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Published on Nov 27, 2015

Oxytocin release is a response to stimuli commonly associated with love. Now scientists are trying to harness its power for medication.
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Sobering effect of the love hormone
“Giving drunken rats oxytocin counteracts its intoxicating effects, researchers have found. “In the rat equivalent of a sobriety test, the rats given alcohol and oxytocin passed with flying colours, while those given alcohol without oxytocin were seriously impaired,” a researcher said.”

Oxytocin helps to better overcome fear
“Frightening experiences do not quickly fade from memory. A team of researchers has now been able to demonstrate in a study that the bonding hormone oxytocin inhibits the fear center in the brain and allows fear stimuli to subside more easily. This basic research could also usher in a new era in the treatment of anxiety disorders.”

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