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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



Lifted from Shift of the Age.com

2012 is a momentous year for a variety of reasons.  Contrary to our present limited belief systems, Mother Earth is actually a Great Being named Gaia.

Gaia has allowed Earth humans to inhabit her physical body.  Ages ago, we chose to evolve spiritually by accepting the challenges to be found on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.  This meant that some Earth humans would need to play roles of negativity in order to provide the challenging circumstances that make up the plane of duality.

Viewed from the higher dimensions, the plane of duality is simply an illusion—a stage on which Earth humans can learn to overcome adversity by rising above the challenges.  In doing so, many gain self-discipline, will power, and the capacity to love deeply even when that love is painful.  We may learn to walk on our own, to individualize into a strong being capable of becoming a co-creator for good.

Gaia became our schoolhouse for spiritual growth.  Evolving on the plane of duality can speed up our spiritual evolutionary process; however, we must live in accordance with the Universal Laws.  Sadly, we have made many mistakes where two Universal Laws, in particular, are concerned—The Law We Reap What We Sow and The Law Like Attracts Like.  These mistakes have necessitated that we reincarnate on Gaia time and time again because the negative karma we accumulate through our mistakes must be balanced on the 3rd dimension where we sowed the seeds.

Those who have participated in group counseling and the role play scenarios that can be extremely healing will understand the concept of our 3rd dimensional reality actually being an illusionary stage on which we all play previously agreed upon roles for the purposes of positive growth and healing.  When an epiphany removing a psychic block occurs, eternal gratitude is our response.

During the eons of incarnating on the wheel of karma, we all agree to play the role of negative beings as well as positive ones.  For, in fact, what we call a negative role can be the very role by which we assist others to progress positively on their spiritual path.  For example:  We consider the role of an abusive spouse to be a negative one.  However, if—as a result of the abuse—the mate learns to take responsibility for self, develops the will power to move out even though it is frightening to do so, to recognize that she/he is worthy of a life free of abuse, is that role truly negative?  How often have we looked back on our lives and decided a painful period ended up being the best thing that happened to us?  We grow on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality by overcoming the challenges others have agreed (during the soul contract planning before incarnation) to place before us.

Those we call the dark cabal are examples of beings who agreed to play a negative role in order to create illusionary plane-of-duality scenarios in which we could progress.  The problem occurs when those playing the negative roles lose their way and choose to cling to the power, prestige, and money.  They come to enjoy lording it over the people, whom they consider to be peasants or slaves.  This blue blood concept is most often  perpetuated within their families, whether or not every family member is in agreement.  The children are trained to be lords over others, to believe that they are truly above the common herd.  Because these souls originated within the omnipresent Source of unconditional love, to behave in ways that contradict that Source results in mental disorders, such as sociopathy.  Through the centuries, these cabal members have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity.


Now, the present year of 2012 will close the curtains on humanity’s 3rd dimensional stage.  Gaia requested and has been granted the opportunity to ascend to the 5th dimension, where suffering does not exist.  Gaia also gained divine permission to allow all of her inhabitants—who so choose—to ascend with her while still residing in our physical bodies.  Death does not exist beyond the 3rd dimension; it is, in fact, only an illusionary perception on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality.  Those who desire to continue living on the 3rd dimension will be attracted to other planets that still house a plane of duality.  To ascend is a personal, freewill choice.  To transfer to another planet is also a personal, freewill choice.  There is no divine judgment or punishment—only the Universal Law of Like attracts like.

If we choose to ascend with Gaia, we must lift our consciousness to include the qualities of 5th dimension.  In order to lift our consciousness, we must cleanse our energetic bodies of all negative emotions, such as hatred, fear, resentment, revenge, discrimination, anger, and the holding of grudges.  We cannot be loving one day and revengeful the next.  We must demonstrate the quality of forgiveness.  Because Like attracts like, if we cling to negative qualities, our energetic field will be attracted to another 3rd dimensional planet rather than to our ascending Earth.


2012 marks the end of an approximately 26,000 year cycle, called the Precession of the Equinox.  As our Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Aquarius, it signifies the end of an approximately 2,000 years cycle, called an Age.  These new cycles indicate a time of tremendous change.[i]  (Be sure to check Endnote.)

The major reason the dark cabal must be removed now is that their control has prevented the freedom needed to prepare Gaia and her inhabitants for both her ascension and ours.  Their removal will result in a level of magnificent change that is beyond our imagination to comprehend at this moment.

First, the removal of the cabal will literally impact whether or not you and I ascend in that the manner in which we respond to hearing of all the crimes that have been perpetrated upon us will be subject to the unfolding of the Universal Laws:  We reap what we sow and Like attracts like.  If we commit acts of violence, demand punishment to fill our need for revenge, and/or allow ourselves to be filled with anger and hatred, then we are sowing seeds of negativity that will have to be reaped on a 3rd dimensional planet—resulting in a delay of our ascension.

Our galactic brothers and sisters are assisting us with removal of the cabal in ways that are centered upon unconditional love and rehabilitation.[ii]  (See Endnote)  Although it will be natural to feel anger upon first hearing of the cabal’s crimes, we need to quickly remember that they got stuck playing a negative role on the illusionary stage of duality.  We have all played a negative role in one or more lifetimes, so that others might grow from overcoming the challenges presented.

Knowing the forthcoming glorious life for all who choose to ascend will greatly aid in allowing the dark cabal to be removed to a place where they can concentrate on their own rehabilitation, while we move toward ascension.

Second, the removal of the cabal will clear the way for a new economic system that will mean abundance for every human being residing on Gaia.  This abundance will result in the opportunity to focus on preparing for ascension, rather than having to work to survive.  No longer will we be forced to ignore our talents, our passions in order to get a job that pays enough to cover all of the bills.

Third, worldwide peace will be declared.  Our galactic family possesses the technologies needed to neutralize all weapons.  It has never been the people who wanted war.  Instead, wars have been created by the dark cabal for their own profit.

Fourth, with the creation of world peace, our galactic family will be free to openly land on Gaia and present us with technologies that will bring even more abundance into our lives.  Free energy, replicators, space cars are just a few of the examples.  6,000 patented technologies will be revealed that the cabal has hidden from humanity for decades.  In comparison to what life on the 5th dimensional level is, our present lives are barbaric.

Fifth, our galactic family will use their technology to assist us in restoring Gaia to her original Garden of Eden condition.

Sixth, majestic Cities of Light Healing will be lowered onto the physical plane.  All will have the opportunity for complete healing without pain.  Limbs will be restored.  Childbirth will be painless.  Those presently engaged in the healing profession will be taught healing with Light.  There will be no more physical surgery that severs the electrical system of the human body.  Illness will disappear in a very short time.

Seventh, although there will be interim governments to help humanity make the transition to 5th dimension, only those leaders who have the good of the people in heart will be allowed to govern.  As Gaia ascends to 5th dimension, she will take her position within the Galactic Federation.  Humanity will become members of a 5th dimensional galactic culture.

Eighth, we will be reunited with our real Star families.  All of humanity are Star Beings.  Our brothers and sisters have traveled the cosmos to hover around Gaia and await the day of our joyous reunion.

Ninth, we will regain full consciousness.  While attending school on Gaia, we have functioned with only 10% of our brain and been consciously aware of only 3% of the glorious cosmos around us.  Full consciousness will allow us to regain 100% of our capacity to know all things and to see all things.  We will become the magnificent beings of Light and Love that our Source created us to be!


With the removal of the dark cabal, Gaia and her inhabitants are ending a 13,000 years history of being a prison planet.  Because we have been so destructive, without regard to how the rest of the cosmos is impacted, we have been quarantined.

Within this year of 2012, we will experience a freedom far beyond our wildest dreams.  No longer will be unable to travel rapidly throughout the cosmos.  Our galactic family eagerly awaits the time we can join them on their space ships for a tour of our galaxy!

We have lived such restricted lives that all of this sounds beyond possibility.  May we approach these exciting times free of negative emotions and eager to move into our ascension to 5th dimension!


[i]   An excellent article regarding these two cycles may be found at:  http://www.shiftoftheage.com/2009/11/02/precession-of-the-equinox-from-darkness-into-light-2/


Water Powered Motorcycle Hits Mainstream in Pakistan

( Cant Validate if its TRUE, as for the pic its shows the year  2008?)
Galactic HUMAN
Water Powered Motorcycle Hits Mainstream in Pakistan
Date: Sunday, 29-Jul-2012 13:16:19

Today, the Times of India reported: “Members of Pakistani parliament, scientists, and students alike watched in awe as Waqar Ahmad, a Pakistani engineer, successfully demonstrated a working water powered car in Islamabad.” Earlier videos show him apparently running a motorcycle.

Here’s a screen shot from a video that shows the inventor putting water in a tank. The date is probably wrong. The video was uploaded this month.

by Robert Lee
Pure Energy Systems News

Members of Pakistani parliament, scientists, and students alike watched in awe as Waqar Ahmad, a Pakistani engineer, successfully demonstrated a working water powered car in Islamabad. With just one liter of water, Ahmad claims a 1000 cc car could cover a distance of 40 km, or a motorbike could travel 150 km.

Ahmad’s ‘Water Fuel Kit Project’ utilizes a hydrogen bonding technique with distilled water, creating hydrogen to power the vehicle. If realized on a massive scale, Ahmad’s invention could seriously challenge the current energy paradigm, and could usher in a new way of thinking about energy in general.
First reported today by the Times of India, the promising exhibition took place on Thursday, as a Pakistani cabinet subcommittee member praised the technology. A stunned audience sat in astonishment when Religious Affairs minister, Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, proclaimed Ahmad’s water car was “this years’ Independence Day gift to the nation.”

This is not the first time a water powered car has been proven to work. Nearly a year ago, on July 31st, 2011, Presscore.ca broke a story on Genepax, a Japanese company that unveiled a car that can run on river, rain or sea water, and even Japanese tea. A subsequent article goes on to state, “The key to the Genepax system is its membrane electrode assembly (or MEA), which contains a material that’s capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen.”

Comments by Sterling D. Allan

First, let me welcome Robert Lee as a writer for PESN. This is his first story.

I was approached a few days ago by a member of the Pakistan crew involved with this technology. He gave me some links to three videos that they posted.

I was waiting for a response from them on a reply I sent to their email, asking some questions about the technology.

But with this announcement in Times India today, I thought we should go ahead and post what we have so far on this. Here are four (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) videos from their YouTube channel. First, the inventor clears the carburetor of petrol, then hooks up the fuel source from his system that appears to extract energy from water. Then he drives the bike down the road at around 5 mph.






Source : Pesn.com






The Olympics, The Giant Baby & The Dark Knight Rises

Or a “Starchild Is Born” .

Well it look likes SUBhuman was bang on the mark with the comment about the sperm and what would be born at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London last night .

From Let The Games Begin , a few days ago :

“A few weeks ago, ‘SUBhuman’ made the excellent observation that it looked like a sperm . I have discussed DNA and the Bloodline theory ad infinitum, and probably bored everyone to death but if this is correct then we maybe seeing a sperm starting Life but for this to happen, there has to be an egg to be fertilised . And for some reason, it reminds me of this image from the original ‘Alien’ film .”

And, as if Danny Boyle was a regular reader of this blog, what do we see .




A Starchild is Born !

Actually the birth was very dark, and we have to go to the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ to understand the conception . In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, Rosemary is raped by the Devil who has come up from wherever he lives and conceives a ‘Child of Satan’ . The ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ section of the ceremony was called ‘Pandemonium’ . This is a reference to the capital of Hell in John Milton’s Paradise Lost . From Wiki :

Pandæmonium is the capital of Hell in the epic poem Paradise Lost by the 17th century English poet John Milton.

“Pandæmonium” (American English “Pandemonium”) stems from Greek “παν”, meaning “all” or “every”, and “δαιμόνιον”, meaning “little spirit” or “little angel”, or, as Christians interpreted it, “little daemon”, and later, “demon” (thus roughly translated as “All Demons”); or it can be interpreted as Παν-δαιμον-ειον = “all-demon-place”. It is the name invented by John Milton for the capital of Hell, “the High Capital, of Satan and his Peers”, built by the fallen angels at the suggestion of Mammon at the end of Book I, Paradise Lost (1667). Book II begins with the debate among the “Stygian Council” in the council-chamber of Pandæmonium. The demons built it in about an hour, but it far surpassed all human palaces or dwellings; it may have been small, however, as the demons are described as shrinking from their titanic size in order to fit in.

Note the reference to their size . As we have seen, Giants have been popping up all over the place and with the Giant Baby we have another to add to the collection .

Back to the Opening Ceremony . For this section, the Olympic Stadium symbolically was Hell and the sperm of the Devil/Satan/Saturn rose up from the Volcano/Underworld to fertilise the egg and so Rosemary’s Baby was born – the Starchild  . This was the main intention of the ritual – to conceive and birth the child .

Before, I discuss who or what was born last night I will again point out the connection with the Ceremony and the events in Aurora exactly 7 days previously. I just happened to see the time in Britain that the Egg was fertilised and it was exactly 21:21 – the mirror of 12 dead and the ‘In the Midnight Hour’ of the shooting . But the more obvious link is seen with the inclusion of the Voldemoort Giant in Stratford – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ . And he did literally, as he rose from the Underworld .



I would also suggest Aurora is also connected by its obvious connotation with ‘The Light’ as symbolised by the Olympic Torch .
And, I observe that Danny Boyle insisted the event should start as ‘The Dark Night Rose’ at 9pm .

Anyway, back to the Giant child . My impression is that the child is a girl and we are seeing the birth of a new Goddess – Queen Isis . The hidden references to Isis were apparent from the start, with the video journey of the Olympic flame along the River Isis from its source to Stratford . As you may have noticed, there were many ‘Queen’ connections :

  • Queen Elizabeth opened the Games . One of the names of Isis is ‘The Female of the Throne’ .
  • She was seen with James Bond in the Skyfall video as she became ‘The Woman who fell to Earth’ .
  • The singing of ‘God Save The Queen’  (‘Long to reign over us’ – not at all hive mind) .
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by ‘Queen’ .
  • ‘God Save The Queen’ by the Sex Pistols .


And just to keep me happy, there were a few Sirius syncs thrown in as well . Firstly, the two Royal Dog Star corgis (Sirius A & B ?) and next the Star,  which the cameras seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time showing during the short David Bowie clip of Star Man . I am reminded of his role in ‘The Man who Fell to Earth’ who of course is Lucifer – see James Bond parachute ‘Skyfall’ .

corgisThe Dog Stars

The next element to the Opening Ceremony was the numerology which was obsessed with 7 and in particular 7/7 . I don’t know a lot about numerology but I can see ‘pattern’ and this is seen firstly, in the date 27/7 which is the 77 energy x 2 . I doubt the date of the Aurora tragedy, with 7 days between the events and a similar date 20/7 was a coincidence . There was a remembrance to the victims of the 7/7 bombings in London and also, the 007 link with James Bond . And if we haven’t seen enough 7s, there were also the 7 giant Towers during Pandemonium and at the end, 7 teenagers lit the Cauldron .

As we knew before, during ‘The Green and Pleasant Land’ section and the ‘Jerusalem’ hymn the Stadium became Zion/Home . I have discussed Zion a lot so I won’t go into great detail but I would suggest it is not of this planet  . The description of Zion as the place of the origin of the physical universe fits in with the Womb/Egg theme and Isis as well, as one of her many names is The Mother of the World . I was also struck by the comment made by Jacques Rogge, the head of the IOC who said : “In a sense, the Olympics are coming Home” . The Olympics or the Olympians ?

Last night’s ceremony could keep me busy for months and there are quite a few lesser factors which I have omitted . If I get the inspiration, I may do another post on these elements and I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve missed as well . A few days ago, I wrote that the Olympic Opening Ceremony would probably be the safest place in the world as nothing was going to be allowed to disrupt the Mass, for want of a better word, and hopefully, now you can see why .

Anyway, the Starchild has now been born and if you thought things were weird up till now, I think it may get even stranger . But look on the bright side, I didn’t see Wenlock or Mandeville and there was no ‘Alien Invasion’ !


Rosemary’s Baby


Over the last few months, we have seen signs that ‘something’ was going to be born . On Friday night, at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Stratford that ‘something’ was born .

I am sure there will be those who see this as a new beginning for humanity and the start of the ‘New Age’ but as the child was born from the pits of Hell and the father is Satan, with Godparents such as Lord Voldemort, Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, lets say the omens are not good . Click The Olympics, The Giant Baby and The Dark Knight Rises .

From all the Queen/Isis references at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, I would suggest the child is female – a new Queen Isis to ‘rule them all’ . With my current obsession for the ‘Alien’ movie, I see her as the reptile Queen whose children are born to serve the Hive community and protect the Queen at all costs .

If one were kind, the James Bond stunt could be seen as Lucifer (The Man Who Fell to Earth) and Isis (QE2 -The Female of the Throne) joining together and the result is a Starchild (my avatar!) i.e. humanity . But as the ritual required the sacrifice of Whitney Houston and the atrocity in Aurora during 2012, I am not overly optimistic . And that doesn’t include all the previous dark rituals from earlier years, as well .

In reality, there are no ‘Starchilds’ or ‘Goddesses’ in the way we understand the terms . This is manipulation of energy to serve a purpose . It may be the birth of a new Golden Age for someone but I don’t think it includes the vast majority of humanity .

I don’t know at present what will be the outcome in the immediate future – some of this stuff is way out of my pay bracket – but the new Queen will require an Earth, which is appropriate for someone of her finesse and position . And us normal humans will have to learn our places in the new hierarchy or that is the idea .

The ritual we saw on Friday was just a means to an end and I’m sure there is more weirdness to come . As for the Olympics themselves, it is entirely possible we may see something dramatic during the Games but thank god, I am not party to the plans, and who knows ?

Anyway, the following clip from Rosemary’s Baby seems apt . In the movie, the child is male but I think you’ll understand .







Congressman Slams Regulations By Government – Gets Standing Ovation

Congressman Slams Regulations By

Government – Gets Standing Ovation

by Tom Brown   July 28 2012 
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) took to the House Floor in anti-big government rant that brought a standing applause from the members of the House. The speech is well worth listening too as he blasts the “re-commitment” of the House to “change the way business is done in this town,” calling it a “joke.”
Rep. Kelly took several examples from the real world to demonstrate how much government has gotten in our lives.
The first was an appeal to a business that he run that was started by his father back in 1953. He owns a auto body shop. When he called up to find out the prices of the tape they use in the business, he found out that the green water proof tape costs $4/roll, while the regular yellow tape case $2/roll. He then asked how much red tape costs and when the person didn’t know, he exclaimed it costs $1.75 trillion!
His second example was when he called up his banker, the one that provides loans for him and his business. His banker informed him that things were tough since the federal government has issued an 1,100 page definition of what a qualified buyer is. He joked in asking, “Are you serious?” while waving the 1,100 page definition in the air.
Finally he pointed to a hometown ballpark, which had spent millions of dollars to renovate. Here’s how Rep. Kelly tells it:
We renovated a ballpark in my hometown. A guy named Tom Bernadowski — veteran — [spent a] couple million dollars to renovate our ballpark. The day we were gonna open up, I got a call at the dealership. It said, “Mike, would you come down?” I said, “Why? What’s going on?” He said, “We’re having trouble with the occupancy permit.” So I went down to see it. I said, “What’s the problem?” He said, “Well, here. Come in the men’s room. Let me show you what the problem is.” I said, “We have 1,500 people want to come see the opening ball game tonight.” “Yep, but we’ve got a major problem. You see the mirrors in the restroom are a quarter of an inch too low.”
“So you can’t possibly open that ballpark!”
So you want to know the price of regulation? You want to talk about the thousands and thousands of pages that we put on the back of the job creators? You want to talk about creating jobs in America? When you want to see a nation that doesn’t want to participate but wants to dominate in the world market, then let them rise! Take the heavy boot off the throat of America’s job creators and let them breathe!
There was thunderous applause and cheers, but Mike Kelly wasn’t done. Oh no, he still had a minute and a half to go!

The jobs we are talking about are not red jobs or blue jobs. They are red, white, and blue jobs. They are not Democrat jobs or Republican jobs or independent jobs or Libertarian jobs. They are American jobs!
We are so out of touch with the American people. And you know what all this does? It adds layer after layer after layer of cost. And that cost is ultimately paid for by the American consumer. You want to have more revenues, then let the tide rise for all boats! Let us be able to not only survive, but to thrive.

I urge all my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle. This is not a left or right issue. This is an American issue. I urge you to rise today and vote for HR-4078, and let’s let America get back to work! With that, I yield back.

The place broke out in a standing ovation as chants of “USA! USA!” echoed in the chamber.

Apparently this is such a rare thing to speak like this that it actually gets an applause. I know I was applauding watching it on YouTube. However, this doesn’t need to just be a one time deal. This needs to be repeated over and over with various examples of how big government does nothing but get in the way of the American people and by the way, it isn’t just jobs they are holding back. They are holding back freedom itself. Kudos to Rep. Mike Kelly!

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2012/07/congressman-slams-regulations-by-government-gets-standing-ovation/#ixzz221iCFylS


NIBIRU INBOUND – The John Moore Show 7-25-2012 – Special Nibiru 2 Hr Presentation Part 1

well, whatever this info/disinfo GAME might be, they’ve finally announced it, via Department of Homeland Security, US Navy and Foreign Intelligence Sources according to Mike Harris on the July 25th edition of the John Moore radio show.

NIBIRU INCOMING, and it’s BIG, and it’s going ‘real fast’ — it’s due to crash through the asteroid belt and pass within the moon’s orbit on or around August/September 2012.

“Get building your ARKs, Noahs,” that’s the ‘very strange’ message this revelation’s suggesting.

Project Bluebeam (i.e. fake alien attack to bring in Global Martial Law) is the first thing that comes to mind, but this “WHAT’S REAL? WHAT’S BUNK?” question needs an answer. Any southern-hemisphere amateur astronomers (yeah, I’ve read the Rodney Gomes statistical analysis but I mean actual observations) tracking this so-called ‘enormous inbound object’?

Man, I hate having my chain pulled by these mind-fuckers – URL ME.


2012 London Olympics opening ceremony – 1:42 recap

it was encouraging to see The Sex Pistols on last night’s Hobbits-became-Slaves wanxtravaganza, but would you really wanna sit through three bum-numbing hours when you could get just as much information from this 1:42 recap from Taiwanese ‘animation’ outfit NMA_TV?


No, I don’t understand why it’s in Chinese, rather than Taiwanese, either.

STARLOG SUPPLEMENTAL: here’s a press release from Occupy London about last night’s Critical Mass cycle demonstration in The City (like, what did they expect?)

A peaceful good natured mass cycle that has happened on the last Friday of every month for the past eighteen years was met with police aggression, pepper spray, violence with truncheons used, kettling and multiple arrests. Red London buses full of confiscated bicycles present a very different image of what this city means to the people who live in it in 2012.

Today (Saturday) Occupy London will join more than 40 groups protesting against the Olympics for the ‘Whose Games? Whose City?‘ demonstration, organised by the Counter Olympics Network. Assembling in Mile End Park in East London at noon, there will be a march to Wennington Green for a family friendly event including speeches, entertainment, alternative games and children’s events.


There is no intention to cause disruption to the games. We hope that the police and other interested parties including LOCOG, the ODA, the IOC likewise respect people’s sacrosanct right to assemble, travel and protest peacefully.



Of course there’s no news of this event on mainstream media – why would there be?

Oh, I did find the ‘blond girl driving the Mini with the half-cast child who sits outside on his mobile phone’ a little insulting. And why was the Queen of England starring alongside KNOWN MASS MURDERING PSYCHOPATH aka “James Bond”? And what’s the SATURATION of Illuminati imagery? Or is it ‘light workers’?

I wonder if Danny Boyle was the right man for the job of Britishness Ambassador; I couldn’t work out whose side he was on. Or if he knows what he’s done.


Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud – Killer Does Not Appear To Be James Holmes




James Holmes father Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the massive banking crime called the LIBOR Scandal where UK banks fixed the London Interbank Borrowing Rate with the complicity of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and many other major Western banks.

Not known to the majority of those affected by this LIBOR rate scandal (which is everyone in the world) is that its historically low setting of interests rates since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has done more to destroy the life savings, stock investments and retirements of Americas middle class than any other single event in their entire history.

Even worse, according to this report, Holmes recently completed his work on what is called one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed that not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but is, also, able to trace the Trillions of Dollars “lost” to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it.

This Colorado massacre occurred within minutes of London’s Guardian News Service releasing report this past Saturday (21 July) titled “Wealth Doesn’t trickle Down – It Just Floods Offshore, Research Reveals” as Robert Holmes algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme.

Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.

“False flag” events such as the Colorado massacre are actively planned for by the US Army as noted in their training manual titled “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces”.

Ben Swann from their WXIX-FOX19 station out of Cincinnati, Ohio, who asks:

“Why did Holmes go to the expense and trouble of rigging his apartment with an array of deadly explosives and then immediately tell police about the bombs when he was arrested? If Holmes wanted to kill as many people as possible, why warn the cops ahead of time?

Given the fact that Holmes was a graduate student in neuroscience, where did he obtain the skills to create a maze of bombs so complex that it took the FBI two days to disarm them? According to experts, the intricacy of the bombs was reminiscent of war zones – how could Holmes have set all this up without help from an explosives expert?

Despite police claiming “every single indicator” tells them the shooting was a lone wolf attack, numerous witnesses have described accomplices. Initial police reports that suggested the involvement of two or more shooters were quickly buried and the lone wolf narrative aggressively pushed.

As Swann points out, eyewitnesses interviewed after the shooting such as Corbin Dates state that Holmes received a phone call from someone while he was inside the theater and responded by moving to the emergency exit, suggesting the call was an accomplice coordinating the attack.

Dates also said he saw Holmes by the exit door “signaling somebody or looking for somebody to come his way.
Another eyewitness added, “From what we saw he wasn’t alone – he had someone with him. Because the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.”

The real James Holmes apparently has been abducted (compare photos) to force FICO crime scientist Robert Holmes to not testify in LIBOR scandal — his expertise as scienfiic director at FICO investigating fraud by statistical patterns and expert in credit scoring analysis –

The real James Holmes is on the right. This imposter is on assignment and somehow has been assured of protection and is a pure sociopath earning a buck. If the real James Holmes has been taken then his parents, of course, know it. James’ father is a mathematician/statistician who works for FICO which scores our credit using among other things the inter-bank interest rate set by LIBOR. FICO is the eyes, the intelligence of lenders in discriminating among potential borrowers as risks. James Holmes was the lead developer of FICO’s fraud manager system for financial institutions. The LIBOR scandal which involves the biggest and most powerful merchant banking houses in the City of London is in the midst of the biggest fraud scandal in history. Here is money and motive enough to make conceivable a black-operation on the scale of the James Holmes frameup.

The bankers are major criminals and have been for sometime. They are criminals with trillions at their disposal. They control all strategic institutions of probably all major governments or are working towards that end. They need to know that no man in law enforcement or fraud detection can harm them, and so they have prepared means of intervening to prevent — by murder, blackmail, intimidation, bribery or psychological manipulation by methods developed in secret by the former Soviet Union, China, Israel and the officially denied equally unrestrained CIA and also mercenary intelligence and espionage services retained by high financial organized crime. What I am driving at is that operations like this may be on stand-by for any fraud investigator or honest politician or financial expert the banks legitimately employ. James Holmes may have been targeted early as the handle by which to control Robert Holmes if that is necessary.

Robert Holmes knows which of these to is his son and which is not.

Not only is the arm of the international banking crime syndicate (the “Jewish Mafia”) able to reach out and stop investigating statistician-mathematician -operations-analysis fraud investigators like Robert Holmes – they are also, very easily, able to keep police and defense attorneys from following the right lines of evidence. The resources to intimidate or bribe or otherwise control person after person to prevent an outcome or to force an outcome certainly exists, certainly is part of the defensive equipment of the most powerful criminal syndicate the world has seen.

The only defense the people have against the banking crime families is for the public to spread the word and all as one speak with a unified voice of public opinion. But of course the bankers can thwart that, as they have with 9-11, with the economic depression, with countless other crimes too big and too amazing even to believe when they are all listed on one page. (for example, weaponized weather modification and the ability to take control of planes. The fact that the prisoner in the Aurora shooting is not James Holmes. That a crime this elaborate and expensive could only be performed in the interests of the most powerful people on the planet — and they are the international bankers to whom this one country owe 14 trillion dollars — a good portion of which figure was determined by fraudulent manipulations of the LIBOR (inter-bank exchange rate) which has been set to favor the bankers rather than to reflect currently obtaining lending market conditions as it is represented as doing. This crime could spell the end of the international bankers — and that is why they went to such lengths to kidnap James Holmes and substitute this mass-murdering imposter in his place — and who we may shortly be hearing killed himself — I can’t see how they can let him go on public trial, or appear with his hair dyed back to its original color.

Holmes father:

Robert went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Stanford, a master’s in biostatistics at UCLA, and a doctorate in statistics at the University of California at Berkeley in 1981. His doctoral thesis was titled “Contributions to the Theory of Parametric Estimation in Randomly Censored Data.” He subsequently authored studies for the Navy and the Marine Corps on how to forecast personnel changes using something called “tree classifications,” the trees in question being statistical. Eventually, reports say, he signed on as a low-six-figure-a-year senior scientist with FICO, which produces management systems, fraud protection, and credit scores


SOURCE : anoncentral

Petra Margolis ~ Things are heating up and more is coming ~


These last few months up until the end of the year are getting more and more heated as the awakening process taking place is taking a toll sometimes on the physical experience as well.
Opinions, beliefs and just plain simple knowing is becoming more and more important these days as we are all trying to find our way through the information we have and the information we are getting through the many channels.
We all resonate with certain ones and his is partly because we all have a certain path to walk at this time.

Ascension symptoms or symptoms related to this shift that is happening within  the energies is hard at times for some and there are so many these days that it is hard to really see what is and what isn’t part of the shifting of our physical body.
From my experience and talking to others there are several that seem to be happening more than others. I would always suggest to go see a doctor if you feel uncomfortable with anything that is happening with the physical body. As well as the fact that not everyone is experiencing these symptoms as they are following a different path of adjusting the energies within the physical body.
The first one that is very noticeable for many is the heat within the physical body, almost like a burning up from within while the skin of the body feels cool to the touch.
This is the effect of the physical body adjusting to the higher frequencies that it is taking on.
As the frequencies of our spiritual bodies are being raised the physical body follows suit, the physical body is usually a little bit behind as it takes a lot more to change the frequency of the physical cells than it takes for the spiritual bodies to adjust.
I have seen explanations of twin flames coming in and more and merging of energies doesn’t mean actual physical heat, as it is only a merging of the energies.
What takes place is the physical cells are transforming itself and the physical transformation is producing heat within the physical cells.
The other one that is very noticeable for some people is the heart itself, I have noticed that many are feeling this pain in the heart area at times as the physical heart is actually becoming one with the spiritual heart center.
This is resulting for some in an irregular heartbeat, a heart beating faster as it is adjusting to the spiritual heart and the higher frequencies.
The heart center is expanding and it sometimes feels like the physical heart is becoming bigger as well.
Another one is pain within the bones, especially the knees for most people.
Bone is very dense and the knees are the ones that carry the biggest load of the physical body, so it would make sense to me that we feel the transformation there the most.
Adjustments to the new frequencies are taking place in every part of our physical body and there is a lot more that is happening then we usually notice.
The last one I would like to mention is the brain.
Our physical brain.
I was watching a program on TV not that long ago where a scientist was exploring the brain function, and of course how much or what parts of the brain we actually use.
It was said that babies use the full 100% of their brain. The moment they start identifying with the self they go to using about 10% of their brain.
This made me realize something as I have been doing a lot of work with the brain in clearing and transforming as well as using more and more of the brain.
This brings me back to the time when I started working with my guides and their method of teaching me to receive them clearly.
What they had me do was watch TV and focus on the TV as well as starting to ask question and receiving answers from them.
What it did was open up other parts in my brain I wasn’t using anymore and allowing the information to come in through parts of my brain that were not trained in a certain belief or thought system.
For many the symptoms seem to be a disconnect from their surrounding or feeling disconnected from their surroundings. A feeling your brain is not working and thoughts or concentrating on certain things are almost impossible.
Just like every part of the human body the brain is adjusting as well, more parts of the brain are active for some and this is resulting in a feeling that the brain is sort of shut down and doesn’t work.
These are the symptoms I have heard the most and there are many more.
Spiritually there are also many things taking place.
The chakras are changing, they are becoming more unified and merge into the central core. The central core runs all the way from source through the physical body into the earth core.
The kundalini energy as it rises curls around the central core to support the unification of the chakras into the central core.
For many the central core running up till source is only activated until the 5th dimensional level, so the amount of energy running through it is not enough to complete a merging of the chakras with the central core.
For the ones that are reaching higher the merging takes place ones you have reached activation of the central core above the 13th dimensional level.
With activation I mean there is always energy running through the central core from your source being through you, with each rise in frequency the core expends and more energy starts flowing through.
The connection between the physical body and the energy bodies is a very intricate system. There are many systems that connect these two parts of us the most known is the Flower of Life for most people, but there is a lot  more that is there that we cannot see most of the time.
All these systems are being adjusted to what some call the divine blueprint.
We have to keep in mind though that the divine blueprint is not up to date to what is happening at this moment and will need some adjustments as well.
There is constant adjustments taking place as the process we are going through is new for each being upon earth as well as for the ones guiding us.
It is like the never ending process and this is it, we are getting close to what we call the shift and for some it is a great adventure, for others it is a natural process of following the flow without much happening.
This process of transformation doesn’t stop after the shift and will continue as more will awaken to the new reality that is being presented to us at this time.
Some are working on the process that is needed to move through this shift and messages about this will not seem important to the ones that are following a different path.
Just remember we are all working on different parts of our own process while also working together on the overall process at times.
Each person has their own connection to their own source being; from there we all connect into source.
There is no merging with others taking place within the physical body or spiritual bodies.
There is only a connection on the highest level or our source being.
Some people think we have to merge on every level, but this is something that will actually prevent you from fully stepping into your own power.
Your power lies within your own being, it is not within anyone else but you.
Someone was mentioning merging of chakra systems, your chakras are very personal and merging them with others will have you take on others emotions, feelings, but can also result in others taking your power. No matter how good these others mean it, no matter how much of the light they are or how loving they are.
Realizing that your connection to others lies within the source level and this is where oneness takes place as we all take our rightful place within source.
Many and I think it will be about 99%, will not notice anything happening while moving through the galactic core.
As we move closer to the end of the year I expect things to heat up even more.
We are all learning so much in a short time that we seem to go into an overload at times.
This is resulting in emotions flying sometimes as we all move back into a balanced system of communication and learning as we all still have so much to learn.
All of this is going to take time and we have a playground called earth to learn all this on.
We learn more and more what is behind all the talk as we all move deeper within and learn how to see beyond the words that are in front of us.
Sometimes the words are obvious, sometimes we have to look a bit deeper to find their real meaning.
Much of what we are being told is something we cannot touch or see with our physical eyes, but we have the ability to move beyond that and see with our spiritual eyes.
Some will get lost within the stories that are coming from all directions, staying there and that is their path. But remember stories are just that as the real you is within Source. The real you is not upon another planet or within another universe.
The only real you is Source.
Petra Margolis
July 19, 2012






Time, Space, Time-Travel & Teleportation & Happy Endings

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love. Take a moment to feel the energy, close your eyes, and sense a cocoon of warm nurturing envelope you…. an entourage gathers.

We speak this moment on many topics, focusing on time, time travel, the nature of duality and teleportation. We recognize the divinity in each of you.

As entities of Divine Intelligence, & Beings of Light… we ask that you discern what we share.

Time and space remain an enigma to man, even within the cusp of 2012. Humanity queries time travel and space travel in the present from the aspect of physical laws. You will never reach areas of remote ‘space’ or hyper-space in fueled rockets. Nor will you travel in time in constructed locomotive apparatus. We tell you it is a frequencial concept, and not one contrived from the physical brain.


Time travel and teleportation are indeed very real concepts of both physics and metaphysics. You are well aware of advanced Yogi’s & Shamanic Masters who have mastered the process, but such Mastery, does not occur before the individual is ready. This is important to understand.

More advanced societies of your Earth, and indeed those termed the benevolent extra terrestrials have been capable of manipulated teleportation through the process of frequencial ‘dematerialization’ of particulate matter to antimatter.

Such teleportation was utilized by the Atlanteans with the technology of the Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian groups. Specialized Phi Crystals were used to shift the coherent frequencies of matter from its seeming physical vibrational rate to its antimatter vibratory quantum-wave state. The Transport was then processed through a laser beam conduit by targeting the precise energetic signature of the destination vector.

Your own studies of fullerenes or allotrope Carbon-60 Spherical fullerenes termed ‘Bucky-Balls reveals that the molecular truncated icosahedrons of fullerenes revert from nano-matter particulate to quantum wave in certain conditions. Your scientists have noted for decades that electrons appear and disappear in atomic orbits.

Humanity began re-experimenting with teleportation and time travel over eight decades ago, albeit for the wrong reasons. This was reignited by the works of HG Wells in the era of Tesla and Edison. The infamous event termed the Philadelphia experiment did in fact occur in an effort of warfare technology. Its array results, while covert, disastrous and misapplied, did reveal stunning revelations regarding magnetic fields, gravity fields, and teleportation and time-space effects. These continued covertly in what you term the Montauk project.

It is not our intent to enter into areas termed ‘Black-Ops’ or conspiracies, but we will say what was sought in the ‘cold-war’ timing at Montauk was not allowed into fruition. We will add that benevolent factions of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have always maintained teleportation stations beneath the earth’s surface and that it is a technology that will only be used for benevolent purpose.

Earth is a protected free-will plane, and a growth station for humanity. There are in the Cosmos other planets and life-forms that are in duality, many more technologically advanced. The benevolent Ashtar Group actively provide a shield for your Earth and its Ascension….and many of you, in multi-dimensional aspect are part of this protection. You are the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and Arcturians.

We will also add that some of your governments and scientists are well aware of Sirian-Pleiadean bases below the Earth, including the infamous area of Nevada. And while this may be surprising to you, the installations there involving the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance & Humanity are quite benevolent, and no technology will be shared that could be used for warfare.

Far more effort than you can imagine has been placed in the graduation of the Earth leading to the Ascension. The Ascension of the Earth will occur on the 12-12-12, and the Ascension of the critical mass of Humanity will occur in 15 generations. We tell you there have been envoys from the future than have come back in various time epoch holograms to insure this. Some of these would be shocking to you. But we tell you the defeat of the Spanish Armada (carrying the Inquisition) , and indeed the defeat of Nazi Germany were two such events that were influenced to their outcome by ‘back from the future’ envoys.(Both groups were of the core energy of the Aryan Sons of Belial of Atlantis). Had the two referenced outcomes not been influenced, the planet could have taken a vastly different path.

Indeed some of you are among these envoys now. Many are among the metaphysical groups. Indeed some of these are scientists,(including Nicole Tesla & Albert Einstein) , others are artists & writers including Stanley Clarke. They , like you, take on the filters of duality, and were not frontally aware of this truth.

Your science fiction writers in movies and television, specifically ‘Contact’ and ‘Star-Trek’ were on the right track in terms of teleportation. But keep in mind that select time-travel and teleportation are not the same thing. If you consider that in the Earthplane you are seemingly fixed in linear time and able to move about in space, then the opposite would occur at a specific Torus effect flip into parallel , where you would be somewhat ‘fixed’ in space and able to move about in time.

Multidimensional Aspect of 12-12-12

In 2012, precisely on the 12-12-12 your Earthplane ascends into 12 dimensions. It is the Crystalline coherency transformation. Creativity will be amplified, and for many of you, the arc swing of duality will be lessened exponentially. This means multidimensional access is enhanced. But it does not mean 3d duality will disappear.

The ‘human’ Earthplane experience in duality is a credentialed and honored learning process though which many varied Beings of Divine intelligence travel. Before you are ‘allowed’ by your higher-self into multi-dimensional and parallel systems of reality that are far more complex, vastly more extensive and open, you must first learn to optimally and responsibly master thought-creation energy. You are in the University of Earth for that purpose…to see firsthand, through physical materialization, the concrete result of your thoughts and emotions.

That is precisely why Time & Space are purposed illusions, and this vivid ‘mirage’ is so potently programmed by the Divine-Self that you, by necessity, must focus your outer senses on the University of Duality, that termed physical reality. Such ‘linear’ focus then is engineered, the perception filters that seem to block multi-dimensionality are beneficial in allowing humanity to face and grow through Earthplane experience. When the growth achieves a certain advanced level of ‘light-quotient’ then, and only then, do you choose to open & bridge into more expansive multi-dimensional perception. That is what 2012 is about !

But keep in mind that you humans travel in space and time almost every time you sleep. And there is a great balancing effect in the waking and sleeping experiences. While most of you do not realize this, we tell you that every day, in very deep sleep -dream state, you process daily experience.

And in this ‘sleeping’ state your ‘higher-self’ examines very carefully those experiences you will manifest into your life. You make the selection from an infinite menu of possibility, and create the experience of those that will allow your greatest growth.

Your experiences & limited perceptions of the physical 3d-nature of space and time are to a large degree determined by your neurological structure, and this ‘designed’ structure serves you well.

The singular linear time-line of your ‘chosen’ physical experience is the surface path along which your life seems to flow. In a broader truth there are infinite paths both above and below your actualized progress that are part of one inconceivably miraculous network….and you in higher aspect experience all of them in a manner of speaking.

So while so many of you are caught in the somewhat misunderstood and erroneous concept of the downward spiral of humanity, and are anxious to ‘get-out’… keep in mind that all around you is a created illusion, and you are the co-creators of this ‘dream’. Your life on Earth, despite what many of you think, is by grand design, and carries grand purpose. We realize it is not easy. Even lifetimes that you consider to be flawed carry tremendous lesson potential.

Now, in terms of the subject of dimensionality…it is important that you consider & discern what we tell you, even though your academics have yet to accept what we say. Matter occurs in spectrums , just as does light. Physical matter is on one end, and antimatter on the other. The two are not in opposition, rather vibrating at different frequencial resonances. All of you, each and every one of you, without exception have the innate ability to both teleport and time travel. Your true source is in fact in the realm of non-matter or antimatter. You exist in many many realities at once. Once you reach a certain level of advancement, disciplined will and appropriate application of intent & concentration can absolutely be employed as springboards taking you from ego-personality 3d focus, into other time schemes. Time holograms are somewhat analogous to color. In 3d humanity is primarily focusing, by design, upon one color.

We assure you that your present life, your present civilization, in your present ‘Now’ co-exists alongside every so called past and future lifetime and civilization on the Omni-Earth. So both your now and their now exists simultaneously… ‘NOW’.

In the precise locality of where you walk when visiting the acclaimed ruins of ‘ancient’ Egypt, Greece and Rome, the people of those civilization are alive, and walking amongst the glorified structures ,the Temples, Pyramids and such fully intact and vibrant. Because of time frequency vibratory rates, you cannot see them, nor they you. This is simply and logically because the physics of time & space dimensionally separate you. The civilization in its peak and the ‘ancient’ ruins, coexist. You pass right through them, and they you, like ghosts!

All of this will be understood in the centuries to come. And indeed it is verifiable in geo-mathematical terms and equations that are still unfathomed, still unsolved by your contemporary academics. And yet this is interestingly envisioned by your science fiction writers.

In 2012 many of you are able to travel globally, visiting other countries and cultures existing simultaneously now on your planet. There are vast differences in racial demographics, religion, language, art and music. It requires effort, energy and linear time to travel through 3d-space to visit them. In the same way all past and future eras, epochs & times exist at once. Each occurring in its own succinct energetic-vibratory signature and within its unique time-hologram; but absolutely within the same Omni-Earth space that you live in.

The 12-12-12

Very soon, on the 12-12-12, the Crystalline Vortexes of Arkansas & Brazil will axialtonally connect, the Sun -Discs will network and all will connect to the 144-Crystalline Grid. Each of the 12 major facets on the double-penta-dodecahedron of the Crystalline 144-Grid will connect to the 12 dimensions of the expanded Earth, and the 12 strands of your DNA will be fully connected to the Grid. In this time you will begin to acquire, over time, the greater abilities still innate within you.

It will indeed then, after the Ascension of the 12-12-12 begin to slowly occur to you that you can get to times, as you can get to places, especially in the coming generations. Space and time interface and flow through each other.

The Nature of Time

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics. Accordingly time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow. Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through the mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter via black holes and white holes.

The inward -outward Harmonic Flash is not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam , it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This occurs at a magical rate called the Planck Number, occurring precisely at 10 to the power of -43 of one second.

At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play. Space is inversed, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantized pool of what you term past, present and future.

The Omni-Earth

The separation of your ‘lifetimes’, are anchored to the Omni Earth in hologramic inserts in ‘Time-Separation’ programs. The advanced human can enter into these through Mer-Ka-Na to the over-soul hub where each time sequenced ‘lifetime’ is connected like fiber-optic spokes to a wheel. From this center point, you indeed are at the control panel to explore and change any aspect of any and all lifetimes in the nonlinear NOW.

While group- time-programs (of Civilizations & Epochs) are anchored to the Omni-Earth at specific points (which often display time over-bleed anomalies) one does not need to visit such earthen (telluric) time-nodes to enter. Rather they are individually entered via focused Quantum Consciousness. This process is taught in the Metatronic Keys.

Question to Metatron: Are there areas within the Earth that naturally create time distortions?

Metatron: There are indeed. And we have spoken about this is previous assays. Time can be compared in certain ways to a computer program. Often your ‘Windows’ programs on your laptop and desktops can go into distortions of their programming and the desired separation of sub programs can intermingle creating mixes that twist and deform the conceived order. In this analogy we can say that both time and space as you perceive it are linear sub-programs of the earth grid reality projection. Time and Space can be said to be hologramic program insertions that allow the Quantum Omni-Earth to be tidily separated from simultaneous NOW reality into your focal, seemingly independent ‘lifetime sojourns’.

So we tell you that just as your Windows can produce occasional anomalies in its desired separations of programs, so does the program of the Hologramic Earth Matrix of linear time have a flux that creates intermingle and distortion. That distortion occurs on several levels. The first is due to a gravitational flux that can rhythmically occur in the specific area or come in as a surge or rogue wave. When this occurs the very gravity distortion also affects the space-time continuum in the area, and creates a dimensional aperture field very similar to what occurs in the poles.


Now we will also tell you that the Bimini Crystal, the Tuaoi Stone or Fire-Crystal has created distortions in the space-time continuity in the area you term the ‘Bermuda-Triangle’ for the past 12,000 years. Since its ‘over-heating’ in the inappropriate use, that led to the implosion of the Crystalline satellite (Second-Moon of Atlantis) the Bimini crystal has randomly surged ionic bombardment of massive energy waves into the earth’s interior as well as the earth’s magnetosphere creating disturbances in space-time harmonics and imbalances in the gravitational field. The reparation will allow for the stabilization required in the New Earth by preventing damage from its uncontrolled discharges you see. Uncontrolled these are capable of exacerbating tectonic movement and imbalancing crysto magnetic field harmonics that are necessary for the ongoing dimensional expansion. Do you understand?

The initial activation/regulation of the Bimini Crystal on the 12-12-12 will involve a massive discharge of what may be considered toxic ionic-wave-energies. It would not be recommended to be within a radius of 60 kilometers of the Bimini crystal when it is first activated on the 12-12-12. Precautions are indeed in place, but the initial release is capable of disrupting & short circuiting the Human Aura. The fracturing of the auric field would not be fatal by any means, but the initial Tuaoi surge will fracture the aura in the same manner as a long distance airplane flight, or X-Class Solar Flare, absolutely capable of causing severe auric energy bleed.

The purpose for its activation is reparation. It will be cautiously regulated into balance at minimal function. It will be monitored, such that random erratic releases no longer occur.

Points of Time Continuum Anomaly

All versions of the Omni-Earth coexist above the linear programming. But this axiom of Truth is initially very difficult for you humans to perceive or truly completely comprehend from the stance of the third dimension.

That is because the 3d density aspect of the human physical structure in duality manifestation operates within and as a result of the linear time ‘program’ that enables the Earthplane experience. You are therefore pre-indoctrinated to linear perception in Earthplane existence.

This linear perception program determines to a great extent the ‘normal’ resonance patterns for the kinds of experiential probabilities that mankind selects, projects and perceives while ‘growing’ into greater consciousness from the base point of dense physicality. But we tell you that the source reality of which all lifetimes emerge is not ‘written in stone’, thus your experience is truly never predestined. You chose from an assortment of potentials the experiences you want to have. Both the Cosmos and all life contained within and without are always being created in the NOW moment.

And although your 3d preconditioning is linear, you not only have the ability to reach beyond physical programming, you also have the ultimate goal of doing so. While inhabited by human consciousness, the living physical body operates as an intense focus point for Earthplane experience. The aggregation of consciousness within the physical body on all levels focuses its own myriad network of sensory perception and communication, both on levels of the ordinary, and the extraordinary. In terms of the latter, you are therefore constantly perceiving in ways that you do not recognize with the ‘ordinary’ physical senses. There are vast arrays of colors, sounds, electromagnetic codes, and sensory feelings that you see & apperceive both on a cellular and crystalline level of chakric networks sourced in Quantum Consciousness that are geometrically and frequencially influencing you.

This network is connected in harmonic oscillation to all others like it. But humanity is at this time vastly unaware of these extraordinary levels of interaction that take place between all spectra of bodies, crysto-electromagnetically and materially within biology. This interface occurs in Crysto Mer-Ka-Na light body and is more far reaching than humanity in masse realize. Yet the physical cells in biology can and do respond to each other, and their activity triggers even higher centers of crystalline light body consciousness that ties into and above linear time. Rather into multidimensionality.

Multi-Dimensional Time Holograms

So in this assay we are speaking of Time and its nature in more than one context. We will speak of human perception of time as it relates to your lifetime-sojourn experiences and your ability to script and re-script both future and past. We will also touch lightly upon separation mechanics of hologramic time program inserts onto the earth, and their anchoring to certain points on the Omni-Earth.

Now, many points upon the earth contain magnetic and gravitational oscillations that create a time anomaly. Some are recognized, others are not. None are understood much less accepted as possible by your main stream academics as yet. Time is a sub program of light physics, and is in essence a created illusion. It can and is effected somewhat at anchor points by gravity, earth spin ratio, electromagnetics and celestial alignments. All of which are mechanisms of this phenomena.

Now, time as you perceive it, is simply that, a perception. We assure you that time truly does not exist in the linear manner that you believe, beyond duality. And even within the filtered lens of duality, there are certain areas of dimensional overlay that occur on your planet in which striking time anomalies can and do occur. You see there are many Earths that concentrically occur within the space that mankind perceives physical earth to occupy. There are frequencial mechanisms that connect these overlays of parallel dimension, and these create gateways to other timeframe subprograms and realities that coexist differently and more tangibly within these unique areas. But understand Dear Human, these are not experienced in the brain, in human biology. Rather in higher multi-dimension, via the higher mind in which you exist just as vividly, just as tangibly as you do in the physical.

Simultaneous Time

To explain it in your present day computer analogy, Space and Time are sub-programs of digital-dimensional light. Space-Time then is a hologramic server that can simultaneously store many different files and sub files within its storage capacity. Just as there are locations within the stages of computer access that allow you to see all of the programs and files and navigate from one to the other, so there are location vectors on the Earth program that anchor the hologramic dimensional gateways that allow access into other metric/matrix files of reality and time formats.

So as you live this ‘present’ life in the perceived time of today, you also live all your existences at once. Time ‘programs’ are hologramic and these programs are manifolded and coded in certain areas, especially the polar regions. Gateways or multi program access occurs in them.

The area of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas contains many overlays of myriad space-time energy dynamics. It is indeed a Crystalline Portal, but we will say an open-ended portal that is not just a wormhole in space to other points in the Cosmos, but indeed (and especially) a unique gateway to other dimensional aspects of what may be termed the hologramic Omni-Earth program. It may be termed a time-gate vector. It is one of many coordinate points on your planet that contain within it time code scripting. Such coordinate points are anchors that peg each reality to the physical worlds, the Omni-Earth. And so then, within this concentric overlay vector other time programs; other dimensional realms can be frequencially accessed more easily. The ancient adepts knew this, and certainly experienced to varying degrees by many of what you term as the indigenous.

Time Gate Vectors are not the only means to access other realities. Indeed this can be done myriad ways, including the crystalline energies of the phi resonance, in deep meditative states. But what is different in the Time- Gate Vector coordinate-points is that the Omni-Earth Time program itself is anchored, to use a simplified explanation, to certain aligned points that occur on your planet, within certain frequencial matrixes. These are very unique in purpose, and differ from areas such as Titicaca, Arkansas, Ireland(Newgrange) , Shasta and Roslyn that are primary Celestial Star Gates. In the former one access other realms, other epochs, other programs of terrestrial time, whereas in the latter one travels to other dimensions in Space. Do you see the difference?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that Arkansas and other such ‘Time-Gate Vectors’ allow for or enhance the ability to travel in time?

Metatron: Yes. But let us be clear, it is better to say that all programs of hologramic times programs coexist more clearly, more tangibly within such points. That does not mean that when one walks into the Crystalline Vortex of Arkansas that you will disappear from the present and materialize into a future or past program, rather it means windows into other time-sequence frames are (more) accessible here. But we will indeed tell you that materializations can and do occur here quite intentionally and occasional by accident. We will tell you those more technological civilizations, both from the future and past in your terms, which understand the very real science of time travel chose such time gate vectors for entering other epochs for various purposes. Indeed this can has and does occur.

Time Travel

Time travel, as we have mentioned, has occurred in both your future and past. Although there are instances in which people have temporarily passed into different time holograms, there are very few cases where the transition was permanent. Your Admiral Byrd did in fact temporarily view a very real passing into a different time epoch during his polar flight. Most of the flight disappearances that are so publicized over the Bermuda Triangle were not permanent transferals. Time disruption did occur, but the airplanes did not fully disappear into another epoch of time. Rather were they caused by related instrument malfunctions that created misdirection and radio silence, and the disappearances were simply crashes into the sea.

Certain of your governments working in classified tandem with covert corporations have already developed crude mechanisms of time travel. These are not yet at a truly manageable level, and the stress that results on the human ‘tempornaut’ is considerable, stress-aging the human body approximately 7 to 10 years on each journey. At present they are only able to move forward in time about 20 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time, when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic forces to crystalline bio-plasmic field this will be improved considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not by random mishap.

Optimal time navigation occurs in Mer-Ka-Na through a consciousness refined Bio Plasmic field, and while certainly aided in terms of time vector by crystalline apparatus, it is primarily operated by the light-consciousness quotient of the traveler. Many of you time travel in dream state quite often, and therein is the key to how it will be optimally done when you learn to be more lucid in expansive conscious states. There are indeed Laws of Physics that apply to how time and space are navigated intra-dimensionally.

In the not so distant future Humanity will rediscover these laws. And when this takes place, the seeming boundaries between past, present and future will be better understood. As we have already explained duality experience in the third dimension contains programmed parameters that limit mankind’s greater dimensionality perception.

It is indeed these 3d single lens filters that create the linear illusion of sequential unfolding of time. This then is precisely the reason mankind believes that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also evaporates into the great elusive mist of the past. We tell you that everything in and on the Omni-Earth and indeed the Multiverse exists at once, simultaneously. The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality. And the programs that separate time-epoch files on the Omni-Earth can be navigated.

The Past is Dynamic

The past and future as you ‘believe it to be’ exists as a series of electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the ultra violet field. These electromagnetic codlings can be changed, and in fact are in constant flux. You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one- way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of your present and future. The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future. Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future.

We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time.

As humans in duality, you take it for granted that present action can change the future, but present actions can and do change the past as well. The past is no more detached or uninvolved from your present than the decisions you make today. We share a great truth for you to ponder, and that is that everything you do effects your past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and misactions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. Furthermore, all of you are required to do so! The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human brain are forged and mantled totally and completely by each of you, and uniquely so. The probable past can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These changes do happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. You can now learn to do this consciously by entering Quantum Consciousness via Mer-Ka-Na.

The linear aspect of the past is rarely what you remember it to be. In fact you constantly rearrange your memory of the past with the experience of each new moment, each new occurrence. It is a constant metamorphosis from the instant of any given experiential event. Your hypnotherapists are aware that pseudo-memories of fictitious or altered past events can be implanted in the brains of humans through deep state inducement, and in a very real sense these memories and they way they effect the subjects present become quite real. So, it follows to reason that the future, present and past are always re-created by each individual as beliefs, attitudes and associations evolve and change. And take note that what occurs is a real-time actual recreation, not a metaphoric one. The changes you make are quite real. The small inner child is indeed still within the adult human as you progress in years. But that inner child is also dynamic, not molded into a permanent version that remains as it was. The child within the human constantly changes every day, as does the teenager, young adult and elderly you in your future.

The Power of Now

Accordingly, it is now incumbent on you as you enter the Ascension energies, to grasp the power of NOW, and realize that you can and must change the past, your individual past, from the stance of Now.. Within the NOW, you can convert to the Mer-Ka-Na and as such gain the controls of all within your multidimensionality. That is a sacred Universal Truth, and that Truth expands when you enter into it. It expands into power that allows you the fulcrum of co creation in the singular moment of NOW, above linear time and hologramic sojourns within time in the Omni Earth.

We tell you that personal issues and blockages can and do arise when appropriate evolvement of the past are stymied and not allowed to spontaneously take place. In some scenarios serious neurosis occurs precisely because an individual has not changed his or her past. For example, a lifetime may be chosen in which you a part of a catastrophic event that results in a traumatic loss of life. This may have been chosen for myriad reasons of growth. Perhaps, as one example, in sequential lifetimes the entity is far more appreciative of time spent with love ones because of having learned that life can seemingly end unexpectedly.

Yet such powerful traumas that were chosen for lesson in one life time are often so emotionally over-charged that they can and do bleed over and negatively affect other lifetime programs. This untoward over-bleed may express itself as an intense fear of flying or perhaps a fear of water from drowning, and such. Masters, you can enter into Quantum Consciousness and remove the negative, retain the growth lesson, and replace the event entirely with a positive alternative. You can change the past!

While it is incumbent upon you to truly understand that there was indeed a reason, that you have chosen to experience any trauma, it is also true that some of the traumatic or less desirable experiences simply have the purpose of showing you what can occur if you do not consciously create your own realities. If you hold a mental state of belief that the world is evil, or that you are undeserving, that very individualized mental projection will faithfully draw untoward experience into the physical reality in which your mindset manifested it. In all cases, however, you have the ability and need to draw the lesson, and then change, dissolve the past experience into a more positive one. This is requisite, and can be done consciously in Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na levels of consciousness.

The key again, is understanding that all realities are in flux. All can be altered.

Quantum Consciousness

Masters, Your realities in all sojourns are constantly in a state of fluidity. Nothing you have experienced is written in stone, but humanity has in large forgotten this truth. So we tell you that each scenario you experience is but one of many potentials from an immense menu of possibility.

The ones you do not experience, in your terms, are just as valid as the ones you do. Accordingly you have the ability to go back at any vector thru Mer-Ka-Na Quantum Consciousness, to change any reality. If you have chosen (and all of you have) a particularly traumatic experience, you can alter it to one that is of your choosing.

Always remember that the world is indeed formed holographically by your thought processes in actual image reflection of your own creation. When you truly understand that your physical experiences and environs are fully the materialization of your own structured mental creation and beliefs, then you hold the key to unlocking the door to scripting the future and indeed re-scripting what you think of as the past.

This is manifested through intent and optimal use of your divine will. But this requires concentrated deliberation and focal effort. In the course of realizing your true power, free will is a double edged sword until wisdom and enlightenment is re-acquired. Using your free will haphazardly in less conscious lifetimes can and does make physical reality into something quite less than what it can optimally be in your sojourns. But again from over view, this also has the ultimate result through cause and effect of your greater growth.

You are attending the ‘University of Duality’ on the Earth-Plane to learn how to responsibly create, and that involves the process of working out problems and challenges. All of you will graduate, one heart at a time. You did not co-create this plane of duality to fail. No one gets left behind.

On a higher level, humanity remains aware of its true inner nature and divinity, and of its spiritual purpose and non-physical source. But most of mankind has lost contact with this wisdom in 3d. You have focused so strongly upon the density of physical reality that it has become the only reality that you consider and thus empower.

Time – Dimensional Portals

Now, the LeMurians who escaped the islands of Mu going into the inner realms of the Earth did not simply do so by spelunking. They did not suddenly find a cave and venture deeper and deeper into it until they stumbled upon a vast inner world chasm. Rather they entered into a different program of the Omni Earth precisely by gathering in a Dimensional-Time Gate coordinate portal and raising their frequency through intent and self-mastery in order to shift into another hologram.

This process was also followed in a far more scientific protocol and technique by the Atlanteans of the Golden Era, and for different purpose. The LeMurians relied primarily on natural time gate vectors; whereas the Atlanteans had sophisticated devices and crystals that created time gates.

The ability to become unfixed in time, and indeed navigate within it, has a succinct utility that serves the integral healing of the whole self within multidimensionality. Certain areas on your planet make accessing the time holograms and multidimensional aspects somewhat easier. Arkansas and Mount Shasta are among the most potent of these in North America. Globally, Titicaca, Roslyn, Montserrat, Newgrange, Giza, Minas Gerais Brazil, and Lake Baikal are among the most potent.

This is due to the frequencial energies that are exuded within these portals. Yet it can be achieved in Mer-Ka-Na field at any point. No past event is ‘written in stone’ nor predestined to failure. Any given event can be changed not only before and during but after its occurrence. You are here to learn, not to fail. All of this is a dream, and was never intended to be a nightmare. It has a happy ending.

Conscious creation of your future and changing the past remains one of the final challenges for many of you, and no time is more potent than NOW. But be assured, the graduation ius in place, you have created it, and will continue to do so.


Dear Ones, the Ascension will occur. Release your fears, and create in the energy of 2012 and beyond, the benevolent completions that you have waited millennia to achieve.

Nothing ends in 2012. The poles will not shift, the axis of the earth will not tilt, and there will not be an asteroid destroying the Earth. The economy will not crash into turmoil, chaos will not reign. What purpose would be served? The 12-21-12 is a new beginning…. and you, all of the many ‘you’s’ on many levels, many dimensions, many epochs of past, present, future have combined in the NOW to make it happen. We assure you of this.

The Earth expands, ascends on the 12-12-12, and the new template will rebirth on the 12-21-12. The graduation of the Earth to 12 dimensions provides the template for the Ascension of Humanity in approximately 300 years, 15 generations. Many of you are there to navigate!

All of you will graduate, all of you will Ascend. … one heart at a time. You did not co-create this plane of duality to fail. No one gets left behind. This dream has a happy ending. Create it!

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.”

And so it is…And It Is So !


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Meredith Murphy ~ THE SHIFT ~



It’s real. And it’s happening now, to everyone and everything.

Are you feeling restless?

Experiencing a sense of discontentment that comes from a feeling that there is more to life? A deeper current of meaning that you sense might be available, might make you happier, make life easier, make you feel more fulfilled and at peace? Have you noticed that there is an underlying movement toward greater awareness? Do you feel that a lot of the change in the world might might actually be good, might reflect the deeper feeling inside many people that things need to change, rather then interpreting all of this as though something bad happening?


Do you feel a desire to live from your true feelings? To stop doing things you don’t enjoy and that don’t feel right? Would it be an enormous relief to just live from your heart and say what you feel and let go of all the relationships, situations and patterns that you know aren’t working and that are in some way are not authentic, but you’re not quite sure how to do that, or if you can…?

Do you sense the way you feel, the changes you are experiencing are part of a larger shift in energy on our planet or perhaps even in our Universe?

These kinds of feelings are happening within the life of many people I know and certainly I’ve experienced them myself. You’re in good company, for there is indeed a vast shift taking place in our lives and on our planet. Lots of people are being drawn more and more to experiences of substance, to. To ways of living and being that open up the realm of what we typically think of as spiritual, or the inner world of knowing, feeling. Many people are being led in amazing ways, that involve synchronicity and seemingly inexplainable coincidences to turn inward and listen to this call of the heart. What happens when we do turn inward is we begin to live from our own experiences and knowing and this is changing humanity and the energy on our planet.

In effect, the evolution of our planet and our being is arising within our awareness. We are connected to all life and as such the changes in the Earth and in others on the planet are felt by us. We may not know that is what we are feeling, but it affects our experience nonetheless. We are changing and so is the Earth and there is increasingly no denying this.

I’ve discovered that as we realize this and begin to look for others who might understand or relate to what we’re going through that we have the most beautiful experience of discovering many others who know exactly what we feel like and are either feeling it now, or have already been there. There are common elements to this experience of the Shift, or Awakening, and once you begin to participate in the conversation you begin to see there is indeed a pattern, there are waves and similar experiences taking place, there is something larger happening which we can talk about and understand and in this clarity comes a sense of belonging, connection, validation, relief and empowerment.

You’ve arrived at a virtual base-camp and gathering place for these new spiritual adventurers of our time cultivating and raising their energy, their vibration. My intention in creating Expect Wonderful is provide an oasis for awakening humans dedicated to expanding human potential.

To support, empower and inspire us as we are remembering and learning how to use the alchemy of our energy and focus to create our experience and ultimately, to reinvent our world and the collective and individual experiences here.


Using our own direct experience to understand more about the nature of reality, our relationship within the Cosmic whole, about energy and the nature of our presence here on Earth and within the vastness of being, the Unified Field of existence. In effect we’re entering into a conscious, direct relationship with All-That-Is, what we have in the past called “God” or the Divine. We’re claiming our own identity as individuated aspects of this Source of All Being and learning how to live with this truth as the foundation of our being.

Here you’ll find kindred souls with and the chance to be among your own kind. You may participate in many ways. There are collective experiences, individual opportunities for support, regular articles and messages about energy trends and ways to cultivate your life, workshops and self-paced digital courses, retreats and books. You may be as involved in as many ways as feels right to you and serves your evolution. I am here as a bridge to Spirit, one of many who have been called into service at this time. I am only here to support your empowerment, not as a Guru or a know-it-all. YOU actually, are the only one who can most appropriately guide your life. I am here to share pathways of evolution that have given me deep confidence and expansion. I offer them to bridge the way for you with greater ease, as I have benefited from those who taught and share with me.

My most sacred call is to create ways for you to explore the deeper currents within your own life. to inspire and support you and in doing so, for us all to live with more confidence, clarity and joy.

Come here to celebrate and participate in conversations about the deeper current of your life that is emerging within you. Come here in those very challenging moments and you’ll be inspired to trust your inner sense of what’s happening, to believe in your life, to recognize and reclaim your innate wisdom and be able to tap into this and use it to transform your life and our world.

In this auspicious moment, when You and I have connected, we have the chance to share together in this unprecedented collective great awakening.


Many different perspectives exist about this. What is yours? Some people think things are falling apart. They are. {smile} Some people also notice that things which were not sustainable, not built on the interconnectedness of our planet and all life on it are not working anymore. If you pay attention, that is what’s falling apart. In essence, it’s those systems and patterns, institutions and relationships not rooted in love and respect for life and sustainability that are dissolving.
What’s also changing or falling apart is that which no longer fits us or serves us–collectively or individually. I understand that life, civilization, the planet and our ways of being are metamorphosizing, but in an evolutionary way toward greater wholeness, unity and awareness of love. This great awakening is sometimes called the “shift”, or spoken about in conversations about 11:11 and 2012. The terms some people use is “ascension” which means a rise in frequency. It’s what people mean when they say there’s more light coming into the Earth plane, or that they’re feeling the energy is “intense” lately.

The more you awaken, the more you WILL notice the energy of your experience–for everything IS energy, including you.

We’re all doing this at our own pace and no one is left out. Each of us is led from within in the way which is perfect for us. We’re participating in a collective experience of personal awakening.

Some of us are already awake. Some are just awakening and not sure yet what’s happening or how to handle all that is taking place. And some are still asleep.
Around you in the “outside world” the systems, physical patterns and structure of the Earth’s civilization and our planet is changing–”falling apart”–many ways of being and systems are no longer sustainable or working.

Many people are experiencing the ascending energy and the changes in vibration as huge and challenging–noticing big changes in health, relationships, work, values, financial situations and not knowing what to rely on. Things are seemingly moving faster and what used to make sense, doesn’t anymore. If one allows fear to create perception there could be used to create anxiety, a sense of doom, distrust and negativity.

With love as our orienting energy, the view offers some incredible joyful experiences of empowerment, of expansion and continually emerging openings, and the sustainable experience of optimism and happiness. We are awakening to expanded possibilities and potential. Our planet and all of us are on a great adventure to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness. We’re headed for a higher band of energy/frequency an experience beyond the illusions of duality and the exploration of these lower vibrational energies.

As part of this we begin to remember and embrace our true identity as divine, multidimensional, eternal and abundantly powerful beings emanating into this human form. We begin to really know within us, that we have created this human experience (one of our many simultaneous experiences across the Universe!), and we step increasingly into this new landscape and experience with a sense of empowerment and curiosity about our true capacities.

We’re learning to open inward and find our innate wisdom and feel the Oneness which is the true foundation of reality! Physically, we are being stretched, tempered, re-made and learning to hold more light and a higher vibration or frequency of energy within our cells, within our very bodies; we are morphing! The base resonant frequency of our planet and indeed our whole galaxy is rising; and we pulse with this frequency and are increasingly initiated into this ascending energy.
Together we’re exploring what it means to live with higher levels of consciousness, and learning new ways of being.

Being human at this time is truly a gift; for we’re profoundly evolving the civilization in which we are currently focused.

Wonderful isn’t it?

© 2009-2012, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved. http://www.expectwonderful.com You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute this content on-line by linking, “liking,” or as written text as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including this unaltered text in it’s entirety (including title) & a working website link to the original post. Permissions for use in print, video, media or other ways may be requested from Expect Wonderful by emailing Meredith@expectwonderful.com

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