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Published on Oct 29, 2015

Official Report: UFOLOGY VIDEO – OFFICIAL VERIFIED VIDEO Watch too this Important video: PLANET X NIBIRU is here! Government COVER UP!


The WHITE race of people are descendants of the Anunnaki. Some from the white race are descendants of the Elohiym – which simply implies the royal family godhead who were/are in political power on Hibiru. However, some from the white race do not have a bloodline from the royal family of Elohiym, but are in fact, descendants of Anunnaki citizens. Their blood types were originally the same as above, but due to intermarrying with the BROWNS, as well as other created races, both groups now have large amounts of Rh-positive blood types. Rh positive is more dominant that is Rh negative, an Rh negative mother may have ten children from an Rh positive father, but may have only one Rh negative baby out of ten.


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  2. […] The power of ANUNNAKI Blood (DOCUMENTARY) […]


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