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Hi Everyone,

Today I can see the first signs of Spring in the mountains. This instills hope in me each year with certainty that better days are coming soon. The heavy snows of winter are now melting and filling the deep creeks beds with plenty of clean, clear, cold water.

Yes, the creeks are once again flowing and that sound of rushing water fills my heart with hope of warmer days to come. I like this time of the year since it seems so alive and mother earth is slowly awakening from the slumber of the long winter rest.

   I come to you today to bring my weekly news letter. It is a long news letter today again as recent letters have been. Sorry I hope I do not bore you too much. 😦 ….lol…

The news is just so very good and encouraging this week. It is filled with hope that we will all be exchanging our currencies very soon. This has been a long journey for many but I assure you now it will soon be over.

Today’s Intel

There is so much news pouring out of all channels it is hard to gather it all and study it. My contacts from Iraq, the IMF and the US government are all excited about what is about to happen.

I have learned from the past not to get too excited until I see some movement in the direction the intel is pointing. Last week and now during this weekend and I have seen this movement as confirmation.

I have been told the US government has finally made a decision to release the global currency reset (GCR) pending certain conditions were met. All these conditions have been satisfied. More excellent information was forwarded to me about the Iraq Bond situation.

Clearing houses have completed all underwriting for these instruments. We also now know that, by these bonds, a minimum rate is established that any revaluation of the IQD must meet in order for these Bonds to be successful in funding their intended programs. Thus the purpose of the bonds.

These bonds are expected to be released to the international financial sectors tomorrow, Thursday 03/13/14. What does this mean?

Well if all goes well there would have to be an international announcement of some kind to satisfy investors that the IQD is now internationally recognized.

To do this a revaluation from the provisional post-war currency to the permanent dinar at the non-inflated rate would be necessary.

The key here is for them to allow the announcement to the rest of the world (the international investment community) that they are back and now the doors are officially open for business with Iraq.

This will be yet another level of investors flocking into Iraq once this occurs. This could be a very exciting week.

Banks in Iraq have had the lower denomination bills stock piled in their faults for well over 6 months now in anticipation of this event. Companies willing to expand operations in Iraq will now be able to do business once an international currency in recognized.

The complete changeover is about to happen. In fact the truth is they did actually begin distribution of the bills at one point months ago but were told to halt this action since the revaluation process was once again slowed for political reasons.

As we have learned in the past most citizens now use the Smart Card (debit card) for daily expenses. If needed there is limited paper currency available depending on which providence you are in. Prices in the shops have all been revised months ago.

From everything I am hearing the Iraq budget is completed and signed off by all parties. It is waiting in the wings for publication in the gazette, which should take place this week.

Once published it will become official and fully implemented. You have to bear in mind that the government of Iraq (GOI) does not have any money in which to operate. As of last week ending (end of February) they are entirely without funding unless the budget is opened.

They can not operate as in the past years using the old, inflated rate of currency since they already had an in country like revaluation to $3.41 months ago. Also government programs such as payments for food, pensions and salaries will be due for distribution this week (mid month).

There are also a number of contracts to service based on a revalued rate. Penalties have been paid in the past for non-performance by the government on payments to these contractors.

This can not continue and the GOI is standing firm now this will not continue any longer. Delegations have come the USA recently from Iraq stating that this political situation in holding up their economy must end.

So we can all see the pressure. How much longer could they hide this RV before we reach the breaking point? I believe from everything I am now hearing this week that we have reached that point.

For those dinarians that missing it, there was also an official statement from the Iraq government just recently that the USA is now holding up their currency from revaluation along with other financial matters that are hindering the forward movement of the country in the reconstruction process .

Most of these obstacles are political. So we can see the visibility to the rest of the world that now the focus is changing over from hiding the real culprit to exposing who and what is the hold up. The game of hide and seek is about to end for the USA.

 We can also see that we are on the verge of exposure of some major issues with corruption from the USA government in the early exchange process that has already taken place secretly behind our backs.

These exchanged consumed most of the contract rate funding from the China oil credit program.

There was no open exposure or transparency of these high rates to the general public as agreed would happen when establishing these contracts with China. Instead the politicians and the already very wealthy used these contracts almost entirely for serving their own political and self interests.

These rates were meant to act as a major boost to the failing American economy. This could be a disaster of the current administration if this news reached the general public in any mass exposure.

 In summary

 Once again we are in an excellent window of opportunity this week to see the announcement from Thursday till Sunday.

I do not hear or see any obstacles that could hinder the process. There is enormous pressure from everyone involved to see this through to conclusion this time. Let’s wait and watch for results.

 Peace and Luv to ya all.


Dave Schmidt Update on “The RV is Happening,

The Sedona Connection:

March 12th, Did I Say the RV is Happening? Yes!!! Here’s Why!!!

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Dave Schmidt

DAVE SCHMIDT – The RV is Happening!  Did I Really Say That? yes!!!

In the last week I mentioned in newsletters and videos that the RV is underway. It’s amazing how a statement can be interpreted in so many ways. Individuals can project their own views into the statement and have different perceptions.

In this video I give some clarification of what is developing. The key word is UNDERWAY! It’s a process that is unfolding and the RV picture, which has been blurry for months, is beginning to become clearer as each day passes.

Yesterday, I went back and conversed with my intel sources, nothing has the changed, the process is UNDERWAY!!!

To summarize, the bonds from China totaling trillions of dollars have been cashed and the money has been wired to the banks and other outlets. It appears the funds will be released in a two step process. (*) The private groups will be paid first, and then the rates will go public.

While this is not absolute, they are anticipating the public rates may be released next week possibly at $3.71 per dinar. At this time it appears to be the dinar only, with the GCR for the dong coming later.

It appears the only need for 800#’s will be for security purposes by individual choice. That means you may call for an appointment or go to the bank directly.

(*) As of now there will be no higher rates, those were for humanitarian projects, so don’t expect something different. The private groups are those who are part of contracts established long ago.

Now, please do not flood me with emails, this is one time I will not be able to answer everyone’s issues. I do not have a date when we will be at the bank, there are too many variables to give a good estimation.

But, it appears this exchange process should be very simple. Do not let worry, fear or anxiety concern you. Be patient, be focused, be filled with gratitude, be anticipating the joy, and be in prayer that nothing will stop this process. Based on this intel we are near the finish line!!!

Join me on tonight’s radio program where we will discuss these issues and I will take your questions. Remember, if you can’t make it live, all programs can be listened to any time archived and can be downloaded to any MP3 audio player.

See below for the radio program Wednesday Evening:

The RV is underway.  The key word is underway!  We’ll discuss the new news and events in the last week as well as understanding what is developing right now!



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