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  1. I finally figured it completely out after watching this and others upon the same subject matter. Maritime Law. We are products, financial instruments from our “delivery” at “birth”, (port-city/state), via a vessel, (good ole mom). In blanking-credible. They think WE are goona bale THEM out. Tell you what, if China doesn’t want them, then we will give them D.C. as their own country, having no rights outside their nation. They can pay back THEIR Federal Reserve with their own money if they wish.
    It will be like the Vatican inside Rome, only they won’t have too many followers or donors and supporters I would suppose.

    Okay. Now who wants to be the President of our country?


  2. Hi fellow freedom fighters, just want to share info the powers that be are trying to surpress. When we first found out about BLMS – Bernard L. Madoff Securities & the 60 billion dollar ponzi scheme that all but collapsed the economy – supposedly the SEC, DOJ, FINcen & the rest of the alphabet organization’ s new nothing! Well they say if you want to know what the truth is follow the money. That & staying informed, thanks to senator Elizabeth Warren who told homeowners to do their due diligence familiarize yourself with knowledge about predatory lending, robo signing, forensic audits. I, would also like to thank senator Bernie Sanders for revealing the audit on the Federal Reserve & 16 trillion dollars unaccounted for. Thank you congressman Allan Grayson who grilled the Federal Reserve Board on 9 trillion dollars unaccounted for in nine months. The money trail leads to the oldest banking organization in the USA TCH – The Clearing House has been in existence for over 150 years. They do 2 trillion in payments daily, 10 trillion weekly, 40 trillion monthly & nearly 500 trillion yearly. We the people should subpoena them. Why you may ask well freedom fighters if you do your homework you will find on that site at the very top of the page UID section take the first six numbers off of documents, license’s & ID’s then enter either city or state – not both. This will enlighten us to the shadow banking routing numbers & accounts established without ever informing us of these adhesion contracts we were never given full disclosure of their existence. Check bsa for dummies.


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