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microchipped dogs

I am glad until now this is not mandatory Bow..Bow..!! Correct me if i am wrong? Also there has been many known Side effects of the same, its like a chemical cocktail for the innocent animals…Neither Vaccinate Them, as because of the toxic ingredients they often contain. Among these are: Thimerosal / Aluminum / Formaldehyde / Phenol /Viruses , Since More and more evidence is coming to light these days showing that pet vaccines are a scientific fraud and that they’re little more than a huge money making scam because they are neither safe nor effective.

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Real evidence shows that microchip implants are an unreliable and potentially dangerous form of identification for pets.

In spite of the risks, microchip companies and advocates of microchipping continue to mislead pet owners by saying that microchips are reliable and safe. In addition, mandatory animal microchipping legislation continues to be enacted around the world.



Real evidence also shows that pet vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Pet vaccines are a scientific fraud and little more than a huge money making scam.

NaturalNews) Many veterinarians recommend them, and most animal shelters require them. Identification microchips injected into the necks of cats and dogs are touted as useful in recovering lost pets because the devices store owner and medical information. But are they safe? A new lawsuit against Merck & Co., Inc., maker of the HomeAgain pet microchip, says they are not, noting that they can cause cancer to develop in pets.

Featured at www.ChipMeNot.org, a website launched to raise awareness about the harm caused to animals by microchips, the lawsuit alleges that Merck’s HomeAgain pet microchip induces cancerous tumors in pets. According to the suit, the defendant’s cat developed cancer after getting a chip implant, and according to reports, other animals have gotten cancer after getting chipped as well.

“Based on the alarming number of microchip-induced cancers we’re discovering, I predict this lawsuit will be just the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr. Katherine Albrecht, a consumer advocate and expert on side effects associated with implantable microchips. “Merck and organizations that advocate pet chipping should take this lawsuit seriously and start warning pet owners of the risk of microchip-induced cancer.”

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, potential health risks associated with implantable microchips include “adverse tissue reaction”. Based on data from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, this can include “swelling”, “infection”, “abscesses”, and “tumors”.

Albrecht presented a paper on the subject called “Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990-2006” (http://www.chipmenot.org/pdfs/P074.pdf) at the June conference of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers that documents the increasing number of animals being harmed by microchips. Currently, there is no repository of data on adverse events associated with microchips in the U.S., but Albrecht organization, CASPIAN, is filling that void by compiling such information and making it available to the public.

It is important that pet owners work together to reverse mandatory microchipping legislation and prevent further microchipping legislation from being enacted.

While veterinarians believe the risk is low, some dogs have developed malignant cancer at the site where microchips are embedded. In each of these cases, the dog developed deadly cancer less than five years after the microchips were implanted. In the center of the cancerous growths were the microchips leading some researchers to think there might be a link. Doctor Katherine Albrecht released a report in 2007 linking malignant tumors in lab mice and rats to microchipping. Upwards of ten percent of the rodents implanted with radio-frequency microchips developed sarcomas. In most cases, the tumors grew rapidly and spread to other areas of the body

Domestic dogs and cats today are suffering from an unprecedented and very disturbing epidemic of chronic degenerative disease much of it caused by the very pet vaccines that are supposed to preserve their health. These animals are routinely presenting with a variety of symptoms and diagnoses that are eerily similar to those being experienced by their owners.

One of the major factors adversely affecting the health of our pets has to do with the quality (or rather lack thereof) of the pet food we feed them. Besides poor quality food that is not in keeping with the natural diet our furry friends require, chronic and very serious health issues are also emerging due to the shocking overuse of pet vaccines.

Uploaded on Mar 4, 2015

The City of San Marcos, Texas attempted to pass an ordinance making it mandatory for people to chip their animals or get a fine.

Dr. Albrecht addressed the City Council, the media and the protesters on the dangers of implanting RFID chips on animals (evidence shows it can cause cancer).


SOURCE : www.ChipMeNot.org


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