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The worst of all so-called ‘conspiracies’ confirmed by a retired and very catholic Swiss banker who recalls his personal experiences.

Why interest rates are bad under management of the present ruling money powers.

And perhaps foremost in damaging his testimony concerning his personal invitation to a supposedly catholic – but satanic – Midnight Black Mass organized through his major and important high Swiss banking managements network, where he found the daughter of the organizer was put on center display for the role of abuse and hatred in a satanic ritual. Here is the moment when he walked out.

The Swiss are in big trouble at the moment for Switzerland is in the crosshairs of a real and present assault by the international money masters so says Swiss banker Francois Siebenthal.

Where the rest of Europe, of the USA, of the whole world where imposing of interest is the accepted regime already have been taken over by the Money Masters for generations now.


This is Confessions of a Swiss Banker and he is exposing how satanic the system is. He is setting up interest free banks under the Social Credit system in countries all over the world. He says that you cannot be a Christian and be a banker. 

I highly recommend that everybody watch the video. The guy is very intelligent!!

Former Swiss Banker Francois Siebenthal discusses his experiences at the highest levels of International banking, while attending an annual conference with The Pilgrim’s of St. Michael in Rougemont, Quebec, Canada. Eucharist Shine Films was on-hand to document the proceedings and classroom sessions. While there, we were introduced to former Swiss banker Francois de Siebenthal, an advocate for the concept of worldwide monetary reform known as “Social Credit,” agreed to an in-depth interview. Executive Producer, Frank Maggio. Production Coordinator, Brent Gardner. Cinematography & Editing by Joe Gaudet, of Tampa & St. Petersburg, Florida.
Please circulate this far and wide!

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