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Sandra Bullock’s new movie, Our Brand is Crisis is well worth watching. Although Bullock is hired as a campaign manager to save a corrupt, arrogant Bolivian Presidential candidate who is failing in the polls (like Donald Trump), the movie exposes the lies and dirty tricks used for winning elections – in Bolivia, America and elsewhere.

The movie parallels America’s Presidential election and the “dirty tricks” behind the scenes. Our Brand Is Crisis is about selling “crisis” to the electorate which is what Donald trump is doing today.


Crippled America. That’s the title of Trump’s new book that is selling “Crisis”. America is falling apart, drowning in debt, failing militarily and what America needs is a strong, high energy leader that is so rich, he can’t be bought – to make America great again. That’s the message Bullock sells to win the Bolivian election for a corrupt politician whose election promises are lies. Right after winning the election, the new President sells Bolivia out to the IMF.


IMF is an acronym for International Monetary Fund but for the poor countries that the IMF exploits with loan shark interest rates and “privatization” of their resources when they can’t pay the loans, IMF stands for International Mother Fucker.

In Latin America, the debt crises in the 1980s gave the IMF enormous power to set up their exploitation agenda through bailouts, but in exchange, leaders of the countries had to impose austerity, rework their economies, and pay back their debt. It amounted to corporate theft of their mines, oil and gas reserves, rail, electricity, and even water supplies through corporate privatization. In Bolivia, violent unrest swept across the country, right up through the 2002 election.


In the movie, Sandra Bullock’s conscience gets the best of her and she joins the Bolivian protest movement when the new President who she helped elect sells out Bolivia to the IMF crooks.

Since 2002. Bolivia reversed many of the villainous IMF-imposed policies, and has largely recovered. Nonetheless, the economic slump in Europe and the crisis in Greece are still being exploited with the same old economic playbook.


The crooks and institutions that caused all the destruction in the 1980s and 1990s remain in power today and they’re still making a killing. It’s the people of Bolivia — and the developing world, and Greece, and working Americans — who have paid the price.

Trump is an actor. If you don’t think he’s partying with the Zionists, the IMF, the World Bank, the CFR, the Koch brothers and other shadowy figures and mobster organizations within the synagogue of Satan, think again.



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