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the third eye mystery

Published on Sep 6, 2014

Illuminati VATICAN Pope Secrets Church MASONRY Emblems Symbols ESOTERIC OCCULT Symbolism Exposed RELIGION Knights Templar FREEMASONRY Roman Catholic Society of Jesus MASONIC Lodge Orthodox CHURCH Cathedral Cavalieri Malta ALL SEEING EYE Ordo Ab Cao, CHAOS Horus, Eagle, ANCIENT EGYPT Pyramid, Mythology Egyptian MYTH Horus Jesus PAGAN RITES Divinity, ISIS Mary Amun Amen DEVIL Satan Lucifer Devil NEW AGE Spiritualism, God, New World Order Project HOLOGRAM Military Holographic BLUE BEAM Laser, Paradise, Karma, SPIRITUAL Pagan SATANIC Sacrifice, AGENDA Illuminati, Demons PENTAGRAM Symbol Antichrist Angels Fallen, PAGAN RITES Divinity, VATICAN Pope’s Mitre Dagon Fish GOD Sumer Mesopotamian BABYLONIA Zoroastrian, Pagans Sacrifice, MADONNA Mary Ishtar, ISIS Lillith, Vision, Spirit QUEEN HEAVEN Planet UNIVERSE Apollo, Neptune, Sun God, Esculapio, ENKI, Serpent, REPTILIANS Mythological Symbols, DIMENSION Draconians, EDEN Adam Eva The Third Eye, ORIGINAL SIN Caduceo, Pineal Gland, CHAKRA Circle, Meditation, Seven DIMENSIONAL Space, SEVEN deadly sins NWO GLOBAL CHAOS TRANCE Soul, DMT, Heart, SPIRIT Ancient Bible, JESUS CHRIST 3rd EYE Revelations, Secret of Fatima, NEW ERA Awareness, MIND Consciousness PINEAL GLAND Melatonin Metaphysical SPIRIT MOLECULE Fluoride, WAR PINEAL Paranormal POWER Mind OCCULT WAR Fallen Angel, Woman, LUCIFER LIGHT Venus, Annunaki, DNA, Hybrid Creation, Bible, ANCIENT War Enoch REAL STORY Devils GIANTS Man NEPHILIM Elohim ANCIENT ALIENS NOAH Prophesy MARDUK Luciferian UFO Sumerian LEGENDS Genesis NEFILIM Anunnaki Creation humans THIRD DIMENSION

ILLUMINATI and VATICAN Secrets ✣ Third Eye & Pineal Gland △ Esoteric Occult Symbolism △
2014 © Jérôme Scialoia

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Published on Jan 2, 2014

This video exposes the secrets behind the Pineal Gland and how it is responsible for controlling of biorhythms of the body.


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