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Yes. It’s now “Official”. All of the passengers and crew on the missing plane are DEAD. It has to be true because the Rothschild owned AP (Associated Press) says so.

The AP reported that Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak and Malaysia airlines have announced to the world and to relatives of the passengers who vanished on Flight 370 that, beyond a reasonable doubt, “none of those on board survived.”


Convincing evidence points to Flight 370 hiding in PLANE sight. Where? Inside an airport hangar on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is the only location that will NEVER be searched even though it possesses formidable radar capabilities, several airstrips large enough to land Flight 370 as well as hangars big enough to hide Flight 370.

mal cry

Air and sea teams are searching the vicinity AROUND Diego Garcia for the missing Malaysian plane…but no search team DARES to search Diego Garcia itself. Why? Because Diego Garcia is a US military base and a “no fly” zone for all but the US military. It houses a top-secret CIA prison where terror suspects have been interrogated and tortured. The base operates completely independently of the constitution.


Eye witnesses on the tiny island of Maldives in the Indian Ocean spotted a “low-flying jumbo jet” with a red and white stripe more than seven hours after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 made its last contact with air traffic controllers. Read the evidence for the fate of the flight.




If you don’t have Google Earth – get it. It’s free. With Google Earth, you can zoom in and explore the island of Diego Garcia. See for yourself the runways and airport hangar and the visible B52’s.


While rescue teams are on a wild goose chase, US government hijackers may have disassembled the hijacked plane parts inside the hangar and dropped them after dark in a location where they want them to be found. They can then call it a plane crash caused by fire from lithium batteries or some other nonsense.

You can help by CONTACTING the Malaysian families, friends and relatives of the missing passengers and Malaysian community groups as well as any open minded politican.

DEMAND an independent, organized COMMUNITY SEARCH of the “elephant in the room”.

DEMAND interviews and lie detector tests of all U.S. military personnel working on the island of Diego Garcia on March 8 when the plane first went missing.

DEMAND lie detector tests of the eyewitnesses from the nearby island of Maldives.

DEMAND all records, logs and satellite imagery of incoming and outgoing flights at Diego Garcia on and around March 8th when the plane first went missing.

POST THESE DEMANDS all over facebook, twitter and social media. It’s time to expose the truth and this is a golden opportunity.

They got away with 9/11. If we let them get away with this diabolical atrocity, we’re as hijacked as the passengers on Flight 370!


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