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karen hudes

As for the gold, the Japanese surrendered gold after WWII to the u.S. and this was stored in Denver, CO for many years. I was allowed to see the gold in Denver, 39 years ago and I’m still impressed with the tonnage. Gold bricks were stacked a couple feet high on a pallet and then two pallets made a stack. I don’t recall the number of floors holding gold in the Denver Mint vault, but each floor had many individual cages. Each cage held what I would guess today to be 32 pallets of gold bricks. There were no pictures allowed, but there were more than a few floors of cages holding gold. It makes sense there is 1.8 mmt stored in one place as I’ve seen more gold than many reports state there is know to have been recovered world wide since man started walking the earth. This Control the Wealth by Corporate Entity situation is layered into the Dodd-Frank Act legislation of 2010 but I can’t find intelligent American People discussing this simple control mechanism used by the attorneys to keep know criminals in all domestic government corporations across America. If anyone knows Karen, please message her to accept my chat request on Google+. I will offer to expose this simple layered legislation so she can publicize it back to the group. The simple fraud is buried in sub-act legislation to hide the criminal intent from the American People. This extremely simple to read act is being used by the attorneys to control local elected officials across this country. The legislation is used to unconstitutionally sidestep state constitutional law preventing criminal to work in elected office, but these criminals are the attorney’s dream to stay in control of the gold. To this day not one attorney has provided evidence that any state statute or federal code is superior in ranking to any constitutional law requirement. Sorry to high jack the thread but Karen, I need to talk to you.

~Jim Porter~

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Published on Nov 10, 2015

https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt… On October 3, 1213, King John ratified his surrender of his kingdoms to the Pope. The Pope claims ownership of everything and everyone on earth. On April 21, 1214, the Pope, in Rome, formally accepted King John’s surrender of his kingdoms and his pledge of vassal (together with the moneys paid in tribute)

The Monetary Agreement has provisions that are going to be monitored by the people who receive the http://www.peakprosperity.com/podcast/84359/new-way-hold-gold The Board of Governors and the coalition for the rule of law is going to be in charge of making sure the Monetary Agreements are implemented.https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Monetary+Agreement1.pdf That is why the World Bank Articles read the way they do: http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EXTABOUTUS/Resources/ibrd-articlesofagreement.pdf


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