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The Last time i Posted a link on FWH being exposed as non other than Louis Khan Nin


FWH Exposed 2

All thanks to RA once again  for the Link given below thru his BLOG


[In Conclusion]
I urge you, please, use your own discretion on this. Check the links, read the material, be sure of your own accord. This doesn’t mean don’t trust anyone, but remember that trust is something that is earned.
That being said, here is my take:
I will not lie and claim to understand the exact intentions of Hemmingson. Whether it is about using the many characters to sell and recommend his own products, or simply a satisfaction he derives from controlling information, and the way people perceive him. He alone knows this, and to be honest, I don’t care what that reason is.
One thing is clear, however. By supposedly “outing” everyone in the alt-news media scene he has created an environment where “only he can be trusted.” And when he plugs a WingTV DVD on his blog, he is implying that it is approved information from a “in-the-know” insider, who is the only one you can trust, because he’s told you everyone else is a Cabal op, or a ‘on-the-fritz’ super soldier, or a synthetic, orwhatever. He has no limit to what he will say. To turn a profit, to feel whole again, whatever it is.
Please understand, this isn’t a slight on Texe Marrs specifically, but WINGTV has a highly suspect library of content for sale, most of which appears to be fiction designed to glean money out of people who are interested in the occult, and believe they have stumbled onto a legitimate source of information.
Here is a screenshot of some WINGTV content:

The way I see it, this is fear mongering. This behavior is literally the core of what so many of these blogs are fighting against. So, please, I ask again: Use your discretion, educate yourselves. Don’t just listen to a guy with a soapbox who has a loud voice. And furthermore, work together to take that soapbox away. This guy has been running rampant for decades. We can do this together, but we need to help eachother. If you know something I should know, please tell me! That’s what I’m trying to do here. You guys deserve to know this.
To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what is at play here. Satire? Disinformation? Simple Capitalism? Maybe a little of each? Personally, I lean towards satire and “art” as being the primary agenda of the Former White Hat.
At points, my interest in this matter ran contrary to my philosophy of art, because I have always believed that, while artists have the potential for great social impact, they are not necessarily bound to that potential, and should not be held to a moral or ethical responsibility. I have always felt that pinning a social responsibility on artists runs contrary to the nature of art and to the creative process. However, what I see here is someone who is taking advantage of the alt-news community, and exploiting their willingness to believe as a vulnerability. I will always defend an artists right to create without boundary, but alternately the people have a right to know they are being misled and used.
There is still a lot that remains cloudy. There are a few things, however, of which I am sure.
1) There is no Louis Kahn-Nin.
2) There is no Valerie Grey.
3) Louis Kahn-Nin and Valerie Grey are the same person.
4) That person is, in my humble opinion, Michael Hemmingson.
I’ve debated whether it’s worth noting that Thomas Pychon is still alive and his whereabouts are somewhat hazy, because I think that is kind of the point of the maze that’s been created here. I think in Michael’s wildest dreams, someone actually believes the FWH is Thomas Pychon, because then he can actually assume the identity of his mysterious hero, Thomas Pychon.
My guess? This is the brainchild of a supposed “avante” author who idolizes Thomas Pychon, likes to “be an enigma,” and turns a buck writing fiction.
As far as I’m concerned, I solved your little riddle, and had a weekend’s worth of fun doing it. So, in conclusion, thanks, Mikey!
I can’t seem to stop digging, so I’ll continue to post any updates I find here:
[Timeline Questions]
I found this post, amidst the IRC stuff, directed at Hemmingson, dated 1994, and talking about the publications of Valerie Grey and Michael Hemmingson. I have not been able to find Valerie Grey books prior to 2009, but this could be because they were being republished regularly.

Who is Louis Kahn-Nin?

I’ve had an anti-productive weekend. I stumbled across something on saturday morning that the amateur internet detective in me could not ignore.
This is the blog of the so-called “Former White Hat,” which first emerged in March of 2012.
For those not so into the occult, conspiracy theory, etc., here is the modus operandi of the self-proclaimed “White Hats” :
We are a group of people who have been brought together to assist in the world’s awakening by reporting truth and exposing our fraudulent corporate government. We bring forth information that the mainstream media (msm) refuses to report and our news comes from high level “inside” intelligence sources.
The Former White Hat (FWH from now on) blog claims that the White Hats had become infiltrated by the The Cabal, forcing the FWH to abandon post, and start his/her own “truth campaign.” Right out the gate, it was a campaign that stirred the alternative news community. FWH wasted no time in accusing several of the scene’s more notable figures (George Noory,Kerry Cassidy, and Ben Fulford, to name a few) of being clones, MK-ULTRA controlled zombies, Cabal operatives, and so forth.
The most notable quality of the FWH blog is the way in which it is written and put together. The tone is very tongue in cheek, somewhat mean in spirit, and the author frequently chooses somewhat odd or comical pictures to accompany the posts. This is in contrast to most of these blogs or radio programs, which are usually hopeful in tone, and serious in nature.
Soon after, some information surfaced about the possible identity of FWH.
To paraphrase the link above, the identity of FWH was that of “Louis Kahn-Nin,” a writer of seemingly vile and shallow smut books.
With this news, most people abandoned their readership of the FWH blog.
It was at this point in the “trail” that I became curious. There were several details in the “Louis Kahn-Nin” story that did not sit right with me, and that is the purpose of this post, to outline those details. To be clear, what I am not proposing is that the FWH is actually the former ONI operative that he/she claims to be; I simply am seeing some giant holes, and I can tell that there is more to this story.
So, without further ado, Who The **** Is Louis Kahn-Nin!?
[Bullet 1] The works of Louis Kahn-Nin
Here is the Smashwords publisher profile for Louis Kahn-Nin, which is essentially a list of his prestigious works of literature. This is the information that almost instantaneously killed the credibility of FWH.
There are a few things to note here.
[Exhibit A: The Profile Picture]
This is the same person photographed here as used by FWH in a few posts.
Here’s a partial screenshot of the above link:

The post goes on to kind of challenge people to unearth the true identity of FWH. So, I took the author up on the challenge, and I’m pretty sure I’ve produced the actual result, so bear with me here.
I reverse image searched the man in the image and came out with this.
The man in the image is American novelist Thomas Pychon, a somewhat elusive character that is mostly known for his 1974 novel Gravity’s Rainbow, which deals with a number of occult/conspiracy theory themes, and his Salinger-esque tendencies as a hermit.
This was the first indication that Louis Kahn-Nin was a pseudonym or patsy identity.
[Exhibit B: The Timeline]
On Smashwords, the works of Louis Kahn-Nin first appear in November of 2011, sometimes with 3 books being published on the same day, 3 more books being published a few days later, 3 more books being published the very next day, etc, etc. This is a lot of content in a very short span, emerging only shortly before the creation of the FWH blog. Looking deeper, I found varying release dates for his books on Amazon, Google Books, etc, going back to 2010. Earlier than that, dude was a ghost.
This was the second indication that the identity was a fake.
Before this timeline, there is no Louis Kahn-Nin. I invite you to try and find something; I spent my entire saturday looking for info on this guy, and there is nothing aside from being associated with these recent publications. The most interesting bit I found on “Louis” was this description of him on Olympia Press’s mobile site, which describes him as the “great grand-nephew of Anais Nin.” Riiiiigggghhht.
[Bullet 2] The WordPress Blog of Louis Kahn-Nin
This is the personal WordPress of Louis Kahn-Nin. Before he was “exposed” in the alt-news scene, this WordPress contained a comprehensive list of his smut publications. These were promptly taken down upon exposure, and replaced with the weird little haiku-ish thing you can see there now.
[Exhibit A: The Poem]
You fell for the joke.
Keep guessing.
The daughters of the phoenix will rise again.
Isis will regain her crown.
The accomplished 505 will stand tall.
The lizards will curl their tails.
I think the purpose of this little poem is to lend credibility to the idea that, even though Louis has been exposed as a smut author, he still may be a legitimate entity in the fight against The Cabal, in ways that we cannot possibly understand. Oooooo, spoooky.
This is pretty much the thing that got me into this little faux investigation. This “enigmatic” poem along with the blog title (“Welcome To The Maze”), was enough to make me say, “Alright, I’m game, let’s do this then.”
The WordPress is mostly empty. The “About Louis Kahn-Nin” tab yields the following message,
“I am a loose cannon!
keep guessing, lizard boys”
“Loose Cannon” is something that FWH calls himself from time to time on the proper FWH blog. The thing most worth noting on the WordPress is in the comment section below this message:
[Exhibit B: The Comment]

Personally, I think this is a plant comment, meant to reenforce the idea that Louis is the “great grand-nephew” of Anais Nin, mostly through using the phrase “keep the writing tradition alive in the family.” I tried looking up this “Franco” character, and came up with nothing.
[Bullet 3] The Facebook of Louis Kahn-Nin
Oh yes, that’s right.
Here is the Facebook page of Louis Kahn-Nin, featuring a bunch of probably bull**** information.

This was obviously designed to be consistent with the info coming off the FWH blog. Employed by the Navy and the ONI, not at liberty to discuss, blah blah blah.
However, there are a couple of nuggets here.
[Exhibit A: The Profile Picture]

Yes, it’s the same profile picture, but that isn’t the thing. The thing is that the photo was uploaded on January 13, 2010, which is 2 years before the creation of the FWH blog, but fits the timeline of his publications as an “erotic author.”
Also, the name Tyrone Slothorp is tagged in the picture. Tyrone is a character from novelist Thomas Pychon’s (the man in the profile pic) Gravity’s Rainbow.
It’s at this point that I realize a web has been weaved, or rather, a trail of breadcrumbs has been left to find. So, I arrive at the ethical question of, ‘Am I empowering this person by buying into their design?’ Well, I decide that if I can actually succeed, I can remove the mystery, which is what this person desires. Even now, the mystery remains, because most people believe that he/she is actually this Louis Kahn-Nin character. Even though the character’s credibility has been removed, the character remains, and the author continues to post, and masquerade as the character. So, again, let’s do this. We’re almost there!
[Exhibit B: The Quote]
Favorite Quotations: “Duck who flies backwards has a strange quack.”
As far as I can tell, this quote appears on the internet 3 times. Once here on the Facebook page. Once in a comment on the FWH blog (written by FWH, of course):

The third time the quote appears is here, on one of those stupid internet questionnaires. What was your childhood ambition? What was your first job? Etc, etc.
Then there’s this question: Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
And that’s the 10 million dollar question!



SOURCE : http://thegatekeeperxix.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/formerwhitehat-exposed-ra-style-the_end-2012-rakmeister/

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