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humanoid ufos

Published on Aug 16, 2015

Look at our New Ufo Footage, the most Shocking yet.

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this Humanoid UFO was Captured by 3 different cameras at an la ufo channel event with dozens of eyewitnesses to attest to the authenticity of this sighting. in all 3 videos you see the same sequence as the ufo was recorded at the same time but through the different angle and quality of each camera you can desern that it wasnt a hoax or sgi but indeed a humanoid sky anomoly that appeared to everyone at sequoia park that day. People can be heard in shock in the backround of the video if you look at the raw footage linked bellow of these 3 raw videos of the same object. it appeares to have seperations in its space suit and a visor that you can see in his or hers face which makes you wonder if it indeed is a humanoid being inside of it.

Published on Aug 3, 2015

This video covers the case study and analysis of the flying “Humanoid UFO” recorded over my apt in Newport Beach California.

We applied digital filters and motion tracking to the recording to maximize the ufo features and examine it’s humanoid like qualities.

The object was flying vertically and fast when recorded. I could see it clearly in the viewfinder. The camera was sitting still on a tripod. The ufo appeared to be a flying humanoid type object. It had a round head, two eyes, an upper body and legs.

The ufo had repeated flashes on either side and was activating the flashes by triggering some mechanism on itself.

Given the unique nature of the ufo sighting I felt it needed to be further studied, re-analyzed and presented for review.

If you’ve seen anything similar please contact me at infamousfanclub: https://www.youtube.com/user/infamous…


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