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philip ai

There’s a photo with better lighting in which he doesn’t look quite as real, His full name is Philip K. Dick Android, he’s named after a science fiction writer:


Android Dick is a robot created in the likeness of the science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick. Android Dick is an attempt to create thinking and reasoning artificial intelligence that has human traits like compassion and creativity. The first version of the android was created in 2005 and has been a work in progress ever since.

In 2011, the creators of the android appeared on the PBS show Nova, where they interviewed the robot and asked it a series of questions. Some of the answers were impressive. Others are typical of what you would expect from a robot. However, one answer in particular is probably one of the most ominous things ever spoken by artificial intelligence.

Uploaded on Dec 13, 2014

Freaky AI robot, taken from Nova science now, here’s the full episode, enjoy 😀
Also yay for me, 2 videos in one day 😀 😀



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