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The Best Motivation Video 2015 – EXCUSES

I posted the same VDO 3 months back, I re-post the same but with a Diff Video alltogether… Yes I can DO it No matter what..I recently had my own revelation that this life is mine and I need to do what is best for ME. No excuses. I do go thru such VDO’s often to Recharge my soul batteries 😊 Like someone said and i Quote ” Nobody cares about your excuses. Nobody pities you for procrastinating. Nobody is going to cuddle you because you are lazy. It’s YOUR ASS. YOU MOVE IT..  ”

The next vdo Titled  IM THE ONE From Les Brown will give u chills…

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Aug 2, 2014

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Mind Innovation aims to push average mind beyond its capabilities, the capabilities that are a illusion hiding the true ability of the greatness that lays within the mind of the individual. Mind Innovation produces and presented motivational content as a psychological fuel for those who require it to get that optimum mental speed in terms of attitude to win the race. We receive very little for our work, if you feel that we have in any way contributed to your positive actions and feel to give something back then please help others.

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Mind Innovation

Published on Mar 30, 2014

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