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die at the age of 25

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WoW here’s a Good Rap Song again from the One & the Only Prince EA…. He shld be an icon for all,.. This is how Music  shld be made, not only Feels good listenin but Awakens us all………Soooo why will I die before 25? Point was that you thought about it. I think that your vision, your greatest potential dies, because you lose sight of it and succumb to social engineering that Society lays-in…We spend our whole lives chasing shit(Girls, money, success, happiness) and then we die scared and alone. Your kids die…their kids die…and so on and so forth until one day the fucking sun explodes and turns the Earth into space dust.Boomm…Anyway Cherish your moments but learn to cherish in a way that provides you with more moments to cherish.

~ Galactic human ~

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Published on Nov 24, 2014

Comments on: "Why Most People Die Before Age 25…Have You Died Already? ….♥♥♥…" (2)

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