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Unfortunately, today’s beauty standards have become twisted and shallow to say the least. The media enforced viewpoint focuses merely on the idea of  ‘You’re beautiful if…..’ The truth is, there is no “if” when it comes to beauty.

This young girl can see the beauty in all of those who surround her and when she reveals this to them, their reactions are priceless.

Photographer and student Shea Glover went around her high school doing a social experiment. She photographed students and teachers and when they asked her why she was clicking them, she said she was photographing “things that I (Glover) find beautiful.” The reactions varied from bright smiles, embarrassed looks, wide eyes look due to surprise and even anger and disbelief. Watch the video- it is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Facial expressions quickly transformed when Shea said, “I’m just taking pictures of things I find beautiful.” Most people were surprised and unable to contain their smiles; needless to say, the responses were genuine and emotional.

To learn more about Shea and what she may contribute in the future, check out her response to her project going viral.

shea glover


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