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ufoiss sept 20 2015

Date of sighting: September 17, 2015

Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS

Streetcap1 of Youtube caught this UFO just minutes before NASA cut the live feed. They don’t have the time or manpower to keep an eye out all the time so they do their best, but with NASA budget cuts and other issues, they just are not able to cut the video before the UFOs are seen. Its also strange that UFOs are literally being seen every day around the space station. Its becoming a tourist attraction of aliens!

Published on Sep 17, 2015

This looks to be quite a way off. Transmission stops – maybe they lost signal. https://www.facebook.com/235282436499…
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Comments on: "UFO Visits Space Station Again, Looks Like Daily Visits Are Beginning, Sept 20, 2015" (2)

  1. The periodicity of these “UFOs” indicates that it is likely we are viewing satellites, considering that many, such as Hubble, GPS satellites, and GLONASS satellites, are present at the same orbiting altitude (in low Earth orbit, LEO), to the ISS, which also would look like what you consider to be a UFO from the perspective of these proximal (relative to the scale of orbits) objects.


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