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monalisa alein

Published on May 4, 2015
The likelihood of Leonardo Da Vinci being an alien or half-breed is very high. He shows all the signs. He had very high intellectual ability, extraordinary creative range, and used them to accomplish quite a bit. Leonardo is somebody who is able to operate across all these various fields, which is very unusual. Geniuses rarely are great in all areas like Leonardo.  He was known for hiding secret messages and codes in his artwork, so this new discovery gives us the key we have been missing about him…his extraordinary abilities came from or were those of aliens.

Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work. If this is true then its reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.

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Comments on: "Alien High Priest Found In Mona Lisa" (7)

  1. Lorraine said:

    I don’t hold much value on mirror images found in paintings or any other thing on this earth. I can hold a mirror up to things in nature and it can look like a demon. It just doesn’t make much sense to feel fear from this. It’s just a stupid thing to do.


  2. Lorraine said:

    Are you LOOKING for ways to scare the population?


  3. Lorraine said:

    Do you folks get your jollies this way?


    • Well Lorraine. .. u may not old value on the find but some does… Well It’s exciting how far ahead was Leonardo. . Wheather it’s the eyes or hands of monalisa something or the other allways crops up and it’s exciting this masterpeace of art is not just an art but a puzzle… Well if a small image of a alien dude frighten us … I guess humanity still have a long way to go before disclosure happens…its only facing fear that the best comes out of you… its more like a boon in disguise. .. and humans fear everything , does not mean you have to get rid of that stuff alltogether. . It means u fight and face it headon like a lion…..


      • Lorraine said:

        You can hold up a mirror to any painting or photograph and get a face looking at you. You often see scary faces in veneer wooden doors, but it doesn’t mean anything. We are programmed to see faces in things we look at.


      • Yup you got it right… the same way the person could see faces in things he looked at…Like what napoleon hill said “Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved,”I rather admire his skills and I don’t fear in what he diclose. …. I guess I rather face the truth… Most imp truth here is man is even afraid and fear God most of the time …. and when u fear god u cant love him??? But does that mean man avoids or does not love him…. Well he still believe s and love him…. I just take this post as a mere enjoyment than ridicule☺


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