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AuroRa Le ~ SYBRA OF SIRIUS. “Detach, Dream And Delete.” ~





SYBRA OF SIRIUS. “Detach, Dream And Delete.” By, AuroRa Le. July 30, 2012.

~ Brethren of the Stars and honored Earthkeepers, I am Sybra the Elder, of Sirius. I speak with you today not only in representation of The Council of the Venus Ray, but as a voice for The Elders of the Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance; so as we might share with you our common perspective regarding the current trends to which we see your thoughts wandering, these few days past. Please allow us to share our own perspective on the matter.


~ The information you absorb is no different than the food and drink you ingest on a daily basis. Whilst the foods’ intent is to nourish you and make the body strong, so too the data you choose has an immediate effect on the vitality of your heart, mind and spirit. Please be advised to select your reading and listening material with the same precise care you exercise when purchasing groceries for your family. Because changes in your energetic body are not often as readily apparent as they are within your physical vessel, it is easy and quite understandable that you would not associate these two things as actually being one and the same. Therefore, we wish to caution you to please exhibit meticulous discernment when deciding which information you shall hold as truth and which to set aside as non-resonant.

~ Detach, dream and delete. These are my three “words of the day”, Dear Brethren. What does Sybra mean by this, I hear you say? Let me explain, then, and I vow to remain plainspoken and to keep the data very simple. Firstly, you must detach immediately from the surrounding drama. I refer not to the drama of daily life, although I must say it is advisable to steer clear of this, also. On this day I speak of what appears to myself and my fellow Elders as a whirling merry-go-round of contradictory, confusing and sometimes fear-inducing data. See here, we do not cast judgement upon you or the presenters of theses pieces. To each his own creations and chosen reality. But I ask you, does this other person’s reality mirror your own? Do the written words fill your heart to overflowing with hope and Godly light? Are they in sync with with what your own precious guides are telling you? Is it a proper tool to pass on in your quest of awakening the masses? Or on a less joyous note, do these news bits fill you with great fear for the future? Signs of non-resonance include a tight clenching of your solar plexus, a drop in your energy level, a sensation that something has attached itself to you and you have difficulty shaking off your solemn mood. When any of this occurs, stop reading or listening and immediately delete the offending piece.

~ All words-whether written or spoken, channeled or not channeled-carry the energies of the writer and the corresponding entity. As does your physical nourishment, these energies become absorbed into the etheric body of their recipient. Many of these messages, such as the ones you read here, are charged with activations. If the energies and activations are incompatible with your own blueprint, feel somehow wrong, are tarnished or have been tampered with, you shall instantly know it. It is what you call a “gut feeling.” Your solar plexus chakra is where your body takes in and processes information, thus alerting you to any and all inconsistencies and incompatibilities. Pay close attention to what you feel there, for that is this chakra’s job.

~ Now, moving on to the pleasurable art of dreaming. My dear, dear friends, do not neglect to relax and dream, I do beseech you. Close your eyes, lie back and fall into a vibration of tranquility and peacefulness. It is entirely up to you what reality you inevitably create. Amidst the current flurry of events, a great number of you have foregone your daily meditations and clearing. Remember that this, and only this, is your primary part to play in the unfolding. Whilst we remove what is old and decayed, you-the Human Race-are the ones creating what shall eventually take it’s place. Granted, these are most exciting times, we do agree, and you are not wrong to be elated that duality is indeed coming to an end. Yet you have become caught up in the frenzy of when this shall occur. When shall our families disclose? When, when, when… We see that some of you are terribly consumed with worry over what shall happen next. You fear the actions of the Cabal. You fear that justice shall not be properly served against the perpetrators. Do you not see that all of this concern, however well-meaning, is but a distraction keeping you from doing the job you were sent here to do? Leave disclosure to your Galactic Brethren. We shall not fail you, truly. The where, when and how of disclosure is ours to implement, and any “delays” are for good reason. This is the part we play in Gaia’s ascension, and it is not for you to fret and become angered about. The issues surrounding any type of reveal are of the utmost seriousness, and the details are not to be trifled with. Please accept this truth and move on to detach yourselves from worrying about it. Remind yourselves that this is a Holy Event, and it is imperative that you remove all ego-based, 3rd dimensional thinking from the equation. Bring God back into the mix, and then surrender all control, all potential outcomes to his Almighty benevolence. Remember, Brethren, you cannot micromanage The Divine!

~ In summary, I ask you to please work on the raising of planetary consciousness. Cultivate the garden within which grows your newly evolving and transforming Self. Heal the the planet, tend the grid and strive to awaken others to the truth of these wondrous times. Dream into being your ideal world, your perfect life, and focus your energy on the creation and manifestation of the New Earth. Detach from that which does not serve you and dream into being that which does. You cannot be killed. You do not die. God created you an infinite Being of Light. Do not lose sight of these facts, as to do so is to buy into the illusion. Nothing has the power to eradicate that which is immortal.

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Petra Margolis ~ The intricacy of the Illusion ~





As we are still looking for answers, some can be found within the foundation of our human being.
We think of this reality as an illusion, a dream.
But if we dream and we wake up we are awake and out of the dream.
People who wake up to this reality and see it as a dream or illusion are still caught up within it.
All that we have done so far, the thinking, the thoughts of all of it being an illusion, having no attachment etc., none has left this illusion/reality.
We are all still here, that might make us think if there is more to this reality then we can see at first glance when we wake up.

Let’s look at the physical body, it is an amazing creation and we still do not know exactly how it works.
There is a story that the body was build out of the earth and infused with energy to make it come alive.
That is what the physical is, the earth is physical, the body is physical, but the body is controlled through the energy of our spirit.
But if this was the complete truth, then why is, even though DNA is the same, the growing of each body is sort of the same, there are difference for example male and female, but in an overall sort of way, each body grows the same.
Yet each body has distinct differences, for example the fingerprints of each human, the eyes of each human, they are all different.
The basics are the same, but the smaller, fine details differ.
Each person has their own thoughts, their own actions, and their own life.
This is a very intricate illusion and what makes us think that something that seems very simple, waking up, will take us out of the illusion. This considering the fact that we are all still here.
Maybe it is the physical that keeps us here; the physical body is made out of the earth. It cannot be dissolved, unless we find a way to dissolve and completely disconnect from the physical body.
How do we attach our energy to the physical, how do we keep the physical going with our energies and what happens if we disconnect.
We usually disconnect when the body dies, but yet even if the body dies, we still come back over and over again into another physical body.
So there must be something else besides the physical body that keeps us connected to this reality.
Why was this reality created, and look at the intricacy of the created reality?
Millions, billions of people at this moment are within this reality, probably many of them for the first time as we look at the growth rate of the human population.
The question that needs to be answered is, is this reality really an illusion?
Or is it just what it is, reality.
Was this reality created by us, or others?
When did this reality begin?
The earth is according to some scientists 4.5 million year old, when did we start the reality upon this earth, or was the creation of earth part of the reality?
If it was, then why didn’t we create an earth that we could live upon right away, as the earth in the beginning stages was too hot for life?
Recorded history doesn’t go back far enough so where is it?
Hidden within our consciousness?
For some it is, but we also have an overall consciousness and even the ones that have just entered the earth reality are connected to this and have access to this.
So any person can have the feeling of having memories of the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are their own memories of the past.
The akashic records can be accessed by anyone, they hold an overall history of the earth, but yet many find different types of history there as well.
Nothing about the past is clearly accessible, no matter how much we think we know, there are still others who know differently.
The same with the present and the future.
Now even though there are many new souls that have come into this reality, the old ones are still there as well, and their consciousness could hold the answers, but how deep in the consciousness are these answers?
And how do we access this knowledge within our consciousness as this could help us understand this reality, maybe change this reality, or at the least move out of this reality.
We know the physical body has a chakra system, even scientifically there is some proof of an energy current within the physical body.
The chakras however do not control the physical body, they support the physical body in some way, but control seems to come from another place.
Some think it’s the heart that you can control your life through thinking with the heart, but yet that hasn’t taken anyone really out of this reality yet either.
It changes your own view on this reality.
Some think completely releasing every attachment is the answer, yet they have not left this reality yet. There is still a part of us in this reality, no matter what we do or think or release.
Releasing attachments can allow you to move more peaceful through this reality, just as thinking with the heart can allow you to move more peaceful through this reality. But still there are outside influences that can make you less peaceful, there is always this physical reality.
If we look at the intricacy of the physical body, why do we think the spiritual is simple? As above, so below. We know we have more energy systems within the physical body, the Merkaba, the Spiritual Heart and more besides just the chakras.
If each physical body has a different fingerprint, why do we think that all that we are in spirit is the same as each other being?
Just like with the physical body, the overall spiritual energies of each being are the same, but there are differences as well.
If each being was exactly the same we wouldn’t have created a different human body for each being to experience this reality.
Yes, in the beginning we are all the same, right when the human body begins, but even within that, there are differences within the genetic programming. So why would we think that is only within the human body, it might be possible that this is also within our spiritual body, right from source, each being looks the same, but the inner is different in some way.
So each one of us has a different blueprint, looks overall the same, but the programming, or genetic coding within is different.
If we have another look at the physical body and its workings, their doesn’t seem to be one system controlling the workings, there are several energetic systems running through the physical body controlling different parts.
So what if the same is true for our awareness, our consciousness.
Every part of our physical body seems to have some form of consciousness, as we see the earth and every part related to the earth has a consciousness, plants, animals, sand, water and more.
Every cell or particle seems to have its own consciousness.
So why do we expect or think that the physical reality and or the physical body is run by just one part, the heart? Or for that matter our spiritual reality?
Oneness is not just on the outside, it is also within us, every part of our being needs to be in oneness to function at its fullest potential.
Every part of our physical body and every part of our spiritual being as well as our physical body and spiritual being need to be one.
Just something to think about while we argue if we should be living from the heart, the mind etc., whether this reality is real or not.
Oneness seems to be something many think about but still as something outside of us instead of taking it completely inside of us.
Petra Margolis
July 30, 2012




Beth Trutwin ~ Message from Mother Mary through Elizabeth Trutwin July 30, 2012 ~


Greetings, this is Mother Mary. We are stepping up our communications to you. We are entering Cosmic Energies between the Full Moon on August 2 and the next Full Moon August 31. This is a period where intense impulses contract and expand in ecstatic beams of love and light lifting Earth and all on her into Divine Awareness. Bless you.

The Cosmos is made up of the harmonic of light and sound beginning with Source Energy at Alcyone, our Central Sun connecting to an energetic magnetic crystalline grid spanning the Universe which hold the Planets in their place as well as each life stream on Earth. This harmonic is always connected and cannot separate itself. You are that Source Energy on Earth. In this multidimensional Universe these life streams live parallel lives in no time on Planets existing in different Dimensions. Earth exists already in the Higher Dimensions which you look on now as the future.


The Collective Consciousness, with the Ascended Masters, Angels and Galactics as a family working together to finish the karma of this span of time in duality. We move upward and onward to an existence in bliss where all is healed. Your attention and focus are needed now. Center yourself in love. Allow your focus pinpoint for the next few days to remain here turning away from the mundane. Listen ! I will tell you to let go of anything extraneous and beam love to Earth in this most auspicious time of change.

Each day on Earth One must face the Immediate and the Ultimate. I am calling on you today to intently focus your heart on balancing these two. This is known as Being in the World and not Being of the World. This is known as Being and Doing. Being the Divine Grace holding your Form on Earth while Doing the Immediate required to hold your life Force here never forgetting your Ultimate Mission of raising Earth to the shining Orb in the Heavens once more.

I invite you to learn to walk simultaneously in both worlds. In invite you to the Supreme Freedom of remembering who you are. You do not need anything special to remember. The key requirement is devoted sincerity to yourself. It requires you to allow at least one hour a day in contemplation and meditation. One must apply what they know and go into silence to find the answers for their life. One must set aside financial worries, relationship worries and the like for at least one complete hour a day.

Do you like singing? Put on some music and sing. Do you like to dance? Dance in your mirror with yourself. Close your eyes and your consort dances with you. Believe me, they do! Have you considered lightening up with vegetarianism? Imagine choosing your vegetables off the vines you grew in your own garden. Washing, chopping, peeling and blanching takes time. It is a song and dance to the spirit. It is a time to commune with the food which will nourish you. Most people eat more than they need. It is a learned habit and not necessary. Look at your habits and lighten your body. Drink lots of water to feed your subtle bodies the ions they need. The water holds the light near the Form.

Sit in a chair alone and think about something that has Bliss float in. It takes practice in this busy world. It is wonderful to do on a full stomach where you have been dancing and singing while you prepare the food. Sit in the chair, take in slow deep breaths and connect with that Source Energy inside the Golden Door in your Heart. Go there and feel your Cosmic connection with All That Is. In that space imagine something, anything which makes your chin drop, your mouth open, causes you to sigh in Bliss. Feel the Bliss make your lips tingly. Feel the Bliss wash over your face. Cultivate this feeling. This is a kind of meditation that connects you with the deepest levels of your Soul.
Learning to turn Bliss on at Will is an advanced technique which brings the other siddhas. It is a requirement to be in Bliss before beginning the other advanced practices. No mistakes. Bliss takes you to your Highest Place. Practice this meditation at least twice a day or get wild with it and try to maintain it throughout the day with brief pauses in the immediate world.

Continue to walk with one foot in Bliss and one foot in the immediate. Cultivate an attitude of Awareness where you bounce easily back and forth between the two worlds flowing effortlessly from the moment your eyes open in the morning until darkness comes and you lie down your body to go to your night work.

You may find yourself react to an email or your boss or other outer world stimulus. At that moment remember your ability to turn on Bliss. In that moment, detach, detach in your mind and in your heart. Watch yourself, talk to yourself. Remember, remember… You Are Divine Grace. Approach the problem with an equitable and respectful solution. Complete your work in the immediate and go back to Bliss as soon as you can.

Deeply intently and sincerely connect to your Highest Self in the next few days. Allow what seems to be immediate but truly is not to fall away. Ungrip from everything unnecessary.

I invite you, invoke you, open to you, Divine Grace within, connect with your family, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Galactics. Work with us in Harmony. Take us to your Realm and take our hand. Walk with us. Talk with us. It is time for no time. You are loved beyond words and I am always with you. ~Mother Mary through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.

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Video ~ UFO Sighting | Busan, South Korea | 07/26/2012 ~


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Andrea & Earth Allies – It’s OK If You Feel Confused! – 30 July 2012



And it’s ok if you feel you don’t know what to believe in anymore.

This is happening as the last walls of illusion fall.

Many used to fasten some sort of seat belt when things got challenging, thus these same seatbelt were nothing but illusionary programs.

It has been said over and over that ALL had to be let go in order to step into the New energies of Love. If one did not do this in advance one finds itself into what is felt like a storm right now.

This “storm” is nothing but the Change. And no Change can happen by holding on to old believe systems, no matter how hard you try, you’ll hit a wall over and over from now on.

Thus the only way of bringing this wall down is by literally letting it go.

If you feel confused and project this confusion onto others the best thing that can happen is that your confusion becomes frustration and frustration becomes anger, and guilt.

None of this is necessary.

You already have all the tools you need right Now to get over this and to transform what seems unknown into a well Known. This well-known is your True Self.

Life after life you were dressed with labels that no more fit in any way, you’ve grown out of them so fast… this time however there’s no need for another dress, it’s time for dressing Your Light, which is the Love you are.

If you feel something does not fit you… let it go.

If you feel someone is trying to “attack you”… let it go.

If you feel you don’t know how to Be anymore… let it go.


Breathe all the Love in and all the old out… and let it go.

Let go your feeling of not being worth as you Are, without any need to prove it.

Let go of the feeling you need to do something as you don’t need to do anything, only to Be.

Follow the Joy… and you’ll find Miracles.

Follow your Heart… and you’ll find All you truly need right Now.

If you feel confused… it’s ok. Don’t try to act out your confusion or it will enhance. It will grow bigger.

Confusion means your old does not work anymore and you’re on the line of “no return” into True Love.

Whatever you choose Now will be your path.

Think of what you dream to See and Live… then Be this Choice within yourself. The rest will unfold at Lightspeed.

Confusion is the step between a non-choice. Between an old path and a new path. NoOne can make this choice but you.

Feel free to make eighter choice, but please do it consciously as you’ll live any path you choose.

My advice is to Choose Love.

Love flows… and dissolves all suffering and all illusions giving you True Freedom. Thus noOne will judge you if you choose a different path. It’s your choice. It has always been. Simply be aware of what you choose by any thought you create.

It’s the time you truly look inside and make this choice by yourself. It’s the time noOne chooses for you anymore.

It’s your time Now.

Choose wisely, all the tools you need are here already.



One day, ALL will Be Home again, as that’s the only Place we all are right Now.

All our Love,

Andrea & The  Earth Allies

http://www.soundofheart.org – The Galactic Free Press – link to original article


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – 51% Of Germans Believe Germany Betters Off Outside Eurozone, 71% Favor Greece Leaving; Implacations On Constitutional Court Ruling – 30 July 2012


A recent poll says 51 percent of Germans now believe Germany would be better off without the euro.

The Emnid poll for the Bild am Sonntag mass circulation weekly showed 51pc of Germans believed Europe’s top economy would be better outside the 17-country eurozone. Twenty-nine percent said it would be worse off, AFP reports.

The survey also showed that 71pc of Germans wanted Greece to leave the euro if it did not live up to its austerity promises.

Economy Minister Philipp Roesler told Bild am Sonntag there were “considerable doubts whether Greece is living up to its reform promises.”

Implications on Constitutional Court Ruling

That poll, with only 29% believeing the euro is a good thing, suggests that if the German constitutional court forced Merkel to put the euro to a referendum, that Germany would vote to leave the eurozone.

On September 12, the German constitution court is expected to rule on the ESM as well as the fiscal treaty chancellor Angela Merkel signed in March.

Is it any wonder ECB president Mario Draghi is loathe to do anything but talk before the court meets?

Should the court rule both are OK, eurocrats like Jean-Claude Juncker will immediately seek to change what the ESM can do, including the use of leverage.

Let Voters Decide

Given that Germany is better off outside the eurozone, and the eurozone is arguably better off without Germany, hopefully, the constitutional court will say it’s time to put all of this to voters, including whether Germany should stay in the eurozone.

Unfortunately, I expect the court will OK both the ESM and the Merkozy treaty, but give further warnings to Merkel and the ECB that 500 million euros is the limit.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
http://www.globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.comlink to original article

JohnyDontPlay – Bankers On The Run! All Of Them! – 30 July 2012


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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light (30th July) – 31 July 2012


In harmony we will rise to any challenges set before us as we together begin the renewing of our bonds, our ties, our relationships, our love and service to each other, to this universe and to our Creator, the Creator of all things that we enjoy, that we love, that we cherish, that we save within our memories that have brought us happiness, pleasure and even pain sometimes, as all our experiences have brought us closer to the oneness of it all in this universe, closer to each other, closer to our higher selves and closer to our Creator who began all this for us to enjoy, to learn, to grow, to experience existence, experience life here in his magnificent universe.

It is time to now begin the next steps on our journey together, steps that will bring you into a brand new world, a brand-new universe, for you will be leaving behind everything that you have come to know as your reality, for nothing will be the same for you once you step out through that door in the near days ahead, days that are approaching very rapidly for you as time is quickening. Can you feel this, dear ones? Can you feel that time is collapsing on itself, that it is becoming powerless against you and your will? Time is disappearing, evaporating, vanishing, and will very soon for you matter no more as time will have run out, if you will, and you will find yourself emerged in more of a ‘timeless’ state of being. This is what you have to look forward to, and we suggest to you to not count the minutes, days and hours until all of this begins for you as when you do this you are empowering time, you are giving time power, you are giving time domain over you. You are giving time a right it does not naturally possess, for time is not a governor, is not a ruler, a king, a God, a Creator. Time is but an abstract, an aspect, a product of yours and our creation.


We, the beings that inhabit this wonderful universe created time so we could experiment with it, to better experience and understand our universe, ourselves and each other. This is all time is. Time is no more than this, but it is also no less than this. We say to you do not make time more than it is. Do not believe for one moment that you cannot conquer time, for time is already conquered, as we have created it and we have never given time any powers over us in any way as this was never part of our dream and vision for this particular creation. Releasing the shackles of time will be incredibly liberating for you, for you will not age as you do at this time, you will not tire as you may at this time, you will not have certain deadlines that you struggle to meet, although you will still have remnants remaining of what you have come to know as time, we wish to be clear on this.


It is not as if you are graduating into a complete void where there are not things to do and a time and a place to do them, for their certainly are. There will always be times, dates and places to travel to that will take a certain amount of time to get there. We do not wish for you to miss understand us when we say that time will change for you, as time will still exist, it is just that the rules, the parameters, the laws that govern time will change for you. Do you understand this, dear ones? Do you understand that there will always be certain aspects of time, certain powers of time, certain laws of time, certain instances of time. Time will always exist as the concept that it is, it is just the concept itself that will experience metamorphosis for you as you exit the lower dimensions and enter the higher above you, if you will, although dimensions are not stacked on top of each other either, they are more within each other if you could imagine it in that way.


We would like to discuss with you what is you will be doing with much of your time once you exit the lives that you have grown to know so well. A new start for many of you may be rather jolting in a way, mildly shocking we can even say for some of you, as ending old ways and beginning new ways is always a challenge to be taken seriously. We wish for you, dear ones, who are following our messages to think about how it is you will handle saying goodbye to so much that you have grown so accustomed to. Will you be able to make this transition smoothly, or will you experience some bumps in your world, finding it difficult to release so much of the familiar? We will be there for you, offering our guidance and counseling for those of you who may find this transition a little challenging and could benefit from the assistance of those who have gone on before you and have experienced just what you are about to experience, not once, but even many times before.


Although this will be a glorious experience for you, an exciting experience, an adventurous and fun experience, it will also be a new, strange and mysterious and at times challenging experience for many of you. We wish you to as best as you can prepare yourselves for what will be a great change for you. It will not be a subtle change by any means, as much of what you have grown to know as the norm will dissipate, making way for many new things that you will have no or very little memory of. Do you see how this certainly can be a little bit of a mild shock for some? We certainly can understand this, and we wish to as best as we can minimize what can be an unsettling experience and allow you to proceed into your new lives as smoothly and as soundly as is possible.


To do this, we feel it is best to describe a little what it will be like for you when you exit this reality for a new one, a different one, a higher one, a freer one, a more exciting and adventurous one. One of the things you will be shedding are the constraints that have been put on you here in this dimension you call home today. There are so many constraints upon you; money, age, health, gender, discrimination, geographical considerations, your jobs, your families. These are all constraints, shackles it could even be said, although we understand how you love your families and you may love the area in which you live, this is not what we mean. What we mean is you have ties to these areas of your lives, ties that cannot easily be cut, allowing you to roam free wherever it is you would like to go and do whatever it is you would like to do. This is one aspect of your life that will surely change for you, as once you emerge into the higher realms you will have no ties they cannot be removed to allow you to soar anywhere and everywhere it is you would like to be, to see, to experience.


Yes it is true you have families on this side as well who love you very dearly, but you do not have families in the sense that you need to work every day to support them or stay home to raise them or a mix of both, as this is not part of your new reality. Many of you will also find yourselves in new careers, this is also true, but you will have plenty of time, freedom and resources to travel wherever it is you would like to and do whatever it is you wish to do as you will not be tied down to a job that commands so much of your lives as you may have today.


These are some of the considerations we would like you to think about today, for although many see this as a blessing to be able to cut ties with some of these things we have discussed, you may be surprised that there will be many of you who find letting go of all these things or some of these things a great challenge, as they have never known true freedom from these aspects of their lives that have demanded so much of their time, energy, focus and resources. We just wish you to think about this today, and think about how you will feel and how you will handle this emotionally when the ties to all that may in some way hold you down today from experiencing what it is you wish to experience and traveling to where you wish to travel are untied for you forever. Please think about this today and prepare yourselves, for although freedom is a joyous blessing and gift, true freedom can also be quite challenging for some when this gift is opened for the first time in eons, or maybe even the first time ever.


We are your free brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. We love you all, dear ones.



As channeled through Greg Giles

7 Minutes Chakras Tune Up – 31 July 2012


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A message from Saint Germain and the Arcturians ~~ 30/07/2012 channeled by Méline Lafont


Dear Ones,

There’s a lot going on presently and we see the confirmations about the Divine timeline of August 4th turning up everywhere in a myriad of information sources. And it is quite obvious that Lightworkers are thrilled about these unfoldings. We too are enjoyed and we see an enormous power of cooperation and of Light transcend the surfaces : a fact that can be likened to the pulsar of a solar flame from the sun. You now have every right to be overjoyed, my dear ones! We feel the exact same things up here in the Higher Realms. Our Galactic Brothers are very committed to finalize this Disclosure project and can barely restraint themselves because they so long to inform you who they are and why they have come. They have come to help you, dear ones. They have come to share their Love and Light with you. They have come to inform you about your own true nature and your origins and tell you so much more.

At last we detected an opportunity to start up this project. In case the Divine Timeline of August 4th has been overstepped with nothing unfolding, the Galactic Brothers will take over the reins of this Disclosure project. There firstly have been meetings going on between the Galactic Brothers, the groundcrew and the world leaders to determine how we can announce the Galactic Presence to humanity the softest way possible without stirring too much fear in humans ; that has been and always will be our main aim. I personally cooperate in this regard and I have established a strong contact with president Obama, who is himself quite pleased to finally be able to participate in this project. Everything is closely monitored and followed up by our Galactic Brothers, the Arcturians, whose message will be next after I turn my place over to them.

Know my dear ones, that much work went into this project and we can’t just let it pass us by. We cannot give you an exact date as we always live in the NOW. What I can tell you is that the date of August 4th is the ultimate date by which the minions/dark souls must fully cooperate, a promise made by them a long time ago but never kept. Now they have to finally agree to cooperate by then. If they fail to do so than the project will be handed over to the Divine source and carry out by the Galactic Brothers. No matter how, Disclosure will come at the most propitious time. Just don’t link it to an exact date, let go and let God. It will all become crystal clear from that ultimate date, August 4th, how and when things will unfold ; then we can provide further intel. It all depends on the decisions, the timelines, the circumstances… what you can be sure of is that August 4th will bring a huge change as it will be the starting point. Disclosure can no longer be postponed; it happens in your NOW moment. Do take into account that this NOW moment implies a much bigger time-frame than one day : so don’t expect to see an armada of UFO’s on that specific date.

I Love you my dear ones, and I work hard at the Disclosure project in order to guide you through it all as humanity is important to me.

I Am Saint Germain.

Greetings beloved humanity and Brethren of Earth!

We are the Arcturians and we wish to come forward in this most auspicious event in your Earth history for it will definitely leave its mark! We wish to confirm to you that everything that has been speculated about the Divine Time and the Divine Plan is based in Truth. We, the Arcturians, do monitor everything carefully how humanity responds at present and how they will respond at the time of First Contact. It is our pleasure to convey to you that up until now you are responding very well which makes the plans easier. There is much that we have to take into account, it has really not been a sinecure to arrive at this present point.

You all had to wait a long time and so did we but now we have reached an opportunity in which we see a chance to announce Disclosure. The negotiations and the talks of the plans are in full swing. Our Earth allies and other representatives of the Light have come to a consensus regarding the ultimate time corresponding with your Earth date of August 4th. After that date all will begin and you may expect to see our ships for starters. Let go of your illusory time factor and see us when we come. That’s how it is going to be : it happens when it happens and no one can tell the time or date with100% certainty. We can only inform you that the time has come for us to show ourselves more and more and to establish first contacts with you.

Allow us to explain what you can expect to happen during the event that you call Disclosure. Our brothers on Earth, whom we call the groundcrew, will cooperate in establishing those first contacts. They have a direct link with us and with other civilizations and they contribute their part in this whole project. They will see to it that everything proceeds swiftly without causing too big a shock for humanity. They are on Earth to soothe troubled hearts and assist them when necessary. Those belonging to this group know this by now or will be informed in the coming days. They already know it subconsciously, they cooperated actively in this project during their astral travels. Besides them, we too have the Galactic groundcrew coming from our civilization who dwell amongst the humans of Earth and who participate in matters of security and in negotiations. All in all we are talking of a huge project which cannot be underestimated in its scope.

We have opted for the Pleiadian civilization to be the first one to establish first contact as they have a humanlike appearance and so, they are least likely to trigger fear and shock in humans. After this initial contact with the Pleiadians, other civilizations will follow. Before First Contact will take place, the sightings of our ships will increase further. Gradually bigger ships will decloak and show themselves to you for longer and longer periods of time. Much anticipation is placed upon the Olympic Games for us to show up and we tell you that it is most probable these games will be used for decloakings of our ships. We are presently still elaborating on that.

But for now let go of the time factor involved and work on yourself. Too much emphasis of you on this matter can work antagonistically and is really counterproductive. Know it will happen, let it go and give Love to the event of Disclosure, to us, to humanity and to Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturians and we thank Méline who has given us the opportunity to come forward with this message. See you soon and thanks for cooperating with our civilizations. We truly appreciate this and we wish that you experience a most glorious event.

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Mira the Pleiadian ~ Readiness is Key ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 30, 2012


Mira the Pleiadian:

Greetings, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council.

I greet you with much anticipated news of the developments for your highest awakening. Every moment we come closer to the tipping point of what is needed for the Light to prevail and Higher Consciousness to reign in the majority of the population on planet Earth.

We are so close, dear friends.  Much is waiting to transpire. You are so close to meeting your Galactic friends. Many of you have reached out and many are waiting for contact.

The atmosphere in your hearts approaches the necessary climate for this meeting. We have contacted many of you in your dream state and we have contacted many of you in your waking state. You are feeling us closer. You are accepting us more. You are eagerly awaiting further contact.

Please keep your hearts open and your desires focused on the reunion with us. Your prayers and mass meditations are tipping the scales towards the needed Light quotient for a peaceful and exciting reunion.

It is never more important than it is now to keep focusing on your own awakening and on your own connection with Source. There is no substitute for daily meditation and connection with the Great Central Sun and with Mother Earth. You are helping to lift Her higher as you lift in consciousness.

All eyes are on you, dear friends and inhabitants of Earth. What will you do with the coming days? Will you focus on increasing the Light within your own selves as well as into Earth and all around you?

Are you anticipating movement around you as far as Disclosure without paying attention to your readiness? Are you ready? Are you helping others be ready? Look closer, now, dear comrades. Look to your heart. Is it open and ready to accept our contact with you? Are you looking around you to see what you can do to help others be ready?

You have come so far. Keep accepting the Light and send it to every heart that needs to be more open to the changes that you are so eagerly anticipating. Are you completely ready yourselves?

Our dear Family of the Light, we have worked so hard with you to bring this new era about. Please keep progressing in the Light. Please keep sending Light to every Being who needs it. Please keep sending Light and welcoming Love to your sisters and brothers of the Galactic Family.

The time is now, dear friends. Muster all your strength and courage to be ready for the changes. Nothing will be completely the same. Time is speeding up and every minute is necessary to focus on the Light, to focus on your dreams and visions for New Earth.

I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and I eagerly await our reunion.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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http://www.franhealing.com/Current-Channelled-Message.html (Website)

Archangel Michael on Disclosure and the Olympics


Archangel Michael on Disclosure and the Olympics


Geoffrey West: Welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Welcome, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love. And I ask all of you, once again, my friends, to ignite your blue flame of truth, to ignite it in your head, your brain, your third and fourth eye, your throat, your heart. Allow the truth to reign, and allow discernment to reign as well, for you have shifted away from judgment, and that is positive. And we invite you to stay there.

And where do you wish to begin, dear Geoff?

GW: Well, I think the pertinent questions that appear to be on a lot of peoples’ minds at this moment is with regards to an alleged meeting that took place on the morning of the Olympic ceremonies, and perhaps some added validation that that has occurred, and also this date of August 4th.

Some people are interpreting this date as an actual date of Disclosure, and we are trying to communicate that it is a divine deadline whereby something may not necessarily happen on that day, but the celestial and galactic forces do have the divine freedom after this date by which to begin the process of communicating disclosure to humanity and our planet.

Can you confirm these events?

AAM: I am not going to comment one way or another on anything about the meetings that may or may not have taken place. And what we have suggested to you, time and again, is that we are working on containment of certain individuals or groups that have need to be irradiated with light and love.

And that is well underway. And that is the method in which a great deal of what you would think of as resistant energy has and will be dealt with.


The galactics and inter-galactics have basically been given a green light for their beginning to arrive upon the planet, and preparations are underway already for that to occur. It is not because this is what you have called a result of a meeting. It is simply that the populace has reached a point where they are fully open to these sightings, and to this arrival, to this interaction.

So, there has been a great deal of opening of the hearts and the minds of the human collective, and that is also part of the transition, it is part of the penetration of love from above and below. It is part of the work. It is not simply this meeting or that meeting. It is part of a process, my friend.

GW: Great. That’s a question that I, as a journalist, felt I had to ask, as I know some people would be thinking that. So thank you for clarifying and for speaking the truth on that.

There have been videos that are showing sightings of ships allegedly around Olympic Stadium. There are sources also indicating that these ships are closely resembling some of the cabal ships, and that perhaps it was the cabal ships that were hanging around. And I understand that the messages have indicated that no ship of the cabal nature would be allowed to operate or fly at this particular time.

So, is it safe to say that any ship that was seen around Olympic Stadium at the time of the opening ceremonies was in fact a Galactic Federation ship?

AAM: Yes, that is correct. You have many of your star brothers and sisters that are enjoying the events and participating in the events, and simply sending light and love — and protection, by the way — to this undertaking to insure that it is peaceful and harmonious, and loving.

GW: Right. If I was to ask how you might see things unfolding over the short term, how might that be? Because I know that we certainly don’t divulge or go into specific dates of events, so I certainly don’t want to go in that direction. But in term of the energies that have now begun building, that … the energies of Disclosure, the videos that are surfacing, the fact that everything seems to be going almost viral, as we call it, on Earth, how might you see things unfolding over the next week to ten days to two weeks?

AAM: I suggest to you that things are unfolding very rapidly. And that is why the humans are also confronting and receiving extensive energy adjustments and attunements. And so it is important that the individuals who are feeling this way also take time for that integration, for that shift, not only in their consciousness but in their hearts, as well.

So, yes. We are suggesting that the events .… And do not tie this simply to the Olympics. This is something that has been planned for eons, and certainly for thousands of years. You are playing with dates, and I think that is a good idea, and a very novel and fun idea, and it is as good a day as anything else.

Earth is preparing for some major transitions. Now, the biggest transition that you are going through, both your planet — well, she is already there — and the human beings, is the shift into different dimensionalities. You are become your interdimensional selves. And therefore, because of that, your ability to interact with the intergalactics, with the galactics and all star brothers and sisters has also shifted.

So, your ability to see them, for them to participate with you more fully upon the planet in peaceful and loving ways that have no quota, no shadow of fear, has already begun. And it does begin not simply with the Olympics. And we ask you not to simply continue focusing on one event. This is an event that has been planned for a long time. Look all over your globe, dear heart. And look very quickly.

GW: Great. Thank you, Michael. Just for confirmation purposes, are we able to establish whether or not a divine deadline has been passed or not? I’m just being passed a message here that perhaps, just for clarification purposes, can we establish if a deadline has been passed, or if that deadline is what exists coming up?

AAM: No, the divine deadline has come and gone. And it came and gone around the same time as I spoke to you about the boulder going downhill. That was the beginning of the new.

GW: Great. Thank you.

AAM: So what you are thinking of in terms of August 4th is more like a July 4th for you who live in America, a July 1st for those of you who live in Canada, the Queen’s birthday for those of you who live in the UK, and so on. It is a date that you are thinking of as a celebration.

And the President’s birthday is a very good day to honor this inter-galactic being.

370 Million Endure World’s Biggest Power Blackout in India


Photo by: Rajesh Kumar Singh

Passengers sit in a train and wait for power to get restored July 30, 2012, at a railway station in New Delhi. A major power outage struck northern India, plunging cities into darkness and stranding hundreds of thousands of commuters. (Associated Press)

NEW DELHI — A power grid failure blacked out northern India for hours Monday, halting trains, forcing hospitals and airports onto backup power and providing a dark, sweltering reminder of the nation’s inability to meet its energy needs as it strives to be an economic power.

While the midsummer outage was unique in its reach — it hit 370 million people, more than the population of the United States and Canada combined — its impact was softened by Indians’ familiarity with almost daily blackouts of varying duration. Hospitals and major businesses have backup generators that seamlessly kick in during power cuts, and upscale homes are hooked to backup systems powered by truck batteries.

Nonetheless, some small businesses were forced to shut for the day. Buildings were without water because the pumps weren’t working, and the vaunted New Delhi Metro, with 1.8 million daily riders, was paralyzed during the morning commute.

“This will obviously get worse,” said Subhash Chawla, a 65-year-old retiree who took the Metro once power was restored. “Unless the Metro has a separate power supply, it will be chaos in the future.”

The grid that failed feeds the nation’s breadbasket in Punjab, the war-wracked region of Kashmir, the burgeoning capital of New Delhi, the Dalai Lama’s Himalayan headquarters in Dharmsala, and the world’s most populous state, poverty-stricken Uttar Pradesh.

Most affected areas had power back by late morning, less than nine hours after the outage started. By evening, 15 hours after the outage began, officials said full power had been restored.

Many chafed at the inconvenience.

Amit Naik, a toy maker in New Delhi, was forced to close his workshop for the day.

“There was no water, so my machine couldn’t run. Other people had the same difficulties,” he said.

The Confederation of Indian Industry said the outage was a reminder of the urgent need for the government to fix the power sector, ensure a steady supply of coal for power plants and reform the electricity utilities.

Transmission and distribution losses in some states are as much as 50 percent because of theft and corruption by employees in the power industry. India’s Central Electricity Authority reported power deficits of about 8 percent in recent months.

Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde deflected criticism, pointing out that the United States and Brazil also had huge power failures in recent years.

“I ask you to look at the power situation in other countries as well,” he said.

The blackout, the worst to hit India in a decade, began about 2:30 a.m. when the grid covering eight northern states crashed. Officials in Uttar Pradesh, where the problem was believed to have begun, said the grid could not keep up with the huge demand for power in the hot summer.

But Shinde said he was not sure exactly what caused the collapse and had formed a committee to investigate.

The outage left millions sweltering in the summer heat. Muslim families were forced to eat their pre-dawn meals by candlelight before beginning their daytime Ramadan fast. “It was really difficult,” said farmer Mohammed Zaman.

As officials struggled to get the grid back on line, they drew power from the neighboring eastern and western grids as well as hydroelectric power from the small neighboring mountain kingdom of Bhutan.

New Delhi residents were roused from sleep when their fans and air conditioners stopped, and came out of their homes in the heat as the entire city turned dark. Temperatures in the city were in the mid-30s C (90s F) with 89 percent humidity.

Some trains across the northern region were stranded when their electric engines failed. Others were delayed by hours as they were hooked to diesel engines.

The failure was the first time since 2001 that the northern grid had collapsed. But India’s demand for electricity has soared since then as its population and economy have grown sharply.

But any connection to the grid remains a luxury for many. One-third of India’s households do not even have electricity to power a light bulb, according to last year’s census.

The power deficit was worsened by a weak monsoon that lowered hydroelectric generation and kept temperatures higher, further increasing electricity usage as people seek to cool off. Shivpal Singh Yadav, the power minister in Uttar Pradesh, home to 200 million people, said that while demand during peak hours hits 11,000 megawatts, the state can only provide 9,000 megawatts.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corp. chief Avnish Awasthi blamed the grid collapse on states drawing more than their allotted power to meet the summer demand.


SOURCE washingtontimes


Structure Of The Universe


George Kavassilas Universal Model

The Structure Of The Universe Important Concepts

  • The picture above is a representation of this Self Aware Light Universe.
  • There are other Universes ‘outside’ of this Universe, also known as the Multi-Verse
  • The Multi-Verse is similar to a neural web of different self aware consciousnesses creating with infinite potentiality.
  • The Multi-Verse contains infinite number of other Universal Creators
  • You are a Universal Creator!
  • Each Universal Creator has a different expression of creation
  • You are not born from a Universal Creator, because you are a Universal Creator.
  • Each Universal Creator allows other beings from the Multi-Verse to learn their construct of creation.  An aspect of our Universal Self enters into a Universe to obtain the soul wisdom necessary to become an embodiment of that Universal’s creational construct.  We have reached the end of this cycle and are graduating by the process of Ascension to become an embodiment of the Universal Creator of Light.

The 5th Dimension & Higher

  • Technology does not exist or is not needed
  • Positive & Negative energies (Yin/Yang), are united as ONE and are in Harmony
  • Spiritual Power of Beings in the 5th and higher allow for instant manifestation and creations
  • Timeless State of Being
  • All Chakras are united into one energy center.
  • Humanity and Mother Earth will Ascend, merging all dimensional energy fields that make up this Light Universe.
  • Sovereignty of Soul and Free Will, No being of Light holds Power over you.
  • Ascension is the remembrance and reintegration with your Universal Self.

The 4th Dimension

  • There are still Galactic Wars with divisions among many different E.T. and Spiritual Groups.
  • Technology is still used to solve problems
  • The Galactic Federation of Light , an extraterrestrial group, exists on this level
  • Their are some beings calling themselves “your” Ascended Masters, some are deceptive light beings who assist the Galactic Federation of Light.
  • Chakra system is still fragmented into multiple energy vortexes
  • Deception/ Duality/Division still plays out in the 4th Dimension, not as extreme as the 3rd Dimensional Paradigms humanity is used to.

The 3rd Dimension

  • The major level of awareness of humanity and mother earth.
  • Fear energy patterns are used on purpose to suppress the human and cosmic spirits.
  • Most Beings from other dimensions are reluctant to enter a human incarnation cycle because of extreme differences in the positive and negative light frequencies.
  • Chakra energy body is viewed as 7 energy vortexes
  • Takes 24,832 (26,366 : Perceived) years to complete a Galactic Cycle
  • The last cycle of reincarnation for humanity on earth 3D.
  • Your DNA transforms into a light pattern that has all active Universal codes in total harmonic frequency.  It is like how a catipillar transitions into a new state of being and becomes a butterfly.  The human genome is about to activate and vibrate at a new frequency.
  • Ascension is the remembrance and reintegration with your Universal Self.


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