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Major Stefan Cook refused to obey his orders to report to Afghanistan because he believed these orders originated from the illegally-elected Commander-in-Chief.
Major Stefan Cook: “If soldiers follow illegal orders, they may be prosecuted; and if captured, they are not under the protection of the Geneva Convention.”
Major Cook’s attorney, Dr. Orly Taitz, and her assistants (including a retired detective from Scotland Yard in the U.K.) conducted their own investigation, coming to the conclusion that Barack Obama is an impostor.
There is a birth certificate showing a baby Obama born in Kenya in 1961. According to America law this means that Obama cannot be president (if this is true). The United States Constitution states that only a natural born person may hold the office of president of the U.S. Therefore all his actions and executive orders are null and void.
The problem is that there is no valid birth certificate of Obama ever examined by officials. All that Obama has displayed is a so-called “Certification of Live Birth”, which was apparently ‘forged’ in 2007 when he began campaigning.
It was exactly this document which Obama displayed at the beginning of his presidential campaign. It states that Barack Hussein Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii.
Hawaii is one of the states of the U.S. However, it does not state that one can be born anywhere in the world and still obtain a Hawaiian CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH.
In Orly’s opinion, this Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth was a forgery, while the genuine birth certificate is most likely in Kenya.   
In order to determine the truth, she asked the court hearing the Major Cook case to subpoena records from Kenya and allow the court’s experts to  examine Obama’s birth record. Yet the court issued rather a strange ruling to cancel mobilization orders of Major Cook.
According to Attorney Taitz, “His order to report in Afghanistan had been changed. Instead he received another order that he must not go to Afghanistan.”
In the process of investigation conducted by Attorney Taitz, she figured out even more shocking evidence. It appeared that Obama had many, many fake IDs and Social Security numbers.
“We used commonly accessible data bases, in which there were about 140 different addresses linked to Barack and Michelle Obama, and multiple Social Security number in his name. The one he currently uses belongs to a dead person – who would be 120 years old today. (Once used, Social Security numbers are not recycled.)”
In attempt to get justice in the most democratic nation of the world, a group of military persons decided to attract attention of the mass media. To their frustration, even the media, usually considered oppositional, refused to cover anything related to the illegitimacy of Obama. They believe it happened this way because American media is owned by the Islamic financial circles which seated Obama into the White House in the first place.
Why does even the so-called conservative TV Fox News refuse to touch the ineligibility issue? Because a significant part of it is owned by Saudi princes, and it is under their influence. And yes, Obama is a Moslem, that was figured out. Therefore we have a huge conspiracy of silence.
“We have a huge cover-up here!” according to one observer.
Neil Turner is a former military officer too. Forty years ago he served in the U.S. Army Aviation as a helicopter pilot. In his words, Obama is a Muslim, in spite of his declaration that he is a Christian. One of the evidences that Obama is a Muslim is a deep bow to the Saudi King during his visit in 2009.
According to Dr. Taitz, “It is unheard of that an American President bows to anybody, particularly to the Saudi King; to the King of the country from which fifteen of the nineteen perpetrators of the 9/11 attack originate.”
It is particularly painful issue for the USA which suffered so tragic and devastating attack from Islamic terrorists on 9/11. This is one of the reasons that Obama’s opponents try to find more proofs that Obama in fact favors Islam.
A well-known head of a Brooklyn Borough mosque told in an interview recorded on YouTube that Sheik Khalid al-Mansour, an important Islamic figure in the US, came to him  asking for a good reference for Obama in applying to Harvard University. During that conversation, al-Mansour said that the Saudi royal family backs Obama both morally and financially.
At the beginning of 2009, then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice mentioned that somebody attempted to gain illegal entry into the Data Base of the Department of State, trying to copy the passport data of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama.  
A few months later the Washington Times newspaper reported about the first finding of the investigation. The FBI figured out the suspect, who happened to be an American citizen named Quarles Harris, and he agreed to co-operate with the investigation and provide all the required information. However, this investigation was soon closed because very soon thereafter Quarles Harris was found shot to death.
Obama’s opponents do not accept that Harris’s murder was a mere coincidence.
Actually the break-in was really done to get rid of the passport records of Obama, because that would be one more proof of his illegitimacy. They killed Mr. Quarles Harris because he was ready to reveal that information. This crime has never been resolved.
Two weeks from now, on Dec 14, 2010, there will be an extremely important trial in America, a military trial, not civil. The court will hear the case of this person, Lt Col Terry Lakin who, unlike the other military questioning Obama’s legitimacy, is on active duty rather than in the Reserve.
Lt Col Terry Lakin is a military doctor who has been serving for nineteen years, and decorated with many medals of honor. He refused to obey his orders to deploy a second time to Afghanistan.
“For the first time in my long career of service to our great nation, I must disobey all orders that originate with the illegal Commander-in-Chief, including the recent one to deploy once again to Afghanistan” said Colonel Lakin.
We must say that the doubts expressed by some of American journalists cost them their job. While it is not our business, however it seems to us that the most natural way to stop those questions about the illegitimacy of  Obama would be to produce his authentic birth certificate. Instead, Obama behaves not like a true American; he makes everybody believe as though nothing is  happening.
We do not know whether it is coincidence, yet several other military personnel related to this destroy have died – one as a result of heart attack, another because of assault by hooligans, and another in a  car accident.



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