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now this is intriguing… thanks to Sanri for the tip.

You gotta ask what a female reverend is doing analysing global heat trends but Free Planet is glad this lady’s on the case. During her presentation, Rev Michelle Hopkins keeps mentioning, “TTAs and the SPACE FENCE,” two terms I’ve never personally come across before.

She mentions the TTA ‘we gave to Israel’ and “Islands with obscurements,” is another of her favourite terms.

DAY LATER UPDATE: in further email contact with my source, TTA = Tesla Tech Array like HAARP or Arecibo. The answer to my question about ‘a female reverand analysing global heat trends’ is Rev Michelle’s “receiving tutelage from a friend who works at NASA”.

Here’s another (earlier) youtube that shows TTA (or HAARP) frequencies delivered to planted chemtrails over storms. Rev Michelle uses a whole pot-pourri of new terms you’ll never have heard of like ‘infrasonic undulation’ and hints at a CORPORATE GENOCIDE MACHINE and a PLAN TO CLEAN THE PLANET OF CIVILIANS … I’m not totally sure how this folds into the Pay For Everything, Your Life Belongs to Commerce theology (the real religion) that’s ruining this planet but let’s keep watching this research and see where Rev Michelle goes with it.

I’ve done some map reading and the ISLAND below India the TTA originates from could very well be the “Chagos Archipelago” (oil islands) in what some maps call British Indian Ocean Territory; seriously.


Comments on: "Rev Michelle Hopkins – ‘HAARP’ MASSIVE TTA’s DISCOVERED on SECRET ISLAND and SEA FLOOR Causing 2 EARTHQUAKES ???" (2)

  1. Kate Kobylarzs said:

    Yuma Prison, Yuma Arizona – Sorry, Rev, but this one is listed in WIKIPEDIA as part of the Arizona State Prison system. Take a moment and search before you place something so inflammatory online – via youtube. Your information (as stated in video) i.e. Illuminati-based hysteria is false. “Killing field”? Death Trench? Guillotine…? Gee whiz. Get it right.


    • Shane Avery said:

      about the reverend Hopkins . if you look at the software she is using, she is using some kind of video editor because the camera for a second showed the control icons, flip rotate play and others, she makes it look like she is using an app that shows recorded radar information but no she uses computers to create these images, also i checked out the island of obscurements and nothing is their that i can see, what she shows and what you see don’t match up, and we all know you can use Google earth and place pictures and things all around the globe, and when she said infra sonic’s she means infra sound, sonic is sound waves at really high or really low. usually 20hz to 00.011 hertz really low, you wont hear this but as distortions in hearing normal sounds, or will vibrate parts of the body. she is using valid technical terms just not 100% correctly. but it don’t matter to people who are smart cause they will catch the error and correct for it, as for the typical lame man it just seems as if she is making up new words but not. no her research is legitimate, just because she dont speak like a scientist she sounds like the average joe who talks about baloney. but dont be like rev Michael and block and ignore those who post scientific data that refutes her opinions. she will block you even if your nice. i though reverends were supposed to counsel you and at least try to reason with you, she must be terrible with people because she puts zero effort into the real work in all of this witch i believe is about waking up to a new higher reality, she just wants to make videos and talk on the radio shows. basically she is in this for the exposure, i think i will investigate her my self i bet i will find some good pictures lol.


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