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Smoking coats your lungs with tar and causes a film of mucous to form that acts as a protective barrier against whatever is floating around in the atmosphere that you are breathing in…like chemtrails and radio active depleted uranium particles…and don’t forget the invasive OXYGEN gas that can make you light headed.

Smokers claim that the War on Smoking is serving the NWO agenda. Ban smoking = better absorption of chemtrails = weaker immune system = population control

Smokers List Of Benefits

Theoretically, smokers tar coated lungs are protected against chemtrail damage…but what’s protecting them from the chemicals in the carcinogenic cigarette paper? Chemmies in the smokes versus chemmies in the sky?

Smokers claim that smokers don’t get Alzheimers disease.

Smokers claim they are more intelligent.

Smokers claim that more non smokers have asthma.

Smokers point to healthy seniors in their 90’s who smoke like chimneys.

The Japanese have the highest number of smokers on the Planet, yet the lowest incidence of lung cancer. Smokers claim that it’s always the ex-smokers who die of lung cancer.

Shamanic tradition illustrates that tobacco is an important medicine.

Smokers claim they are more awake to what’s going on in the world because nicotine stimulates the brain.

Nicotine studies show that smoking stops the VOICES that “schizophrenics” hear.

Nicotine blocks “mind-control” says Cathy O’Brian, the former MK Ultra mind control victim. O’Brian says, “There’s a war on Marijuana, because users are difficult, or not capable of being mind controlled”

A recent test was run on a flu epidemic in England. None of the smokers got the flu. Only the non-smokers.


If you made the mistake of quitting, go buy a pack and start smoking again. If you’re already a smoker, smoke more and double up on tar coating your lungs for even greater protection. (joking, of course!)



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