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Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb

Modular Prosthetic Limb

Published on Dec 16, 2014

A Colorado man made history at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) this summer when he became the first bilateral shoulder-level amputee to wear and simultaneously control two of the Laboratory’s Modular Prosthetic Limbs. Most importantly, Les Baugh, who lost both arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, was able to operate the system by simply thinking about moving his limbs, performing a variety of tasks during a short training period.

Learn more: http://www.jhuapl.edu/newscenter/pres…

Media contact: Paulette Campbell, (240) 228-6792, paulette.campbell@jhuapl.edu

Credit: JHUAPL



The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

radioactive earth

Published on Dec 17, 2014

Who on Earth is exposed to the most ionizing radiation?
Check out Audible: http://bit.ly/AudibleVe
I’m filming a documentary for TV about how Uranium and radioactivity have shaped the modern world. It will be broadcast in mid-2015, details to come. The filming took me to the most radioactive places on Earth (and some places, which surprisingly aren’t as radioactive as you’d think). Chernobyl and Fukushima were incredible to see as they present post-apocalyptic landscapes. I also visited nuclear power plants, research reactors, Marie Curie’s institute, Einstein’s apartment, nuclear medicine areas of hospitals, uranium mines, nuclear bomb sites, and interviewed numerous experts.


Notes about measuring radiation:
Sieverts are a measure of ‘effective dose’ – that means they measure the biological impact of the energy transferred to tissues from radiation.

Obviously I owe a debt to the fantastic chart made by xkcd, which inspired my visual approach to this video.

The level of radiation varies widely around the world depending mainly on altitude and geology (excluding nuclear accidents).

Estimates of particular doses also vary. All numbers reported in this video should be taken as order of magnitude only.

The most contentious claim may be that smokers receive the highest dose of ionizing radiation. This is not a whole body dose, but a dose to the lungs as specified in the video. References are here:

Special thanks to:
Physics Girl: https://www.youtube.com/physicswoman
MinutePhysics: https://www.youtube.com/minutephysics
Natalie Tran: https://www.youtube.com/communitychannel
Bionerd23: https://www.youtube.com/bionerd23
Nigel and Helen for feedback on earlier drafts of this video.

UFO Seen On Moon During Apollo 15 Mission, NASA Photo, Dec 2014,


Date of discovery: December 17, 2014
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
This discovery was made by Streetcap1, and the object he found does appear to be some kind of craft, but with a shape unlike anything I have seen before. Sure it looks like a triangle, but actually it seems more like three large tubular sections that become one. This is probably a drone keeping an eye on the the Apollo 15 mission, perhaps out of curiosity, or perhaps out of fear. SCW
Steetcap1 of Youtube states:
Dudes, I just upload what I find. I believe it’s put there to be found. Remember a UFO is an unidentified flying object not an alien craft.

Classified footage of fighter jets engaging Unknowns on Night of Phoenix Lights

the phoenix lights

::::::Also Chk Earlier post ::::::

Classified Phoenix Lights Footage : Journalist obtains new footage of Phoenix lights showing military encounter with unknown aircraft.

UFO’s lining up again along The Las Vegas Strip similar to ‘Phoenix Lights’ – Sep 19, 2014

Published on Dec 15, 2014

The military footage was obtained exclusively by US investigative journalist David Collins…

Phoenix Lights UFO: Watch incredible classified footage of US fighter jets ‘engaging unknown aircraft’

By Chris Richards

phoenix lights1

The video obtained by investigate journalist David Collins shows military aircraft in the skies above Arizona on the night of one of the world’s most famous UFO sightings in March 1997.

This incredible leaked classified video shows fighter jets “engaging unknown aircraft” in the skies above the southern US on the night of one of the world’s most famous UFO sightings.

The 14-second clip, posted on YouTube, shows American military aircraft on patrol during the Phoenix Lights sighting of March 13, 1997 when a series of lights were spotted above Arizona’s state capital.

The military footage was obtained exclusively by US investigative journalist David Collins, of Phoenix-based KWBV Investigations, who later alerted Mirror Online.

The Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of Arizona residents but 17 years on what exactly happened remains a mystery.

The US military’s official explanation claimed the lights were flares from their aircraft.

However, Arizona’s then state governor, Fife Symington III, later said in an interview: “I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies.

“I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man made object I’d ever seen.

“And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don’t fly in formation.”

He added: “It remains a great mystery.

“Other people saw it, responsible people.

“I don’t know why people would ridicule it.”

In a post on his blog kwbvnews.com accompanying his video, Mr Collins wrote: “Newly released classified footage of the infamous lights depicts military craft over the Phoenix basin engaging unknown aircraft.”

He said his footage “verifies” that US Air Force craft were present that night.

However, he insists the other objects in the video are “noticeably not military.”

The Frontier of the Self: The Empty Identity…. ♥♥♥…

i am myself awakening

“A human doing, …and the paths not taken.”

“I’m like a ghost some people can’t see, others just drive by and stare. A shadow that drifts by the side of the road and it’s like I’m not even there. Some people are born with their lives all laid out and all their success is assured. Some people work hard all their lives for nothing, they take it and don’t say a word. I’ve never been a part of the game, the life that I live is my own. All that I know is that I was born to wander this world all alone” Jonny Lang “Wander This World” If you’re ever homeless this song will speak to you. You can lose everything, every part of your identity, and practically kill off the ego. That’s when you may find the jewel within. “The Sage wears rough clothing and carries the jewel in his heart.” Lao Tzu

To The People from Anon 8 ~ !!! Enough is enough !!!!! Wake-up…. ♥♥♥…

wakeup now

“Being human is being a lot of things at the same time, We have reached a point where humanity is going to travel one direction or another. We are being forced to choose a path of fear or love. But i Choose & long for FREEDOMMM……”What You Had Inside Has Affected Your Outside…And for me it’s ::: FREEDOM:::

Chk out the amazing  Tune below,  from Ma-all-time-fav’s AudioMachine.. Track name Reaching….Just listen..  I listen to this when-in Meditation mixing-it with Delta Tones… each step, a step towards ma inner mind & who I want to be, each beat is me reaching for a brighter future for humanity. This is one of my favorite pieces of music ever, it is purely inspired… pierce’s my heart with LOVE .. Truly Uplifting..WoW

~Galactic Human ~

The people of the world have been lied to since 1934 when the bad guys made a the corporation. Of course, they couldn’t get away with this unless the Nazi’s and the bad guys got together and found the ways to program the masses. We all know this. Most don’t want to believe. Well, the programming was a big FAILURE!!!!!!!  They missed a lot of us. 
everysingle thing
I would like someone who says they own the people tell us the TRUTH for a change. I AM GOD’S CHILD and a slave to no one and that includes the reptoids in human bodies to fool the masses.
These guys have and continued to dip, double and triple dip the entire year while they continued to allow the people of the world to starve and die.. why are they not in jail for Willful mass murder of the people???? 
How many more people have to die ???
We know that Obama, Michael and the lot of them don’t care about none of the people. So. Why are we still having to deal with their lies, stalling, and the rest of their crap ??????
Why is this continuing knowing that Obama has no authority over the people ????
Depopulation has been around for a long time. It’s past time these guys and the bankers go away permanently.
I think it’s past time to. Announce the Republic and stop the thieves and murderers now.
The people need their money NOW, not tomorrow, next week or when these guys decide to give it up.. so far, nothing has been seen but the dead !!!!
How many years of Christmas and other holidays do we have to suffer through????
I think it’s time that all monies to the bad guys cease now.. Since Obama decided that he can tell the people how much money we can have; How about giving the Usurper $500.00 to live on so he can live on our planet as he has made the people live..If he can’t live with that, then he either gives the people our money that they have all stolen and go to jail for all his crimes or exile him back to the planet he came from!!!!
Maybe he ought to put his family and himself in the peoples  shoes along with the rest of them. They are NOT better than we are.
If the people were doing this, we would be in jail for the rest of our lives and then some. 
All of this needs to be over !!!  Enough is enough !!!!!
Anonymous 8

Planes Are Infested With Bugs And It’s Your Fault!

bugs on plane

Published on Dec 15, 2014

This holiday season, while you’re traveling high up in the sky, keep in mind that you’re exposing everyone around you to microscopic dust mites!

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Read More:
Sharing that crowded holiday flight with countless hitchhiking dust mites
As if holiday travel isn’t stressful enough. Now University of Michigan researchers say we’re likely sharing that already overcrowded airline cabin with countless tiny creatures including house dust mites.”

A Dust Mite May Share Your Airline Seat On The Flight Home This Holiday Season
“Here’s a new one for the gross-out list. A study from University of Michigan suggests countless tiny creatures board our holiday flights with us.”

Group 1 Allergen Genes in Two Species of House Dust Mites, Dermatophagoides farinae and D. pteronyssinus (Acari: Pyroglyphidae): Direct Sequencing, Characterization and Polymorphism
“Group 1 allergens of Dermatophagoides farinae (Der f 1) and D. pteronyssinus (Der
p 1) dominate overall allergic responses in house dust mite allergy patients.”

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