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mystery unexplained event china

Location: China

Recently, a security camera captured a bizarre road accident in China. What gone wrong with three vehicles rear lifted up into air?

Is it a cable/wire which has fallen across the road but still attached to a pole on upper left and the truck on right has caught it, causing tension and lifting the cars up before the cable/wire snaps?

Maybe, but I’m trying to understand how the guy on the motorcycle far left doesn’t get pulled down and the cars/truck on the right (all but the three cars) didn’t hit the supposed cable/wire too.

If the strange event would have been caused by a cable/wire, then why I can’t see the cable/wire in the video… but it lifts 3 cars!

The cause is still under investigation.

Published on Nov 27, 2015

Cause is still under investigation.



Comments on: "Bizarre: Three cars suddenly lifted by mysterious force in China" (5)

  1. Wow. Quite Weird, Amazing and Interesting. Was that “Staged”, I.E. Special Effects, or was that “Real” and Really-Actually Happened Live There when that Video was Filmed??? ;~o


  2. Does Anyone Know??? ;~0


  3. Also. If that was “Real”, I Sure Hope That All of Those Drivers There Were Not Injured??? ;~o


  4. […] Source: Bizarre: Three cars suddenly lifted by mysterious force in China […]


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