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WoW.. this sounds Great… Help from all over the world..it makes so much sense… No one explains this concept better than Edgar Cahn (the godfather of timebanking). Don’t pay attention to the bad quality of the video…given at the end below

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time republic

Published on Nov 6, 2015


The ultimate sharing economy experience: a global TimeBank where you share your talents, interests and passions in exchange for time. Kick-start projects. Get services you need. Spend no money. Spend & earn time.

Uploaded on Apr 5, 2010

Edgar Cahn is the founder of TimeBanks USA; the Time Dollar Youth Court; and CareBanks. Edgar is regarded as the father of poverty law and a pioneer in creating clinical legal education. Having co-founded the National Legal Service program, and the Antioch School of Law (now the UDC School of Law) with his late wife, Jean. Edgar designed and launched TimeBanking pilots in 40 states and 32 nations, employing the worlds only tax-exempt local currency, Time Dollars. His system, Co-Production, calls for the transformation of clients from passive consumers to active co-producers of outcomes.
As an Ashoka Fellow, he pioneered an adaptation of TimeBanking that would enable older adults and their families to pay for a form of long term care insurance using Time Dollars. Edgar serves as Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of the District of Columbia School of Law, and in 2008, launched the Racial Justice Initiative, providing a break-though legal theory with the potential to dismantle structural racism in juvenile justice and child welfare.



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