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Published on Nov 30, 2015

Best UFO Sightings of November 2015 Mysterious Alien DRONE Over THE U.S. Spotted By U.S. Citizens? JUST INTO Thirdphaseofmoon INSANE!! Best UFO Videos Of November 2015 [Breaking UFO News] Share This! ! Details On All UFO Submitted To TPOM Credits and Testimony Below~

Eyewitness Share Video Of a Strange Massive Object Hovering Over the U.S.!
Testimony And Correspondents As It Came in:

Paul Smith
Nov 11th, 2:12pm
Hey, I’ve seen some of your videos on YouTube. I’m not sure what my stand is on UFO’s and what not, but after being outside and seeing this with my own eyes, I’m stumped. I have no clue what it could be. The video/picture was taken from my iPhone. I live in Atlanta and always see planes and helicopters flying over the city. But I’ve never seen something so big, moving so slow and not making a sound. If you could help, I’d appreciate it because I’m lost on what this could be.

Gregory Schmauss
I find it Interesting that this sighting occurred the day before the Navy’s “Trident Missile launch”. Coincidence? Each of the 3 lights that were in the triangular pattern were solid and not flashing. The one red flashing light following the craft, was possibly a military helicopter.At the very beginning of the video, (very first second), you can see the red and white flashing lights of a another helicopter that flew below it.Far left at bottom of screen. Original Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgszZ…

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