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Some things are not necessarily better when bigger. This is the case with smartphones – the bigger display may be handier, but the portability suffers. Not the case with LUNARK.

Lunark is a Dual Folding Smartphone With a Special Hinge Included, Remember when Sony tried to make a hinge-based phone tablet thingie and failed? It was called Sony Tablet P and it felt like something to put your eye glasses in. Now we have a hinged device with two faces, rendered by Allan Ospina.

LUNARK increases screen real estate, without sacrificing size. When closed, the device is slightly bulky but handy. Flip it open – the extra display makes it ideal for games, video calls, etc. Or, if you need to work on two apps at the same time, you can have them side-by-side.


cannon snap

Smartphones may be handy and more advanced than ever, but some still prefer real cameras. Canon Snap sounds like the perfectly charming, convenient and portable option.

Canon Snap’s idea is to fill the gap between pocket cameras and smartphones. It puts a functional 12-megapixel camera on your finger.

The gadget is made from flexible gel, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. And it has just enough room left for a touchscreen display, memory card slot, and a shutter button to make life easier.

Unlike a traditional camera, the Air Clicker is finger-worn and boasts a motion-sensing clicker button that lets users capture photographs with a single gesture. No word yet on pricing or availability. Continue reading for our full overview.



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