( Freedom All the TIME )

i am myself awakening

“A human doing, …and the paths not taken.”

“I’m like a ghost some people can’t see, others just drive by and stare. A shadow that drifts by the side of the road and it’s like I’m not even there. Some people are born with their lives all laid out and all their success is assured. Some people work hard all their lives for nothing, they take it and don’t say a word. I’ve never been a part of the game, the life that I live is my own. All that I know is that I was born to wander this world all alone” Jonny Lang “Wander This World” If you’re ever homeless this song will speak to you. You can lose everything, every part of your identity, and practically kill off the ego. That’s when you may find the jewel within. “The Sage wears rough clothing and carries the jewel in his heart.” Lao Tzu

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