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Published on Nov 15, 2015

Ravean has created the ONLY jacket you need this season.

Here are just a few reasons why:


* Forget The Layers

With your Ravean heated jacket, you can stay at the perfect temperature on the inside no matter what the conditions are on the outside.


* Stop Trying to Predict The Weather

Instead of trying to choose your clothing to match the weather you can rely on a single jacket and adjust the temperature to suit your needs. Never be over or under dressed again.

* Lose The Clunky Gloves

When you get a Ravean Heated Jacket you can also purchase Ravean gloves that connect straight into your jacket’s heating system and begin warming your hands immediately.


Our gloves fit like a second skin and have touchscreen capabilities so you never have to take off your gloves to use your mobile device.


* Charge Your Phone

You can plug your mobile device into your jacket’s battery to stay connected and charge it up to 6 times with each use.


* Stay Dry

Don’t worry about exposing your Ravean gear to the rain or snow. It was created to be water resistant and the built-in heating system can dry your coat or vest in minutes.


* Stay Fresh

Unlike other types of heated outerwear, Ravean heated jackets, vests and hoodies are completely washable. Just take out the battery and toss it in the washer before your next adventure.

* Lose The Weight

Both the jacket and battery were designed to be exceptionally light – the battery for the entire system is slender and weighs in at just half a pound.

* Cozy Up To The Best Filling

Man-made filling just can’t compete with the insulating power of real down. This is the only heated jacket with a mix of 90% down and 10% feather fill.

* Use Smart Controls

You can now bring the heat whenever and wherever you need it. You can adjust the temperature of your jacket with the push of a button and also send the heat to the areas you want it the most.

* Demand Durability

This is a jacket that isn’t afraid to get a little roughed up. In addition to outfitting it with a 5-year warranty, we also asked our product engineers about what might damage the Ravean Heated Jacket system.

Their Answer? “Avoid lava or acid…”


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