( Freedom All the TIME )

Judith K. Moore

JKM 12-1-12 The Infinite Wisdom of Divine Creation Speaks of the Personal Dynamics of the Zero Point Energy and the Emerging Blueprint for Humanity

Judith in Denver and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

I have been experiencing the extremes of energy and elation with the miraculous birth of my baby great granddaughter Allyia.

This morning I awoke with a lot of energy and high-pitched ringing. I sat and meditated and tuned into the great wisdom of cosmic Oneness.

I open to the highest and the best for the collective, for the pod. I feel a very powerful connection right now to the Whales of Creation. I can feel the power of the pod and the movement, like the swimming of dolphins or the movement of a herd of sheep, the synchronized movement of each individual in a collective reality, moving in flow with the plans of Creation.

The Bringers of the Dawn, the Awakeners, the ones we call the 131313, each of us are tuned into our heart, inner source of guidance and the source of Universal Oneness that guides the new reality into being here in this plane of existence.

I hear the power of Universal Oneness speaks to us through our soul. We receive the master guidance as to the synchronized movement of the pod and the collective agreement to respond to the cosmic forces, pening our light bodies as vessels of love to channel the powers of Creation through our consciousness. We are all dolphins swimming in a pod, and our movement is like silver light on the ocean. Yet each of us are individuals, and must now meet the challenges of the physical reality that the mirror of consciousness resolves the elements of duality and creates cohesion between the polarities.

We are now in the strength of this field, a time in which action, thought, word and deed is manifest with immediate karmic effect.

The law of karma requires integral response to all interpersonal relationships from the source of the heart and the soul. We may no longer live outside of ourselves, beyond the limits of Creation. Each of us, as individuals, must find a plane of existence in which we can express the elements of Divine Creation through co-creating with our environment and the challenges that are intensified now energetically. That we, as humans, may truly feel connected to manifest Creation and the power that the miraculous form takes in a flow of life, death and birth, in the micro-second of our existence, from the microcosmic plane to the macrocosm.

Everything we experience is a self-replicating form of consciousness that illuminates the collective reality of the living hologram that is now forming for the dynamics of the New Earth. There is nothing now that separates us from Creation. The dark and disturbing veil that covered our planet is lifted, and in places no longer exists.

That veil of distortion now, where it still exists, is permeable. And we are to bear witness to the ever unfolding drama of life in physical reality, through our bodies, our emotions and our minds. We are dancing now between light and dark. Each of us in our own way must engage with those powerful forces that have dominated the human psyche creating new shadows of fear and the delusions of separation.

Through engaging with these forces, we illuminate the inner realms, permeating the impenetrable fields of agony and our own sorrows with the Light of Creation, with the Law of Love and universal compassion.

We are called to compassion from the depth of our souls and asked, each of us, to stand in front of the mirror in self-reflection, truthfully willing to reveal to ourselves our total destiny and anything that would encumber us from the ultimate freedom of flight, as souls of light that experience Divine Creation in a new way.

This is the Song of the Ages. The time now gives everyone the opportunity, through their own personal and intimate experience, to be fully sovereign and yet part of a whole that is quickening with the pulse of Creation, sensitive to cosmic forces, an open field that channels the light of Creation into our world.

We must truly be authentic in feeling the despair and the joy, the confusion and the clarity, knowing that the Hand of Creation guides us, lovingly, for there is a great purpose in our life now as never before. We live by design, by the laws of Manifest Creation, evolving now a new blueprint for the human experience.

It is our imperfections that truly lend themselves, in a great way, to the grace that humanity must have to make the journey to light from darkness, to grace from desperation and despair. This journey itself is Jacob’s Ladder.

These are the times through which ‘life eternal’ expresses itself in human form. Beloved Ones, your consciousness is projected through time space, pioneering the way, opening fields and dimensions in the New Earth, through the harmonics of One and the power of the Infinite Oneness.

We are the ones, truly the Children of Light. Just as in a birth, the pressure is intensifying now. Each expression of our lives has a purpose, and the heart, as we know it, is changing. Truly, the heart of the world is altered, and the consciousness of our heart chakra and the heart center of our soul, mind, body, spirit existence is opening to a new form for humanity.

It is this dynamic that gives purpose to your actions and reasons for the smallest thing that you engage in that brings light to the world. Every single thing has value right now. Don’t miss a moment of your life. Be present. For truly, you are experiencing the miracle of existence in a new plane of reality through the zero point field of the emergence.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.


(The following preceded the above transmission):

S. Awoke this morning with the words: “When the sheep acquiesce, All will progress.” No memory of the preceding dream.

J. One time I was walking in a forest sanctuary with Aleida. There was this young man training his sheep dog with a flock of sheep.

I observed that the sheep move in a synchronized, harmonized energy that protects everyone and gives them strength. It was profound for me to watch the interaction of the energy field of that young man, the dog and the sheep.

I realized that the sheep created a mass of energy that protected every one of them. Like a pod of whales comes together, that they are a group mind. At the best, sheep move through collective guidance in a group mind and co-create with the sheep herder and the dog for direction. It is almost like the sheep herder and the dog are their guides connected to their collective mind – like we have guides to see what we aren’t able to see, to stay safe and move through the world in a way that protects everyone.

When one sheep leaves the flock, they break the synchronization of the pattern and they are no longer in that synchronized pattern that protects the flock. Then because they are not connected to the collective reality and the collective mind of the flock, they don’t have the benefit of that higher order of intelligence that protects the whole flock.

It takes each sheep acquiescing for the whole to move forward and create the flow of harmony. One black sheep can direct and be the focal point for the whole flock.

S. This connects with personal guidance through Maria Sue two days ago with regard to my letting go of the sanctuary with all the twists and turns. We ended agreeing that I pray for the highest good of the whole and to see that as already accomplished. Each step along the way is part of the perfection. Not to attach to a specific outcome.

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