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weed not war

Marijuana encourages it’s users to think about things more. This terrifies Our government world-over. You know something is Wrong. Greed is a Powerful force, but control is even more powerful…Remember the Quote,  Freedom doesn’t exist if nature is illegal (Marijuana) has been mistakenly & purposely being made illegal…I say when Marijuana is given FREEDOM.. Humanity will Earn its Real-FREEDOM… Do you agree? Thank You Cannabis  .. Thank You Lord Shiva for bringing this to Humanity..

There is also some good news for Americans though, since your Govt (Congress) quietly ended federal ban on medical marijuana… Awesome….it end’s all prohibition, the war on drugs is a bigger lie than the war on terrorism,, while Both are  equally as deadly and costing the taxpayer trillions. Bringing-in Bad karma for all of us…

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Congress Quietly Ends Federal Prohibition On Medical Marijuana

 ~ Galactic Human ~

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Government's Ban On Medical Marijuana

Uploaded on Jan 29, 2012

Cathy O’Brien About Cannabis / Marijuana Helps You To Get Out Of The Matrix
Cannabis / Marijuana Screws Up The Brainwashing And Open Back Your Free Thoughts

marijuana mind

(August 12, 2003) – According to Cathy O’Brien, a former mind-controlled sex slave for the gov, they would let slaves take all the drugs they wanted, except marijuana. Why? Because marijuana usage made it impossible to mind control them. It doesn’t allow for the compartmentalization of the mind to take place. Since I heard her say that on a video a few years ago, I have understood the “war” on drugs in a little different way. I think you might find this of interest!

About Cathy O’Brien: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathy_O&…

Published on Nov 9, 2014

Clips of Mk-Slaves either being triggered, drugged, placed into a hypnotic state, or just having a MK Breakdown. In Monarch Programming, Programmers will often create alters within the slaves that are “crazy”, this is an attempt to discredit anything the victim says if they attempt to reveal what happened to them.

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