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Who is this group?

The 144 is an internal Humanus Group of Governors comprised of 144 women that will guide the disbursement of Humanus funds to the appropriate Projects.Enlightened, wise, and compassionate, these women will make a very significant difference in the choice of Projects for the benefit of our Humanity.The 144 will convene on a weekly basis by teleconference and similar means, as well as physical meetings.Recommendations to fund Projects will be detailed in these meetings, and a certain amount of oversight duties will be performed by the 144 as well.
We invite all to submit their application to the 144, but in view of the current progression to fulfilling the requirement, we expect such submissions to be mostly by word of mouth as this is a Lightworker gathering of like minded souls that are gravitating to this Work for the benefit of our Humanity.


landa global




August 13, 2014

Landa Project funds have been confirmed, and are in the process of transfer. We anticipate some general funds to arrive at the paymaster in the next day, with the main bulk of funds due in the middle of next week.

Project starts will begin shortly after, and we will post these timings here.

Unofficial Redemptions of Historic Bonds

Currently, several high level buyers are active in Zurich, and performing closings at a rate of about 2 transactions per day. Boxes are being purchased at 20% cash, and balance in instrument (BG, MTN, etc).

These buyers are also scheduling the Philippines as the next stop in their buying order.

The official redemption period has not been announced as yet.

Thank You




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