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what society is

“Society did it, that’s what we are. …Society is what we are, we are not what society is.”

People have a habit of assuming that the way things are now is how it will always be.  Therefor it is not important what happened in the past, because that is the past and they claim they are looking towards the future.  Not once do they consider that the peace and plenty we have now can end at any moment.  I am not too surprised though, this has happened to every single empire at the height of their power, once they had multiple entire generations being born, raised, and dying in a time of relative peace and plenty.  They just assume it will continue on forever.  Until it doesn’t.
This is the basis for a lot of the pseudo-intellectual information floating around these days, especially in education. It is much more easy to believe that undesirable traits in both humans as individuals and our culture in general, is due to some outside influence.. rather than the ugly truth, that it stems from us as individuals and our inherent biology, which is not so easily changed.

That is why equality, the end of all racism, doing away with greed, or women being capable of doing everything a man can do (and vice versa).. is all just a pipe dream.


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