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Illuminati Symbols and Curse Removal – Cathy Bilsky

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Sep 26, 2013

( GIC Production ) Cathy Bilsky is an experienced shaman/healer on the Big Island of Hawaii where she owns a free healing center/rock shop in Honokaa and is the host of The Quantum Leap show on Revolution Radio. She offers shamanic healings such as curse removal and shamanic soul retrieval for those in need. Cathy Bilsky is a one stop spiritual shop. Her earth mission is to help the world Quantum leap into Divine enlightenment.

On this interview show Cathy and Bernard cover such topics as:
– Curse removal
– The Luciferian hold on the planet.
– The entertainment industries
– Recognizing the Illuminati secret signs
– Illuminati sellouts and rituals that are done on TV

Catch Cathy on her Radio Show Quantum Leap Tuesday’s at 10PM ET on Revolution Radio

Listen to The justBernard Show Tuesday at 2PM ET on Revolution Radio Studio A at http://freedomslips.com

The Global Illumination Council programs are made possible with the assistance of your generous donations or consider becoming monthly Pledge Sponsor or a Member of the GIC: http://thegic.org/donate


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