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Put bankers behind bars



Put bankers behind bars

This is a world-wide protest !  LIBOR – Rigged stock and Commodities exchanges, Fiat monies, derivative debt, Worthless Mortgage backed securities, Robo-Signing on foreclosures. Foreign control of a country’s monies, and, interest rates. No more ‘ PLANNED ‘ real estate bubbles. NO MORE OF THIS CRIMINAL CABAL BULLSHIT !  NO MORE INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY COMPLEX, THAT USE OUR YOUNG MEN FOR THEIR WARS FOR PROFIT. NO MORE BUYING OF OUR POLITICIANS- TO BE MANIPULATED BY THE ROTHSCHILD BANKSTER CARTEL.


Keshe Foundation Announces Plans to Release Free Energy Technology


“The Keshe Foundation, located in Ninov, Belgium, has announced that they will be releasing the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) system it has developed to all scientists around the world simultaneously for the purposes of production and duplication, which the foundation says will allow travel from Iran to New York in approximately ten minutes of travel time, as well as provide free energy systems for citizens worldwide. Following the release of these energy and space technologies, the foundation will address worldwide food and water shortages which will be resolved, they state, through the sharing of their plasma based technologies. (There is no indication that the Keshe Foundation is affiliated in any way with the plans of the Galactic Federation of Light to introduce free energy technologies as well as food replicator systems.) If interested in learning more about the Keshe Foundation and their subsidiary group the Keshe International Space Institute, visit the Keshe Foundation’s website by following the link provided below and read their mission statement detailing their plan to release these designs to all scientists worldwide on September the 21st 2012.”



Aurora Flight Plan for 14th July 2012 – Message channeled by Laura Tyco



Aurora: Our trip for the 14thJuly will be in many ways similar to our last trip, in the way that it will mainly take place underwater in the same area of the Baltic Sea. We will also do some work on tectonic plates, which are heavily being stressed by the solar flares. So we will work on that level a few locations, which are not known as of yet on Mother Earth.

Some of you will head out and work in teams on the Sun himself, you will do that with crews of other ships or from our shuttle crafts. We are monitoring the Sun spots, and are contributing in the release of solar energy in an un-harmful manner for Mother Earth.
Some of you have asked to travel to your home planets, which is something that we have arranged. Motherships from your own star system have been arranged to come pick you up and return you from Earth’s orbit. We will also take some of you personally in Aurora’s medium size crafts.
This is the flight plan for Saturday 14th July, we hope that you will have a pleasant and amazing travel and a most successful endeavour.


Adrial: We are so happy for all of us to be reunited on our Saturday night dream flight. Please do not be concerned for not remembering everything, or only short snapshots. Most of them would not even make sense. As time goes by, you will recall more and more. As we are coming closer to Disclosure and as technological advances will speed up, what you are doing and experiencing on the Aurora will seem less and less as science-fiction and more and more from the domain of the feasibility.
We rejoice in your coming on board and all the rest of the crew feels pretty excited about your coming on board for a few hours. Many of us are not human like, and should you recall the appearance of some of our crew members, you would be very surprised, as the crew diversity on Aurora is something of a singularity in the Galactic Federation. Very few crews are so multi dimensional and inter-galactic.
Until Saturday night, dear friends. All our love is being send to you from your friends and family as I speak.
Aurora and Adrial, channeled by Laura Tyco

Laura Tyco: Aurora Flight Plan for 14th July 2012-07-12- Message channeled by Laura Tyco.



Aurora FAQ and 14 July Flight Plan

For those of you not able to view Youtube here is the link to the Audio only:


All are welcome to join on dreamflight, please only email me if you would like to know whether you are one of Aurora’s crew members. (lauratyco@gmail.com)

No need for time coordination, trips are every Saturday night in your own time zone.

Please check out the 3 following links regularly for weekly updates.
Please ensure you read the recommended links if you are planning a dreamflight.
Aurora Updates Page
Aurora Dreamflight Experience Comments Page

Latest Aurora channeled Message;


Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical music

Flashmob Flash Mob – Ode an die Freude ( Ode to Joy ) Beethoven Symphony No.9 classical music

Large Solar Flare!



Now that the fast-as-light and faster-than-light things have arrived, now we wait until Saturday morning for the next wave!

Many thanks to John G for sending us this awesome image of our Star taken with welder’s glasses and something else, we’ll follow up with him really soon!

Now, check out the protons and electrons! Of course we’ll have the Surface Heat Index (SHI) at the top, think we’ll see it a homogenous color next year?

The X1.4 flare of yesterday evening triggered an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection that will reach the Earth on July 14 around noon, with an uncertainty of many hours. Strong geomagnetic disturbances can be expected. Auroras might be visible in the hours following the arrival for observers with local night time and clear skies.

Updated 7/13/12 1:51 AM PDT – SPACE WEATHER NEWS

Earth-Directed X-flare and CME
Space Weather News 

EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE: Big sunspot AR1520 erupted on July 12th around 16:53 UT, producing an X-class solar flare and hurling a CME directly toward Earth. Forecasters expect the cloud to arrive on July 14th. Its impact could spark moderate to severe geomagnetic storms, allowing auroras to be seen at lower latitudes than usual. Check http://spaceweather.com for more information and updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are underway? Aurora alerts are available from http://spaceweathertext.com (text) and http://spaceweatherphone.com (voice).

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New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at
http://spaceweather.com/services .




SaLuSa July 13th -2012

SaLuSa July 13th -2012



There are delays as you see it, but much more is taking place all over the world. Our overall view and knowledge indicates that the end times are well under way. The immense resources about to be used will ensure success as planned, and with reports from several reliable sources you will soon be aware when the arrests become widespread. It will be the first big step towards clearing the way for everything else to take place. The main point is that it has commenced and will suddenly burst into large scale action. It will be of such an impact that by no means can it be kept quiet by those who hold back the real news.


What is encouraging and timely is that day by day many more people are beginning to question the actions of those in charge. They are seeing through the lies and cover ups and beginning to question what has happened in the past. That pleases us as it is loosening the controls the cabal have placed upon you, and the power they have exercised over you. People power is what they fear and it is gathering momentum as groups are being formed that really do have some impact. A most useful method of making your wishes known by way of petitions is now spreading. Let your voices be heard and it becomes more and more difficult for those you are targeting to avoid the issues. In just a few years your position has changed and the scales of justice are swinging your way.


Whatever peaceful means you use to get your leaders attention is acceptable, but please avoid hotheads taking over, and beware of infiltrators who are out to cause trouble within your ranks. For various 

 reasons there are people who are against the changes, and in some cases it is a fear of our arrival. In time we will hope to have shown everyone that our intentions are pure, and that it is your interests we

 have at heart. Either way, provisions will be made for all souls and they will eventually find themselves progressing to the correct level. Bear in mind that your present Earth is also ascending, and only the  souls that are ready can go with her. For all others their future is also assured and not one soul will be neglected, as all have their place in the Universe.


You are now in the last few months before the big day, and understandably some are questioning whether they should plan for the future beyond it. They ask about matters like investments or property ownership, and generally about lack and in many cases poverty. We ask you to now take matters on a day to day basis, as very soon many problems that beset you now will have been solved by the planned changes. Abundance and prosperity will soon answer your various needs, and eventually you shall want for absolutely nothing at all. Much is to follow after Ascension, but equally your desperate needs will be seen to as soon as possible  We are fully aware of what we need to do to make you happy and able to rest in peace, by knowing that we are authorized to do so. You will do your share working with us as we want you to be involved with us in a joint effort.


All planned is very near to commencing in a way that you will see what is happening, and be kept well informed. We know that so many of you are keen to get involved now, and depending on what skills you have you will certainly be drawn to other people who will be involved, if not directly contacted. By and large we need little help as the advanced computers we use can handle the most difficult tasks. However it would be nice to work together as we will be doing so for quite some time, even after Ascension. As our relationship progresses you will of course have advanced yourselves, and eventually be equal to the tasks ahead. As you must know by now in reality you are great Beings in your right, and it will not take long before you are back to levels that you used to enjoy.


In some ways you have led simple lives whilst on Earth, but the challenges you faced have furthered your evolution so fast. It may have been tough at times, but when you volunteered you knew that you could get through it. At all times help has never been far away and given you in your hours of need. Your Angelic Guides have held your hands when facing danger, and often intervened to save you from death. You may well discover that they have done much more for you than you know, and yet they ask for nothing in return but nevertheless are grateful to receive your thanks. The purpose of your guides is to protect you when threatened unless of course it is part of your karmic experiences. They will also do their best to keep you on track so that you fulfil your life plan. So presently they know more about you than you do yourselves.


Ahead of you are many reunions to link again with friends who have not been in your current life, but have been in previous ones. Consider how many souls you have met and become good friends with over hundreds of live, some much more lasting and closer than others. Even some who incarnate with you in the same families. It makes for loving experiences and links that are never broken. After Ascension, you will have moved into the higher dimensions of harmony, where all Beings relate to each other in loving energies and it remains that way. There is no cause or reason to be otherwise, and life is one of complete happiness.


The Earth is a most beautiful world, yet you have not seen it in her most glorious outfit and splendor. That is to come after Mother Earth has completed her cleansing and is able to return to a pristine condition. When you last experienced it was eons of time ago with civilizations that have long gone. So as you often say, the best is still to come and you will have a big hand in it. We feel that you are beginning to appreciate exactly what a momentous time it is to be on Earth. Indeed, a time to enjoy your release from all of the darkness you have encountered.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation of Light applauds your approach to the end times, and knows that you now have the strength and resolve to see it through and claim the victory that is yours. Our Love and admiration goes with you forevermore.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.  

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