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Banker Writes Suicide Note, Disappears, Perhaps with $17 Million


We’ve heard the galactics say that it doesn’t matter where people hide. They will be found and restrained. Cindy sends along so many URLs on bankers faking suicide, confessing, or trying to skip town that I have to  list her URLs below this story.  The banking swindle is coming undone.

Aubrey Lee Price, Missing Georgia Bank Director, Left Behind Confession, Possible Suicide Note

By KATE BRUMBACK, Huff Post, 07/11/12 05:52 PM ET AP


ATLANTA — After penning a rambling letter to financial regulators and writing notes to his family, a south Georgia bank director boarded a ferry in Key West, Fla., and disappeared.

Now local and federal investigators are trying to determine whether Aubrey Lee Price killed himself, as the lengthy letter – which they’ve described as a confession – would have them believe, or whether he slipped away with $17 million of investors’ money. His family has told authorities they believe he’s dead, but federal investigators aren’t so sure and have offered $20,000 for information leading to his arrest.

“My depression and discouragement have driven me to deep anxiety, fear and shame. I am emotionally overwhelmed and incapable of continuing in this life,” says the confession letter investigators believe was written by Price.

“I created false statements, covered up my losses and deceived and hurt the very people I was trying to help,” the letter says.

Price apologizes at the beginning of the confession for its “lack of structure, grammar and harmony of thought.” Indeed, it wanders from one subject to the next and back again and is sprinkled with grammatical errors and Bible verses. It includes claims that Price is solely responsible for the banking losses; apologies to his clients, associates and partners; claims that banking was never his area of expertise and that he got bad advice; some blame for regulators and other outside forces; repeated mentions of the stress and anxiety he says he has felt for months; and many allusions to his apparent intent to kill himself. The confession also denies that any money was stolen, saying it was all lost through bad investments.

Members of Price’s family and several of his associates mentioned in court documents did not return calls seeking comment. A manager at the bank he directed, which has been purchased by another bank and reopened this week under a different name, said he couldn’t comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Price left his home in south Georgia on June 16, telling his family he was headed to Guatemala for business, said Sgt. Aaron Pritchett of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating his disappearance. Two days later, Price’s family received letters saying he was going to Key West to board a ferry headed to Fort Meyers and planned to jump off somewhere along the way to end his life.

Credit card records show he purchased dive weights and a ferry ticket. The ferry ticket was scanned at the boarding point, but that’s where the trail runs cold, Pritchett said.

The Coast Guard searched for him, and investigators talked to the ferry crew and rental car agencies in the Fort Meyers area, to no avail.

Price has said he owns real estate in Venezuela and frequently went there and to Guatemala. Airline records show he had returned to the U.S. from a trip to Venezuela on June 2, according to a statement from an FBI investigator. Price may also own a boat that’s big enough to travel from Florida to Venezuela, the investigator said.

Price became director of Montgomery Bank & Trust in Ailey, Ga., in December 2010, when a company he controlled bought a controlling portion of the bank’s stock, according to a complaint filed late last month in federal court in New York. Price then opened brokerage accounts through a securities clearing and custodial firm in New York and told bank managers he would invest in U.S. Treasury securities.

Instead of investing the bank’s money, authorities say Price wired the funds into accounts he controlled at other financial institutions and provided bank managers with fraudulent documents.

The FBI and federal prosecutors in New York say Price embezzled $17 million in bank funds. The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a complaint in federal court in Atlanta saying he defrauded investors. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday said it seized Montgomery Bank & Trust. A federal grand jury in Georgia on Wednesday indicted Price on a bank fraud charge, after prosecutors claimed that his actions led to the depletion of Montgomery Bank & Trust’s cash assets and reserves.

An associate told an SEC lawyer that since 2009, Price had raised roughly $40 million from about 115 investors, mostly in Georgia and Florida, through the sale of membership interests in his investment firm. He routinely sent investors messages saying the firm, for which he made the investment decisions, consistently had positive returns, the SEC lawsuit says. Price provided monthly account statements to investors that were falsified to hide the fact that millions of dollars were missing, his associate told the SEC.

Wendy Cross moved about $300,000 to Price’s firm after a trusted financial adviser told her it would be a good investment. She met Price in person once. She described a very religious, soft-spoken man with a gentle demeanor and an air of kindness.

“He should have won an Oscar for his performance that day,” she said. “He has left a path of financial carnage.”

The 46-year-old from Atlanta said she discovered something was wrong late last month when she wanted to withdraw some money from the firm to invest in another business. She tried multiple times to contact the firm to withdraw money. When she texted her financial adviser, he responded that he had had no idea what was going on at the company and said he thought Price was still alive despite rumors of his suicide.

Cross said she is shocked and devastated by the loss of her savings. She owns a food truck that sells arepas, stuffed cornmeal patties popular in some Latin American countries, but said she will have to sell the truck because she needs the money to live. She can’t afford to hire a lawyer and said she doesn’t know what she’s going to do next.

Price lived with his wife and children in Bradenton, Fla., but bought a home in Valdosta earlier this year, according to authorities. Price had moved his family to the south Georgia city, where his wife’s parents live, just a few weeks before he disappeared. There were financial reasons behind the move, but it also appears Price may have been trying to make things easier on his family once he disappeared, Pritchett said.

Pritchett calls the case interesting and peculiar but wouldn’t speculate on whether Price is still alive.

“Until we have a body, it’s kind of hard to say,” Pritchett said. “It’s almost like a novel.”

Cindy on Fallen Business Titans

First, Russell Wasendorf decides to cancel a wedding in August and get married immediately in Vegas …

Then he attempts suicide in the parking lot where he works, his employees find him and they report money is missing …

Ooops! Found it at JP Morgan! …

And he admits he has been forging the documents for years …

It’s the LEAD story at HuffPost now … http://www.huffingtonpost.com/business/

New Evidence Michael Marin, Ex-Wall Street Trader Who Died In Court, May Have Ingested Cyanide

Peregrine Financial CEO Left Suicide Note, ‘Caused Alarm’

Colorado conman killed by business partner in murder-suicide


Fall of a Wall Street titan
High-flying life of invest guru spun into deadly spiral

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/fall_of_wall_street_titan_ycL1kNjADrPmJfqsDXT46J#ixzz20KyugD68
And it started in the East …

South Korea’s Banking Sector Is Falling Apart, And Bankers Are Killing Themselves Over It,
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/suicides-on-the-rise-among-south-korean-bankers-as-regulators-intervene-2012-6#ixzz20KxaYeFx http://www.businessinsider.com/suicides-on-the-rise-among-south-korean-bankers-as-regulators-intervene-2012-6


Republicans Try to Scare America into Supporting Romney by Claiming Obama’s from Outer Space


You remember I said this site won’t be pursuing the story that President Obama was rated better than Mitt Romney at meeting an “alien” attack?  The Republicans appear to be testing the water on the “alien” and “starseed” themes, as the following story suggests.  The story reflects the reason why we won’t be playing into the cabal’s hands by publicizing stories like this.

Republicans Try to Scare America into Supporting Romney by Claiming Obama’s from Outer Space

By: Jason Easley, Politicus USA, July 8th, 2012


Since the whole birth certificate thing didn’t pan out, Republicans are trying a new approach. RNC chairman Reince Preibus is claiming that Obama doesn’t live on Earth.




[Chairman Priebus says in the interview:]

“I don’t think people are begging for another four years of this misery, John. And that’s what they’re going to be thinking about in November. Do we want another four years of this stagnant job growth where the president that acts like he’s not living on Earth.”

I know you can’t say it out loud, Chairman Preibus, so you had to put it in code. What you were trying to tell us is that Barack Obama really isn’t “one of us.”

This is definitely taking the othering of President Obama to a whole new galaxy. Not only is Obama not like “real America,” because he was obviously born in Kenya, but he is not even like us earthlings. Obama is so out of touch that it is like he living on another planet. He just doesn’t see reality.

According to Preibus what the country really needs is someone who can connect with the everyday experiences of the American people like Mitt Romney.

What American hasn’t felt the financial insecurity sweep over them when their car elevator broke down? Mitt Romney is real America, real white, real rich, and real out of touch with people which is the new Republican way.

Having established in their minds that Obama is un-American, the Republican Party has moved on to declaring that Obama isn’t even a human being. I guess the Republican Party found us out. Democrats have been running an advanced race of socialist aliens for the presidency since 2000.

Republicans have tried to make America hate President Obama for four years based on his birth certificate and his race. Having failed at both, the GOP is now going the sci fi route.

When the best thing that Republicans can say about their candidate is that he lives on Earth, they think, the GOP has a lot of problems.

All Hail Barack Obama and his White House rotating among the moons of Jupiter, may our non-Earth residing overlord be blessed with a second term.

French Arrest Warrant Issued for Equatorial Guinea VP




French Arrest Warrant for Equatorial Guinea VP

sage:  Equatorial Guinea, a tiny island off Africa’s coast, has the dubious honour of being one of the top 12 corrupted states, as listed by Transparency International.   A resource rich country, less than half the population has access to clean drinking water and 20% of the children die before age five. 

President Obiang took over after leading a successful coup against his predecessor, Francisco Macias Nguema, who had, himself, allegedly committed genocide of the main ethnic minority, the Bubi.  He is also suspected of ordering the death of thousands of suspected opponents, closing churches and forcing out approximately a third of the population that was left.

President Obiang feels that “oil revenues are a state secret”.  The family-led dictatorship has used the oil boom to siphon huge payments from US oil companies like Exxon Mobil, according to Human Rights Watch and a 2004 US Senate Investigation.

Obiang, the son, has long been under suspicion and investigation by the United States as well as France.  He was appointed Vice-President by his father in May 2012, possibly to seek his immunity against legal proceedings.

French Arrest Warrant for Equatorial Guinea VP

By Elaine Ganley and Nicolas Vaux-Montagny, Associated Press, Paris, July 13, 2012


France has issued an arrest warrant for the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, a suspect in an investigation into the alleged misspending of public funds, a judicial official said Friday.

The warrant followed Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue’s failure to show up for questioning, and eventual preliminary charges, on Wednesday by investigative judges handling the probe, which targets the acquisition of properties in France by the leaders of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Republic of Congo, the official said.

News of the warrant, initially revealed by the daily Le Monde, came on the same day that UNESCO, the U.N. cultural arm, announced that it will go ahead with presenting a controversial $3 million research prize from Equatorial Guinea next week that pitted nations against each other at the institution dedicated to world harmony through education and culture.

The prize has drawn condemnation from scholars, human rights groups and Western and other nations because of the poor human rights record of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea and corruption within the ruling clan.

The head of the Paris-based U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Irina Bokova, had herself called the award divisive and tried to pressure Equatorial Guinea to withdraw it. With the board’s passage of the prize despite the controversy, she had said she would seek legal counsel about how to proceed and was apparently left with no choice.

The name of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema was removed from the prize, first approved by UNESCO in 2008, to make it less objectionable to detractors, but that failed to calm the fires.

“We condemn UNESCO’s decision to award this prize against the wishes of many of its own member states and international human rights community,” the U.S. ambassador to UNESCO David Killion said in a strongly worded statement. “We simply cannot promote this award given the concerns regarding the questionable source of the prize funds.”

The UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences will be awarded Tuesday to Egypt’s Maged Al-Sherbiny who heads his country’s Academy of Scientific Research and Technology; South Africa’s Felix Dapare Dakora, of Tshwane University of Technology; and Mexico’s Rossana Arroyo, who teaches at National Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Research and Advanced Studies.

It was not immediately clear whether the timing of the two developments was linked.

The warrant seeks the arrest of Obiang, the president’s son, for money laundering and misappropriation of public funds among other things — charges that would have been leveled at the missed hearing as part of the probe, the official said. The judicial official is not authorized to speak publicly about the case and asked not to be identified.

The son’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigny, contended that the arrest warrant is worthless because his client, recently named second vice president of his country, is covered by immunity.

“You can think what you want about the Obiang family, but Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign state and he (Obiang, the son) is vice-president and recognized as such,” Marsigny said in an interview.

Last September, French police seized 16 luxury cars of the son, including a Bugatti whose value was estimated at more than €1 million, expenditures suspected of being looted from the country whose population lives

That was followed by a search in mid-February of his vast and luxurious Paris apartment building — a move considered illegal by Equatorial Guinea on the grounds, it said, that the building was part of its diplomatic mission.

The U.S. also has zoned in on Obiang, the son, who is the subject of a U.S. criminal investigation after he moved many millions of dollars of money into the country and, among other things, bought a $30 million home in Malibu, California.

The French arrest warrant “is excellent news which sanctions the flagrant bad faith of Mr. Obiang,” said Joseph Breham, a lawyer with Sherpa, the anti-corruption association at the origin of the French complaint.


UFO: Amazing Video from Bolivia

UFO: Amazing Video from Bolivia

Posted on YouTube by ufosindeutschland – July 7, 2012

This video footage seems to show a lightship close to the ground and almost landing before it takes off. Wow!

From Drake on The Global Voice Facebook group: D day 27 July




And away we go…
July 27 is D day.
All senators need to know what the importance of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is.
The vote can be an act of Treason, Death Warrant, or you can vote NO.
I do not think this will be ratified…BUT
IF it is, you have declared WAR on We The People.
There are many who are at the edge of taking up arms now. Do not take this lightly, as people will come after you.
I have tried to maintain a measure of control to prevent exactly that.
I can no longer guarantee safety.


BALTIC SEA UFO ANOMALY Update 11th July 2012 (HD) (The Coverup) – YouTube






Chemtrail spraying in Norway – with Infra-Red

Chemtrails can be difficult to see after they have morphed into different forms. With an Infra red camera, all the chemtrail soup becomes more visible. This film shows how prevalent the chemtrail spraying really is at certain times. I have registered this going on even behind cloud cover and night time operations

Russian n Underwater Encounters With Underwater Humanoids and UFOs



Russian Underwater Encounters with Underwater Humanoids and UFOs: What Lurks Beneath The Surface – By Paul Stonehill

In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, were conducting periodic training of the reconnaissance divers (“frogmen”) of the Turkestan and Central Asian military regions. The training exercises had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake, a deep water lake in the Transiliysk Ala Tau area.


For Full Details LINK:





Identities of Earth Allies in Charge of Cabal Arrests by Greg Giles – July 13, 2012



Rumor Mill News Agents Forum
Identities of Earth Allies in Charge of Cabal Arrests by Greg Giles – July 13, 2012

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Friday, 13-Jul-2012 19:05:53

Identities of Earth Allies in Charge of Cabal Arrests by Greg Giles – July 13, 2012
According to information released by Pentagon and military insider Drake during a recent radio broadcast updating the progress of the mass arrests of the members of the criminal cabal, the following is a list of military and law enforcement groups in charge of these arrests and the jurisdictions they are working in throughout this cleansing process.
United States: Positive and constitutional US military troops.
Canada: Positive military troops teamed with members of Interpol (International Police), a global law enforcement organization operating in 190 countries.
Australia: Positive military units teamed with Interpol.
Europe: Interpol, teamed with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which is an intergovernmental military alliance.
Asia: Interpol, teamed with the White Dragon Society, a positive Asian alliance first introduced to western society by researcher and reporter Benjamin Fulford.
Latin America: A certain positive group with membership all throughout Central and South America, whose identity cannot be revealed at this time due to security concerns.
Africa: Due to the complexities of countries, territories and sovereignties within Africa, many with ties to European countries, the arrest procedures on this continent will receive special assistance.

Ascension Earth 2012

A Simple Explanation of Securitization



A Simple Explanation of Securitization

Friday, July 13, 2012

This was originally written in terms of South African Rand, I’ve changed Rand into Dollars, and various British spellings for sake of clarity to American readers. I apologize for the lack of attribution, I do not know who the original author is. -AK

A Simple Explanation of Securitization

It is the simple basic task of taking a whole pile of simple single things, joining them all together and calling the collective of them all a new thing, and then selling that thing.
In the banking sector its the taking of a bunch of loans, bundling them together, calling a group of 10 loans a ‘structured investment vehicle’, and then selling the ‘structured investment vehicle’ to someone else.
In the Stock Exchange it just taking a group of separate stocks, bundling them together, calling them a unit trust, and selling a unit trust.
In the insurance industry its just taking a bunch of insurance policies, grouping them all together, calling them a re-insurance group, and selling the re-insurance group.
The underlying common principle behind every one of these acts is that the new thing that is formed is not an actual physical thing, and therefore somebody is not paying for an actual physical thing and that is where the whole monetary system collapses.
Its the whole ‘widgets in your hand’ story.
If you have a factory making widgets and it makes 10 widgets and sells them for $1 each, then the factory has received $10 rand and somebody else has 10 widgets. If that someone else then bunches them together into a ‘box of widgets’ and sells “A box of widgets” to someone else for $15, then someone else has paid $15 for 10 widgets THAT ARE ONLY WORTH $10.
If that someone else ever tries to sell one of those widgets he has to ask $1.50 for it just to break even, but no-one will ever pay him $1.50 for it because they can buy it from the widget factory for $1.00 already, so at some stage someone will always end up sitting with something that he has paid too much money for that he cannot sell to anyone. And if that someone is a bank, who said to 10 customers give me $1.50 each so that we can buy this ‘box of 10 widgets’ for$R15, and therefore the bank didn’t use their own money, then the bank just turns round to those 10 guys and just says “sorry I’ve lost your money its not my problem its you who lose out, I’m alright jack because I just get paid a salary for going shopping for “boxes of widgets.”  And those 10 customers who gave the bank their money are left sitting with a widget each that they have paid $1.50 for that anyone else can buy at the widget factory for only $1.00.

It doesn’t matter if widgets are house loans, stock shares, insurance policies, personal loans, investments, rare paintings, whatever, and they call it securitization or re-insurance or unit trusts or underwriting or whatever, as long as somebody is taking AND DOING NOTHING TO IT (Adding no value) AND CHARGING SOMEBODY ELSE MORE FOR IT, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN END PERSON GETTING STUCK WITH IT WHO HAS PAID TOO MUCH FOR IT AND CANT GET HIS MONEY (OR THE PEOPLES WHOSE MONEY HE IS USING) BACK.
(Of course house prices going up and down and stock fluctuations and exchange rates all play a part but the above is the basic fundamental principle)
Of course all of this must never be confused with someone buying widget A (a car engine) for $1 and widget B ( a car body) for $1 and widget C (tires glass seats etc) for $1 and putting them all together to make widget D (a fully functioning car) and selling that for $5. In that instance the person buying widget D (a fully functioning car) IS GETTING SOMETHING THAT DIDN’T EXIST BEFORE so therefore its right to pay more for something that didn’t exist before.
But with Securitization etc, THEY ARE NOT MAKING SOMETHING THAT DIDN’T EXIST BEFORE. There is no more widgets than there were before, there are no more houses than there were before, there are no more signed loan agreements than there were before, there is no more stocks or shares than there were before, there is nothing more than what was just there originally but somebody is paying more for just exactly what was there before, and that is where the system will always fall apart.
Its exactly the same as interest.
$100 exists
It sits in the bank
The bank lends 10 people $10 each
Still only $100 exists.
each person has to pay back $11 to the bank
They can’t, $110 doesn’t exist, it cannot be done.
They will keep paying until they have each paid $10 and then they are stuck, another $1 each DOES NOT EXIST to pay back.
So then the whole system will collapse.
That is a very simplified version and the borrowing goes on and on for decades before it all falls apart but the basic principle is the same.*

*AK Note: this is also why under our current economic system there will always be losers, poverty, and unemployment, its a direct result of a system that by nature is not sustainable, since the banking system creates no real new net value, it only extracts value.
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