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Two UFOs caught live at ISS

ufo iss sug 15

In recent weeks many unknown objects have been seen near the International Space Station.

Once again two UFOs have been spotted on NASA’s live feed on September 1 and September 5, 2015.

Note: Most of these UFOs are coming up over the horizon or they approach the ISS.

We may wonder whether the ISS is monitored or… the objects observing planet Earth? Anyhow, it is unlikely that all of these bright lights can be explained as a reflection of the sun or a camera glitch.

The next two short videos show a UFO approaches the ISS and a second triangular UFO comes up over the horizon.

Published on Sep 5, 2015

There won’t be a link for this yet, but you should see it archived in about 3 hours time.

Published on Sep 1, 2015

White light that turns into a triangle



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