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Prince EA delivering another beautiful spoken word piece about why humanity needs to unplug from our digital worlds. And yet again – HE’S TOTALLY CORRECT!! WOW! This message is beautiful! Gave me chills! Sometimes I feel like the only one who feels like social media has taken over with self value. This is deep and very well articulated. So much truth in what he has said. In this day and age we are losing touch with humanity. This makes you think deeply about how you communicate with your friends and family. His message would have been more impactful if he would’ve thrown his phone in the sea 🙂

~ Galactic human ~

We Live in a A.D.D Society. People With Consumer Mentality,
And people nowadays are one with their phones and with tehnology … it;s crazy

This is the bad that the tehnology creates
This Technology addiction that people tend to get into is not a pretty good thing:)

We as people were made to connect and we are hard-wired to connect with each other .

At first , tehnology was desigend to facilitate the connection and the bonds between us people but it’s not how it actually happened.

The digital insanity that has been around for the last couple of years is not bad bad if we would have the capacity to auto correct ourservelves and embedd some self-discipline so that we are not addicted to these iPhones , iMacs and to Facebook and other stuff like that .

idiots tech zombie

Albert Einstein said on technology
I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

And that’s what we see nowadays… this insanity of people going out with each other and not interacting with each other , just enjoying their phones just like they were home 🙂

So step out of this digital instanity and try to corect yourself and the humanity by leaving the phone on purpose off and build relationships , talk to people , that’s the real thing 🙂

#Love (and join us @ The Giant Is Waking https://www.facebook.com/yourrealreality)

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