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Who will keep us safe from the government? Who will keep our personal liberties safe? Police state government is spying on all-of-us thru all means possible, it seems we cant even TRUST our own lifeless Printer?? i would rather say What have I to hide? What do you expect to find and why are you investigating me as if I were a criminal? Quit offending me, I feel offended.  Wake-up-All!! the Govt Doesn’t Represent us anymore, They represent ONLY their own self-serving interests and bankroll.

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Nov 30, 2015

Did you know that your colour laser printer is secretly printing a forensic code on every one of your printouts so the government can track it?
Sounds like a nutjob conspiracy theory, but it’s true!
Yellow dots that are invisible to the naked eye are printed all over your page that have the printer serial number and time and date encoded within them.
List of printers that do/don’t have this forensic encoding
It may even violate human rights:

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