( Freedom All the TIME )


WoW is the only word i can say abt this Awesome Talent, Man i am Putting this Tune as my RINGTONE:-) . Extra Ordinary TALENT
GH (Galactic Human )

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/YukiKoshimotoMacrame accessory online shop(only Japanese)
http://www.stonesspirit.com/Music has no borders, touch in the heart.

Yuki is originally from Japan and she is a Spacedrum player.

Her journey began in 2007 to find something important in her life.

The experience in India brought her the completely new idea of life and that made her lifestyle changed.

Inspired by a busker whom She met in London, she started to play Spacedrum in 2009.
In the meantime, she started to make macramé accessory with beautiful stones.

She performed with many great friends(Didgeridoo player, perccusionist), and playing music with them made her learn a lot.

Many people supported her while she was on her journey.I appreciate you all for the kind support.
Your smile gives her power and hope.Thank you for all.One love.


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