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earth is flat

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The Flat-Earth Conspiracy ~ The Globe Earth Lie

Well i say again Almost 90 % of what we see and believe to be the TRUTH is in fact a Very big interesting LIE… ! So many lies we’ve been told?? is it not.!.. GOD save this corrupt Planet…..Pls watch the Second Vdo from ERIC its a Good one with some grt points.. well Eric Dubay, you have got to be the biggest science debunker ever. Awesome points to go thru!!!will make you scratch your head..Mind = Blown.

~ Galactic human ~

falt earth contro

Published on Apr 8, 2015

FLAT EARTH Clues Introduction – The world is FLAT, and this will help you see it. An introductory guide to the Flat Earth movement, starting with the Copernicus theory in 1514, false confirmation in 1957, and the extraordinary lengths that the world leaders have taken in order to keep their power.

Feel free to use these videos anywhere – Mark Sargent
The 10 Part Serious By Mark Sargent: https://www.youtube.com/user/markksar…

Published on Apr 19, 2015

The oldest and largest secret society in existence has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not only completely and single-handedly crush their New World Order “United Nations” but to radically reshape the entirety of modern academia, universities, the mainstream / alternative medias, all the world’s governments, space agencies, and the very Earth beneath our feet. http://www.AtlanteanConspiracy.com http://ifers.boards.net

Published on Apr 23, 2015

FLAT EARTH – You’ve been Lied To! – 04182015 Exclusive Conversation with The Hijacker & guest Seth Michael. www.Revolution-Radio.com www.freedomslips.com Video Discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ih_Q…
Proof the Earth is Flat, NASA lies!

Comments on: "Is This The Beginning Of The End of Nasa?..FLAT EARTH Clues …♥♥♥…." (13)

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  2. frgbnd12 said:

    It was mathematically proven that the earth is round long before Copernicus. Please don’t waste space on my feed with this trash.


    • KernowNative said:

      If you are so sure then why isn’t the curvature of the Earth ever used “Mathematically” in any kind of way what so ever when designing structures, railroads, bridges or even flying long haul flights on planes.?

      If you are so sure then take 5 mins to disprove it..

      The reason is, it doesn’t exist. ANY architect or designer will tell you that.
      That’s what really got my attention first,. just take a look , your mind will be blown as you dig deeper and deeper trying to disprove the flat Earth theory, you will find you simply can’t.


      • I take it geometry wasn’t a requirement for your GED.

        Fiddle around on http://www.flightaware.com – you’ll see that international flights within the same hemisphere curve toward one pole or the other. They do this because they’re following the shortest distance possible on a sphere.

        And of course architects and railroad companies wouldn’t need it because the change in angle from one end of a building to another – and even one town to another would be too slight to warrant any adjustment.


      • This guy is ducking stupid. 😐 said:

        All right you blithering, ignorant, fucking idiotic, waste of space, the idiocy that you have placed on this god damn website is so utterly horrible that honestly you should be considering your life choices. The fact that you ACTUALLY FUCKING THINK THIS SHIT is very, very scary.

        Now, the reason that one doesn’t take into account the curverature of the earth when one is designing buildings is, put simply, because you can have a flat fucking surface on a massive ass sphere. Just because the entire globe is a spheroid, doesn’t mean that a very tiny portion of it can be flat. Even if you are to dismiss this, if you simply look at the fact that the earth is SO FUCKING MASSIVE in comparison to your little insignificant self, that even if the first thing I said weren’t true, the curve would be so extremely subtle that it would not have any affect on the structure.

        As for airplanes. Have you heard of GRAVITY? When you fly forwards, the plane is pulled down by gravity and therefore will always hug the ground and will APPEAR as though it is going straight. If you are some asshole who thinks the government is forging those pictures of the globe taken by NASA, just ask anybody who has ever been in a concord. You can SEE the curvature of the earth. In fact, sometimes, if you ever fly in a 747 or larger, you can see for yourself.

        Dude. Seriously. Why so fucked up in the head?


  3. why does the sun look like its going down then rising? Surely it would look like it was going around or you would see a beam in the sky?


  4. These people: “THE EARTH IS FLAT”
    NASA goes to space and looks at it
    Sends back thousands of pictures from different angles
    These people: “THE EARTH IS FLAT”


  5. silvernblacksabbath said:

    The sheep continue to sleep….. Great video!


  6. Just out of curiosity, why do they always say the flat Earth has been a big cover up so people can stay in power? Regardless of the geometric shape, people will still be in power. So if the so called sheep ever discovered that the Earth was flat, all of those in charge would lose power and the world would become a great utopia?


    • Nope the power of control will vain out…. Flat earth exposes all, it’s a checkmate for all the lies we have been told… Now i dont believe any nor any news wil effect me… and so many like me sync in, and the negative energy fades out and the control system collapses


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