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Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Feat. Cathy Burton – Incomplete ….My Fav SONG….♥♥♥…

come to my heart kp

Like i allways DO…I ENDUP  Today’s  update  …with  an amazing song from ..Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight Feat. Cathy Burton – Incomplete ….. :-):-)  I am absolutely in love with this tune an incredible voice ♡♡ heaven♡♡ ❤️…  :-)It`s not about quantity, it`s about quality and i have included both versions.. But the Radio edit was Superbly Great ☼✿♫ ‿ ☆•°*”˜˜”*°•☆ ◔‿◕ ♫✿☼

                            `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.• ( Amazing  SONG !!! ♥ ) `•.¸¸.•´´¯`••._.•

 TRULY Music  is the greatest DRUG in the world ..Peace Love and Music Brothers!:-)

♡♡Radio Edit Version♡♡



happynewyear christmass

::::::::MASSIVE FINAL UPDATE is Coming:::::::::

25th december 2014 Update :::::::::::

Wishing you  all a Merry-Christmas…..Am entering My Final year of 2015…. I would be moving to a new place within-a-few-months… It’s  an amazing experience am having on Earth either the GOOD/BAD/UGLY…it was hard to digest but loved it. The DAM is about to explode… All-is-DONE… Patience hurted more… Patience is not always easy isn’t it, that’s why it must be practiced they say!!, well we should adopt the pace of Nature, cause her secret lies in patience right?.. Hmmm.. I know/I know.. so many times i hav said We are close… But This time THIS-IS-IT.. no more excuses….

Anyway am Offline for 4 days.. meanwhile Check-out Karen Hudes awesome VDO of exposing GOLD HISTORY…. All banks being bankrupt with Fake FIAT Money..PUTIN’s Master Storke and BRICS Changing World-history….WoW… INDIA / CHINA/ RUSSIA you rock… Also check-out Elizabeth Channel as Earth is close to Zero-Point :-)

Transition from paper currencies to national currencies out of gold from the world’s gold that went into hiding at the end of World War II. Local villages will issue their own local currencies. After the 10/7/13 attempt to nuke Charleston, the US military stopped taking orders from the network of global corporate control.

Chk Links :

Merry Christmas Blessings a Message from Sananda thru Elizabeth Trutwin Dec 25, 2014

Thomas – blocking settlement transfers

Benjamin Fulford: US regime under unprecedented attack, black swan event imminent

Keeping my Faith in the INTEL Logging Out

GH ( Galactic Human )

Guys… Am holding the update for a few days.. as i will be on travel-mode for 4 days….. I will Start-off My updates again from 30th Dec.. Massive update is Still to Come… hold on Tight … RV is on SIGHT….

I will be Getting my eyes on the new TRN’s shortly.. will update with pics….

Humans are biologically wired to become attached to what’s familiar. Which is why we hold onto things even if they’re bad for us,I will not complain about my life today, while others live in desperate poverty….hmmm

Got calls from ma old friends.. was suprised that 2 of em called-me recently, its been a while i mean almost a decade since we meet, they asked me to Watch the movie named PK… Dunno whats-up in-it, but according to em PK refreshed their memory abt Myself.. On how i was a jerk during ma school days questioning everything from God to Aliens… and how i use to make them laugh when i say  i dont belong here and how we all are controlled thru FEAR-FACTOR….Hmmm… is that a compliment Or making Fun of me again?? God knows!!… Anyway let see if i can see this Movie,  after all it has aroused my curiosity :-) hmmm .. What Say !!!

Anyway… Am on the Road from 26th Dec…..  My dear Reader’s and all my Near & Dear one’s and Marcella,  I’m wishing you all the blessings of a wonderful Christmas-time and I hope you feel all the job this holiday season has to offer. Let this be Our Last Christmas and Let a New Epoch For Humanity Now Begin :-) Eagerly waiting for My Final MAJOR-PEEP.. Well Come-on pls Come

Warm Hello to the One *K* Merry Christmas, and may this new year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life. And i wish u  eternal happiness…

Healing Product / Blog / Healer of the Week Coming after a few more days…..

Chalo am Taking ur leave now… Wont be Online for Couple-of-days—If something major Pops-up, i will Do an UPDATE:::

Chk Links :

SAUDI OIL MINISTER: I Don’t Care If Prices Crash To $20 — We’re Not Budging

The Bond Bubble’s Risk Hits an Unbelievable $555 TRILLION in Size


We are almost on a ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░ Finish Line ░▒▓█▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄



 “Now is the time to unite the Soul and the world.” — Rumi –


【ツ】………. Will  see ya  Soon ………..…  WE ARE FREE TO BE!!! FREEDOM ALL THE TIME..

Freedom, Light, health and prosperity to all at all times…✌☮




`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥♥ Miracles of Light on your way ♥



ACCELERATE: Be the Tortoise Not the Hare…♥♥♥…

be the tortoise not the hare

Everybody knows that old Aesop’s Fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, but it seems like everybody always forget to follow its advice. Here’s an inspiring video that reminds us to take things slow and steady as opposed to rushing into things. The video works not only because of the message but because of the visuals too.

~ Galactic human ~

In life. At work. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t working. You know you need to accelerate. You know you need to change the game. Turn things up…So maybe what you need is a new way of thinking. Some new good advice. An inspiring motivational manifesto, a new big idea.

and maybe that big idea…is a really simple one. One you learned when you were a child.

Be the Tortoise. Not the Hare.

a essay in motion about the simple truth that slowing down IS speeding up.

Issimo Productions – issimoproductions.com/
Written and Edited by Zach Kempf – zach@issimoproductions.com
Executive Producer, Jacob Hoehne

Client, Corporate Alliance – corporatealliance.net/

Thumbnail image, creative commons, Alexander Montuschi, flickr.com/photos/montuschi/6011883737/

The Illusion of Authority…”Authority” = Slavery ….♥♥♥…


Published on Oct 28, 2013

Mark Passio explains how “AUTHORITY” is an ILLUSION of a diseased psyche, based entirely in VIOLENCE and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic BELIEF that some people are MASTERS who have the moral right to issue commands, and others are SLAVES who have a moral obligation to obey the Masters.

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5 Most Mysterious Sounds Recorded in Space

space sound

Published on Dec 20, 2014

Mysterious sounds recorded in outer space, from the haunting sounds of Saturn and its rings to the dark heartbeat of a black hole…
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Warning, text spoilers below…
Presenting real NASA space sounds from the planets, moons and interstellar space including the eerie sounds of Saturn recorded by Voyager 1, the strange sounds of interstellar space, recordings of Jupiter and its massive lightning storms, the singing comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko recorded by the Rosetta spacecraft, and the sound of a black hole consuming a nearby star.

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Music: “Minimalistic Space” by Greenred Productions

Intro: “The Machine Thinks”
Background audio copyright Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Stoned Kids – Cannabis As Cure….♥♥♥…

cannabies stoned kids
Published on Dec 11, 2014

For more episodes of Weediquette, click here: http://bit.ly/1iVLbL7

Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children. Some claim it’s a wonder drug for epilepsy, severe autism, and even to quell the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, while others decry pumping marijuana into still-growing bodies. We went to the small town of Pendleton, Oregon, where medical marijuana is legal, to visit Mykayla Comstock, an eight-year-old leukemia patient who takes massive amounts of weed to treat her illness. Her family, and many people we met along the way, believe not only in the palliative aspects of the drug, but also in marijuana’s curative effect—that pot can literally shrink tumors.

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Mothership Leaves Sun Causing Solar Explosion, Dec 24, 2014


Date of sighting: Dec 24, 2014
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Source: http://helioviewer.org/

solar sun xmas

Was looking at the Helioviewer online and noticed this giant triangle UFO leaving our sun. It exit caused a massive solar explosion. I say in the video that the UFO is moon size, but in the lower left corner is the earths size…which is smaller than this mothership. I have a cold so sorry about my voice. SCW

Warnings of alien contact in 2015…♥♥♥…


 What is the most convincing evidence that alien civilizations exist?

When will aliens make contact?

i come to u

When people think of interstellar communications, often thoughts lean towards a professional, scientific message to our extra-terrestrial neighbors. Perhaps a carefully crafted radio transmission agreed upon multi-nationally?

Perhaps a physical object akin to the Golden Record attached to the Voyager spacecraft? While all that may be well and noble, one transmission was made in 1983 by a pair of drunken Japanese astronomers, Hisashi Hirabayashi and Masaki Morimoto.


Under the influence, the astronomers transmitted a message to the Altair system simply because it’s close proximity would allow a “quick” response if alien life existed there. Assuming an immediate turnaround upon reception, the aliens could respond with a similarly drunken “cheers” that would arrive on Earth in 2015. Or they might decide Earth’s best and brightest are drunks and that we are easy to colonise.

Scientists consider that we will soon receive an e-mail message from the aliens. According to the astronomers the message is expected to arrive in 2015 from live forms from the Altair solar system. They say that the message will be the response to a radio-wave signal, which had been sent to Altair a quarter century ago by Hisashi Hirabayashi, a Japanese astronomer.

Mr. Hirabayashi

According to Mr. Hirabayashi the response is likely to arrive in 2015. This is in case the intelligent beings received the message decoded it and sent an instant response. It is worth mentioning that Altair is located 16 light-years from our planet.

Hisashi Hirabayashi worked as a scientist at the University of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. Currently this institution is called National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. In 1983, together with his colleague Masaki Morimoto, he sent the message using a US radio telescope. It was the period when the Japanese celebrated the Tanabata holiday, which is a traditional festival that marks the meeting in the night sky of Vega and Altair, two stars symbolizing goddess Orihime and god Hikoboshi respectively.

Astronomers consider that their message has reached Altair in 1999. It included 13 binary-encoded images, each image measuring 71 x 71 pixels and illustrating the features of our solar system, the position of our planet, known chemical elements, whole numbers and the basis structure of human DNA. Scientists also tried to explain the way life forms biologically evolved on Earth.

According to the theories provided by Mr. Hirabayashi in case the level of aliens’ intelligence is high enough to receive and decode the message, they will be able to send a reply. However, he is still skeptical about the actual response from aliens.

I believe aliens exist, but they are difficult to find. We haven’t even observed any planets around Altair, so it is highly unlikely we will receive a response,” he said. Recently the images sent by the astronomer have been revealed, being missed for many years. Morimoto, working at the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory, discovered that among other images sent to Altair there was one that included the molecular formula for ethanol, featuring the kanji characters referring to kanpai, which is a Japanese toast of “cheers!” along with the English word “toast.”

According to Hirabayashi, he came up with the idea when having a drink and jokes that there’s little chance that aliens will get that part of the message.

Published on Mar 7, 2013

The message in this video was first broadcast worldwide in 2003 and received mass attention, although unfortunately it does not seem to have taken the desired effect! So I am asking you to share share share and get this message across, this video has a very important message so please remove any filters and preconceptions that you may have, THIS IS REALITY!

Visit my blog: et-alliance.blogspot.com where you can download this video along with the article for future reading. Feel free to use this video in any way you wish.



209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

firey dance to the mind

Published on Dec 18, 2014

Every time you get upset about something small, just remember this.

Imagine what could be out there….

The possibilities are endless… Who knows.

Extraterrestial beings? Only God does…

What if we were to discover what was ALL out there?

What if there is something faster than the speed of light that we haven’t discovered?

Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos!

Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


Heroic Monkey Saves Dying ‘Friend’ at Kanpur Train Station INDIA…♥♥♥…

heroic monkey

This amazing video footage shows the moment a monkey rescued another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted in Kanpur.

The monkey can be seen trying to revive the injured monkey by licking, hitting, slapping and even throwing the other monkey into a concrete pit of rain water.That seemed to do the trick and before long the stricken monkey is up and recovered.

After about 20 minutes the monkey began to show signs of life.  The stunning series of events was captured on video, with the whole scene played out in front of hordes of amazed onlookers.The life-saving monkey put forth a heroic effort to revive his friend — biting, shaking, hitting his head and finally rolling him into a trough of water.

Monkey Spirit at its best

Also on Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/115348308

One Pissed off American … Ho, Ho, Ho, they’s lying again!!!

dont tread ma path


Well he is back.. But with more Anger & vengeance. alongwith some more valid thought provoking points to think about…….. I got this mail from an unknown american lady who is also a reader to ma blog, I won’t name her as per her request!! but She guided me to the source and requested to post this along with some meaningful images to make sense and impact…Anyway Thanks for the Post….God bless…

~ Galactic human ~

i am not a sheep

Todays is 23rd Dec, well Christmas is around the corner, and all I sees is lies after lies. I knows there are good people right at this second working their ass off to help. Just like my families been doing. But, its time for changes, not us people losing but those other folks who are cruel.


Since Chairwoman Dempsey can’t bust a finger nail, does some of you other agencies want to help him, like JAG! Y’all had been supposedly meeting to discuss heinous crimes (wicked) committed by the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama crime family with bank accounts and nuclear weapons being sold, given, traded, whatever to North Korea.

fake arrest

I read two stories that said arrest warrants to be issues while the other said arrest warrants issued. OK, which one? Make up your mind and tell us!

arrest them

In the meantime, you know, Grand Father said “Arrest those bad guys, I’ll let the money goes to you all”, kinda like that in old Poofness letter by Zap and other postings. Do you think that was addressed to some or multiple groups. Say Chairwoman Dempsey, you know, skirt wearing, haired legged, sissy boy, that works in that funny sided building. Don’t you understand or are you that stupid, ground pounder?

So, who is going to do something, please stand up! Every minute that passes by that you military types are not arresting the heads of the crime families, our people who PAY YOUR WAGES are getting hurt by sickness, medical procedure unable to have performed, loss of friend or family due to death that might have been prevented, lost of home , kicked out as renter, loss of car and where we come from, our animals are part of our family, and shit, we are losing them left and right. See how its going to be on your doorstep, lots higher food bills, like double or no food.

What I think you guys are confused. We heard you think you need all this money first for housing, feeding, medical these guys when you arrest them. You all don’t all that money, just do what we do, repurpose things into new things. So, to speak your language, take their money and resources to do your job, arrest them and put them in those Fema camps. Get it done! They ain’t no slippery pig, you understand!


Here is example, DHS & Post office, make no sense, ordered tons of new weapons and bullets, guess what, since those departments are really corporations under US Corporation which has been dissolved, these sub-corporations are also defunked, so take their shit for your use. If they don’t help ya, arrest them too. For feeding them arrested folks, use all that emergency dried foodstuff them buggers have been ordering for years. Them folks should have their medicines for the holidays, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that til after the money is flowing. As for guards, hell there’s our military folks, border patrol, national guard, militia, prison guards just to name a few off the top of the old noodle. There problem solved!


So, why are we waiting, Christmas, stop right there, we lost good men and women on Christmas fighting wars that were not needed since the crime families and bankers where making money from those wars. Do you think we care if YOU arrest them, and throws them into deep dark damp dingy pits on or before Christmas, oh, hell know. Have at it brother, matter of fact, I encourage it, break up their cabal families just like they did ours … go for it!


Now you news types, shut up, or tell the truth. Play the 3 hours of video created to tell the true story about these crime families, how they orchestrated 911 and tooks our friends and family. Let alone a “War on …” announcement every two years to renew that old General Order 100 from Lincoln’s day.

hairy-legs-US military

So this Christmas, Hairy Legged, Skirt Wearing, Sissy Boys with lots of fake brass on your chest that works behind the desk at funny sided building, earn some respect this year, bring true joy to America & the World brothers and sisters by arresting the Crime Families and all their shit heads and broadcast on all channels, let the world see them in handcuffs and placed incommunicado!!!

Then the money can flow to the People of Plant Earth, and that folks, is Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (little drama).

no longer will accept

To all my friends around the world and here in USA, we the people got to stand in one voice, it is time to rid us of this evil on planet earth. God, your people request freedom from evil!

speak up american

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time buck up and man up, so lets change this together!


Something is interacting with our Sun? W.T.F

something interacting with our sun

Nostradamus has a quatrain that says great lightening from the sky will crack the great stones.Dark Sky Watcher noticed a strange sky phenomenon captured on his ‘Live on U-stream‘.

It looks like something is interacting with our sun. Is the sun doing this or is the sun exchanging massive discharge with an unknown object or an external force?

Has it something to do with comet Lovjoy or with a second comet named Comet Finlay, discovered by William Henry Finlay from South Africa on September 26, 1886?

Published on Dec 23, 2014

LIVE ASTRONOMY D.S.W OBSERVATORY KINGMAN AZ – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tree0fm…

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Published on Dec 23, 2014

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Pick up a shirt at http://www.darkskywatcher.com and help us bring in that huge scientific grade telescope so we can bring you views comparable to NASA and Slooh Nobody likes mainstream so here is your chance to make a difference

It’s interesting that Mars and Finlay’s paths intersect on December 23, when the duo will be in close conjunction only about apart (1/3 the diameter of the Full Moon). They’ll continue to remain almost as close on Christmas Eve. Comet Finlay reaches perihelion or closest approach to the Sun on December 27.

Published on Dec 23, 2014



Sheldan Nidle – December 23, 2014~We fully expect major arrests and even the implantation of NESARA to follow shortly.This is to lead to worldwide disclosure, which we feel is long overdue.

time to ascend
Sheldan Nidle – December 23, 2014

5 Eb, 10 Mol, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come on this day with good news! Your blessings continue to move forward. Those who long delayed the distributing of funds are either arrested or under the threat of arrest. A unique system of distribution has been tested and found to be successful. Before the end of this Gregorian year many of you are to receive these blessings. We wish to thank our Earth allies for fully cooperating with us. It is essential that at least proof of something positive needs to be done. The present time is as good as any to do this. We have discovered over the past year just how devious those in power truly are. In accordance with this fact, a number of things are to be done. We have instructed our earthly allies to implement a series of programs to free your blessings from these scalawags. A series of important meetings by our ambassadors with these de facto governments have created an atmosphere in which our allies can move to arrest, and change the policies of certain major banks. These new policies are in the process of being implemented even as we tell you this. We fully expect major arrests and even the implantation of NESARA to follow shortly.

We are at a crossroads as this Gregorian year of 2014 comes to an end. Those who make up our earthly allies finally seem ready to use their current advantage over the dark cabal. The beginning of the next Gregorian year promises to bring out the forces of Light to arrest, and to oust the dark from power. This process was long in coming. The dark and its minions have been in charge of this planet’s surface societies for nearly 13 millennia. You are to start to build a new global society based upon freedom and prosperity. This is to lead to worldwide disclosure, which we feel is long overdue. Our mentors can then land and begin to move you swiftly toward building a society that is finally ready to accept those responsibilities that truly honors Gaia and the ecosystems that you reside in. Such a society can be a welcome transition, from the dark realms that you were born in to those which are fully conscious. It also means that you are able to complete a full reconciliation between yourselves and the realm of Agartha.

This operation by Heaven, to reconnect you to your ancestors and to full consciousness, has taken longer than at first expected. We have been in your mass presence for over twenty of your years. Heaven gave us a very strict number of decrees to follow. Over the years, we have gradually been released from many of these decrees and told to follow a more evasive series of actions. We have done these, ever mindful of what was to be done. Meanwhile, Heaven has continued with its divine program of altering your physical essence. This procedure is quickly reaching a point where a more direct degree of intervention is required. Hence, we are constantly altering the directives given to our various medical monitoring teams. At present, we nightly both record and modify the degree of changes that Heaven is accomplishing through its body guardians. These alterations are gradually readying you for your decreed return to full consciousness. We can report to you that these various alterations have changed nearly 40 percent of what you were born with.

These physical changes are mirrored by the transformation of your emotional and mental bodies. Your medical sciences are only beginning to discover how your physical, mental and emotional bodies are truly interconnected. They are also beginning to learn how these interconnections really operate. Life is, in reality, a very complex process. As you move toward full consciousness, the various layers of your three main bodies connect together on an even more profound basis than your medical science can even imagine! We are watching these connections come “on line” and begin to more openly “talk” to each another. This can be found in the dramatic increase of vivid dreams and the sudden sensing by many of you when we are observing you. This operation shows us that you are becoming more aware that you exist in many realities at once. This is part of your increasing levels of awareness. These phenomena are to increase as this awareness increases. You are to be readied shortly for our arrival and the coming interaction with our mentors.


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with blessings, and graciously ask that you come together with us on this Christmas day to pray and envision the just world, which is taking shape within our hearts and within the physical realm that you now occupy. Be ever ready to lend your most powerful soul to this divine cause. You are a most powerful collective that is presently being shaped by Heaven for life in a new realm. Use this great revision to register your affirmations for what our associates are now doing. The first grand part of these changes is to register by Christmas. Lend your energy to what is becoming a powerful force for good. The Light is committed to transform the ways of the dark, and permit you to come together to grandly change this reality into a new one. Our friends and family, in Spirit and in space, have done much to aid our associates and prepare the way for freedom and prosperity.

The new You is to be a most magnificent Being that has regained vast powers and, in Love, is ready to aid Gaia and her diverse ecosystems. You are being readied to be able to use your abilities to transform Gaia, and especially to turn her surface into the pristine realm which you first encountered some 900,000 years ago. This world was quite different from the world that you see every day. You are to restore her forests, lakes and rivers. You are also to return her oceans and air to the pristine nature that you encountered long ago. We are most proud of what you are to become. We ourselves have seen the beauty that is Agartha. This grand energy is to be wondrously restored by you. We are to supervise and to aid you in these grand works. With these changes, Gaia is to return to the beauty which she once knew. Moreover, you are to spread out to the four water worlds and build a most glorious new star nation.

Thus, you are on the brink of a new epoch, which is to mark your return to the Light. Heaven has long foretold us of this time. It has been our privilege to assist you in making this transition a most successful one. The past 300 years, especially in the West, has seen a great growth in Spirit. The East, despite the great oppression of the West, retained within itself the elements that are to be the spark of this new epoch. As you learn about the true origins of your various religious philosophies, you are to discover how Love and Light still shine within them. We dearly wish to aid you in learning many things, which can bring all of you together. It is in this glorious collective of full consciousness that you are to discover your oneness with all life. Our wisdom is to combine with yours to create a truly exquisite global society. It is this society that is to merge with all the other grand sentient Beings and make this new star nation possible.

Today, we have continued our weekly report on what is happening on this world. Soon, the Galactic Federation and the Agarthans are to join you, and together forge a new star nation, with Heaven’s blessings. It is this grand creation by which you are to produce your grand destiny! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Website: Planetary Activation Organization

What is Wrong With Our Culture [Alan Watts] …♥♥♥…

What is Wrong With Our Culture

Philosopher Alan Watts dissects the absurdity of modern culture. A system that, by its own terms, is more successful the more it consumes and destroys.

~ Galactic human ~

“Your world is an illusion. From the day you were born, you have been conditioned. Your schools taught you to be quiet, neutral and numb. Your media desensitized you to the suffering of your fellow human beings and the system slowly isolated you until it somehow felt normal to feel alone on a planet with 8 billion other people on it. You worked hard for the future with your reward always just around the next corner or just up the next step.

Everything was tomorrow but tomorrow never came. And you realized too late that you had never lived at all. Something was missing and no matter how much you worked, partied or paid you could not disguise it. You accepted it as natural for one to be wealthy whilst another is poor, or the absurd notion that we must pay back the debt of our own existence. We traded community culture for corporate comfort and our most precious resource, our time, as a commodity.

 We need to move beyond revolution and into the next stage of human evolution. A time marked by unparalleled compassion and peaceful co-existence. The shape of which we can not foresee as it must be created together. We will take no power back as we shall empower ourselves and we shall say: We are the humans. We are awake now. We reclaim our destiny.” ☺♥♥♥

Published on Aug 28, 2014

Thought-provoking 5 minutes on the state of the world from the late, great Alan Watts, a man far ahead of his time.

Speech: Alan Watts – What is Wrong With Our Culture (AKA: Sex The Pleasurable Punishment)

Music: Ash Ra Tempel – Reunion (Friendship)

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