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time travel mobile

The image of the 800-year-old phone circulating online

Date of discovery: December 2015
Location of discovery: Austria
News source: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2015/12/ancient-tablet-looks-like-cell-phone-with-cuneiform-keys/



The object compared to phones from the past two decades

Could archaeologists’ discovery of ‘800-year-old mobile phone’ prove time travel is real?

CLAIMS that archaeologists have dug up an 800-year-old object that perfectly resembles a modern-day mobile phone have gone viral online.

Video clips have emerged of the bizarre discovery.

The object, unearthed during a dig in Austria, is allegedly a clay copy of a mobile phone with a Sumerian writing style known as cuneiform on the keys.

YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible reported: “What is it? Is it evidence of an advanced civilisation or time travel?” 

The tablet was dated to around the 13th century BCE. By that time, the Sumerian writing style – usually known as cuneiform – had already been around for a few thousand years. 


The cuneiform alphabet

Editorial on the channel goes on to say: “Cuneiform tablets aren’t unusual – an estimated two million have been excavated. The language was a mystery until the 19th century when its code was deciphered.” 

Cuneiform was one of the first systems of writing developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia around 3,500BC to 3,000 BC. 

But the lack of checkable information on the dig and the startling similarity to a cell phone handset have many online posters convinced it is just an imaginative hoax.

Published on Dec 28, 2015

A remarkable artifact has been found by a team of archaeologists in Austria.

The artifact which resembles a modern day cellphone was reportedly found earlier this year by archaeologists digging in a city in the Austrian state of Salzburg.

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Published on Dec 24, 2015

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Comments on: "Ancient 800 year old Cell Phone Discovered In Austria" (4)

  1. You can’t be serious.

    Cuneiform, besides all of the other obvious signs of a cynical hoax that these images glaringly-reveal, was used thousands of years before the middle ages, and its deciphering eluded science until the late 19th c. Also, despite any numerical accuracy regarding the pseudo-keypad, the Sumerians did not use a number system with base 10.

    The “paranormal truthers” are to be expected of being capable of dissemination of misinformation no less pernicious, but perhaps comically less plausible, than the so-called Power Elite.


  2. Andrea Blume said:


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