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Vozz Helmet

The Vozz Helmet doesn’t use a chin strap like ordinary helmets.

This new helmet design splits vertically into two sections that pivot around a hinge, which locks in place for a better and tigher fit. This way the helmet cannot be accidentally removed and it also ensures more chin coverage. In case of an accident, the helmet can easily be dissembled into two parts without moving the neck or pressure to the head.

Besides havng less aerodynamic lift, the helmet also has additional heat insulation for cooler weather.


Published on Nov 30, 2015

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Published on Dec 13, 2015

Managing Director of VOZZhelmets Mark Bryant discusses the features and benefits of the innovative VOZZ motorcycle helmet.

Welcoming the VOZZ helmet to the world: Putting on a helmet will never be the same again. An Australian invention, an Australian company, approved to world safety standards and being released to the world tomorrow. No more taking gloves off, no more taking glasses off. As you’ll see from the videos that I’ll post shortly, you can put on and take off this helmet three times in the amount of time it takes to put on a chin strapped helmet. My only challenge is what to call it, all my suggestions seem a tad unpalatable, ‘hinged helmet’ , ‘rear entry helmet’ smile emoticon. I’ve been riding with a VOZZ helmet for the past couple of weeks, there was not even the slightest buffeting. The smoothest helmet I’ve used and time to fit and remove is slashed. Dare I question, does this qualify as disruptive technology? I think it will, because it will radically change the way we motorcycle. Whilst a road version is pictured, an adventure, dirt, mountain bike and other designs are on the way.



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