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Just enough education to pack frozen pizzas, but not enough to figure out we’re slaves in the system (and do something about it.)

So we all go to school to “learn”, but we finish our “education” and we have NO clue how the world actually works (zero/nothing)….Hmmmm, strange that!. It’s a globalist/elitist scam that favors the rich on the backs and labor of the poor, always has done, always will do. The elites don’t want a fully educated people….That’s the fuckin last thing that the morally corrupted sociopaths/psychopaths want. They want brainwashed, materialistic, non-thinking subjugated slaves. They (The elites) have done a superb job eh? The VILE BASTARDS. Never vote for any government party in Ireland, or any country, it’s a complete and utter waste of time. Democracy is a sick lie.

Published on Nov 26, 2015

Comments on: "Irish Teacher Lisa Buggy: “The School System Is Only Teaching Your Kids How To Conform!”" (1)

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