraudulent intent not to perform those promises.
  3. To commit any act injurious to the public health, to public morals, or to pervert or obstruct justice, or the due administration of the laws.

When Hillary’s paid mercenaries committed these crimes, California law indicates that they are now guilty of a felony and are punishable by imprisonment for five, seven, or nine years.

Hillary Clinton did all of this on purpose and she paid people to incite violence. While deleting emails and wiping servers is a very serious crime, we now have direct evidence that she paid and ordered hundreds OF operatives to assault and attack other people.

It is rumored that Donald Trump has reached out to the victims of assault and is taking their opinions into consideration on how he should move forward with the lawsuit.

Sources argue Trump could file the lawsuit as early as next week. Hillary Clinton deserves prison, and this is just another glaringly obvious example.



We live in a world where the powerful deceive us. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. They don’t care. On today’s Trews Special Edition we take a look at HyperNormalisation, the excellent new documentary from Adam Curtis. HyperNormalisation premieres on 16 October at 9pm through BBC iPlayer.

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The discovery of an ancient piece of aluminum is being hailed as evidence that aliens visited Earth 250,000 years ago.

The strange object was found in 1973 by builders working on the shores of the Mures River not far from the central Romanian town of Aiud but details of the discovery were never made public at the time because it was pulled out of the earth in communist Romania in 1973.

Now tests at a lab in Lausanne, Switzerland, have revealed that the fragment of metal is made of 12 metals and consists of 90 percent aluminum which is 250,000 years old. The initial results were later confirmed by the lab in Lausanne, Switzerland, CEN reports.

Experts were stunned to find out that the piece of aluminum has concavities that make it look as if it was manufactured as part of a more complex mechanical system and although they have questioned the 250,000 year determination, speculating it to be between 400 and 80,000 years old, but even so, it’s still much too early for mankind to produce aluminum.

“Lab tests concluded it is an old UFO fragment, given the substances it comprises cannot be combined with technology available on Earth,” said Gheorghe Cohal from the Romanian Ufologists Association.


WoW what a Man… I have never laughed So much… TRUMP Rocks….

~ Galactic Human ~

Published on Oct 20, 2016

Trump hates Hillary so much that he can’t even pull back at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner! Never seen anything like this! Look at the faces of the people around him, including Maria in the background. They are stunned!!! Brutal!! And where is Bill Clinton! Have no idea who would have written that for Trump, but it was brutal and REALLY funny!!!


Video: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Speak at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City, Thurs. Oct. 20, 2016


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address the Alfred E Smith dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel

The dinner, which is named for four-term New York Governor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Alfred Smith, benefits Catholic charities.

FULL Event: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ROAST each other at Alfred E Smith dinner (10/20/16)

Highlight Created from our Live Stream:-

LIVE: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Speech at Alfred E Smith dinner – 71st Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner (10/20/16)

Watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner -Watch the dinner here live starting at 7:00 EST.

The Alfred E Smith charity dinner is an election year tradition for decades. It typically provides a welcome break from the heated tone of the campaign trail with candidates delivering humorous speeches that poke fun at their opponents and themselves.

Watch live stream video and later full replay of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s speeches at the Al Smith Dinnar in New York City on Thursday, October 20, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria. Live coverage starts at 7:30 p.m. EDT via the embedded video below. Thereafter the full replay video and transcript will be posted as soon as available.


In my whole life i have never been so excited abt the US Presidential Debate, It was Only When TRUMP jumped-in that got me intrigued into the Debate and i have gone thru all of em, TRUMP is Blunt and amazing, i would further add that he does have the same  Guts just like  35th President of the United States   John F Kennedy had and said to expose things  before him being assassinated. What TRUMP said was similar Quote ” “Global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” … I dont know if he will Win since the system is Rigged but i do want to see him as being the next President…..What Say U? America

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8 Things We Learned About Huma Abedin from WikiLeaks’ Hacked Emails

Gareth the Brexit Detective – Clinton’s 8(a) Body Women – Serco’s Hotel Zulu Death-Bet Tags

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Vanity Fair article by (edited)
October 18, 2016 3:04 pm

WIKILEAKS REVEALS that Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s external hard-drive.

The formidable, ever-present campaign vice-chairwoman of the Clinton campaign, has been called everything from Hillary Clinton’s “body woman” to a Muslim Brotherhood agent, from Clinton’s closest adviser to her secret lover. The latter characterizations reveal how her status as a Muslim, and as one of the most powerful women in Washington, have made her suspect on the right. But the larger mystery of Huma Abedin remains a source of endless fascination for the press.


The release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked e-mails, published October 7 by Wikileaks, promised a tantalizing look into Abedin’s inner life and her relationship with Clintonworld. Abedin is essentially Clinton’s “external hard drive,” whose mind holds a near-exact copy of the Democratic nominee’s history and thought process.

In a 2015 e-mail flagged by Politico, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook pens a “Huma memo” to Podesta, discussing what role Abedin might play in the campaign and how her close relationship with the candidate makes her irreplaceable. “One issue I didn’t resolve is how much we’d want her to still participate in scheduling if she does the HQ job. I think it’s helpful for her to participate in calls and meetings because she’s the institutional memory—and that’s always invaluable.”

This portrait of Abedin as a walking Wikipedia of Clinton’s life squares with the assessment of one former adviser to Bill Clinton, who described Huma to Vanity Fair as “a mini Hillary.” The two women have surely spent more time together than with either of their philandering husbands. Perhaps another analogy that could be added to the list is that Huma Abedin, after twenty years as Clinton’s “shadow,” has effectively become Hillary Clinton herself, or at least a serviceable backup drive.



Speaking to supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, early Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump outlined a truly wild conspiracy theory in which a shadowy international cabal of bankers and media tycoons, working in cahoots with the FBI, is working to deliver the election to Hillary Clinton. I promise you, this really happened.

“The Clintons are criminals,” he explained. Indeed, he argues it is “well-documented” that they are criminals but that “the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power.”

Trump went beyond the vague insinuations that Republicans normally use on this point and squarely stated that the Clintons “have essentially corrupted the director of the FBI” — a lifelong Republican who served as a high-level political appointee in the Bush administration — as part of their conspiracy. He said the sexual assault allegations made against him are orchestrated by the Clintons, that they are false, “and the Clintons know it — they know it very well.”


The Master Rocks, i loved it when he said and i quote ”  philosophy is not much philosophy, it is a Foolosophy.. it is the domain of the Fools ” unquote and the 2nd Video just Struck me when he said ” When you Hate someone it has a Tremendous Force, and when you love someone there is not much Force, You remember your enemies more than your Friends, You can forget your Friends but you can’t forget your Enemies

~ Galactic human ~

OSHO: Life Is Not a Problem

You can see the whole history of philosophy: every answer has brought thousands of unnecessary questions. It has not been an answer, it has been a problem” —

This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. — Join the project as a translator at: http://www.oshotalks.info — OSHO International Foundation: http://www.osho.com

Excerpts from an OSHO Talk
Love and Hate – Two Sides of the Same Coin

These are the ways they have spoiled your authenticity about love.
It is because nobody has been teaching you about hate; hence, hate has remained pure, unadulterated. Nobody has bothered about you, nobody has told you how to hate, whom to hate. Because hate has been left untouched by your parents, teachers, and priests, it has a purity, a sincerity. When a man hates you, you can trust that he hates you.

This video is available for translation as part of the
OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project.
Join the project as a translator at: http://oshotalks.com


Strange and unexplained sightings in the skies have been recorded last week.

An amateur photographer was shooting over the ocean at Gaviota Beach, California, when he spotted a bizarre ring floating distantly over the ocean on October 2, 2016.

The photographer wonders whether a UFO portal to another dimension has opened over the ocean or could it be a cloaked UFO due to its appearance.

On October 5, 2016, a witness recorded a strange black shape in a cloudless sky over San Antonio.

Witness: I was driving home from my mom’s house. I let my girl drive and as we pulled on fm78 I noticed a black shape in a cloudless sky.

I began recording it shortly after did not want to pull over to study it better. I know, I should have…”

What are these objects in the skies, perhaps the black shape can be interpreted as a ‘smoke’ cloud but what about the bizarre UFO-like ring or portal floating over the ocean?

I was shooting over the ocean at Gaviota Beach, California, When i spotted this bizarre ring floating distantly over the ocean.

I remembered this amazing capture of a bolide (fiery) meteorite

For More Exclusive Information on UFO

Welcome: http://erigia.blogspot.com


What a beautiful testimony! Hillary is a corrupt candidate and this DNC is trying to suppress democracy. … don’t care whether you‘re a Democrat or Republican, a man or woman, white or black. .Cant say More, weather you like or hate him, the fact is This Election will be Historic, Since there has been no Other Person like TRUMP and he’s Exposing the Rigged Election / Corruption /Lame Stream Corrupt Media Big Time.. Remember ALL  the “Propaganda” the Lame Stream Media is trying to spread against TRUMP will fail and  Donald Trump Just Exposed Hillary’s BIGGEST Scandal Ever.. And its proved beyond doubt that She can no way win without FRAUD..His historic speech  Crushed Clinton – “You Should Be In Jail” he said Clinton had better get ready for jail. Her ‘numbers’ got hammered in the debate’s.
Am not advocating TRUMP! but One word i  put in to my American Friends head ” The more People / Media hate  Donald Trump , the more you Plan to Vote for him” Sound the TRUMPet guys…
~ Galactic human ~

– Wow! Black Female Trump Exec Goes Public With Bombshell – ‘I Can No Longer Remain Silent’!
– video by : Defending the USA youtube channel
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Lynne Patton had had enough, so she decided to lay out exactly what she thought about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Patton, who is black, shared her judgments in a letter she read on a YouTube video, which has more than 127,000 views.

“I can no longer remain silent about the repeated and reprehensible attempts to align my boss and his family with racist hate-mongering groups, campaigns and messaging,” wrote Patton, director of the Eric Trump Foundation and assistant to Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. She said the video was not part of her employment but was triggered by the reaction Trump has received during his campaign.

“To the skeptics who will undoubtedly claim that I am doing this at the behest of the Trump family or with the promise of reward, I deliberately chose not to seek their approval nor council in advance to this video for fear that there would be more concern for me and its potential viral ramifications than they would be for themselves and the fact that quite simply this is the right thing to do,” said Patton, who posted the video on YouTube and has been flooded with comments on Twitter.

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***Vote Donald Trump 2016***
“Make America Great Again”

Includes Footage from all over the internet. Trump Rally’s, Presidential Debates and Tv news footage. I am 26 years and I’ve been a Fan of Donald Trump from the day he announced June 16, 2015. I believe he can save this Great Nation if given the opportunity. This video is my contribution to Making America Great Again!
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You Cant Stump The Trump !
Trump 2016🙂


Sheldan Nidle – October 18, 2016

5 Imix, 4 Tzec, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The Victory of the Light grows. Everywhere on your world, the emergence of the new financial system and never-ending waves of prosperity continues. Together with these marvelous changes is the prospect of a peace that almost didn’t happen. In its closing moments, the dark tried, but was unable to instigate a global war. Fortunately, our liaisons and their earthly counterparts prevented this from happening. This surface world has also moved swiftly forward in the direction of first contact. You are entering an era when the requirement for money is to quickly disappear. This process is to be aided by the use of technologies, both yours and ours, that are to introduce the universal processor. This wondrous device is to render obsolete the need for farming, manufacturing and the use of Gaia’s natural resources. Hence, your global societies are to be freed of the need to devote so much of their populations to these arduous and dangerous tasks. Gaia can expect to see much of her land returned to their original environments. This process will allow for the expansion of grasslands, swampy areas and forests. Therefore, more and more of your environments are to be reworked to add a number of habitats.

These changes are to improve the quality of your air, allowing the oceans to again sustain a teeming fish population. The water in lakes and rivers is to become cleaner as well. You are to learn to use your personal processors to prepare meals and replace furniture as you wish. This vast array of changes allows your Ascended Masters to teach you about your past and prepare you for our arrival. Our mentors intend to take this new knowledge to expand the way you look at yourselves, both individually and collectively. Your global societies need to fully evaluate the way they operate. Your great diversity is an opportunity to readjust how humanity can best get along with itself. You are then to be in transition to a world that can comprehend what these changes can accomplish. This will enable you to see Gaia as a split realm, and allow you to introduce the Agarthans to this outer realm. This alone is a giant step in the right direction. It means that the nonsense begun by the Atlanteans and sustained by the Anunnaki can at last be put to rest.

All of this is part of a process that started to happen to humanity in the mid-1960s. Suddenly, the young began to understand what the decrees of Heaven were all about. A sense of a new conscious birth became evident to many of them. In America, this wake-up call became known as the “Summer of Love.” This awakening was short-circuited by the sudden introduction of psychedelic drugs by many gurus of this movement. These university-oriented gurus successfully misdirected the consciousness movement and gave rise to the horrific era of drug addiction. Their actions quickly waylaid the consciousness process. It was only the dark actions of the Ancharans (the near nova-ing of your Sun, for example) that allowed us to intervene and help this growth in consciousness to slowly resume. It was our intervention that helped to deflect the next part of the dark’s master scheme, the false ET invasions. This was to be the means by which a prolonged series of massive military actions would complete the permanent enslavement of surface humanity.

The sudden onslaught of these false flag actions led Heaven to ask us to begin a mass intervention against the dark’s intentions. In 1990, we sent a large S&E fleet to oversee the consciousness shifts just begun by Heaven. As you may recall the next two and a half decades included events that we have described in numerous past reports. A short learning curve then ensued. We eventually organized part of a Light team that, through great dedication to its divine service, was able to end the dark’s grand plan for your permanent enslavement. This process led to the dark’s last-ditch schemes, the American election of 2016 and the nearly successful 2016 attempt to hatch a nuclear war scare. This was of course curtailed by declarations of the NESARA Republic. This new entity can temper the elections and cool down any potential nuclear war. You stand now on the edge of disclosure, at a time of great peace and the dawn of an immense prosperity! The old reality is waning and a new one is being set firmly in place! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world’s reality is transforming. Our initial task here is to bless all who are making possible the birth of an age of freedom, peace and prosperity. Those who for so long controlled this surface realm are now being isolated from you. The long dark night of your Souls is almost over! Ahead lies a time for achieving your dreams, and for a long list of banned technologies to see the bright Light of day. All this is being carried out in a state of divine grace and with a true measure of divine mercy. We sincerely thank all who are implementing their sacred visions to aid in making this possible. Be blessed, and know in your heart of hearts that a magnificent reality of joy and celebration is about to be yours! You are shortly to meet us and learn much about your origins, and of a long-forgotten history. At this time, take a moment to thank Heaven and her grand instruments of this world and others. You are now approaching a time of freedom. Let this endless prosperity now begin!

We are preparing to meet those who We, your Ascended Masters, have known for millennia. These are your former Lemurian cousins from the Inner Earth land of Agartha. With us, they have offered humanity a refuge from the dark ones and provided a place where holy grace and mercy was able to be applied. We are thankful as well that all of us are to be given a home alive with ancient rituals that have provided our hearts true joy and Love. Here, we prepared for our missions to aid you, and here we found those who, when necessary, came along to assist us. We bless this coming new era for humanity and know that soon all are to be united in the return of this outer realm to full consciousness. Then, as galactic humans, you are to see the union of Inner and Outer Earth. At that time, Heaven is to give all of us our new, divine marching orders.

Contemplate in joy what you accomplished in Heaven’s good name. You stood firm in your visions and gave all the energy required to positively alter this realm. Your good works are being rewarded. You are being freed of your age’s long debt slavery and can bask in the eternal Light of freedom. You are to have the wherewithal to be healthy and well again. You are to also have the ability to start your rejuvenation process. Moreover, you shall have the means to prosper, and this extraordinary resource to achieve your dreams. For all of this, we bless you and wish only the best for you. Long ago, we were created by Heaven to lessen the bleak and sinister blows dealt you daily by the dark’s minions. Now this mission is transitioning to a new one. We are to supervise your process of returning again to being Galactic Humans. This time is surely to be brimming with joy and a way for us to easily communicate with each one of you! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we carried on with our gracious task. We have presented these reports to give you a better understanding of the ways in which this world is transforming. Having taken a peek into our new realm, enjoy what is breaking out all around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Website: Planetary Activation Organization


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Alien Races – Over 82 Species On Earth!

This video shows a record of Alien Races from a KGB agent. The Whole story can be read here: http://www.markfoster.net/struc/the_a…
Could this be connected to why Russia is building ‘Noah’s Ark’: DNA Databank Will Cover All Living Things? Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1706567/russ…

I just read this article elsewhere. Just take your time to read it:

Unexplained aerial observations have been reported throughout history. Some were undoubtedly astronomical in nature: comets, bright meteors, one or more of the five planets that can be seen with the naked eye, planetary conjunctions, or atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia and lenticular clouds. An example is Halley’s Comet, which was recorded first by Chinese astronomers in 240 BC and possibly as early as 467 BC. Such sightings throughout history often were treated as supernatural portents, angels, aliens extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial life or other religious omens. Some current-day Search for Extraterrestrial or UFO researchers have noticed similarities between some religious symbols in medieval paintings and UFO reports though the canonical and symbolic character of such images is documented by art historians placing more conventional religious interpretations on such images with regards to the Evidence of Extraterrestrial beings who visited Earth.

Please watch: “MATRIX WORLD DISCLOSURE 2016”
Ancient Alien Races who Contacted Earth new 2016 FULL



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Illuminati Card Game Predictions Coming True, What’s Next?

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected & Illuminati Card Predicts Trump’s Assassination!

~ Galactic human ~

Almost every angle of Donald Trump has been written about and examined daily since he announced his presidential bid. But we’ve managed to find something that’s beyond interesting

There’s a little-known deck card game called “Illuminati”, based on a book trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. Created in 1982, the cards depict a wide swath of conspiracy theories with brief explanations on their roles in society.

Trump is a bit of an anomaly. He’s a billionaire with a big mouth who’s created a persona for himself in the public eye. And now, he’s upped his game significantly by throwing his hat in the political ring. Oh, and there happens to be an Illuminati card that looks just like him.


The Charismatic Leader

The Trump card is for starters. There are plenty of other cards that have an uncanny accuracy in spotting memes and identifying plans of the “Illuminati”.

Published on Sep 28, 2016

More of the Illuminati card Game and many of them are things that are happening in 2016 around the time of the elections.


On January 29, 2015 NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used a drill carried at the end of its robotic arm to bore into a flat rock on Mars and collected a sample from its interior.

Images were taken by the Front Hazcam right and the Front Hazcam left on board the rover and published on page SOL 882 of NASA’s website Mars Jet Propolsion Labarotary.

At first glance, it seems to be standard images showing the robotic arm which carried out a drill but if you take a closer look at the images taken by the Front Hazcam right you will notice a very small being, what could be an insect.

‘Mars Alive’ who discovered the anomaly made a time-lapse footage in which you can see that the insect is moving during the drilling activities.

Although some people suggest the anomaly is just a piece of debris due to vibration from the drill, I’m not sure if it is just a piece of debris because the legs of the insect, maybe a bug, ant or spider, are clearly visible and it looks like it runs away from the drilling activities.

A tiny living creature on Mars or just debris, here is the time-lapse footage.

Mars Alive – Debris from Drilling or Small Craft Refueling? 4K Resolution!

Incredible mars anomaly found in NASA mars images. This footage is a time-lapse of what appears to be a small craft re fueling on the surface of mars. you will notice a small being getting off the craft and seems to active the evacuation of the smoke type flow, something the rover probably detected and the reason for it to be drilling in that area, Is it debris from drilling or a small Craft on mars?



WoW.. i loved the way he used his Words…Quote ” I will Help Create a World in which Your Loss is not Someone else’s Gain, Where people do not profit from someone else’s Pain, So Until That Day Comes where we can put down our Guns, i will keep using my words as my Weapon and i will Fire them into the sky One by One …. pls Share it Wide and Open…

~ Galactic human ~

To #ChooseLove over fear in today’s world is not ignorant, it’s leadership. This is a call to all the leaders out there to stand up and help others remember that human suffering is not a requirement for prosperity.

With love,

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