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WoW.. I liked the Quote ”You are what you love, not what loves you…’Other people’s Opinions aren’t as valuable as you make them out to be… So What R U!! basically ,  Like Khalil Gibran said “I have existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end.” We are Awesomeoness.. Transformation from the inside out…just like morphing butterflies. Love ❤️ Truth 🌟 Peace ✌️

~ Galactic Human ~


Published on Jun 20, 2013

Join Kyle at Evolving out Loud LIVE, August 8th and 9th, 2015. in Los Angeles: http://www.kylecease.com/live-events/…

In this video Kyle interprets Charlie Kaufmans “you are what you love, not what loves you” from Adaptation

’ve only recently discovered Kyle Cease but what he has to say is from the heart and true to me. Contained in this video is a beautiful reminder that our real jobs are to be ourselves and to get back to that childhood state of creating. Once we do that then real success will manifest itself for us.



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