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Best UFO Evidence of 2015

ufo disclosure

UFO sightings are now common place all over the world.  I have personally seen at least Four and I am not scanning the skies that much.  Bizarre. In all likelihood, if you are reading this, you have either seen one or know someone who has.  We have been conditioned to not make a big deal about it, and if we see something, its almost embarrassing to admit it.  Still, it is like the 1,000 lb gorilla in the room. It’s happening all of the time all over the globe. I believe some of it, perhaps even a large part of it, is in fact advanced military technology. What and how much our military knows is anybody’s guess, but that cannot explain all of it. These strange occurrences are also happening with greater and greater frequency and coinciding with our time in history when a convergence of other prophetic signs is also occurring.
Be Advised: There is some strong language in response to some of the sightings in the video. 

~ Galactic human ~

Is UFO activity increasing in 2015? Are these signs of more to come? If these are structured and manned vehicles – what are their intentions? Is there a message behind these visitations? Only time (and our observations) will tell.


Published on 23 Jun 2015

The year of 2015 has the honor of being one of the most active season for UFO sightings in recent history. This video compiles some of the most credible and convincing evidence of UFO activity during 2015 to date.

Footage includes a spectacular recording of two separate UFO sightings near two different volcanoes literally continents apart, a number of stunning night vision captures of strange formations flying over our communities, and unprecedented videos of strange UFOs with obvious structural attributes.


Special thanks to Third Phase of Moon for providing a number of source clips for this compilation, including the Akaka State Park orb – check out his channel at: https://www.youtube.com/thirdphaseofmoon – and I appreciate his collaborative approach to the field.


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